Sony Xperia V will be available in January 2013 with Jelly Bean in France

by XB on 6th November 2012

in Xperia V

Looks like Sony Mobile is rescheduling plans for the Sony Xperia V (LT25i). Sony Mobile France this morning confirmed that the handset that was originally scheduled to arrive by the end of the year for €549 with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, is now planned to arrive in late January 2013 with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.

What we don’t know at this stage is whether this revised timing applies to all SKUs of the Xperia V (LT25i) or whether some regions will still get the handset in 2012, but with ICS. The Japanese version of the Xperia V has already gone on sale at AU by KDDI (Xperia VL, SOL21) and is planned to be released next week at NTT DoCoMo (Xperia AX, SO-01E). We’ll report back when we have further news on the international version.

  • larry

    Should I laugh or shoul I cry?

  • Hakim

    Both !! We don’t care about the 20 € discount !! Come on Sony, Release it late December !!

  • What is wrong with Sony? They just keep messing up… badly.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    so it took 5 months in some regions to get it out, and in the beginning of February we will be waiting for MWC for the New Phones

  • pdadda23

    WTF they should at least change the hardware to be at par with the other high end smart phones at least to be worth the wait…

  • Guest


  • Nazi

    suicidal strategy

  • Coolkid

    U don’t have to wait till feb… Sony will unveil it’s 1st quad-core phone in Jan itself at CES… Now I couldn’t understand what kinda bad strategy is this…???

  • They will have to sell it at a discount to make it a success. The phones that will be announced in Q12013 will make the XV look positively mid-range.

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  • sony_is_wait

    I’ve already told myself when I saw xperia VL and AX announce maybe this phone won’t goes on sale till 2013 and now it’s true :(

  • Poor Sony!!!!

  • AsadMulla

    too expensive and too late.

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  • I would get 2013 device instead ! or maybe you will announce it on Feb release it on Q2, then announcing Q2 ,,, aaah crap !!! release it SONY :P

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  • My advise to Sony: Scrap this phone!!! Don’t release it! There are several rumors about upcoming Xperia phones with 5″ 1080p display and qud core CPU. One of them will be water and dust resistant too. So releasing the V sometime around January and announcing a better speced Xperia V at MWC (late february) would just cause frustration.

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  • Aj

    I think its great news as it will be released with jelly bean n people wont be whinning about jelly bean update so i think its a good move

  • Critic [TTMBS previously]

    Semi-retard company and loves to make its customers suffering

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  • Hariz

    I’ve been expecting this a very longtime for Christmas and now….. ughhh.. -_- why?? for next year SONY.

  • Moe Joe

    the delay is probably because they are testing splash proof, after issues on the tablet s.

  • DragonClaw

    Oh no, this news says 4.1.1, and not 4.2.
    Soon, you will see complaints about the phone not running the latest version of Android.

    I will buy the phone but, for sure. :D

  • olive noire

    Remind me some Nokia strategy some times ago!!
    I was able to take a look of Xperia T…. Bohou, plastic… cheap look
    They are lucky IP5 no more available!

  • Arie

    Same old Sony, announce it now release it 6 months later…..

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    or because they are putting JB on it

  • Lunkz

    So then we can wait for it after announcing 6 months?

  • Lunkz

    yeah 6 months of test sure.

    and 6 months of testing for a “new” android version i would understand then they updating from 2.6.0 to 4.1.1

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  • pixlas

    Oh youu whiners!!
    unless you aree French, shut upp!

  • In Russia Xperia V will out in 2012
    To moderator: add this info to your news

  • Ashua

    How about all of you guys shut it, at first most of you guys kept saying Sony is behind on Updates ,blah,blah,blah………….. that they are always behind everyone else and now that they are doing as you guys demanded which was to release their new phone on Jelly Bean out of the box now you guys are still complain, make up your minds one minute they are behind on updates, next minute now they are are bring their new phone from the box updated and you guys are still complaining, how about you guys all grow up, Sony is doing what you guys wished for which was to be up to date with everything and now that is happening you guys are still turning your backs shame on the majority of you not loyal at all !

  • Ned

    the 4.2 doesn’t offer much improvements for Xperia.

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  • Adel

    Sony !!

    2013 is your last chance !!!

    2012 was a disaster…!!!!!!

  • jag

    as expected… hehe! u guys never got used to it huh?

  • Dreal

    1st & 2nd world country problems. Oh you poor whiners. Apple, Google, etc. sure have successfully brainwashed you guys. Ungrateful earth dwellers.

    ” I felt there’s a void
    because I had no droid
    until the day I walk alone,
    I met a man who never had a phone.”

