New firmware (4.1.B.1.13) certified for 2011 Xperia handsets

by XB on 10th December 2012

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Sony has some new firmware on the horizon for the 2011 Xperia handsets. Firmware version number 4.1.B.1.13 is likely to be a new version of Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. It has been certified for all 2011 handsets apart from the Xperia PLAY. We have no idea what improvements it will bring over the current firmware (4.1.B.0.587), but as it’s the first new firmware in months, we expect bug improvements and maybe some significant enhancements too.

Thanks jlmcr87!

  • Noooo I was just about to settle for a custom rom. But if it means truly stable wifi, I can wait. :)

  • available for live with walkman ?

  • Stanley Lu

    Awesome!! Hope for some great new enhancements and features! :D

  • Good news.

  • Topper

    If I can ask – when and where? OTA update or what ?

  • I’m on Xperia Play and in 6 days CM9.1 FXP151 will be realeased, so i really don’t need SOny anymore….

  • From some time, I, personally, don’t care
    CM10 (4.1.2) works perfectly on Xperia ray (Project Butter FTW) for quite a while and I don’t see what can force me to switch back to stock 4.0.4 rom

  • ste

    not so far for lt18i

  • OneToRuleThemAll

    thank god! maybe now the led signalisation will work properly, it was realy irritating to have stock rom that actualy doesn’t work…

  • jjghj

    Still stuck on GB on my Mini Pro, sim free, carrier free. I have actually upgraded to ICS via XDA (well not me, I specifically bought the phone with that, I can’t do it myself, not that technical), but its disappointing that I should have to go to those lengths, as in Sony should keep their promise, my phone is unlocked, so Sony can’t use the excuse about my carrier not releasing the update, this is down to you Sony!!!

  • Apart from the Xperia PLAY…

  • the only update that came to my was that first ICS, this 4.1.B.0.587 not appeared yet, hopefully this will last, because in my new Neo preferred to stay even with the 2.3.

  • Great News :D
    Hope they implement kernel 3.x in this update. lol :D

  • Quark Gluon

    If you have unlocked bootloader, you have to flash the update manually.

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  • The camera app is what keeps me with the stock rom.

  • Hope all bugs will be fixed :)

  • Ultimate Notification LED fix for Xperia (ICS 4.0.4, 4.1.B.0.587)

  • MyLive

    Anyone have try this update? Actually I’m running on 587 and sometimes laggs especially after opening apps and when I back to standby, I have to wait 2 or 3 seconds for the all icons including 4 corners shortcut displayed. BUT I did the factory reset setting just a couple weeks back, and seems like I didn’t get that re-loading problems anymore.. Fool me, after all this time I don’t do the trick. Haha.. Hope this Update would bring even better and smoother experience on ICS!

  • MyLive

    Well NXT series while on 2.3.7 still has 2.6.x kernel, but when update to ICS got 3.x right? So I’m hopping the same like you dude.. coz I really want to get this officially without roots! lol :D

  • Yeah, i will ‘a bit’ satisfied if sony grant our wish. :D

  • shpitzza

    last night i did this update and i can honestly say that my sola is working much better and faster.for example: phone book,camera and albums are much more anyone else can confirm this or is it just me…:)

  • Adrian

    Cant wait! Lets hope for some real mprovments with this! Feels like my Arc S could be somewhat faster than now.

  • @quarkgluon:disqus hw to do that.. pls tell me the steps or send mi any link for tht..

  • dodong schumaker

    whats new? LED fixes? xda has it already. I hope they have something new from this firmware such as new kernel sources

  • sarang

    the camera has long been fixed in CM10

  • OneToRuleThemAll

    Thank you for the link, but I am aware of that. I am talking about ordinary users with locked bootloader and unrooted phones who don’t have the time to learn all of the above just to have their phones fully functional, what they should have been. Cudos to Sony if they rectified this…

  • Quark Gluon

    You can relock your bootloader using Flashtool and then update/repair normally via PC Companion, or you can manually flash the new update directly via Flashtool. The steps required may vary, according to the model of the phone and the firmware version. So before you do anything, you better check your android version, firmware version, etc on your phone. Then go to and search for tutorials accordingly. And always remember to back up anything you need.

