Xperia VC (LT25c) sample pictures

by XB on 27th November 2012

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As we start to see the Sony Xperia V (LT25i) and its regional variants launch, we can start to see how certain parts of the phone shape up. The Chinese version of the Xperia V, the Xperia VC (LT25c) has had a thorough write-up from ePrice including a number of camera samples.

These are the first sample pictures we’ve seen from a retail Xperia V. The pictures look impressive from what we’ve seen so far, however we’ll await to see some comparisons with other phones to get a better sense of where the Xperia V stands in imaging terms.

Via ePrice.

  • Lunkz

    One word: Bad

    Next Time less Megapixel, bigger Sensor and a better Lens. My Sony Ericsson P1i takes better one.

    Just the last one looks good.

  • The pictures look pretty dawn awesome to me

  • Why? Look at how amazing the night ones are, perfect amount of contrast in the right places.. not too dark and also the light parts arent over-exposed

  • just_being_real

    Three words: Your vision sucks!

  • Bluerain

    How much did the other company paid you? If not, go buy a DSLR :p. Photo’s are awesome dude. . . . Open your eyes carefully.

  • Xlash Andraid

    I saw the thumbnail of the fifth picture and I thought there were 3 hot girls LOL

  • Tymodmyt

    Nokia Pureview is better, unfortunately for Sony.

  • Xlash Andraid

    Android is better than Symbian, unfortunately for Nokia.

  • shivaprakash hiremath

    Windows Phone 8 Random Reboot Fix coming In December

  • lolololololol

  • good call, i have given up on nokia. They are just hanging in there with their partnership with Carl Zeiss.

  • too much noise at full size, but 13 MP down sample to 10 MP or 8 MP like the rest of the flags ship smart phones still better though. I think this sensor they used is peaked at 8MP for best quality. Sony push it too far for.

  • raf

    Hahaha!! apply water to burn area!!

  • The shots are good, better than some point and shoot cameras I know. It’s good enough for most, but not good enough for the critics, power users and for cam shootout purposes. At the end of the day, the top tier users/critics will influence the market and unfortunately it’s not the best and people will eventually know that. This is a fact that many ordinary users don’t understand. Resolved detail and noise suppression in the outdated X10 camera module and even Aino is better than the recent Exmor-R/RS sensors. Sony still can’t win over the best cam phones out there with this kind of quality. I’m very disappointed for Sony as a long time Ericsson/Sony Ericsson/Sony fanboy. Sony will, of course realize this too late and try to play catch up when their marketshare has gone even lower. For those who say get a DSLR for quality shots, well it still won’t change the fact that Xperia cameras are not the best in the market. The only way Sony can re-establish their position and marketshare is to be the best at something, anything at all. That is what they lack right now just trailing and trailing all the time, never the leader anymore as they were 6-7 years ago. Many won’t understand the plight of mobile camera enthusiasts like myself, but please get it right in the imaging department Sony, please bring back the glory days.

  • really pictures are perfect ), especially macro one

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  • Lex

    I really love this phone, and i’ll buy it. I hope It will arrive soon to Spain.

    I like the photos but i still think there is too much compression in the image.I’d preffer photos that may have instead of 2-3 Mb to have 4-5 Mb of wheight but without so much compression.

    Look at this post, the image is quite better.

    BTW look what i found on youtube

    Is from Spain, Valladolid.

    Looks quite well, very stable but i notice some problems when the camera moves or to focus. I think this is software problems that could may arrange Sony.

  • pixlas

    Oh and that’s why SONY supplies all major phone companies with sensors? Are you mental?
    both apple and Samsung use SONY cmos sensors.

  • Aokde Gharra

    those night shots are amazing for a smartphone :O!!!!!

  • surethom

    I agree, what I really want Sony to do is increase the size of the actual sensor, to get a less clearer photo, the sensor is just 2 small, do the same as Nokia did in the N8,

    Bigger sensor better picture.

  • surethom

    Somehow Apple iphone seems to produce a better picture than the sony phones eve though they use the same sensor, I wish sony would stop compressing the photos so much to give better photo quality.

