Xperia Tablet Z (C690X ‘Pollux’) specs leak?

by XB on 15th January 2013

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Sony is set to launch a new tablet called the ‘Xperia Tablet Z’ according to a leak on twitter. Our sources tell us that that tablet codename is Pollux with model number C690X in the west and SO-03E for NTT DoCoMo in Japan. This is the first tablet to be developed by Sony Mobile rather than Sony, which developed the previous tablets. Therefore, the design signature and UI should be much more similar to Sony’s smartphones going forward.

According to the leak, the Xperia Tablet Z will have a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon chipset (APQ8064), 10.1-inch (1920 x 1200 pixel) display, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, LTE, 8MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, a water/dust resistant chassis and a 6000mAh battery. It will be available in black and white and set to be extremely thin, just 6.9mm in thickness. We hope to hear more details on the Xperia Tablet Z shortly.

  • Ambroos

    My gut feeling seems to be confirmed, Sony Mobile is going 100% Qualcomm including for tablets. This is very good, Qualcomm makes excellent tablet chipsets. For some reason everyone uses Tegra’s for tablets even though Qualcomm’s offerings are usually better.

    Can’t wait for this one! Xperia Z + Xperia Tablet Z should be a nice combo!

  • James Earley

    Oh. Wow. I’ve been waiting for a Full HD Xperia Tablet for SO LONG!

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Now put an amazing pricetag on it and dominate the world.

  • Must be a big hit from Sony this year

  • Hope it to have just all the technology of Sony’s different Areas, plus NFC, IR blaster, MicroSD or SD slot, etc, and this is gonna be my first tablet. xD … and I just want it to be as the first tablet in terms of design, I loved it but maybe just a litter thinner, even thou that’s not gonna happen. :(

    BTW. Sorry for my english =P

  • Dacha

    I just got the Xperia Tablet S two months ago. Time to upgrade again.

  • Guest

    6000mAh seems kinda low. Maybe drawback of it being so thin.

  • I think it’s gonna be an amazingly expensive pricetag. xD … but I think I’ll gonna buy it. :)

  • Ambroos

    Oh yeah, forgot to tell this. This tablet will have NFC, one of the Sony guys said to me at IFA that all future Sony Mobile products will have NFC, including the early 2013 tablet (he wouldn’t say anything else about it at the time).

  • adsada_arc

    SHIT! Imagine how sweet a full waterproof tablet would be, if this is the case I would actually seriously consider this, and sony please put a 1080p display on it!!

  • Ashua

    Same here should I get the xperia Z tablet it really seems tempting and sounds amazing got to love Sony I will get the phone soon and the tablet hopefully later on in the year time to save up! :) but as for now I am enjoying my xperia tablet s! ;)

  • Just one Thing…. DAMNED let this F***ING Wifi active during standby!!!! just my two Cents ;)
    yeah the specs are really nice… hope the rest will also as good as we all hope…

  • sony rocks

    Sony love u and love all sony fans ..mwah

  • this will be announced in MWC??

  • goldenblls

    Looking good. Would this not be easier to waterproof than a mobile phone?

  • I hope that we’ll get mor Information at MWC2013 in February.

  • jjghj

    Phew!!! I was just about to buy the Xperia S Tablet, so glad I held off for a few days, would have been annoyed otherwise! Hmm, interesting though, I shall wait and see :D

  • azmadu

    Wow, this is fantastic news if it turns out to be accurate. However, they may want to think about getting a better screen, or at least one with a higher pixel count seeing as the Retina display from Apple is eclipsed by LG’s Google Nexus 10 with its amazing 2560 x 1600 display (300 ppi).

    Still the Xperia Z has a higher dpi than this so we’d like (well I know I would) the Xperia Tablet Z to at least match if not better it’s smartphone counterpart :-).

    If they keep this up Sony will find themsleves in a good place in the next year or two.

  • mountain

    I don’t mind replacing my tablet once again… but please, this time, make your accessories compatible.

  • Loken

    Sony’s game is on!

  • Adrian

    Looks very nice. But I dont understand why thing has to be so very thin. I dont care about a few millimeters thinner but I care about battery capacity and a little bit thicker is easier to hold in your hand.

