New Root Method for Xperia NXT series on ICS [Locked bootloaders too]

by XB on 14th September 2012

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A new root method is now available for the Sony Xperia NXT series of smartphones. The script written by legendary Xperia developer Bin4ry over at xda-developers will only work for those phones running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above. It will work on phones with both locked and unlocked bootloaders. Bin4ry says that it will also be able to root the Xperia T when it is shortly released. For the download click here.

  • presta

    It seems not working with Xperia S…

  • Bin4ry

    i had a error in script. please re-download it :D

  • janusvm

    Yea, nothing is happening on my Xperia S either.
    It tells me to click Restore on my screen, but the option never appears.

  • ProWeirdoStuckAtRooting

    Can someone help me? I want to root my phone, but I don’t know what to start with :(

  • janusvm

    Works like a charm now, thank you! :D

  • presta

    Ok. I will try.
    Will I lose some data? Will the phone wipe?
    I’m sorry if I ask it here, but I have less than 10 posts on XDA, and I can’t post in the development section!

  • presta

    Have you lost any data?

  • M Usman

    ive downloaded the file. it opens in notepad….. what do i do. i’m confused. and normally i’m good at this sort of stuff

  • Bin4ry

    no data gets lost

  • Bin4ry

    Run the RuneMe.bat , it will open a Windows cmd-prompt! If not open a cmd prompt yourself and run it manually.

  • Bin4ry

    How about if you execute the RunMe.bat ??

  • cool xperia t isnt even out but yet already have discoverd root method!

  • M Usman

    Thanks Bin4ry but when I downloaded your script. It opens with Notepad and has all this weird writing. I can’t extract the file… And there is no RuneMe.bat. I knew something was wrong. I’ve downloaded the script several times

  • ankit

    What is this. Will installing it affect my warranty. Any applications which might do working

  • How hard would it be to convert that script into a bash script that would work on linux? (Ubuntu most importantly :P)

  • JDM

    this was too easy, binary you are the best!!!!!

  • lovebmw

    what i don’t like is, you wit so long for a root method, you use it and you get used to the programs that work on rooted devices…. THEN a new upgrade from sony comes out, and you have to loose all the programs that worked on a rooted version.

  • ProWeirdoStuckAtRooting

    Did it, nothing happened, keeps saying Xperia T, not recognizing my Xperia S

  • ProWeirdoStuckAtRooting

    yeah I got to choose 1,2 or 3 ok, I feel like a dumbass. But can you help me with what should I click in settings, like debbuging on/off etc.?

  • Bin4ry

    extract the downloade file with 7zip. then all should work

  • ProWeirdoStuckAtRooting

    If my Xperia S is LT26i, so I click 2, and enter. I wait, saying “Good!…” And later “the system cannot find…..” like 6 times. Is there any way you can help me what to start with, do I need flash mode when opening the script etc. I’m a newb. Don’t even know what bootloader is.

  • dude

    1.) Download attached file.
    2.) Extract it using 7zip
    3.) Double click the RunMe.bat and follow instructions!

  • AsadMulla

    How cool is that, Bin4ry is commenting on this forum. Nice

  • M Usman

    Yes thanks for that. I thanked you as iglesias21 on xda and also said id donate so you dont buy a beer but treat yourself to dessert! thanks for that my man. Your a star :)

  • Nick

    it doesnt work on S

  • Nick

    So after a lot of tries ,it does work on S

  • truthhurts

    Thankx for this mate, you are a LEGEND :)
    Thank you again :)

  • truthhurts

    It does!! I just did it mate :)

  • truthhurts

    After 2 and enter, just press menu and there look for back up & restore app….. click it…. and in there (second last option) RootMe click it select it and at the bottom there is restore tab….CLICK IT
    and you should be fine
    and let it restart :)

  • jj

    will it work for the TX as well?

  • truthhurts

    Mine in single try :p

  • jmx2012

    thanks Bin4ry for your work. I’ve already ordered my xperia p. we will see how this is gonna work.

  • tiborprogmed


    can we now install CWM ?(locked bootloader)

  • papakp

    Absolutely fabulous, my Xperia p works fine.

  • ProWeirdoStuckAtRooting

    Shit, thx, but still dont understand. What menu? K, click 2 and enter. You mean to go to the .rar file I downloaded? I see no “menu”, there’s RootMe.tar, but when I clikc it new winrar windows pops up.

  • CeccoFF

    My stupid mistake!
    Instead of selecting the application backup and restore, I went on settings Backup Restore …
    Just “understood” error, everything worked properly!
    Thanks Bin4ry!!
    Xperia s … root!

  • M Usman

    we have spoken about root over here extensively. just do a google search on android root. you’ll know everything there is to know about root within an hour. I promise you. If you don’t figure it out. You can buy me an Xperia T lol :)

  • Muhi

    Is it Possible to UnRoot the Device later? In my case, it´s an Xperia S.

  • cant xperia u on gb rooted ???

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  • Flawz

    so your saying this method would root the phone without unlocking the bootloader plus preventing a void warranty on the phone??? plus styll being able to get updates via SUES PC Companion etc… ???

  • aef

    well the updated version of day 14.9.2012 is better than the day earlier one!

  • homyachoq

    does this new method work for xperia sola?I wonder whether it is part of nxt series or not

  • Mohammed

    i have xperia neo l wil this work on it ?

  • Will this work in Neo L?

  • patscha

    Awesome. Thank you bin4ry. What a masterpiece with locked bootloader.
    …donate for his work…
    I still have

  • Kenji

    first time i connected my ion, screen showed it successfully started, but was not rooted. I’ve tried restarting command but does not recognize my phone after pressing “1” and connecting my phone. Pressing “X” and shows device not found.After the 4 or 5 time, its now it’s showing this! Please help! What am I doing wrong? “error type 3” com.sonyericsson.vendor…. does not exist

  • SAMURAI6969

    does it work on xperia SL ??????????
    plz answer :)

  • Michael Goldstein

    Does this work with a locked boot loader lt28at ion

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  • daugutis

    Whi i can watch movie for online maby can halp? My emayl

  • Amit

    Need to root my Xperia J . Please Help ASAP.

  • bloxx

    cant root my xperia T on build 7.0.A.3. 197 any ideas guys please

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  • Dafuuq

    I select 1 and then connect my phone but no instructions appear. what to do?

  • liaquat

    It did not work on my xperia s 6.1 A.2.50

  • Liaquat

    It didn’t work for me

  • raul

    same problem here
    if u find soln ping me

  • salah

    plllllllz bin4ry help me i try to use your root it says eror type 3 i have an xperia s fimware .96 is there any suggestion pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz help

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