Sony: Flagship Xperia on the way to compete with iPhone and Galaxy S III

by XB on 15th November 2012

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Sony Mobile is confident in regaining lost ground in the smartphone wars and feels bullish about its upcoming models. “We will create in the near future a flagship model that can compete with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S III,” says Dennis van Schie, CVP Sales & Marketing at Sony Mobile Communications speaking to Financial Times Deutschland.

The report goes on to say that this flagship model will be revealed in early 2013 at CES in Las Vegas in January and/or Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona in February. Stronger content integration will be a key theme during 2013. By the end of the year, van Schie says that all Sony music and video content will be available with cross-device support.

Moving onto tablets, Dennis van Schie says that it is very difficult to make money on tablets given the fierce competition. However, Sony does plan on releasing more models going forward. “We will bring in addition to the existing Xperia Tablet other Android tablets to the market, but not many,” said Van Schie.

Dennis van Schie also confirmed that they are keeping an eye on Windows Phone, although the main focus is on Android right now. “We have a good relationship with Microsoft and we are watching the development of Windows Phone closely. If it succeeds, we will not be caught off guard”.

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  • Sparks

    Another pointless use of “going forward”. Take it out and the sentence remains exactly the same.

  • ahomad hosin

    the problem is that they are thinking of competing with galaxy SIII with phone that will be announced Jan-feb time and get released couple of months later which would be few weeks/months from the next galaxy release. seems nothing new here

  • josveta

    this is good news and something Sony should be doing all the time (competing for top mobile phone model)
    once they announce in say Feb, it will probably take them 5-6 months to actually release the bloody thing!
    I mean where the hell is the Xperia V!?
    Speed to market is the one key area sony need to work on. Nail that and they can compete again.

  • Felipe Pimenta

    That’s what I call self confidence.

  • AA

    For next year they should be competing with Galaxy S IV, not III. And they need to release the phones right away and not keeping people waiting for months. Who are they kidding?

  • I am a longtime Sony/SonyEricsson fan, but i have my doubts about Both of those competitor phones will probably be cheaper by then (perhaps not the i5 but i’d bet the S3 ). If Sony really wants to compete, they need to make a phone that’s a *generation* better than the i5 and the S3 since both Apple and Samsung will probably be releasing newer flagship models late 2013. And with Sony’s history of announce to launch times, the Sony phone is not likely to be released in Q2 even if it is announced in Q1… So if the announced phone is not on par with the *next* generation of flagship phones from both Samsung and Apple – NOT the i5 and S3 – I don’t see how Sony will be able to really compete.

  • acey_zero

    Lol, my thoughts exactly…

  • adsada_arc

    lol, so sony will bring out a phone that will be able to compete with the iPhone and GS3, but will release it at a time when the GS4 wiil be released… #standardsony haha, I obviously hope for the best though!

  • Ambroos

    Oh you’ll all be surprised with what Sony has to offer ;) They’re really going big on the integration part. NFC on everything for example. Tablets, smartphones, laptops, … Extremely good specs in all devices, faster announcement to release times, I can’t wait!

  • Aleksandar Stefanovi?

    Yes, they will be competing with 2012 models in 2013, it’s Sony. They just admitted that they play catch up with competition instead of making a “holy f**k” flagship that would blow others away, at least in terms of design.

  • Guest

    A flagship is ok, but I would hope they not go overboard into this phablet category. 5″ screens are too big, assuming what next year’s flagship will be.

  • Well, the T, TX and V all beat the SGS3 in power. Of course, those are several months younger. What he means is that they will compete with the competitions flagships when they are released, and mentions the current ones for recognition.

  • Julius Buma-at

    If sony wants to compete with iPhone and Samsung GIII they should use the latest and fastest ARM processor available on the planet; use the latest Android OS with a theme that is almost identical to the stock Android OS theme but more elegant, simpler, and more user friendly; and use the best battery available (2200mAH at least).

  • nimrod

    Because of this article I will not buy Xperia V and wait for next year… Go go go SONY

  • pavel

    iOMG,s he crazy or just he is not adequate???))))XPERIA TX and T can easily compete with S3 and Iphone5!!