  • surethom

    Physically bigger sensors like the Nokia N8 please Sony.

  • surethom

    Agree Sony stop over compressing your photos, we have larger storage in our phones so please compress less for bigger photo sizes & better quality, like what Apple iphone does.

  • Tymodmyt

    I agree, but this post is about photos, not OS.
    Wouldn’t you want Sony to use Pureview technology?

  • Lex

    Sure, i really don’t mind to have larger photos ( even 10 Mb, and no, i’m not mad ), and after that i can reduce resolution, in the mobile app or in PC. I’d like to have perfect photos and process later the photos.

    Why Sony, why you wan’t to have less quality in your phones?

  • bkh

    the colours are good but the detail is just a blurry mess i’m afraid.

  • bva

    Im referring this video coz Xperia T & V have the same camera (Xperia V slightly better with superior auto and stuff), but in this i felt lumia 920 was overexposed (Dark Green turns to black and there is a lot of loss of details which is noticable if u look carefully), and did very badly in low light (something it was held very highly for) , but it was pretty smooth.. Xperia T did amazingly well in low light… the colours in my opinion were very accurate but it had some focus issues (im hoping Xperia V dosnt lol) … Nexus 4 was okay overall…

    anyway all have pros and cons, frankly i dont think sony is behind its competitors in anyway… just that its harder to get back to limelight once its shifted from you i anyway Xperia V is something i am really looking forward to..!

  • Zephyron

    The sensor is one thing, but the lens assembly and image processing algorithm software are different stories altogether, and overall where Sony is weak at.

  • Zephyron

    Not much different compared to the present batch of higher end Xperia units truth be told. The sensors Sony themselves made are let down by their poor image processing algorithm programming

    Too much Chroma Noise and edge smearing

    Should’ve stuck with 8MP or a high quality 5MP unit of the same sensor make, but the lower MP count would mean it’d be bad for sales since normal consumers don’t know any better

  • Jaywalker

    Yes, they look good on 20% size but don’t zoom in because the noise will show up. They also look good on its small screen. So the smaller the better. Sony has a problem with that noise. I use an Xperia U and it’s a disaster. With the noise and the color tints. Nobody wants a professional camera at this level, but the old SE with 2MP took better photos than these Xperias. It’s unbelievable how Sony screwed it exactly with the cameras, thinking that they make good cameras.

  • Zephyron

    It’s not overcompression but Image Processing Algorithm (IPA)

    Through compression algorithms, I can have the Sony NEX-5N, Canon 5D-MKII and Canon Ixus 240HS I have on hand to generate filesizes smaller VS the Xperia phones of similar MP count.

    The problem lies in the image processing algorithm on the Sony phones, or the lack of a decent one on them to be more precise.

    The Xperia P for one, takes much better pictures than this, and has one of the best image qualities coming from a recent Xperia to date from my tests.

  • Xlash Andraid

    …Unless you are a professional photographer, it may be nice. Otherwise, if you only post your pictures in facebook, twitter or instagram, you don’t really need a 40 pixels camera.

  • He’s trolling =)

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  • You obviously know nothing about imaging and rely fully on commercial decisions by ‘all major phone companies’ to draw on your conclusions. It’s senseless to support a downward trend Sony is experiencing, what I’m trying to do is point out the less obvious fact to most so that Sony would be back in the game again. They need to be the best at something, and since they have the upper hand at imaging, they should go full steam with that!

  • Tymodmyt

    If you zoom the photos you will see that Lunkz’ vision is correct. Take a look at the comparison between this Sony sensor and Nokia Pureview:

  • lovebmw

    who cares right now, the new phone in my target list is YUGA… LOOK AT THE BEAUTY

  • Seems like my xperia p makes better pictures. Less Mp more quallity…

  • just_being_real

    the yuga is a beauty and the dragontrail glass front and back is a wow factor! but i’m not sure how a 5 inch phone will look in my pant’s pockets tho, but who knows i might feel like shredding extra money for yuga too after i get the V this January

  • lovebmw

    i am doing the same thing hahaha

  • Nick

    Hey guys, SONY is going to launch this phone on Monday, 3.12.2012 in Hong Kong.
    Here’s the link (Chinese) :

  • If Sony is not the Best camera Phone, Which is?

