RIP Timescape, Long live Socialife

by XB on 14th January 2013

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Timescape has been a feature of Sony Xperia Android handsets from the very beginning. It was one of the headline features announced for the Xperia X10 back in late 2009 and has appeared in every phone since then. Timescape integrates social media services and gives users a quick glance on their Facebook and Twitter streams.

However, its inclusion divided opinion. Many people simply did not use it given the performance and battery issues on early Xperia devices. Back in early 2011, we conducted a poll on the issue and found that over 80% of people did not use Timescape.

However, with the launch of the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL handsets it looks like Timescape’s reign is over. Timescape will be replaced by Sony’s Socialife app in all future Xperia smartphones. Up until now, Socialife was only featured in Sony’s tablet offerings. The basic premise of Socialife is similar to Timescape – it offers a way to manage your social streams through one viewer.

The app is divided into three main areas: 1) My Stream – this is the home screen that gives you an overview of your Facebook and Twitter activity plus any subscribed news feeds. 2) Discovery – presents popular articles based on your preferences and 3) Favourites – allows you to store favourites articles for later reading.

We have attached a few screenshots below showing the Socialife app in the app tray of the Xperia Z along with what the app looks like on the Xperia Z (the content has been blurred). However, if you want a better look at Socialife then check out the video below which has a short eyes-on of the app. So will you miss Timescape? Let us know in the comments below.

Socialife ‘My Stream’ Xperia Z image from xda-developers.

Thanks Ambroos!

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Enough already!! Released the Kraken Z !

  • LOVE!! I want on my xperia s :D

  • hamboy

    Where the fuck is my International SX?

  • Very good

  • Lane

    oh no! I’m a full-time timescape user……..

  • Jiakushi

    Cool, but i love Timescape so much…….. (Even thought i’m not using it anymore)
    The answer is, i will missed the Timescape

  • Yoshi

    Nooo!! I love Timescape! And now I’m worryed that Sony change it also in my next Nozomi’s Update of Android…

  • am I the only one here still using Timescape :(.

    always enjoy scrolling down reading everyone’s mess and FB status with their faces smiling at me.

    (the good old fashioned Timescape…)

  • penubag

    Face it, it’s never coming. Sad, but true. One must accept the facts

  • Socialife does not work very well actually. Timescape experience on my Xperia S is better than Socialife on my Xperia Tablet… I hope they’ve planned to improve it.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well, I guess this have been going on for quite a while. There is APK even in Xperia S and arc that is called social-life. So Im guessing it is just evolving into the new thing. Its in a way still timescape but its getting better. :-) I am using timescapemyself… but now I do understand why Sony not yet fixed timescape on Xperia S. Its going to vanish.

  • Jerry Berglund

    No, your arent. I am also using TS. :-)

  • lovebmw

    i get a new Xperia, turn it on sign in Google, delete timescape and start downloading my backed up apps… i am glad it went away, it saves me one extra step on the new Z when i get it.

  • Keon Fraites

    I used to use it, until it stopped updating my facebook posts a couple weeks ago tried alot of attempts at seeing what the problem was nothing fixed it but seeing this post makes me feel like thats why it happened. I don’t mind this one it looks nice and functional.

  • crsnail

    timescape sucks!
    social looks much better

  • weeeeooo

    aww the end of sony ericsson era :/

  • There is already a fix. Just install the event stream engine from xperia ax. My timescape is fully functional again.

  • roeshak

    TheTimescape widgets on the 2012 line were the first that were actually usable.
    The end of the SE era is complete.
    No longer uxp or Timescape ui. Now it’s just called Sony’s custom flow ui which isn’t as visually appealing butt will certainly perform better.
    Thank God the style over substance SE days are over. Good toq see Sony aren’t prepared to compromise on performance for eye candy.
    Warning!!!!! If there are any Ericsson fans here, brace yourselves because the Xperia line will eventually be stripped of all Ericsson’s imput. The Xperias aree going toto get muchqq better even if less pretty. For me, I’m very happy with it all.