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Sony is pathetic – competing with SIII in…. 2013. For god’s sake somebody send those clowns a wall-calendar or something :D

  • James Earley

    So it’s not worth getting the Xperia T or V then?

  • M Usman

    I see people mentioning Sony should compete with Samsung S4 and the next iphone but how can you compete with something that isn’t out yet. The specs of these phones could be anything. I do hope that they do make a much more powerful phone than the current s3 and iphone 4 so it does compete with future phones and doesn’t lag behind a couple months after release

  • Still on the way to being announced? The question then, is will it compete with the Galaxy S IV? (The iPhone 5S will be incremental)

  • Xperiance

    Does it make sense competing with “old” iphone5 and and s3 with your future flagship. Why not turn the table and develop a phone that would rotten an apple and would keep samsung a copycat.

  • Xlash Andraid

    Well, I think Xperia V and T/TX can compete with SGSIII and (fa)i(l)Phone with no problems, since those phones don’t use snapdragon cores and Xperias do (that makes the difference). SONY MUST focus in creating a new flagship that doesn’t compete, but DESTROY the others and make them look like slowpokes.

    Come on SONY, stop losing time and release an awesome phucking phone that we your fans feel proud about, even if we don’t have it (yet).

  • Dave

    Sony should aim to be the Trendsetter not the follower.

  • The definition of Sony…

  • The problem is…when sony released their flagship next year that can compete with S3..Samsung is already working on S4!!!! >.<

  • Julio

    Sony, stop teasing us and stop making promises. I would prefer that you surprise us – i.e. announce a kick-arse full-feature phone and release it 3 days after. Oh, and make all your phones IP67 certified. ‘Nuff said.

  • jag

    Let’s just wait for their flagship to come. Who knows… they might be better this time ^^

  • ya, compete with S3 when the S4 or Note 3 is already out. Sony, one of your biggest problem is “SLOW”

  • sckonthat

    a phone that will compete with the S3 and iPhone 5, interesting, it will be announced on either January or late February, knowing Sony, the later, and it will be released when? 6 months after it’s announced like past phones? so it’ll be available August :P when the SIV and iPhone 6 are soon to be released , who hire this people to “lead” Sony?

  • kurtdean

    U guys are worrying to much and keep bashing sony. I think this flagship will compete with s3 on Q1 and it will be much much better than the s3. Sony will release another flaship that will compete wish gsIV on Q4 so they knw what they’re saying. U guys should stop whining.

  • kurtdean

    Next year is the ‘TRUE’ SONY phones nt like previous phones that was not doing their best

  • DragonClaw

    They will fix it. Fix all the issues in marketing next year. They simply need to come at par with competition, and all will be fine then.

    Sony’s flagship was a 1 GHz S2, whereas Samsung’s was 1.2 GHz Dual Core A9 in 2011. This gap, Sony has managed to fill, releasing the Dual Core Krait running devices this year. And they did not take time to reach the market. The Xperia T I mean. The Xperia V is delayed, I think, because else, the market for Xperia Acro S will become dead. In the same way, Xperia T is yet to hit stores of certain countries, because, Sony wants to get at least some of those Xperia Ion’s sold.

    Soon, however, this gap will be filled. With the coming of super cheap and super powerful Nexus’, the price of all existing devices will fall, creating vacancy in the higher price bracket. And this post be XB, makes it almost certain that Sony will be aiming at that spot next year.
    Samsung will indeed take time to replace the SIII with the SIV, they will wait till HTC releases the Deluxe. So Sony has a good place to hit the dart this time.

    All the best Sony. :)

  • DragonClaw

    SIV will not come as early as January next year. It will come by mid year. Sporting the Quad Exynos. Well, I had read that the Dual Core Exynos beat the S4 Pro. So let’s hope Sony does what it has always done the best. Push the hardware to it’s best. :D

  • robben

    finally sony has decided to make a perfect phone

  • Dear Sony,

    Please take a time to read these comments.

