New firmware (7.0.A.3.197) lands on some Xperia TX handsets

by XB on 4th November 2012

in Firmware, Xperia T

A new firmware update (7.0.A.3.197) is now available on some Sony Xperia TX (LT29i) handsets. The update appears to be available to Vietnamese users, but we’re not sure what improvements it brings over the 7.0.A.3.195 firmware version that is currently available on the Xperia T (LT30p). If anyone else has downloaded this firmware version from other countries then let us know in the comments below.

Thanks vnSony!

  • Puma Nike

    i am from NY,but i think my TX is from asia!)
    the new is-they really improved sound quality,new album with sens me slide show,power manager instead of battery in settings,screen mirroring feature and widget),and interface became more smooth and responsive!)

  • diego

    Besides new media icons set, the performance has been improved significantly, from5000 to 5800 in Quarant benchmark. Battery also last a bit longer

  • Im from philippines got the update,new walkman application,power managemnt,smoother ui, more free ram and wifi connectivity improvement..thanks xperia blog for showing the ptcrb certification this helped me checked my phone if it had the latest blog rocks.

  • katrina

    How did you end up with 5800? Mine only sits around 5400.

  • kiikooo

    it still tells me latest software on my T :(. Im in the uk

  • it is available on the hong kong version too. You update it from the PC Companion software on your PC. I will post my thoughts later.

  • raf

    where did you bought your TX? im from the PH too..

  • Kimstore bro,dnt wory about warranty,theres no issue about tx,unlike xperia s before,.

  • what I have noticed
    -change in the walkman and video app – just a different looking interface

    -you can delete videos in the movies app instead of having to go the album app
    -a lot of sharing options – mediasharing etc.

    -DELETED the Friends’ music and video app -_-
    -battery – extended standby option
    -speaker appears louder or maybe it is just me
    -nothing changed with the camera app
    -scrolling from left to right seems smoother

  • Virkill

    Hi Alrey Versosa I also got my tx last month bought it from taiwan. By the way im also from phil. Juz want to ask how did you get your firmware ugrade? Is it from pccompanion? Plz nid help cant upgrade my firmware. Tnx in advance..

  • Virkill

    How did u get the firmware upgrade bro? Im from PH my tx from taiwan.

  • whenn will it release in india…..??

  • raf

    ok thanks.. is xperia V available in Kimstore?

  • Welcome…nope xperia v is not available as of the moment.

  • Use sony update service bro,.dnt use pc companion coz itll cause some errors.

  • Dnt use pc companion,.use sony update service instead,it will download 400+mb of data,and will took less than an hour of process dpending on your nternet connection.

  • Virkill

    Wer is dat sony update? Is dat the same wid sony update center from the menu icon?

  • Nope,download it via pc or laptop,.its an installer like pc cmpanion bt works in dffrent way.

  • jag

    wow.. so lucky! TX is still not available here in Singapore. ;c
    pinoy din pre

  • Thanks bro,.i thnk kimstore philippines also do have shpment service its lyk whymobile and mobyshop very reliable too.chck em out bro.

  • jag

    really? ive tried kimstore once and they have really good service. maybe i should try whymobile also. tnx!

  • Thats sad,.my brothr is using s3 and I was also using 4s 64gb..and sold it to purchase tx,.good thing I made a right choice,.optimus g is the most advanced specs on to date but its not just about specs,.im cnsidering the best ui,best audio output,camera and ofcourse the cmfortability of the unit. Its really a featherweight device so sleek.

  • pixlas

    WiFi display settings available now?

  • Brapicoco

    Dude, how’s your unit that you got from kimstore? can you post here? I also want to purchase TX but it’s still not available in shops and I’m having doubts purchasing online but I really am considering it.

  • Bro hrs a sample performance pct of my txt’s quadrant,it really tops one x,s3 and other devices,i dnt knw f this attachment will also be uploaded with this reply.

  • And as u see right there im using the latest firmware update..

