Xperia Z wins a whole host of ‘Best of CES’ awards

by XB on 14th January 2013

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Whilst CES may not be known for many smartphone reveals, most manufacturers tend to wait until MWC in February, it is still heartening to see the Sony Xperia Z come away in such high regard from the media. To prove the point, the handset has won a number of ‘Best of CES’ awards from various publications.

We had already seen the positive vibe from our recent hands-on roundup, so the news isn’t entirely surprising. However, the number of awards won shows that the Xperia Z is probably one of the most popular from the show. Obviously, competition at the top-end is fierce and we’ll most likely see what Samsung and HTC have up their sleeve in the not too-distant future. But for now, Sony is on a high and it just needs to get their new handsets into shops as soon as possible.

Sony’s CES awards for the Xperia Z

Cnet – CES finalist
“I have to say I’m impressed with the Sony Xperia Z. It’s the slickest and most compelling handset I’ve gotten my hands on from the company.”

Computer Act!ve – Best of CES 2013

Engadget – Best in Smartphones
“The Sony Xperia Z’s 5-inch 1080p display and the new Exmor RS sensor for HDR video capture plus the fact that it is waterproof helped it shine in our opinion. The overall look and feel of the device is head and shoulders above anything else we’ve seen from Sony; they’ve stepped from wobbly plastics to a premium feel.”

Gizmodo – Top Pick of CES 2013
“This Xperia is thinner than the ZL, but a little wider and longer. There’s also no IR blaster or physical camera button, and the battery is a hair smaller at 2330 mAh. It’s just a gorgeous piece of hardware and it performed really well, so we decided to give it the nod over its brother, but it will come down to personal preference. The bottom line: Both of Sony’s new phones are looking good.”

GottaBeMobile – Best Phone
“The combination of great hardware and almost-Vanilla Android software make the Xperia Z an easy choice for our Best Phone of CES 2013.”

Laptop Mag – Best Smartphone
“Sony made a big statement at CES with a flagship phone that delivers all of the best technologies the company has to offer–plus a very pleasant surprise. The real kicker is that the Xperia Z can withstand being dunked in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes and even stream your favorite tunes to a nearby Bluetooth speaker while submerged. Add in a quad-core processor, a new stamina mode for improved standby time and easy one-touch sharing with NFC devices, and you have a winner.”

Mobile Geeks – Best Smartphone

PC World – Best of CES 2013
“Sony’s latest Xperia smartphone looks top-notch. The handset’s svelte design, ultra-high-resolution display, and excellent 13-megapixel camera make it one to watch as we head toward Mobile World Congress in late February.”

PC Pro – Best Smartphone
“The Sony Xperia Z. Water resistant, dust protected and simply stunning to look at – it’s only 7.9mm thick yet packs in a 5in Full HD screen – this is a deceptively rugged phone and already contender for phone of the year.”

Popular Mechanics – CES 2013: Editor’s Choice Awards
“Sony’s newest smartphone is a model of corporate synergy done right, incorporating the company’s display and image capture technology into its stunning 5-inch 1080p touchscreen display, and also including the world’s first smartphone sensor that can take HDR video.”

Stuff – CES 2013 Hot Stuff Award winner
“With its gorgeous 5in 1080p display, blistering quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and waterproof construction, the Xperia Z has all the makings of a true Android king. Little touches like the ability to shut off data to extend battery up to five days and a really effective camera interface are just the icing on the already achingly tempting cake.”

TechnoBuffalo – Best of CES 2013
“There weren’t a ton of new mobile phones on the CES showfloor this year, but Sony’s Xperia Z has the muscle to compete with the biggest players right now.”

TechRadar – Best Cell Phone

Ubergizmo – Best of CES 2013

The Verge – Best Phone
“Apart from a few exceptional years, CES has never been a major show for mobile news, but of the few phones announced this year, the Sony Xperia Z was the standout.”

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

  • Jiakushi

    Wow, great job Sony.

  • sony rocks

    Love u sony.u r the best.

  • kurt hinds

    Congrats Sony:)

  • John-Mark Christmas

    I am loving the hype. All of this is great marketing for The Xperia Z. Next step, use this information and take it to all the major U.S. carriers.

  • Well deserved. This is the first phone to impress me more than the original iPhone back in 07´.


    Thats what we were waiting, Thanks SONY

  • Raphael Deschaepmeester

    this is more than courangeant sony and I’d even convinced that the xperia Z will be one of the featured smartphones this year, it promises; strongly that I have :)

  • Good job Sony that’s how we want you to be super tough against the enemy ( Samsung, Apple, HTC)

  • Now what Sony will do in MWC??

