Wi-Fi Miracast Screen Mirroring demoed on the Xperia T [Video]

by XB on 3rd December 2012

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One of the neat new features of the Sony Xperia T/TX and V is the inclusion of Wi-Fi Miracast screen mirroring, which allows you to ‘throw’ media from your phone to a television screen. There’s a great video below that shows how to get this to work, using one of the afore-mentioned handsets and a Netgear PTV3000 wireless display adaptor.

The results aren’t perfect with some lag between devices but it’s encouraging nonetheless and would be great for easily browsing through photos or listening to music. We’re also not sure how well video streaming fares and whether the result would be watchable, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Thanks @djnermal!

  • This is supposed to be there on SXS too! Sony you cheat!

  • Sony WTF

    Cheat what, SXS has DLNA technology which is almost same and this is available prior to mobile that equipped with Snapdragon S4. Better sit tight and shut up if you don’t know anything.

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  • shivaprakash
  • Extremely impressive. Blows my mind. I’m getting the V as soon as it’s available!!

  • I think it has built in Wi-Fi.. capability.. no need to be connected on same local wifi networks. Just on net gear equipment ..connect with TV..Now search device by Wi-Fi Mira cast.. app..
    DLNA.. is different though..

  • Ambroos

    It actually requires hardware support in the SoC to do the transcoding. The Xperia S isn’t really fast enough for it.

  • Ambroos

    Video through it is actually pretty good. There’s a bit of quality loss but not much. You just need a clean WiFi spectrum. If you have a LOT of WiFi traffic going on you’ll get a lot of picture faults.

  • APai

    pretty cool!

  • APai

    come to think of it, the watching the movie via MHL would be better isn’t it ? as a plus, the phone would get charged, as you watch the movie!

    it would make sense to play games this way (minus the lag)

  • Ambroos

    For movies either solution is fine. For games Miracast is fine too as long as you watch the phone and everyone else watches the TV :P Gaming like this while watching the TV isn’t very interesting.

    Miracast will mainly be epic for computers (notebooks). You’ll be able to do presentations without having to connect any cables. No more VGA mess!

  • APai

    by gaming i meant , where you could actually, look up to the large screen, say NFS where one can play with the accelerometer. one fallout of miracast would be that it would make things like xbos irrelevant. sony / xbox might quake in their boots! yeah, the other possibilities are pretty cool!

    yeah and i hate the vga mess. had one too many botched presentation. I actually preferred the hand drawn OHP slides over the stupid vga :)

  • APai

    if the SoC needs to be powerful enough, will the entire process be very taxing ? could one go through an entire movie without any interruption because of battery ? seems like the current bottleneck right now is the battery.

  • yeah,you did good but Tony Starke did this 3 years ago,lol

  • How this work on? Sony Xperia T,but not on Nexus 4? They both use the same technology?

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  • resus

    same with Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Smart TV/ LG BP630

    http://www.dailymotion.com/boot2u#video=xz2erw see demo videos

  • Samir

    How is the battery performance of Xperia while miracasting?


    That’s just a movie, Roy.

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