  • OneToRuleThemAll

    can’t you people understand that some of us don’t have time for xda (with all respect to them). we want WORKING phones out of the box. is that to much to ask in this day and age?

  • Abraham

    Finally! I hope they have fixed all the bugs especially the LED notification for messages and the slow response for the dialler.

  • damn

    so many new certified firmwares and still no update :/

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  • when it will be avalible for mini pro?

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  • Nikhil

    i hope this wil fix the issue with my xperia neo v with .587 firmware
    MY PHONE CRASHES AND FIRMWARE GETS CORRUPTED when i try to send anything via bluetooth.. and i am not the only person to face this issue as i could see in different froums…
    thanks to sony in advance

  • boosook

    Why do you need the 3.x kernel? LOL! It wouldn’t make any difference.

  • boosook

    Oh, come on! It has been certified today and people are already starting to ask when it will be available…

  • fafau

    i think this is the last update for xperia 2011 device, isnt it? It is android 4.0.4 and sony claims that this is the last update for my xperia arc s. no jelly bean though :(

  • Satecom

    Cant wait

  • Husep

    incredible that there will be no upgrade for Xperia Play

  • Husep

    me gustaria saber que pasara con el xperia play. aclararlo por favor

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  • It’s legacy camera, dude. XDA guys don’t have the binaries for sony camera… BrazenRain is right:)

  • Has anyone got the update on their phone yet? please, if anyone says “yes”, post a screen shot…

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  • just asking

    this update is for 2011 xperia, sola is 2012.. ??

  • MyLive

    yeah.. and hoping for REAL WALKMAN features at least like the one on miro would be great!! I have no time with roots n stuff LOL

  • Yeah, why the hell not??

  • Eldis Skenderagic

    So, all our whining about Sony forget about us, 2011 Xperias users, was extremely exaggerated and a little bit emotional I guess. It seems that, indeed, Sony did not forget about us, but before we start praising them, let’s wait and see what is this update bringing to us.
    In the first place, I hope that terribly laggy app-drawer scrolling performance will be improved. Than, I hope that some basic bugs will be fixed, like led notification, network mode resetting, double widgets on widget list, and so on…
    Regardless app-drawer I mentioned above, I hope that general experience will be, if not much, than just a little bit smoother. I guess it’s much to expect that ICS will be flying on our phones (even the strongest one, Arc S), but let’s hope that compared to last .587 update, this one will be as much as possible smoother.
    Also, I see some people whining about Jelly Bean again. Let’s be real for change. How many updates we already get for our 2011 Xperias? You think other manufacturers are doing better? Well, think again.
    (I hope this firmware will be listed in our pc companions / update services soon.)

  • ?? ?

    can it for xperia play…..??

  • TF

    I hope they fix all the bugs! LED light notification bug,mono video recording. I want to update to ICS but the bugs hold me back to GB.

  • Dido

    (4.1.B.1.13) Still not certified for Xperia Arc S!!!

  • Eldis Skenderagic

    Where and how did you get this? Firmwares listed on PTCRB screenshot are for Xperia Arc obviously, but it’s clearly stated that update is coming to ALL 2011 Xperias except Play.
    Also, pure logic indicates that it’s nonesense to have update on Xperia Arc but not on Arc S. Don’t spread disinformations people.

  • If i remember correctly, videocamera is limited to 480p right? That’s why i’m still on CM9.1 on my Xperia Play

  • Robert Caldecott

    Is it really so hard for Sony to release a changelog when they have updates available? It would stop all this speculation about a new kernel, Walkman support, etc. Even a post on their developer blog would be something!

  • I have a rooted LT15i. I haven’t touched the bootloader, no changes made to the ROM.
    Will I lose my root access if I update OTA?

