Funny Sony promo videos highlight wireless sharing of Xperia phones/tablets

by XB on 10th December 2012

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A new round of Sony promotional videos highlight some of the wireless capabilities of Xperia smartphones and the Xperia Tablet S. They show off how easy it is to “connect and create” between devices. This is evidenced in the humorous tagline: “So simple, even henchmen can do it.”

The three videos show off the ability to screen mirror from the Xperia Tablet S, connecting an Xperia smartphone to a speaker via NFC as well as using the Xperia as a viewfinder for the NEX-5R camera. Check out the funny videos below.

  • Tieing in with being the Bond phone is fine and all, but this is just trying too hard. Less laughing, more henchmen, and more parkour.

  • AsadMulla

    I like the NEX5 feature.

  • jjghj

    I love and hate Sony adverts at the same time. I love them because they are creative and fun and sometimes funny too. But on the other hand, they kinda fail because they aren’t showing the features off enough, I mean look at Apple and Samsung ads, they just shove it in your face, ‘look, look at me, look what I can do!’ you can’t miss it whereas Sony are more subtle. Now you could say being subtle is good, Sony are more sophisticated and are better than its rivals, but in terms of popularity, Sony are losing out to them, they need to do something, the products are fine, in fact better than fine, they are great! (Maybe too many though…) so I think the marketing needs to be better. (Thank God for Bond, the T wouldn’t be half as popular without it. But Bond doesn’t come out every year…). In some ways I don’t want Sony to drop to this level but in other ways I do because its proven that it works, they need a catchy song and in your face advertising, the Xperia S advert was very good with the Crystal Fighters – Follow song.
    Sorry the post was so long, i’ve wanted to say this for ages haha, basically for Sony mobile to be top they need less phones (super phone, rugged phone, small keyboard phone and mid range phone) and in your face marketing, then Sony will be epic and be a real big player! :D

  • Lunkz

    You’re right.
    But thy need fast delivery to the market too. They took to long to release a phone, and that is why people don’t buy phones from Sony because they get old.

  • kaotic

    This is an insult to us henchmen, we’re not that dumb >.> I mean, how do you think we caught the guy three times in the first place?

  • mountain

    I wish things are that simple, but in fact, it is far from the truth. I cannot even share JPGs from the Xperia Tablet S onto my Bravia, due to unsupported JPG compression!

  • philippe Sun

    maybe to release a swarms of phones is sony`s intention, as they are still a new player after the aquisition over ericsson. they need their name xperia to be on IT website very often to enhance their product image.

  • The last video camera is Sony NEX-6, not sony NEX-5R..

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