Xperia SL now available in the United States and India

by XB on 2nd October 2012

in Xperia S

The Sony Xperia SL (LT26ii) has launched in the United States via the Sony Store. The unlocked sim-free handset will set you back $569.99 with free delivery. The Xperia SL is available in all four colours (black, white, dark silver and pink), however only the latter two are in stock at the time of writing.

The Xperia SL also recently launched in India with popular retailers Flipkart and infibeam stocking the handset for INR 30,999. Flipkart has three colours in stock (black, white and dark silver), whilst infibeam has just the black version. We’re yet to see the handset widely available in Europe, although we suspect Sony Mobile will concentrate marketing efforts on the Xperia T instead.

Thanks Jad & crazychef!

  • gonogo

    They are already available on ebay for long time and much much cheaper!

    Question is, are they going to get Jelly Bean?

  • Aj

    No doubt they will

  • The picture for this article is of the Xperia P, not the S/SL.

  • M Usman

    of course they will. The Xperia S and Xperia SL should be the first to get JellyBean if Sony’s ICS strategy is anything to go by :)

  • Avery Navas

    thanks for pointing that out, I was annoyed…

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  • Yes I use Xperias

    Is the yellow tint problem fixed on this SL?

  • deepak

    still feel the same

  • deepak

    do u still feel the same?

  • Lol no as I now have the z and the s

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