  • Dime

    All these feutures from xperia z … are they coming to xperia s with the JB update ?

  • iboalali

    It look a lot better than Timescape

  • You will have to switch over and get a full-time Socialife user ;)

  • You mean timeSCAPE? :)

  • I use Timescape for my twitter. And hope to have the same level of functionality with socialife.

  • mirajkaraniket

    Exactly what I was thinking. I dont think Sony cares about Xperia s users. They will give us a shitty jb update with only half the features :|

  • m

    hahah good one!

  • I wont’miss this s it always lags and sometimes crashes. Any time i switch rom i remove Timescape completely.
    P.S. since Timescape won’t be available from now on, will the name of the UI change knowing that it was named Timescape UI.

  • mdg

    I’m wondering timescape is xperia ui like touchwiz on samsung or that just an app?

  • Arie

    The screen look so wash-out, perfect time to move to IPS-LCD panel

  • Dime

    I think they must give us everything with the update because we are waiting more than every user of different trademark android phone user even Motorola update to jb … If they make bad update I think next phone won’t be Sony because it’s not user-friendly with costumers, they can make innovations and make beautiful phones and beautiful UI but also I appreciate much more updates and phones best hardware performance with no lags and no bugs… Like Xperia s doesn’t do that well I must do restarts to free the memory and be more faster with no lags

  • AsadMulla

    One of a kind

  • iboalali

    edit it hahaha, I don’t know what happened to me there :P

  • SomeBody

    Of course it looks washed out. You are watching your monitor showing pixels decoded from a YouTube video which is a converted version of the digital file which was converted to digital from the analog signals captured by a CMOS sensor looking at the display of the Xperia Z.

  • James Earley

    I use Timescape for my twitter feed on my Xperia miro. Never used Socialife on my Xperia Tablet S though.

  • Yeh! And Sony said that they are very excited about the update, so we need to wait! :D

  • blurb8

    Social life sucks, in my country i can only login with facebook….go to hell

  • paul_cus

    I will miss Timescape, but it’s been acting up for awhile now, so maybe it’s for the best. At least Sony will be replacing it with something else.

  • Arie

    It’s actually look so bland, compare to HTC Droid DNA. Watch it somewhere in Youtube yesterday. Hope Sony improve their display

  • Fraulein

    Did you read the article? It’s an app. But the UI has sometimes been called timescape erroneously in the media.

  • Kedar

    I don’t use Timescape on Xperia sola because it drains battery I like to try socialife app.

  • Fraulein

    Not to burst your bubble, but being a part owner doesn’t mean they go in and fiddle at this low level. It’s almost just long term economic decisions. Sony Ericsson was mostly self running, and is still essentially the same company, but renamed. What happens now is “ear candy” and a rebranding strategy to prove a tighter integration of the Sony ecosystem, and to fool people like you that there are significant changes.

  • another257

    oh Socialife in tablet s sucks

  • rickiking

    I used Timescape when I had my X10, but not anymore on my Xperia S. I miss it though.

  • hamboy

    I know :(

  • good ridance timescape… hope they bring it in for my xperia T aswell, oh wait ill be using a xperia Z by than :D….

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  • misterg

    i wont miss it because i never used it. i always installed roms where all timescape related apps were removed

  • ermond12

    Will the Xperia 2012 line-up get this as well? I am using Xperia acro S. It would be great if there will be an update from Timescape to Socialife. Any response would be highly appreciated. Thank you. ^^

  • Lisa

    I have the xperia z and when i try to use social life it wont show facebook status only twitter so i tried signing in the app with facebook and not sony entertainment log in, it says i cant log in with facebook as its already connected with another sign in, so i deleted everything and it still wont work….its so annoying as i really want to use it

  • r666d

    please update timescape for acro
    and update JB for acro too

  • Aleksei Volkov

    In Timescape i use only sms and missed call view. Can i view these in Socialife and how?

  • Lois Bernard

    loved timescape hate social life. Bring back timescape pls.

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