  • Peeza

    Android UX is not good for Tablets

  • MDR

    Sony should make their own SoC as well

  • bud It’s other way end, S4 Pro beaten the Quad Core Exynos

  • How so? I mean I love sony, over half my electronics are sony but the T, TX and V cannot compete with the S3. The international S3 is quad-core exynos, 1GB ram. The North American S3 is Daul-core 1.5 Ghz Krait (Same as T, TX, V) however it has 2gb ram. In terms of power, the S3 is better while being 4-6 months younger.

  • JB

    Are you people thick? He obviously meant the next Sony flagship will be able to compete with the iPhone and Galaxy brand, not that it will try to compete with Samsung’s SIII or iPhone 5 specifically. Since it’s a next generation flagship it will compete with the iPhone 6 and SIV, but because these phones have different time release cycles, they do not directly correlate. Looking at it in a different way, the Yuga/Odin will be out to the market first and it will be Apple/Samsung that will be LATE with their next-gen devices

  • Support SONY :D . BTW even my friends with iphones think my Xperia S is cooler already (:

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  • Innocent Masenda

    Sony is just carring on from what SE did, always behind time. By the time they release thei so called flagship, Apple & Samsung will have a better one. Sony is always a year behind time, please fix this

  • Basharca

    Hi Blog,

    Great news for Sony! I hope we keep hearing good news.

    I also wanted to share with you this experience, I recently got my self an Xperia T and it’s true about what has been said about it’s screen :(

    Too bad it is mediocre. My xperia p is far better! I knew the p had an amazing display but I never thought it was that good.

    Even my friend’s xperia S seems to be better, sad I know.

    On the other hand, the phone is blazing fast, so fast that it did easily beat the new iphone5. And yes it’s far faster than all the previous xperia models.


  • k

    i’ll bet he talked about DOGO to compare with sIII and iphone coz yuga/odin beats every phone ass :D

  • if u going to release tablet version make sure sony tablet can use micro sd and high dpi :P

  • Sony need to add up something extra ordinary fixed 64gig or 32 with sd card slot.. Quad-core 2 to 3gig ram full hd round d fone
    a ppi of 400+
    a cybershot camera
    thin housing 4.8 inch screen
    That’s the only way they could competite
    with sg4

  • They will probably never be; Samsung and Apple have the resources to develop their own CPUs in all secrecy. Sony isn’t able to acces the best technology on the market. Well, not for the CPU, they can use display’s by Japan Display, or their camera technology.

  • waleed

    This is what they must to do from the first… Please sony take care of battry life and be fast for the updates ;)

  • They obviously mean the Yuga/Odin, which is on par with the HTC Droid DNA/J Butterfly in terms of specs. If they release it after MWC 2013 in March, it will be half a year behind. IS Sony blind?

  • RD

    Cmon! Where is Xperia T/V? I know at least 3 people who got tired of waiting and bought HTC One X and other products. Trust me nobody’s going to buy an expensive Ion when better phones are out there for the same price. Sony does not enjoy the brand value of Apple so they should get back to the planning room. Phones were announced in August but are yet to hit the stores in December (in most countries). How dumb is that?

  • APai

    yeah a flagship should have everything on it, right now all their leading models do not stack up with SGS3 while being priced higher, perplexing.

  • APai

    release something that beats the iphone 5 for now. their next release or a staggered release will be much more powerful than the current 5 model. that should be enough. more importantly, sony should concentrate on building small apps and the kind – as an add on that differentiates. like how samsung has improved upon the stock android on note 2. lots of nifty things on note 2.

  • Feanor

    I agree. If they release next flagship somewhere until March-April, they will enjoy 3 months of unchallenged supremacy over the Galaxy S3. And that has to count for something. I mean, we cannot expect that Samsung will stop developing their phones and watch Sony crunching their market share, but the fact that the Yuga/Odin will be competitive from the beginning is at least a good step forward.

