Xperia Z gets priced in Europe, launches in February

by XB on 8th January 2013

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One of the key pieces of information about any new piece of technology, price, was sadly missing from Sony’s CES press conference. Well, a number of retailers have put the handset on pre-order, highlighting that this will be one of the most expensive Xperia handsets seen to date.

German retailers have the Xperia Z on pre-order for €649, which is the RRP in the region. O2 Germany has also announced it will carry the handset. We would expect pricing in other European countries such as France, Italy and Spain to be very similar. However, this is just pre-order pricing – we may see it appear slightly lower than RRP closer to launch.

In the UK, it looks like sim-free pricing for the Xperia Z will be around the £530 mark. Retailer Clove has both black and white versions up for pre-order at £528. Handtec has it on sale for a slightly cheaper £520. Other retailers such as Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U have pages to register your interest. Carphone says it expects the handset in late February. In terms of UK carriers, the handset will head to O2 (which has exclusive dibs on the Purple version), Three and Vodafone. This just leaves EE (Orange/T-Mobile) in the UK, although EE may yet announce plans to stock the handset closer to launch.

The handset has also appeared to pre-order in other countries such as Sweden where it is up for SEK 6,295 (£598, €734). In Poland, the handset will set you back PLN 2,799 (£554, €680). In Finland, the Xperia Z is up for pre-order at Gigantti for €739 [Thanks Joni!]

Has the Xperia Z appeared for pre-order in your region? If so, please let us know what price it is in your country and provide names/links to retailers where possible to help others out.

  • Ambroos

    Belgium and The Netherlands: (the official RRP is €649 in Belgium though) – my pre-order was placed the minute the page went up!

  • XperiaBlog

    A good price for €629, one of the cheapest we’ve seen in Europe!

  • Tim

    Goodness gracious, it’s really expensive!

  • lovebmw

    as always U.S. is not on Sony mobile agenda… LTE wont work from the specs too bad i was going to buy it

  • Lana

    Why Sony? The Xperia Z Is Almost Perfect But Has a Thick Bezel and Too Tall, meh… !

  • Ambroos

    The Xperia ZL will work fine on AT&T LTE :)

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    fuck, its expensive

  • James Earley

    £528 in the UK and worth every penny. The Xperia Z will be the best phone money can buy.

  • lovebmw

    but not underwater lol i really wanted the Z

  • Adrian

    That price was what to be expected. Premium price for a premium phone. This a phone that can attract people that chooses iPhone because its design. I am sure that Sony can find a market for Z. Lets hope that it will not have too much problem and bugs. Also, I think the purple one will be a hit.

  • James Earley

    Purple won’t be such a hit in the UK if its exclusive to 02. I hope the phone is though, I get fed up of reviewers criticising Sony.

  • Someone

    Whenever I think of getting a Sony phone I always think of this: When will it get the next version of Android !! I’m getting this one, let’s hope they don’t do to it like they did to Xperia S users.

  • Eugen Hannibal

    I’m going to buy Xperia Z :-)

  • shubhsUK

    ur going to be using it underwater lol

  • NVR

    Does anybody know whether the ZL will be less expensive than the Z? Is it likely?
    Thanks a bunch!

  • James Earley

    Probably, but not much cheaper. Most countries like the UK won’t get both the Z and ZL to compare anyway.

  • I personally lost my interest by the time i heard it’s price. choosing an Ericsson/sonyericsson/sony was always the specs/price wise. so no reason to choose it now.

  • lovebmw

    Yes lol and I expect 4g down there to be working hehe

  • goldenblls

    This will be a keeper. I’ll sell my month old Xperia T and get the white Z. I originally wanted the V, that was until this baby showed it’s face.

  • he play angry bird and swim at the same time.

  • Tim

    For the United States, that’s very expensive. Over here, people aren’t used to paying any more than $200 for a phone, on contract. Even for me, I buy all my phones unlocked and unbranded, shipped over the pond, and for me this is very steep!

  • What the hell is wrong with the Xperia T?

  • The Xperia T is a great device. It’s smaller , yet quite large, so it suits more people than the Z.

  • blitz_arc

    Make sense.. if you dont want a too expensive fon, go for T of V.. if not, Z is your perfect choice.

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  • 752£ in Norway, price is only estimated.