    “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember
    that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

  • jag

    woah.. nice poem there! ^^ can i copy and post it to my facebook?

  • jag

    yeah.. then wait again and the cycle continues. just buy the phone u like and be contented or just wait and wait and wait until you can not buy any phone that they release.

  • DragonClaw

    Other than the lag abut which all apple and windows user complain

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  • RamyRamzzz

    Can I know why everyone who’s not French here is complaining?

  • Monday Morning

    Sony will not change for the better way if its fanboys still bias and blind like this.

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  • roeshak

    seriously 4.2 doesn’t offer much improvements? Are you for real? Have you even looked at 4.2?
    It’s pretty obvious that 4.1 jellybean was an interim OS. 4.2 jellybean is the finished article.
    This news is not very encouraging because it’s looking once again like while other top manufacturers will be showcasing 4.2 devices at CES and MWC next year, Sony will just be getting going with 4.1 with promise of an upgrade to 4.2 at some point later.
    We still live in hope that they’ll change course before then but knowing their history and also the fact that they are still working on ICS roms, makes thats hope a rather futile one.

  • roeshak

    Big surprise! We are not all fanboys like you with stupid loyalties. Most people want the best value out of their money. Yes we feel short changed by Sony on software development and sorry the news that they’ll be launching 4.1 at the end of January 2013 doesn’t make us feel any better.
    You can love and defend Sony all you want. That’s your choice and one you’re perfectly entitled to make. Many others feel differently. Are you so bigoted that you can’t tolerate opposing view points to yours.
    You can counter with arguments of your own in favour of Sony but asking others to shut it just shows you as a stupid fanboy wanting to remain in a comforting bubble.
    Well we are not going to shut it. In fact it’s only just begun. So deal with with you joker

  • roeshak

    I disagree. 2012 was good for Sony because after their takeover, there was a lot of goodwill which translated into at the very least positive reviews. There were no real negative reviews of the nxt line which resulted in decent sales figures.
    The trouble is after their poor poor performance this year. I fear that goodwill has dissipated and next year their phones will not be greeted so favourably. A sony device released with dated software next year will not be meet with the same benign response that met the xperia s. Reviewers will be far more critical next year.
    Look at it this way, they sold a lot of xperia x10’s in 2010 but failed to deliver on software for the phone and that caused a lot of problems for their 2011 line up which were mostly ridiculous in my opinion.
    I fear that history will repeat itself again and their poor performance this year will cause them problems next year.
    If their phones for 2013 start with anything short of 4.2, I can see a very poor sales year in the offing.
    Another example I’ll give is at the start of the year Tesco mobile near where I work in the UK, had huge banners of the xperia S for months after its release. The HTC one x didn’t even get a look in. It was joined by the GS3 once that came on the seen but not replaced by it.
    Fast forward to now, The xperia T only took centre stage at the same store for less than two weeks before it was removed and replaced with the GS3 and note 2.
    A sign that that goodwill I was describing is beginning to ebb away.

  • Atb

    Well i just talk to sony xperia support center in sweden and they told me that Xperia V will be relaese in the fourth quarter before the end of yhear so the xperia v will make its way that what happen sony mobile france that is only for theire region and has to do with the rest of europe i been told

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  • Ashua

    I am not a fan boy by the way but what I am saying is this is just becoming ridiculous now how most of you people are criticizing Sony just give them a chance and after all once they release this phone with Jelly Bean possibly alongside the Xperia quad core phones with Jelly Bean on Board then this would make great progress in terms of hardware and delivery of up dates, I know not many of you are fan boys but just give them a chance they are only just beginning to get better ever since they brought out Ericsson’s share, but as a result of this they are now trying to fix that burden of the bad updating reputation the old company had. As far as I know Sony is only just beginning to rise especially since they are the world’s third largest smartphone Vendor after Samsung and Apple for this year. I am sorry if any of you guys got offended it just that this is annoying when they are not been given much of a chance if you think about it

  • H-R-K

    i think its for nexus 4, xperia t face some trouble with making up with nexus 4 because its price. so they cant take another risk with releasing xperia v……………

  • H-R-K

    may be lg nexus 4 releases only $350+…..thats why

  • sony_forever

    . Sony has updated that the V will be launched on time.Its just that the French will get it later in January.Source

  • Good news! Can’t wait to get my hands on it..hopefully before 2013 :/

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  • Hanna Alex

    that they are always behind everyone else and now that they are doing as you guys demanded which was to release their new phone on Jelly Bean out of the box now you guys are still complain, make up your minds one minute they are behind on updates, next minute now they are are bring their new phone from the box updated and you guys are still complaining, how about you guys all grow up

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