  • kurtdean

    Samsung is only better in CPU GPU in other parts such as camera, build quality, software and integration they suck compare to SONY. SONY has more to offer :)

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  • APai

    they will iterate rapidly and improve. ICS was the first proper version of tablet+phone optimized android version (I’d consider honeycomb as a beta, not much hardware was available that time). they will improve rapidly. if you see apple’s ipad has many kinks too. they took a chance before android did, so they have had a chance to improve over 2 years now. android will improve the tablet experience with ver 5

  • APai

    i think the response to either of them has been underwhelming, the pricing is kind of key to it. sony priced it way more than sgs3

  • To compete with galaxy s3? And samsung will soon release galaxy s4? Its a common logic that sony will be 1year behind against top phones..maybe sony’s ceo would rather said..they will create flagshp phone to lead against samsung and iphone not just competing them..

  • APai

    sony should improve the camera. iphone5 has a sony sensor – but they can take a 28MP panorama, while sony restricts it to 5MP. wtf ?

  • Nick

    Sony 2013 flagship to compete with Samsung 2012 flagship? I mean, seriously?!

  • RamyRamzzz

    Thinking logically, the Xperia T is a very capable smartphone that can compete and outperform both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 in many aspects such as Screen, Processor, Build Quality, Camera, Ergonomics and On-Screen Buttons.

    Also, I guess whoever interviewed the man misheard him. He only mentioned the iPhone brand(Not the iPhone 5), thus he also may have only mentioned the Samsung Galaxy brand, not the S3 specifically.

    On the other hand, Yuga/Odin basically smoke 2012 smartphones out of the competition, so I think they’re not made to compete with the Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5.

  • sony

    your smart phone is good enough in the wars but your marketing is very Poor :

  • TheLoyalist

    Or you are just not actually reading the context of what he’s really saying? huh…

  • TheLoyalist

    DOGO easily beats SGS3 and Yuga will run circles around SGS3 and any other phone out there..

  • TheLoyalist

    Just wait for Yuga or Odin…you’ll be amazed…

  • jag

    I just love all of you guys! You do really care for SONY ^^
    SONY all the way!! wahoo!

  • boosook


  • Nice to heard some good news from Sony. I’m sure, Sony will make the best smartphone I ever seen. And this announcement make me confused, which one I choose among Xperia V and this new 2013 flagship.

    Cant wait longer to know what kind of the giant 2013 flagship. I wish, Sony will bring high end technology to new Xperia lineup and (of course) with dust and water proof.

  • roeshak

    heard all this crap before. Have you all forgotten the assurances they gave in 2011 after the crap that followed the x10?
    Less talk Sony and more action. From what we know already, next years flagships will be launching with 4.1 and the promise of an upgrade soon which will ultimately appear not so soon. You can bet your last pound that the GS4 when launched will be spotting 4.2. No excuses given and no promises made. 4.1 is a box already ticked for Samsung. They’re looking to the future and not struggling in the past like Sony.
    2013 will be for me a Sony free zone and I’m sticking to that.
    it’s all about HTC next year. I don’t think Samsung can beat the mighty j butterfly

  • kurtdean

    Its nt too big, its the the same size as the ion only a lil bit long

  • Glory arc

    Heh about time :(

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  • surethom

    Please let this mean a Cybershot Android phone with Xenon flash.

  • Haha! Such jokes really crack me up!

  • Agreed, but still want to see what Sony can do before I buy the nexus 4 since I missed out at launch

  • Rio

    No more chance for Sony, poor efficiency and weak hardware. Sony SL my last one.

  • jacko

    Please beat the samsung! SONY make.believe

  • jacko

    please sony don’t be last player in this competition. you will always last place. make one step or more ahead hem and you will be the role model.

  • Lunkz

    ” revealed in early 2013 ” and came out in Q4 2014. We know you Sony.

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  • UniqueKey

    No! If wanna win this game Sony gotta WOW people with cool innovations

  • Guest

    He’s talking about the quad-core Exynos 5 series.

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  • k.naka

    CDMA/LTE on Verizon please

  • James Earley

    In the UK the V hasn’t gone on sale yet and the T is cheaper than the SGS3.

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  • AMG38

    One of Sonys problem is, they have TOO MUCH phones. I mean, what the hell with
    T, TX, J, V, S,SX,SL, ION, Acro S, Miro, AX and and and..