  • Eugen Hannibal

    Sony best

  • Trafalgar

    The last statement of the article is true, if Sony could release their phones AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE, it will really give them a boost this year. Otherwise, it will be like 2012 all over again for them.

  • Lunkz

    This, and nothing else

  • Samuel Serafim

    Nice job Sony.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Its strange how pc world ( who what I know the swedish belongs to) was really positiv, was actually not. They even regarded Xperia Z as

  • afzal

    Great opening for 2013 smartphone from sony. Hope for this year all manufacture will comeout with stunning design element rather then kept putting a monster spec. As i see current spec already xceed what the real androi had to offer.

  • Quark Gluon

    Take more awards, hopefully!

  • jose

    genial grande sony

  • This could be Sony’s year, if they play their cards right. They really need to work on their update time frames. They just take way too long to update their phones (to a software version that isn’t even the latest it must be said). Unfortunately in this day and age, that is simply unacceptable. I love Sony, I use the Xperia TL, great phone by the way, but they have to get their updates out much faster. You can do it Sony :)

  • Cheng

    nice!!! now release it in Jan, Feb or latest March, give us the DOCK with the phone and you will rule whole 2013~~~

  • Nezar

    The xperia Z is nice bit why did Sony have to ruine the white Z by making the front black? A phone with two different colors is UGLY. You almost had it Sony, but you ruine it at the last minute, as you always do…

  • weeeeooo

    cograts and keep going sony :)

  • Nayagan

    Check out the video of Xperia Z with various connectivity option

  • Ravi

    Nice phone good job sony,I like it

  • APai

    I know exactly what you are talking about. waited for T for so long, and finally when the JB was delayed – it was a bummer. now Z is announced within a few months before T got JB. I felt going for t was a complete waste of time and sony says t isnt competitive enough as Z is the new darling. whereas samsung treats their sgs3 with a premium suite.

    they release 2 dozen phones in 2012, and in 2013 they are wondering if they want to play the low & mid end game (which was the only section they were really competitive at) .

    so does sony have a coherent strategy in place ?

  • hamboy

    Great, now release a small high-end phone

  • I want this phone so bad,… ill marry it… make love to it… and even have baby xperias with it!!!

  • xperiaplay

    note, however, that they lost to yota phone in the CES best phone from CNET.

  • simon

    Well done Sony. Now, RELEASE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!

  • arifkpi

    East or West,
    SONY is the Best…..

  • roeshak

    The Z is definitely the best thing to come out from the company. Probably because it’s the first device without Ericsson’s input. It also looks like Sony have put their heart and soul into it.
    Looking very promising but lets wait to see how it fares against the other 2013 flagships before we get carried away.

  • I highly disagree! With a white front it would frame the display too much. And in bright sunlight it would make the display look darker and difficult to read. But with a black front, it allows the illusion of the screen disappearing, and makes for a far more pleasant experience when browsing, watching videos or photos.

    Two years ago, I would’ve agreed with you, but then I read this article on gizmodo:

  • Sudhu

    Noooo why did we buy the Xperia S!!!!!! ufff (2013 is not my Mobile year it seems unless some magic happens and they gift me this one … we fans can dream can’t we?

  • ProWeirdo

    And then Sony will release Xperia ZS/Z II or generally better model and you will throw Z away ;D

  • ProWeirdo

    I think Xperia Go, J and Miro are enough.

  • Alex Ruiz

    The Xperia Z/ZL is the best that could happend to Sony this year. I Hope Sony has learned the 2012 and 2011 lesson and focus their efforts to the phones that they can give an appropriate software support.

  • Kaostheory

    I wanted the V and they released the T. Hopefully they don’t make the same mistake. More people want the Z, bring out the ZL only as another option.

  • hamboy

    None of them are high end.

  • Hmm

    Anybody surprised??? Welldone Sony… now give it in our hands :)

  • Anonymous

    they only got these because no other big company put out a smartphone……

    other than the camera, nothing sony put into that phone is new or special

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  • Not surprizing at all — the Xperia Z is GREAT! By the way, I’ve also named it the best phone of the CES 2013 —

  • Rippsa

    I can’t wait four the Z, the TX is good, 5″ display is happy days. Sony just needs to get it live be early Feb

  • Qawi46

    xperia z & xperia kiss!!

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  • ranzst

    Kudus Sony!! I like the most! HDR, DRAGONTRAIL glass which is 6x tougher/stronger than Corning Gorilla!..

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