You can charge the Xperia Z from your Xperia Tablet Z

by XB on 22nd January 2013

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Sony Japan will sell a dedicated micro USB cable from Elecom that will be used to charge a Sony Xperia smartphone from the Xperia Tablet Z. At the moment, the only compatible model announced is the Xperia Z, however additional models will be announced in due course. Sounds like a neat feature if your smartphone is running out of juice.


  • But the Xperia Tablet Z don’t have much of a big battery to charge another device wthout powering down a few minutes later. :/

    At least that’s what I think. :P

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  • ehm… dou you know the exact battery size? i think it will be about 4 times as big as Xperia Z Battery…
    and i think this Feature is not for charging an empty battery… it should be used for tethering to Keep the Phone battery during tablet usage because the phone battery is more important than a charged tablet ;)

  • Well, the battery of the Xperia Tablet Z is in fact not really big, just 6000mAh. In comparison that is two thirds of the Nexus 10 (9000mAh) or around half of the Ipad battery (11666mAh). The Xperia Z has 234mAh and the ZL has 2370mAh, so charging the battery of the Z is not really a good idea in the long run. Especially if you keep in mind, that you just can’t transfer 2340mAh from one device to another with a 100% efficiency.

  • ProWeirdo

    Xperia Z < Tablet Z < Laptop < PC trollage

  • basti

    Nice Feature, but it would be better if sony just releases the external flat batterys that they promised for mid december 2012…

  • AsadMulla

    Sacrifice your tablet to save your phone.
    Its a matter of life and death. The choice is yours.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I don’t know why the Ipad is such a battery drainer the battery life of the Tablet S is about equal to it, and then compare that to how little battery the Iphone needs to even best other phones that have a bigger battery, something is definatly wrong with the software

  • Igor

    I charged My Xperia Arc S from Sony Tablet S without any trouble. Just need connector microUSB-USB and usual cable for my Arc S.

  • Could be argued that the iphone has such good battery life because of the tiny screen, whereas maybe ipad’s battery is crap because of high res

  • Laptop == Vaio Z. Its very nice actually.

  • Well said :)

  • Um, the Xperia Z CAN charge from the PC, right?

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  • I quoted your words in my article (, hope you don’t mind :)))))

  • I quoted your words in my article, hope you don’t mind —

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  • gederickson

    Can I charge Tablet Z from Xperia Z?

  • razec

    Vaio Duo 11 > XPERIA tablet Z > Xperia Z > Xperia Tablet S > Xperia T

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  • spatch

    So, does this mean the Xperia Tablet Z will have a standard micro USB port, rather than the stupid proprietary port the current Xperia Tablet S sports? That is good new indeed, especially if you can charge the tablet itself via USB. I know Sony likes to jerk us around with non-standard ports, asking us to shell out additional cash on adapters, so this really is a positive step in the right direction for Sony Mobile.

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  • ehm … sorry it was an over-exaggerated comment to make fun of the fact Schattenan said, compared with other tablets it’s battery is not precisely big and I consider it will be a bad idea to charge the Xperia Z with the tablet, but even with that battery this Tablet is by far the more interesting to me and most probably will be my first tablet. ^_^

  • You don’t know anything about battery live of the Tablet Z yet and I would not believe Sony in that regard, last years battery life on phones was terrible (at least in my opinion)

    Ipad batter drain:three reasons: First, higher dpi leeds to higher energy consumption. Right know we see a new generation of LCD displays from Sharp ( IGZO ), which tries to reduce this effect, but still, it is really a problem.
    Second, the A6x is much more powerful than any other SoC. Of course Nvidia or Qualcom is denying that but all their benchmark are very synthetic and are trying to tackle the A6x just on one task. But in overall performance, the A6x is amazing and still superior
    Third: Real world battery life of the Ipad is in most cases amazing, I have never seen a device featuring so many hours of playing games, surfing, watching movies etc..

  • AsadMulla

    no probs

  • Keep in mind: mAh sais NOTHING… it does matter how much Wh the battery has… if it is a 2-cell battery with 7,6V then 6000mAh will give the same end-capacity (45,6Wh) like a 1-cell battery with 3,8V and 12.000mAh (maybe iPad?) compare it with a Notebook: my old Nexoc E619 has a 7200mAh battery but 10.8V… that means it has 77Wh that last about 3,5-4h on low power mode… it drives me mad everytime i see that useless mAh-capacity compare…
    if you just compare phone batteries it is okay because they all just have a single-cell battery but bigger devices like Tablets could definately have 2 cells… otherwise it makes no sense, that the Tablet Z has the same running time like an iPad with “half” the battery size

  • it is very likely that it won’t be a 2-cell battery. if you keep in mind how thin this device is, it is very difficult to use a 2-cell battery. And still, you should not believe Sonys statement to battery life, last years battery life was pretty bad.

  • I have the Sony Tablet S and my battery life is about 8hours of web Surfing and app usage at 30% Display brightness and about 5-6h of 3D gaming… and that one has a smaller battery than Xperia Tablet S and Xperia Tablet Z

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  • nah, Z is a powerful laptop with a very slim body. Once you have it for your performance work, you will never touch any tablets since they are not even comparable. Vaio Z is a beast!

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