Sony makes spec changes to Exmor RS camera sensor – ‘RGBW coding’ removed

by XB on 21st September 2012

in Imaging

Sony has made some specification changes to its upcoming Exmor RS stacked CMOS sensors, bound for the 2013 range of Xperia handsets. The main change is that it has removed the RGBW coding function from the sensors. This feature would have captured clearer images in low light due to the inclusion of a white pixel in addition to the RGB matrix.

Sony will instead revert to the RBG method instead as RGBW coding “was found not to meet certain conditions of Sony’s image quality standards.” This change affects the 13MP (IMX135; imaging module IU135F3-Z) and 8MP (IMX134; imaging module IU134F9-Z) CMOS sensors due to land in early 2013. The move is a shame as it was touted as one of the highlights of the new sensor, however it’s good that Sony has recognised the issue and doesn’t plan to ship a half-baked component.

  • Kelvin

    No matter what changes or improvement, I still believe in Sony imaging sensors which never fail to take great pictures =D

  • strongful_brother

    Sony better watch out, LG is on the move.

  • Rune Christiansen

    Well, I guess that’s one more reason not to wait, and just get a XV/T now.. ;)
    OT: Do anyone have an idea when the V should be announced in Scandinavia? (Denmark)
    The XT seems to be on for late next month, but the V is nowhere in sight…

  • Steve Blows Jobz


  • are you kidding me LG WHO ?! sony provide these companies with the cameras :D seriously ?!

  • victory

    Yeah… The sales of camera modules to Samsung and Apple, now LG are also allowing Sony to gain huge profits from their camera sensor R&D…

    Well, it is proven that Sony has managed to surpass the S3 benchmarks in H2 2012 juz using DUAL CORE processor. I hope in 2013 will be the real iPhone and Galaxy killer when Sony releases its Quad Core (+2GB RAM hopefully) beast =D

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  • PRo

    Now Wht to expect from Sony further !!! We expected after the Omission of Ericsson, Sony will rule the Market but it got worst then ever. 2011 lineups were worthy purchase which is not in case now. Laggy UI, Camera only has Megapixels nothing else, No worthy Innovations (except Sola), Phones with lots of bugs…. Sony We are your Fans yaar !!!!

  • Rex

    I live in Sweden. The v goes on sale here at the end of November. 2012-11-28 . Can’t wait!!!!!!

  • Are the new Xperia T, Xperia TX, Xperia V and Xperia J smartphones affected by this?

  • miki69

    RGBW coding has been cancelled – thank God, as It’ll increase luminance
    dynamic range, but will decrease chrominance dynamic range, in other
    words picture will look brighter but pale, something you definitely
    don’t want.


  • Aj

    Slow and study wins the race :)

  • miki69

    No, RS will come with 2013 lineup.


  • Rune Christiansen

    Aww, apparently the dealers here just got the date: December 12. seems to be the Denmark release date.

  • Nokia seem to have achieved good results with the Lumia 920 so I can’t see why Sony can’t. I’d say there’s more to the story than simple QA issues.

    Wider aperture is nice but don’t kid yourself it’ll make a difference in low lighting. Again, the Lumia 920 wins because ultimately the “floating lens” allows for longer exposure to take advantage of the f2.0

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  • Rob C

    > Well, I guess that’s one more reason not to wait …

    It depends what you want.

    IF you wanted RGBW coding (which you may not) then you will either have to wait for it to be perfected (if it can be) or go without (and STILL wait for the newer Sensor).

    IF you wanted “HDR Video” THEN you will have to wait as the “T” does not have it.

    If you Google for “HDR Video Youtube” you will find Videos created with two Cameras and a BeamSplitter.

    HDR Videos ARE interesting (at least) and REALLY GREAT (IF that is what you want).

    You can, for example, take a picture of the sunset in the background with tall buildings in the foreground AND SEE the side of the Buildings that are facing you (and quite dark) clearly without the Sun chewing up all your dynamic range.

    Same idea as “HDR Photos” but with motion. It is NEW, so if you want it you need to wait for 2013 (or build a Rig, which would either not be convenient (for a Phone) or use two Video Camera and thus have nothing to do with your Phone at all).

    Sadly the techno geeks MUST wait until mid-2013, others can buy one NOW.

    You could get a FREE (old) one (Pre-pay cheepie?) and toss it in the Drawer (for backup)) then pull the SIM and pop it in a Factory Unlocked (purchased mid-2013).

    Unreliable Rumor is that the “W” will be Win8.

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