New ICS firmware (6.1.1.B.1.89) certified for Xperia P, U, go and sola

by XB on 26th January 2013

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New firmware version number 6.1.1.B.1.89 has been certified for Sony Xperia handsets running the NovaThor U8500 chipset – the Xperia P (LT22i), Xperia U (ST25i), Xperia go (ST27i) and Xperia sola (MT27i). This firmware replaces the last update (6.1.1.B.1.75) and will most likely be the last Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware before we see Jelly Bean arrive.

Update: Just to clarify, only the Xperia P and Xperia go are due to receive the Jelly Bean update.

Thanks Crossbl!

  • Maybe the last of Xperia U update! Sad!

  • in Romania there is no ICS for SOLA ! …shame on you SONY !

  • I am quite satisfied with my Sola as far as hard-ware is concerned, but ICS in Sola is really crappy. If this upgrade will not solve some crucial bugs I don’t think I’ll keep the phone.

  • Mambodoodle

    I wonder what happened with the firmware build number “4.1.B.1.13 that has been certified a few weeks ago.”

  • Guest

    Sincer vad peste tot cum se vaita lumea de updateurile celor de la
    Sony.Xperia u,go,sola,j,neo l,miro si tipo sunt toate telefoane de sub
    1000lei.Toate au ics,iar unele vor primi update chiar la jelly
    bean.Arata-mi alt brand care are la preturile astea telefoane cu ICS sau
    JB.Daca updateurile vin mai greu e din cauza ca Sony incearca sa-ti
    ofere o versiune de android intotdeauna cat mai buna(poate nu cunosti
    problemele cu galaxy s3,cica flagshipul anului 2012:lag teribil,faptul
    ca uneori nu puteai raspunde la apeluri,”galaxy s3 sudden death” si
    altele.Nu stiu de ce toata lumea vrea intotdeauna ultima versiune de
    android.Eu am Xperia J si am ICS din fabrica si update la JB promis pana
    la sfarsitul lui martie(cu toate astea nu ma voi grabi sa fac
    updateul,vreau prima data sa fiu sigur ca JB merge bine).In ceea ce te
    priveste,daca iti doresti ICS sunt convins ca e regretabil ca nu ai
    primit updateul,dar eu zic sa instalezi Sony Pc Companion si sa
    verifici.Din cate stiu,toate telefoanele din 2012 au primit deja update
    la ICS si in Romania,chiar de ceva timp.Iti doresc mult succes!

  • Da LegoTeX

    So, that last sentense.. That means, that we will get jelly bean some day? Dont put my hopes up if it is not going to happen, as stated before. Really confused here.

  • bavarezul13

    I don’t understand you guys.In my country Romania xperia sola,u,go,miro,tipo,j,neo l are all priced at max 220euro.When i look at people’s favourite mobile brand(samsung) i see no ICS for phones under 300euro!Yet all ppl blame Sony for late updates.Maybe ppl are so ignorant and that’s the reason why they aren’t being satisfied with Sony quality,reliable,premium feel products,but they are in love with cheap plastic and ugly phones from samsung!samsung fool people with numbers knowing we as humans are like sheep.Don’t be a part of flock anymore!Be unique,be special!Why do you guys think you need 5748957cores?I don’t care about Galaxy s3 being flagship of 2012 when i saw it lags like hell,you can’t even answer to calls sometimes(isn’t that the most important thing for a phone?).Google “samsung galaxy s3 sudden death”.And many many other bugs.I don’t want criticise anyone,everyone’s free and can buy whatever he/she wants,but i hope you’ll think when you buy something from now on.Sony is not perfect,nothing in this world is!

  • Norio24

    XPERIA S ?!!

  • if i had a penny every time i read that a new firmware have been certified for Xperia P,U,Go and Sola….

  • Jerry Berglund

    Are the Software for Nova-Thor really that buggy? Still Xperia S havent got any fixes at all. The last one was almost 6 months ago?

  • Ambroos

    That is usually a pre-certification firmware. It might contain parts of the update but not all of it. That means that for example 1.13 might have contained a new WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS driver set but no new GSM baseband. Because those new drivers are then already certified 1.89 could go through certification faster.

  • sanket utekar

    Why are these updates not coming to india..??

  • kenw

    In the UK the last update for the Go is 6.1.1.B.1.10, not seen 0.249, 0.253, .54, .75 and probably not the .89 why does xperiablog KEEP saying updates WHEN DO THEY NOT EXIST. Stop this spamming and rumor mungering. More importent is when will Sony release a 3.5 or 3.7 or 4.0 or 4.3 inch screen mobiles, all there is 3.2 and 5.0 inch for 2013. I’m due for a upgrade end of Feb and there are NO Sonys to choose from, so I’ll be off to Samsung or motorola

  • It wont be the last update for U: you won’t get new versions of android but Sony will provide stability and security updates.