  • and has it on pre order now for 5495 NOK, 750€.

    well check this out, check what Sony Mobile Team guy said about the price.
    at 7:15

  • Amadeus Prod

    I can’t clearly hear what is he saying. 49 dollar? can someone tell me what exactly he said?

  • phone it self cheap £440, but tax

  • hanslepire

    Seems to be 750.- CHF in Switzerland, but not by an telecom operator, by a wholesaler

  • Niko

    Toooo… COstly…. if this phone wants to compete with Galaxy sIV then the pricing should be at par with GSIV….

  • Tommi

    In Finland the pre-order price is 999,90€ in Hopefully this won’t be the final price. Luckily there is a mention that price and date will be confirmed later.

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  • w

    749 CHF in Switzerland (
    Xperia V is overlooked and better value.

  • Blue626

    He is not talking about the phone. He is talking about an accessory for the phone… The Stereo Bluetooth Headset (SBH-20).

  • intergalactic_turkey

    650 euros? good luck sony with your sales :)

  • bkh

    It is expensive but when you look at the specs it’s fair to say the price is relatively reasonable compared to other phones on the market. It’s about the same price as an iphone 5 sim free. If an android phone was released with the iphone 5 specs it would be considered a mid-range phone. But, here for the same price you get 1080p, quad-core, 13MP, hdr, water resistent, nfc, sd card slot and more. (…sound like a salesman :)

  • Ney

    I wanted Xperia V as well, changed my “target” to Xperia Z now, but it’s a lot larger handset. Sony can confuse customer like hell >_<

  • Kuksa-

    I’m from finland too and the price to xperia T was also 999,99 and dropt to 566,90 when it got available. (verkkokauppa) so I think same thing here with Z

  • Are Xperia phones region locked? What I mean is, can I buy it from somewhere in Europe and use in my country (Lebanon), or will it not work as expected?

  • Tohar Lalua

    Soon they will be packing a 40″ tv as an accssessory to the next high end from sony…if they keep escalating the price like this…:D

  • bodhi

    You mean the Xperia S users who are getting JB in a couple of months? Until ICS stops working, I don’t see this as too much of an issue?

  • Tommi

    Okay it’s good to hear that

  • Mr Singh

    Samsung use cheap plastic materials with disgusting design and equally a horrible TouchWiz UI. Sure they have some good electronics hardware but their design isn’t sleek, minimalist and does not radiate sheer beauty, one that working professionals will adopt. The Sony Xperia Z is a premium handset both inside and out. You’re living in a world of delusion if you expect the price of this handset to be less than approx €650.

  • I have a T and its the best phone I’ve had, I don’t see why theyre releasin an all new phone so soon. Sony should probably look more at releasing the up to date Android software first

  • Mobile_User

    The prices being discussed are sim free/contract free and unlocked, a 16GB iPhone 5 in a similar state would be $649 (64GB $849). The phone is likely to be well under £100 GBP on contract and for longer/higher value contracts will most likely be free.

  • CerealD

    guess, you’re living in a world of delusion if you’re so willing to pay so much for it. Design isn’t worth an extra 150€ when the production costs of the handset is only ~100-150€… Surely the design is important for the consumer, but not the production costs… and i would bet, that they are as cheap as S3 and S4…
    And I’m not that delusioned that i would pay 3x the price of a Nexus4

  • Ney

    It is cheap for British and Western Europeans but in Poland the average salary is 3 times lower than in Germany or UK and the Yuga is more expensive by 30eu. I’m just wondering why…

  • Cheng

    Hey guys, do you know if that text of logo and numbers (CE 8062 etc) at the bottom of the back is final? it would be even more perfect if that is clean too..I guess those text and numbers stays there as final product? ~_~..

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  • Haldi

    750 CHF @

  • Anonymous
  • yes you’re right, sorry my mistake. :)

  • LoNi

    The Xperia Z has appeared for pre-ordering here in Norway. It is up for 4.849 NOK (about 659 EURO)

  • 5500 Danish kroner according to Sony Mobile Denmark

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  • Italy, expansys €649…

  • Hacker4748
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  • Nevan

    It’s for sale on ebay for $799, ships March 5 from Houston TX.

  • FmTroll

    Norway: Elkjøp (, Black and White: NOK 5.189 = € 699 = £ 599
    Shipping 10. March.

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