Sim-free Xperia T arriving this week in the UK

by XB on 25th September 2012

in Xperia T

It looks like Sony Mobile is planning to ship sim-free stock of the Xperia T after all. UK retailer Clove has confirmed that it will be receiving limited stock tomorrow, most of which is allocated to pre-orders. However, Clove expects to have enough stock available for new orders this Friday 28 September. Clove is currently stocking the black version for £414 excluding delivery.

  • M Usman

    Just got my Xperia S smart tags off of clove. 2 for £1.99!

  • goldenblls

    I think most networks will have it by the end of this week.

  • kc

    I just ask them if they have are going to have any in white and they said not until next year, can anyone confirm this. its going to suck if its true.

  • jj

    how bout we add a X after that T…

  • Aokde Gharra

    i don’t get it, £414 is 672$ that’s not that expensive right? why is it sony phones are not that expensive? i’m not saying it’s a bad thing, i think this is awesome, but why hasn’t sony phones gain much hype so far?? for this price you get the best phone currently in the market, people must be so dumb.

  • Nazyb

    in the UK or in europe Xperia too cheap but in malaysia it is quite expensive as well. Hope the next release Xperia ‘N’ for my name Najib and Malaysia Prime Minister name…hahaha

  • cerunnos

    Most people in the states don’t know Sony Mobile, much less the product line. In the states, the Xperia market is very very very very small, with most phones being ones that people brought here from overseas. There are hardly any commercials or events for their phones, at least compared to Asia where I’ve seen quite alot.

  • Shubhs

    Sony you Beast!!!!
    definitely deserve more credit then they get :)

  • Shubhs

    If this is the sim-free price how much will it be on contract Android pwns Apple

  • Shubhs

    Sony is underrated because there phones have minor problems reviewers look down on it also because Sony needs something going in with the competition i mean if this was the same price as a sgs3 say would u go for it knowing u could either go for the iphone 5, HTC One X or Lumia 900 shit u could go for the samsung galaxy nexus they’d all be cheaper (iphone 5 is an exception but u get what i mean) Sony r losing money at the moment so will sell the phone cheaper than they would if they were at the time when Sony Ericsson phones were must haves, u get me :)
    Edit:Oh yeh it’s not going to be the best for long though the sgs3 and iphone 5 have stuff that this phone doesn’t have and once 2013 comes they will have snapdragon s4 quad core phones Sony’s a bit late to the scene i wish i could work for Sony and point them in the right direction telling them what the consumer wants but i’m just 14 so fuck that i’m just gonna have to wait lol

  • Jebbo

    It’s 408 now and that’s including VAT so it comes down to 340 if you’re buying outside of Europe

  • cerunnos

    Every phone has their issues is use it. They lack market exposure and advertisement for their products in many western markets. They do quite a bit better in Asia. Hardware wise it is good enough, S4 is fast enough to play any game and do basically anything on a smartphone. It is also the same platform as the SGS3 in the US market, faster in most applications vs the Tegra 3. What exactly does it lack (comparing the iPhone is kind of pointless as the OS and the market audience is different). Having the latest hardware is good for enthusiasts, but enthusiasts are a very small portion of the population. Most people dont know and most likely don’t care what is inside. They hear it is a dual core and assume its all the same. This is why there was a Ghz race, a megapixel race, bigger numbers = better for most people.
    Marketing is complicated in a competitive environment, there are signs they are working in the right direction (emphasis on advertisement, product refinement/optimization, and trying to do faster launches).

  • Kaminori Chan

    Well said you hit the point my friend. They should increase marketing & advertising as much as possible…

  • Kaminori Chan

    That’s one of Sony’s biggest mistakes. to forget a market because of another is stupid. They should focus on US EU & ASIA altogether some more some less. Forgeting US is not acceptable from SONY…

  • rafi

    One of the reason i love sony sureLy the price taq offer. Very attrative price and full with current needed. Other manufacture should consider on how sony play with the price taq. Afterall the smartphone world are not for invest means you will never ever re-sold your device withsame price taq the day you purchase it.

  • Guest

    I emailed them and I am waiting their response. Did you contact them?

  • kc

    Yeah, they replied sometime in the afternoon

  • Aj

    I think xperia T and xperia Tx will sell alot as compared to nokia lumia 920 just because of their pricing :)

  • hamboy

    How about we add an SX after that T. Then delete the T.

  • In a way I like it that Sony phones are not selling as well as others because it adds a bit of that exclusivity when you’re in a crowd of people and everyone is ogling over your phone (especially the Xperia S). Till today my Xperia Arc kicks ass :)

  • indian

    will xperia tx launch in india

  • indian

    when will TXor even T launch in india

  • i just held the xperia t at the 02 store and it feels lovely in the hand. screen looks amazing and the phone is really light.

    i also blasted out some music from the t to the sony SRS-BTV25 and the sound is pretty good

    the only real question is: why the sony srs is not being sold or appears on the sony mobile web site?

  • Guest

    Unfortunately, I just got an e-mail from them saying the same thing. No white till 2013!

  • jj

    Dude get off my cloud : )

  • isnt it just basically the back cover? Can’t you just buy a white battery cover?

  • AnP

    Euro or pound?

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