  • rickiking

    Very well said @bavarezul13. Most people are easily persuaded by marketing techniques. Like the flexible OLED which is being marketed now by that top selling company when actually it is Sony who actually researched and developed the thing (see the 2007 video in wikipedia).

  • Dime

    i don’t understand what is the prbolem with xperia s always i see updates for xperia p many more firmware updates, bug fixes and also xperia p will get jb before xperia s i really regret for buying xperia s i should buy xperia p for mouch lower price…

  • ciccio35

    I totally agree with you and I don’t like Samsung like I don’t like Apple (actually I’m more of a Nokia guy) but you have to consider this: at the moment most of their new products come out with jellybean (gs3, gsn 2, gs3 mini, galaxy x-cover 2) while Sony only has it on the xperia t at the moment. Moreover they announced they are going to update gs2, gsn and some of their devices like galaxy beam and galaxy ace 2 are getting jb from gb skipping ics. Sony instead is going to update xperia v, xperia s, xperia p and xperia go. I know the xperia go has to manage less pixel with the same hardware of the U and the Sola, but it’s still frustrating the fact that only one of the three twins will be updated.

  • ciccio35

    xperia p shares the same soc of other 3 phones (u, go, sola) so they have to work less to update more phones. simple as that

  • Alex

    are careva facut update la ICS Xperia U cu pc companion?(pt cei cu device luat de la Orange)

  • why is necessary launch a update do XS when u see a update for other devices?

  • bavarezul13

    I agree with you but i have to say all Samsung phones you named are more expensive than products i named from Sony,at least here in Romania.Another thing we have to consider is that Samsung has a better partnership with Google than Sony.I consider that all 2012 Xperia smartphones should be upgraded to JB,but newer it’s not always better.Maybe Sony believe that JB will not be so great on U and Sola because of small ram memory(i have Xperia J which is even worse in terms of hardware and Sony promised update to JB until late march)so we can’t know for sure what are their reasons,but i understand very well how owners of Sola and U feel.Anyway i’m not gonna update to JB till i know it works smooth for my phone.

  • bavarezul13

    You already have a lot Sony smartphones to choose from.Tipo is 3.2″,Z and ZL 5″.So you can choose from U,Sola,P,S,Miro,Neo L,J,SL,GO,T and V.Good luck to find what’s the best for you!

  • Dime

    yes maybe it is about … if i knew this earlier before i was buying xperia s i will bought an xperia p for sure better screen better updates with more feauters and which is most important the update for JB will be before xperia s, good job for sony first we have to wait to update their 2011 smartphones to ICS now we should wait again for JB we are always waitting for something and i check this page every day to see if there is something new about XPERIA S which is stupid a lot but for next time i will know what not to buy…

  • chris

    Maybe you don’t get updates because of your carrier. My xperia s is locked on orange romania carrier and I waited about 5 months for ics update since it had been officially launched and didn’t get it so I flashed italian firmware on my xperia s.and I get updates frequently last one I got last week 6.1A.2.55

  • adsada_arc

    the flagship of 2012 that isn’t the flagship,

    How samsung and other phone manufactures work:

    let’s create high end devices and give them loads of updates, make cheaper phones and to reflect this price we will not update it as much.

    Sony: lets make a highend flagship phone, but neglect it of updates, and make cheaper phones, and give these loads of updates.

    oh and to show are true appreciation of our high end phone users lets make them wait the longest to the JB update, that’ll keep our customers loyal.

    in all fairness I am excited to see the leaked JB firmware for the xperia S, and the features they are incorporating with it, so kudos sony on that, just get the firmware out NOW!

  • adsada_arc

    lol, you know that the .55 has been out for quite some time now !

  • párrafo when saldra párrafo xperia u this actualizacion

  • Da LegoTeX

    So, where can I download it?

  • Riri

    call me old fashion but am still running my U on GB. it’s stable yet simple. why race with the newest OS if it’s still in unstable, developing stages.

  • DrazenDodig

    I have SGSII and it is still ICS… it probably will be updated to JB at the same time Xperia v and s. Problem with U is low memory, it is really too low, or rather Android is very inefficient.

  • DrazenDodig

    My SGSII was flagship and I am still on ICS.

  • kk

    Hope Xperia sola get jelly bean.