  • Rex

    Ordered mine yesterday! It coming in the post on Monday.! it’s gonna be a long weekend:)
    Xperia V is soon mine……..!!!!!!!!!

  • roeshak

    This type of high end device has no place in the market right now. It’s a phone that should’ve been released in March of this year. Too damn late. There are devices released now with considerably superior specifications to this. Note 2, J Butterfly, Optimus G, and the very affordable Nexus 4.The Xperia V has no chance up against either of the aforementioned.
    Sony should either have scrapped this device or released it next year as a mid range offering. I can see significant losses written all over this device. The Xperia T is already the phone that time quickly forgot and I can see the V being the one that time never even gave a chance.
    Sony’s credit rating has already been reduced to junk status by some rating agencies and these kinds of uncompetitive offerings will only make their circumstances worse.
    It’s just a pure fanboy phone and Sony needs to now forget about their dwindling base of fans and fight for the majority. People approach smartphone purchases especially with android devices, similarly to how they do with computers. Very few people are going to choose a dual cored device over quad cored alternatives in the same price range. Forget about the arguments over whether quad core is needed. The simple truth is with Sony, customers feel short changed. Poorer value for money.
    After the T, all attention should have gone on the 2013 line up trying to make those the best they can possibly be. Maybe even trying to get them out with 4.2 as their major challengers will most certainly do with their offerings. But no… Sony have to spend time and effort on a no hoper like the V which will in turn impact negatively on what they have to offer next year.
    You can never be certain of these things but all indicators point to a very disappointing 2013 for the company. Very few lessons have been learnt it seems.
    It feels like they believe they are right and the market is wrong and one day eventually, all of us misguided users will see the errors of our ways and embrace the Sony philosophy.
    Quite frankly I think Sony will be dead and buried as a company before that happens.

  • shivaprakash hiremath
  • bva

    If possible post an overall performance video please and how sturdy it feels in comparison to xperia Go(i drop my phone a lot) and stuff like that..

    Also a couple of drop tests would be good too :P

  • bva

    well… if its.. “MAKING” pictures.. then nokia is the best obviously..

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    hopefully their partnership with Olympus will add to the quality

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    they were going to include new coding with the Exmor RS sensor but canceled it because of quality concerns but it does sound like they are working on it

  • 4REAL

    4.3 inch = perfect screen size for smartphone but
    5 inch = too huge, oversized and absurd.

  • DJMashup

    How fucking slow is news on this blog and Sony blogs in general … Saying that though, what have they to write about, they make about 20 phones, 15 of them are the same phones in different packages and about 5 that are classed as high end … Maybe high end camera wise but everything else is average and the build quality is anything but good.

  • nanana
  • tymodmyt

    Nokia Pureview 808 and Nokia Lumia 920.

  • Nick

    boring !

  • zephyron

    Not quite. They weren’t gonna add any new coding with the new Exmor RS sensors (which at present don’t exist, the Xperia V also uses the same sensor as the Xperia T, contrary to any report out there), but rather include a new type of light capture sensor pattern layout from the usual bayer pattern RGB to RGBW

    This didn’t make the cut, since the light pickup bucket size per individual sensor

    has to be made even smaller to fit 1 extra sensor onto a surface area smaller than 1 square micron (stupidly high megapixel count is to blame here), and the resulting image would be far too noisy even with low ISO values

    The only way for Sony to work on this is to make the sensor size larger physically, which would have to result in a thicker phone body to accomodate the inner working of the lens structure’s focal length to cover the entire sensor size proper or have the image angle so wide the picture the phone will take will suffer from heavy pinching issues (normal phone thicknesses will only allow use for part of the sensor’s total surface area if the sensor is made larger)

  • lumia 920 is just a pice of shit

  • erewtw

    these look better than the xperia z’s

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