  • Anonymous

    battery life……………

  • Does it have a good GPU?

  • Nexus 10 is made by Samsung, not LG.

  • Super IPX5/7 combo!

  • pixlas

    I appreciate the thinness as it makes it easier to hold for a longer time

  • Ambroos

    It blows the Tegra 3 away!

  • Ryan Liao

    Xperia Tablet Z will be announced on 1/23 Docomo 2013 spring presentation. It will be launched around 2/8 with Xperia Z in Japan market.

  • 100% Agreed

  • Victor Ling

    i would LOVE a tablet like this….please release Sony…

  • TechGuyChris

    Sony Vaio Z + Xperia Z + Xperia Tablet Z. Looks like Sony is positioning its Z series as their premium offerings in all devices.

  • Yeah, I prefer Qualcomm over Tegra although I am a Hardcore Mobile Gamer ;)

  • IgorK

    what about HDMI or any other way of connecting it ti TV?

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  • I really want the Xperia Z smartphone, and this tablet also seems to be a nice addition… If it’s really that cool and if its price is adequate, I guess it will be worth buying

  • I guess this one is much cooler than the iPad 4, right?

  • Rimas

    It Doesn’t say anything about SD Card Slot???

  • Naindu84

    I hope this isn’t the final specs….
    In 2013, sony have to make a tablet with at least 300 PPI and not with a poor 2012 Full HD screen.
    Also, where is the SD Card Slot?
    Android 4.1.2 is not the best tablet version of android (android 4.2 is fabulous on a tablet) but this is the same version than the xperia Z, maybe we can finaly have the full xperia interface on a tab.

  • Naindu84

    If the tablet going out in the second semmester, why don’t put the last qualcomm processor?
    The real good news is that sony can now work on the same architecture on each device, this mean better interface and better upgrade to future android version.

  • Alvin

    Don’t forget Walkman Z

  • Crispim

    Yes! S(Z)ony device series! Back to the game!

  • saif

    Stamina mode hahaha

  • Perce’

    Whatever! the Android UX is still fuckin shit for tablet. and fuck you again sony, this new tablet is still not full HD display.

  • Ambroos

    It is Full HD, better than Full HD even since you get 120 extra pixels.

  • Coollead

    Keeping the resolution to what it is insures a lower cost, which is needed if they want to compete with the iPad.

  • Coollead

    No. Probably next week at the NTT Docomo Spring Product announcement.

  • zxxxx

    bring a xperia play station tablet on the market… plenty of room for xperia play station

  • spatch

    And damn me if I didn’t just buy an Xperia Tablet S YESTERDAY! Good thing I love it or I’d be very upset with my poor timing…

  • Ambroos

    That is the Snapdragon S4 dualcore. The Snapdragon S4 Pro is a quadcore with a much, much faster GPU.

  • chickybits

    yeh it’s gonna be so thin you can shave your pubes with it..nice work, Sony!

  • Eraser112

    But not the Tegra4 or the Apple A6X as well as the Exynos5 Octa!!

  • Ambroos

    Tegra 4 has only just been announced, same for the Exynos 5 Octa and the Apple A6X isn’t available for sale. When this tablet hits the market it’ll be the fastest tablet available.

  • Eraser112

    Nexus 10 is by Samsung, not LG! How dare you!

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    cant wait for one with the 800 chip they say it drains 50% less energy than the S4

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    this display is must likely the screen that JDI calls ULMT or Ultra-Light Media Tablet it’s supposed to be lighter than other screens but I have nothing to compare it to

  • TjaldidTjaldid
  • Eraser112

    The A6X is in the 4th gen iPad, so I do not really know what you meant by not for sale…

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  • minus the on screen buttons it is full hd

  • Michael Hofmann

    It has a 16:10 aspect ratio rather than 16:9 so is full HD for this format – 1920 x 1200 rather than 1920 x 1080.

  • Ok thank you :) I am not so much familiar with mobile hardware :)

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  • jorosy

    Please don’t equip with proprietary connector like previous Xperia tablets. !!

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  • Chris

    Wait until the price is announced. I bet 799 or something. Way too expensive.

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