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  • APai

    agreed, but …Ace 2 and S advance are skipping ICS for JB

  • shadow

    im still on .10. i havent even reveived .54 and theres many certfied. when isit coming?

  • APai

    I think you missed it – the T still comes out with ICS. not JB. until the Z sony has NO phones with JB. their JB is still being baked!!!

  • APai

    it never is about stability or phone being unusable with an older firmware. point is that if you are buying a smartphone, a lot of people would like the latest features like tracking data usage and other nifty things the new firmware offers.

  • zimam zamri

    agreed…there’s so many to choose from s don’t say there’s ain’t any…i’m going for sola or acro s next month….don’t care with those android things…juz want a good looking phone made by SONY

  • Sagar

    Very disappointed to see so many updates with new features and bug fixes for the P and U coz they just forgot the XS. The Xperia S is a flagship phone and off course it is not bug free. A many bugs still present. The Samsung S2 received the official update which came out way before Xperia S. Instead of updating the XS first, they continue to update P with the latest fixes and it will receive jelly bean before the XS, which is more frustrating.

  • My Xperia acro S has the same chipset as your S but has ext sd card functionality (needs some kernel work and framework modifications)
    And until now I am patiently waiting for JB udpate…

    P.S. someone ported the JB lockscreen for our devices, IT WORKS LIKE A BOSS! I CAN’T WAIT FOR OFFICIAL JB UPDATE!!!

  • LOL, bavarezule da’ cat timp ai…. de scrii asa posturi:=)))))

  • bavarezul13

    Sunt in sesiune si cand ma plictisesc de invatat ma mai uit putin pe aici.Si asta e primul lucru pe care il postez vreodata undeva:))

  • bavarezul13

    You probably have right.But we have to consider they have a reason.I mean not everything in this world is black or white.There are some grey things as well.Anyway i hope the best for you and that you’re satisfied with your T.

  • lol not that much frustrating, my friend has Xperia S and has really not a single problem with it, my xperia P can’t take pictures, has wifi bugs, synch bugs,sound bugs, since 3 updates and still nothing’s fixed, I don’t understand Xperia S users whining for this as their phone works well, thei can even get JB 4.2.1 on Cyanogen Mod that we xperia p users can not

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  • Si apropo de ceea ce ai scris, am inteles ca legat de xperia U si Sola, problema ar fi din cauza rezolutiei displayului, vezi doamne ar avea un consum mai mare pe cand go, avand rezolutia mai mica n-ar fi asa problematic, insa ma gandesc la J care are aceeasi rezolutie cu U si SOLA, eu am avut Sola pana cum 2 sapt cand mi-am luat S si sincer se misca bine pentru un ICS :D

  • Pot sa confirm ICS pe SOLA din Octombrie chiar :D

  • ciccio35

    actually I think they released jb for christmas or new year in Italy…

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  • Dime

    I cant believe don’t write here about samsung … SGSII is phone from 2011 year and that phone will get JB and XPERIA S 2012 phone will get JB lately and also maybe it will be last update like they do to xperia arc i don’t know user experience will show is it worth buying XPERIA phone (i have XPERIA S)…

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  • poate ca SOLA acum e sub 1000 ron dar cand l-am luat in iulie era in jur de 1300 ron deci nu e un telefon ieftin asa ca nu poti zice ca pretind prea mult … daca aveam un telefon de 500 ron mai intelegeam dar asa chiar am pretentii de la sony si in special sunt foarte foarte nemultumit pentru ca SOLA a avut parte de UN SINGUR update de cand il am si nimic mai mult … buguri cat pot raspunde la apeluri sau nu imi suna telefonul, erori si crash-uri cu tona, acum au aparut si probleme la difuzor si asta in conditiile in care sony a promis update-ul in octombrie si PC companion imi zice ca am ultima versiune de software care e 2.3. nu stiu cat …deci atat eu cat si foarte foarte multi de pe acest site si de pe alte forumuri credem ca nu cerem prea mult atunci cand spunem : “frate ai promis un update te tii de cuvant pentru ca altfel iti pierzi clientii”. in conditiile unei concurente acerbe sony isi permite sa scuipe pe clientii lor si scot nu mai putin de 15 modele intr-un an (deci ar vei peste un model nou pe luna) care sunt pline de deficiente si nu au absolut nici o forma de suport din partea producatorului. am fost un mare fan sony ericsson si sony mobile pana mi-am achizitionat SOLA dar acum vad ca loialitatea mea nu isi are rostul.. daca tu te multumesti cu un telefon care nu a primit update-uri de juma de an si care iti da numai batai de cap in loc sa iti ofere o experienta placuta nu ai de cat…nu stiu ce update au primit dar inseamna ca judetul Constanta nu face parte din Romania

  • kenw

    As I said I’m due a new phone to replace the 3.5inch Go, but I also want a 2013 phone not another 2012 model and Sony only has 3.2 and 5 inch for 2013.
    Only S,T (too big) ,P,U,Sola and Go have a 2011/2012 cpu. Miro,Tipo (too small),J (ok) have a 2009 cpu. I want a 3.7 to 4″ for 2013 and before end of Feb which will not happen. I predict that Sony will not release 3.7 to 4″ screen phones at all for 2013, only 5″ and bigger.