  • DragonClaw

    Who cares? 3 is cooler than 2

  • If you say that it wouldn’t make any difference, can you explain to us what differences between kernel 3 and kernel 2? :) *just asking* thanks

  • DragonClaw

    Was that meant for me?

  • Well, until now we just know about this certification here because officially, SONY don´t indicates nothing about this firmware update. How did you get this information? I really hope that this is going to happen and SONY says something about it. Let´s us wait and see.

  • It would make a difference 3.0.x kernel :) It’s make phones soft run faster than 2.x.x ;)

  • bull

    lt18a got it but not lt18i

  • SNxT

    It will just bring some bug fixes nothing more than that, forget about new features.

  • Eldis Skenderagic

    I see it’s not listed on PTCRB LT18i page yet (and on LT18a page, it is), but I think it will be. There’s no logic at all, for this update not to be released for Arc S. Firstly I thought that this is some minor bug-fix for HSPA 850 networks, since it is listed in LT18a page, but then, other “i” Xperia models from 2011 are having this update listed, so this is not the case obviously.
    I think we will get this update, if this is update at all. :)
    Sony is extremely quiet about this update. There’s no any information anywhere. From their facebook pages, to developer blog, to official site, to sony talk forums.

  • Where can I check if this firmware is available for my Xperia Neo, other than connect my device with PC Companion?

  • live walkman?

  • disqus_ckr7qVZNP0

    let’s hope the update will be real an everything will be better! already .587 fixed a lot of things and we hope more fixes and enhancements will come , and also remember that sony is the only company to give and upgrade phones with a price tag starting from 140$ ics with fixes and are said to be till now testing jellybean and that a full list will be released soonly which may include jellybean for xperia 2011 and no other company upgraded all its 2011 lineup to ics so sony all the way!

  • Eldis Skenderagic

    And now, there is Gingerbread appearing on the PTCRB list also! :D

    There is obviously some joke going on… :D

  • And, where is new firmware for LIVE WITH WALKMAN WT19i ??????

  • Xperiau

    What is this? We need jelly not this

  • bulll

    A4.1.B.1.13ECODec 18, 2012A4.1.L.0.10ECODec 18, 2012


  • gederickson

    there are new firmware certified for 2011 devices

  • ShinOrochiX

    It has just been certified for the LwW and Arc S today, the other Xperia’s have just had a new GB build certified so we should have it certified as well soon. Basically, hopefully we can expect an ICS and GB update soon.

  • think they are clever by releasing a fw update instead of JB but we don’t be satisfied until a jb update

  • rgsoo1
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  • Bob


  • ssadadasda

    nerde kald? bu güncelleme

  • sadada


  • dasfasfas

  • ???? ?????????

    I cry then read you comment :( :D
    Sony only kidding people and make bugs on Xperia 2011 (semc_msm7x30) specios laggy!

  • ???? ?????????

    SONY – ????? ???????! ????? ???? ?????, ? ?? ??????? ????????????? Xperia 2011 ???????????? ????? ?????????!

  • safrahqehfdzftjsjgj

  • yes

  • yyeah

  • dodong

    why is this not released yet?

  • don pedro

    already 4 month over since they said.. for update

  • Mubtasim

    where can I download it from? please someone give me a link … I don’t want to update via pc companion

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  • shubh8982

    same problem i am facing with my xperia arc s till now no update and no fixing of this problem…i have to run my device on 2.3.4 gb …:(

  • Nicolas

    Guess that update is gone with the wind..
    Well whatever, we don’t need another disappointing buggy ICS update from Sony
    Thank god for CUSTOM ROMS !!! Cyanogenmod 10 is awesome

  • Domus

    Why don’t release upgrade for LT18i?? I don’t undestand the reason…Arc S it’s a good device…why abandoned? :(

  • Nitesh Mishra

    How to install it?

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  • ShinOrochiX

    When will this update release? Still waiting…

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