Xperia go, sola and U: SI number list now live for ICS update

by XB on 4th October 2012

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The Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware update started rolling out for the Xperia go, Xperia sola and Xperia U over the last few days. As always, the firmware will be made available to each country & carrier over the next few weeks. If you have avoided flashing your handset to the latest firmware and are waiting patiently in the wings for the update to arrive you’ll be glad to hear that Sony Mobile has just released the SI number list for each handset.

The SI number of each Xperia handset shows which country and carrier that the mobile belongs to. As Sony Mobile releases firmware for that SI number, they will update the list. The SI number is normally available behind the battery, once you’ve located it, hit the links below to find out if your update is live.

Xperia go SI number list for ICS update
Xperia sola SI number list for ICS update
Xperia U SI number list for ICS update

Via Sony.

  • Cory

    What happens if i buy Xperia from Hong Kong and move to UK, will the update firmware be compatible once i’ve updated in the UK? Not sure if there will be complications. Can anyone shed any light on this?

  • Xperia Go

    1264-6838. Still waiting I guess.

  • Anonymous

    1261-4527 :( None yet.

  • There will be no complications! You will download the update which is for your SI – doesnt matter in which country you update your phone!

  • Raymond Chan

    xperia sola 1261-8967 still waiting in Hong Kong.

  • yay

    1262-1251 waiting…

  • xperia u

    1261 6383 still waiting

  • postigab52

    SI from portugal not listed but i already have ics
    Flashed the australian ICS (ST25a) to my ST25i
    didn’t have paciente to whait and it’s working
    see post for the How to

  • postigab52


  • Cory

    Thank you Mathias, so soon as the Hong Kong SI gets released i can update? or do i have to wait for the UK version? A bit confused at what region time of release I will get to update, but I’m glad at least i will get the update eventually, I hope so anyway.

  • sab

    when is it out in the uk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rafael


  • You bought a phone. This phone has a number: The SI number. This number is important for the update, because different SI’s get the update at a different time. So that means: If you buy a phone with an Hong Kong SI you will get the update when all the Hong Kong devices get it – doeant matter if in that moment you are in London, New York, Shanghai, Sydney or Rome. With your phone you HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL HONG KONG GETS THE UPDATE. Sooner or later I’m sure you will get it!

  • Cory

    oh I see, thank you Mathias, i understand now. cool

  • Xperia U

    i’ve waiting for a real looooooooooog time
    1261-5183 :( still waiting

  • Marius

    Couldn’t wait, it was really getting on my nerves.. Flashed this French unbranded ST25i version. Takes few minutes ant very easy to do with Flashtool. Phone seems to be snappier, but on the other hand seems kinda laggy just after waking from advanced power saving mode. Screen rotation is name, double language suggestion mode and other features youll discover. Overall, worth updating, not worth waiting :)

  • goutham

    can any1 tell wat abt 1262-0729

  • ICS Update

    So?it‘s a new week again!!
    you guys gonna release the whole ICS update for Xperia U or not
    and did you really realize that how long it has been stalled

  • martin clinton

    still nothing in the UK for the Go – Yawn…..

  • rockstar azzy

    1261-6395 INDIA not yet …still waiting :(

  • Miguel Amaral

    still waiting in Portugal

  • men hur många si nummer har kommit!
    har själv inte kunnat uppdatera min xperia U ännu!

  • Ubaid

    Still waiting for ics update in Pakistan.
    Xperia U SI number is 1263-5054

  • Danial

    1261-5055. Am also still waiting >:(

  • Xperia U

    Can you guys release the SI number-1263-2781,please!!

  • james


  • Atul Parmar

    hello I m from india and got the ics update but it work slow compare to ginger bread version. I could not understand everybody is telling that after ics is the faster than the ginger bread. scrolling the screen is also became slow. can anybody help me on this topic

  • Jono

    Got my Xperia U ST25i update 4 days ago using Sony PC Companion.
    It ran like a turtle. Everything was lagging, slow and the phone was too overloaded to respond to half my keypresses.

    A friend told me to download “Sony Update Service” which flashes the phone from scratch.
    This worked a treat. Everything is running well now.

  • Same here in India

  • what about 1264-5565 2 denmark

  • Dani

    Me too waiting for my sola 1261-5055 in Pakistan. :(

  • boyong

    1264-1732 add please

  • Xperia U ICS

    Yay!!My one is out already!!Awesome

  • manu

    same pinch

  • Dani

    Where you from ?

  • boyong

    thanks! my xperia go is now updating..hope it all goes well! -Philippines

  • Haris

    any one able to sort out the 4GB issue in xperia U, its specs mentions its 8GB

  • Karthik

    1261-8812 xperia u India..still waiting :(

  • Bilal

    still waiting for xperia u update in pakistan si num is 1261-4582

  • xperia U
    1261-8812.. Am also waiting…:(

  • how i download this???

  • same here karthik but from pakistan

  • Shiv

    can the si no. of 2 different xperia sola be the same??
    because my xperia sola’s SI no. is 1261-5055.

  • juhae

    ICS, XPERIA U: I had to make factory reset (total wipe). Somehow memory stayed around 20-30 Mb even after memory cleaning operations.

    So 512 Mb and less may not be enough to run a lot of aplications. Or aplication which tends to reserve memory.

    Depends what kind of aplications there is in the phone. Widgets, Social or News.etc.

  • Dani

    Yup ..

  • sherif

    m still waiting 1261-8812…….can we expect ics updates in this year???

  • Xperia Sola Ankit Rao

    1261-5055 waiting from a long time

  • Eu

    still waiting for SOLA ICS update.. FUCK SONY !!!!

  • 1263-5054 xperia U in India. Still waiting for update.
    I heard rumours that Jelly Bean is gonna roll out 4 Xperia U. :( Still stuck with old GB..

  • shoeb shahnoor

    1261-5053 when ics will released….

  • waleed

    i am still waiting for an update . what the hell is wrong with sony .why ics update is not available in many countries yet .

  • waleed

    any update??

  • Mathew

    This will be loooooooooong waiting for update people… so bad.

  • Umer

    Sony still have not launched ics update for xperia in pakistan…… I want know that when it will be launched????? WAITING FOR REPLY:|

  • Tunisan

    Still waiting for ICS for XP U 1261-8812 :(((

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