    Just bring ONE awesome flagship, than bring ONE middleclass Smartphone and ONE for low budget..

    Thats sooo strange.. There are things like “yeah, a new xperia, but this and this is worse than their older model, but this and this feature is better on the other model, marked with X, but the L model got this and this”

    Please Sony, just put a little bit more organizations in your Smartphone sectro.

    greetings from germany
    ps. sorry for that worse english

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  • Brapicoco

    Well my TX got freakin snatched and it lasted only for a day, damn it! well i guess its not for me so gonna wait for Sony’s new marketing and phones..

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  • PSY

    Hahahaha, oppa sony style!

  • MetalLover

    Yup! the new Xperia flagship phone must compete with Apple’s iPhone 5S and Samsung’s Galaxy SIV.

  • Anonymouz

    You know what? SONY is always late in releasing their flagship. So howcome will they compete with others?

  • Anonymouz

    and competing with iphone and SIII? Like when? Next year? Cmon guys, maybe the time you release your flagship, a new SIV will be out so dont say competing with this two craps. Compete with what they might launch in the future!

  • Anonymouz

    Exactly! True story bro!!!

  • Don’t know if liking you comment is being happy to happened to your phone or just showing support.

  • Anonymouz

    My comment had been deleted. Wow. Im only saying what is reall happening here. You guys should release your product as early as you announce it. And dont compete with old flagships. Compete with what future is ahead of you.

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  • Bloody hell. This new flagship is NOT designed specifically to compete with the iPhone 5 and GS3! It will completely destroy them as it is a next gen device in comparison. People all over the web have been skewing what was said here and it’s fracking annoying.
    Let me put it this way. What if he had said, “Our new flagship will compete with the GS4 and iPhone 6!”. What then? People would have immediately jumped on it saying, “well how do you know what those phones will be like? They’re not even close to being officially unveiled yet! Sony are idiots!” Now what did he do here? He simply said that when this phone is launched, it will compete with the GS3 and iPhone 5 which will still be the top phones on the market at the time of launch. The GS4 and iPhone 6 will come later in 2013.
    So once again, the new flagship codenamed Yuga should completely crap all over the iPhone 5 and GS3 given what little we know of it so far from leaks and rumours. Now we wait and see if it’s all true and if Sony can deliver it in a timely manner.

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  • You are getting hooked up on the wrong things here. The Snapdragon 4 Krait is built on a newer, better 28nanometer architecture that provides more power and energy efficiency than that of the 32nanometer Exynos in the SGS3. It may not sound as much, but that change in nm more than doubles power. Something an increase in cores does not do.
    All Sony phones from 2011 and onwards also have much better optimisation that those of the competitors due to a much higher skilled team of software engineers.
    Check out the benchmarks. The new Sony lineup beat the SGS3 by about 10%. Also, the S3 is older, not younger.

  • electrash

    1. It will not be android 4.2, it will receive later and no futher update
    2. it will cost 800eur, more then any phone on market :P

  • doraemonboi

    sony can put it in if they want to… they basically dominate in camera sensors.

  • roeshak

    Talking nonsense! Sony didn’t take time to release a krait phone! What in September while others particularly HTC released one 5 months before. Don’t know where you chaps get the crap you come out with from.
    Sony will not be closing any gaps any time soon. There are two strands to this equation. Hardware and Software. With the former, they are behind but not by that much. Having said that their insistence on TFT displays leaves a very sour taste indeed and also getting the hardware right is actually the easier part of the struggle. On the other hand, when it comes to software development, which separates the men from the boys, they have quite a way to make up.
    Sony in the four years it’s been working on android has only once before released phones with up to date software. Only in 2011, a year in which Google’s attention was squarely on developing software for tablets (honeycomb) and this gave Sony the breathing space it so obviously needs. Also don’t forget, they didn’t have to contend with froyo the year before.
    In 2013, because of the way the chips have settled, they wont be that far behind on hardware but on software it’ll just be the same buy now and we’ll get you the rest later crap that they are becoming famed for. They’ll be talking 4.1 while others are talking 4.2 and please fanboys let’s not go down the there’s not much difference between the two route because that’s just pathetic.
    Notice how nowhere in that article did they say anything about being up to date or timely updates. Just more sony integration stuff. Almost like they need reminding that what they are actually developing after all is an Android device.
    It’s also not very wise to compare your new products to what your competitors did last year. iPhone 5 maybe but to mention the GS3 in that article reeks of a degree of marketing incompetence that simply beggars belief. They should have just said they were planning devices to compete with the best from Apple and Saumsung.
    It’s patently obvious that their 2013 flagship will tower over the GS3 but the real question as many have already asked is how will it stack up against the GS4, and not to forget HTC because they are back with a bang.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    lol, ik zag je op tweakers en dacht die foto ken ik!