  • Brapicoco

    dude, are there no problems with the unit? hardware? how is the front and back camera? I really got my hopes up to try at kimstore because of your post here.. I really want TX so bad!!!

  • Hnestly,.there is no hardware and software prob,.knock on wood hopefully therl be no using this now for 2 weeks and its superb..

  • me ok tlaga ang tx.

  • Brapicoco

    is there a pink version at kimstore? so about the front camera is it as clear as the one on iphone and s3? sorry for the many questions but I really am looking for feedbacks from pinoys who have purchased TX from kimstore and your a dream come true mate :) do you know what country did kimstore got your TX?

  • Brapicoco

    Thanks bro! if you have spare time tomorrow please come back to this thread because your the only person I can ask from PH who has TX from kimstore.. Your reply is very much appreciated.. :) Thanks a lot! :)

  • Np bro,im not sure bout the color pink in kimstore,but in widget they had,unfr2nately it costs higher than in kimstore,.just text them for infos,.and n terms of camera since im previously using xperia s and ip4s Its hard to tell whch of them exceeds the other,f u handed with xperia s before dnt xpct much of an mprovment coz its more or less the same whch is good enough though.

  • Jan

    fast 4.2 for Xperia S! or at least quickly relase five incher. with slim frames naturally

  • Brapicoco

    I previously had ray and I’m amazed at the camera of the 4s so I’m thinking that maybe the camera of TX will be the same as the one on 4s and not on my ray. I’ll be checking this thread again and hopefully I can ask you some more questions. he he he.. Thanks :)

  • Since I had 4s and xperia s both,.i could say 4s is better in indoor shoots,.like inside the mall,.but in outdoor situation u cant cmpare xperia s with ip4s,but compare it with digicams:-) np bro ill chck ths thread up.

  • allen

    Xperia TX (HK) has updated to 197

  • Nikko

    Actually it is available on 1st Nov. in Hong kong already

    new power saving feature “extended standby mode”
    really save battery a lot when enabled on long standby time
    also, some change in the walkman interface

  • diego

    It depends on number of installed apps or spare ram bro. I usually restart before do benchmark :)

  • Ola

    I’m living in Norway. I got my XTX (HK-version) from for some weeks ago. The update showed up in PC companion last weekend. It’s work well so far, but I hardly notice the differences. The drawback so far it’s none working root for this fw-version with locked bootloader.

  • Brapicoco

    Thanks bro, the front camera matters to me as much as the overall performance.. Ray has a terrible front camera. :( I really want to get the TX! but im still thinking.. and scared.. hehe

  • Raw pct taken with xperia tx using normal settings and multifocus mode with flash enabled

  • learnAndroiddumbass

    the apps doesnt have to do anything about that. its the thermal throttle on the device. once it kicks in it will give u low numbers. try and do a benchmark test if front of your ac or fan. see how high it will give u. learn! read! AMATUERS!!

  • pinoydinako

    putang ina nio gnawa niong chat box to mga hnayupak!!

  • Michael Jones

    Normally people try to learn these things with the help of experts such as yourself — who was once an amateur too. Too bad you’re such a dick :P

  • jag

    waaaahhhHHh! tempting!! ^^ i hope it could get here fast because my contract will soon be over!

  • jag

    thats what i like from sony phones. the best entertainment package amongst all phones out there and have really best design in UI and phone perse, IMO.

  • Brapicoco

    Tried texting the globe hotline for kimstore, did not get any reply regarding my inquiry about TX (pink) and the price :(

  • Try their other numbers bro or txt widget city im sure they would answer ur queries.

  • Brapicoco

    but the phone in widget is more expensive,, I’ll try again tomorrow.. because if they replied tomorrow then i’m getting TX from kim. I also posted at sulit and still no reply. sent a pm also no reply.. :(

  • Bharath Kumar

    an i know whether there are any problems regarding hd sound in tx. i am eagerly waiting to buy it

  • APai

    did you get an update as yet ?

  • nice.. got mine yesterday :) i got updated to the latest firmware din.. such a cool phone :D

  • I got my my firmware update via OTA :)

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