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  • michael david

    Hey sony, I’m a big fan of you but
    Please make sure that you read our comments…
    Ohh please sony…
    Make a good better best sony phone that you have ever made….
    I’m waiting for the yuga/odin on 2013..
    And don’t tell us that if you compete with samsung and apple you will lose….
    Ohhh sony make your best shot…
    Please read all our comments….

  • Brapicoco

    yeah.. too bad for me.. anyways it costed me a lot of money and took time saving for it.. there’s no point in crying over spilled milk..

  • Mak

    Sony rocks again. It is great that not putting all the eggs on a basket

  • DragonClaw

    Back with a bang lol

  • bva

    i disagree with you for 2 reasons:-

    1. Krait is 28nm… far more efficient…
    2. Quad Core mumbo jumbo is useless unless the software can actually take advantage of this and i dont see that happening for atleast 2-3 years… during which s3, T,Tx, V and rest of the lot will be as outdated as can be….
    As of now.. s4 is the best processor out there… quad cores are pretty much gimmicks..

    The HTC butterfly scored around 14k in antutu while xperia T,V and Tx score around real life… they will both work appx. te same or faster than butterfly with coz of its 1080p res. … the most important thing is hardware and software combination… and sony does that pretty decently..

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  • Jaywalker

    I’m skeptical, they should learn from the past mistakes. Make a good camera with photos noise free, with good bitrate and quality of video, increase battery life and update the Android faster. Too many bugs in the software. We’ll see. Anyway, they should come up with something beyond our imagination or to do some magic to get closer to the top 5 producer.
    PS. That Skyfall ad, what was that? Only 2 seconds appeared the mobile in the whole movie :D

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  • I hope they finally understand that while their current mobile lineup are ‘pretty’ phones, they don’t put bread on the table and therefore having pretty phones doesn’t even qualify as a strategy for Sony. The uglier-than-my-bottom S3 outsold Apple which is another plain looking device, so doesn’t that say anything? It’s time they buck up on the brains department and as a long time fanboy I sure hope it means they’re starting to adopt this strategy and reinforce it with their exquisite taste for design. Go Sony!

  • They’ve already been “on the way” and playing catch up for a long time now, I’d say since 2006, really hope they get there this time around

  • APai

    that’s how they lose customers. no wonder they are floundering with sales. when I buy a flagship from samsung, I get the top tech that samsung has at that moment. with sony, they have a diverse range of phones or flagships even and none of them having it all. what’s their USP ?

  • Trafalgar

    If Sony intends to compete with the best and given their bad rep of releasing phones way toooo late, they need to come up with something that’s two generations ahead of the competition. So if ever it has delayed the release of their flagship whilst samsung or apple or whoever’s on top has already released theirs, it will go toe-on-toe with their next flagships. Unless Sony cleans up their act and start releasing their phone on time.

  • sammylover

    in order to accomplish these, they need to reduce the amount of model manufactured….ive seen the SAME design everyday! SONY, keep focusing on one phone to beat SAMMY

  • Ashua

    Does anyone. Know. When the dogo is coming its is like the yuga but a 4 inch version. With quad core which is good.! Hope it comes out early.

  • Urgent_urge

    sony advertise more! you got a killer hardware and cool design than samsung!

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