  • yuskhanzab

    hope this update will reduce the lag otherwise ill stay in cyanogenmod.

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  • User

    WTF is this sh*t? This is already the 5th update after the “6.1.1.B.1.10” update for Xperia U, and STILL Sony says that “6.1.1.B.1.10” is the latest one… r they crazy???

  • shanefalco

    samsung is more expensive because use IPS display on lcd (PLS lcd) and amoled in high end model. Sony use old and cheap TN displays and the sony software have more bugs! I have xperia U, next year i change brand…no more sony!

  • bavarezul13

    And why do you think amoled is better?I think it is not because of oversaturated colors and because of viewing angles!Maybe you like other people around you to see what you’re doing on your phone but i don’t.Sony has bravia engine which for me it’s the best(it is recongnized that Sony produces the best TVs).About software bugs,i disagree!Anyway i respect your opinion even if you didn’t support it!You are free to buy whatever you want,it’s a free world.Good luck!

  • aligamz

    Seriously, will you Xperia S owners stop whining? Tell me, do we really need an update? I, too, am the happy owner of an Xperia S and it works like a charm. Sure, there’s some lag and stutters at times, but EVERYTHING WORKS FINE. Keep in mind that a lag is not a bug. Xperia P has many bugs, all of these updates are coming for a reason.

  • kenw

    Just like the other 4 before it it’s one thing to be certified it’s another to be released, it’ll never be released. Xperiablog should not waste our time, tell us when it’s released in the wild with a youtube video, seeing is believing, certification is innuendo, have you nothing better to do.

  • shanefalco

    ips is better than tn and ips cost more than tn! amoled is only for high end devices and the colour is more saturated! samsung use the money for research and product your diplays…sony use thomson display! samsung is innovative sony no! Good luck with sony :)

  • jake

    pls name me one xperia which have Tn display .

  • For my Xperia Go i still Got the .10 Updates O.o >.<

  • ziomus

    Shamesung with ips, oled??? Hahahha! Who cares while it is simply “pentile”! Type pentile samsung in google and search for images, you will see this super screen, even galaxy s3! :D I saw it on my own and this is a shit, while you are looking at the screen a little bit closer you will see the pixels! Huge quadrants :) and sucksung is using it because pentile is cheaper in production than normal lcd. First time I saw it I said: what the fuck?! Is it broken? But it is not :) and s3 is laggy on jelly bean, now go and buy your shamesung :)

  • DrazenDodig

    SGS III was released in June 2012, wide availability July 2012, so 6 months ago. SGS II was Samsung flagship until June, so until 6-7 months ago, it was best Samsung you can get and it is still on ICS. I like it, it is not bad, but it is pretty cheap feeling with all the cheap plastic on it.

  • Andrew D

    This is such a crock of shit!

    Sony Xperia S will get 4.1, while other devices around the world will get 4.2, and lets not talk about 5.0!

    I think its only fair to give Xperia S 4.2 directly,. instead of a delayed 4.1 . Dont you think Sony?

    Youse got Xperias from A-Z , dont you think its time to bring out another name?

    Im just boared of reading in this blog only about the Xperia Z,… ok its a new phone, but he,. youse brought out other phones too which people have bought and are waiting for some action,. and i think i can write this on their behalf too. So Sony,.consider this,. Work on 4.2 or even better on 5.0 for another three to six months,. and give us that to us Xperia Users and dont worry about 4.1.. Im sure us Xperia S usere will be more glad to wait another 6months to get something better and stable , than something almost outdated…. Oh yeah, and ps,… FIX THE GOD DAMN BUGS ! Jesus! They are maing me or better yet, making US sick ! and also its making us regret the time and date we bought the Xperia S device!


    All Xperia S users

  • Fraulein

    You realize you´re talking about what is common in computer displays, and that it doesn’t stand true regarding cell phone displays? Take your flamebaits elsewhere, or if it’s just ignorance: look stuff up before talking. I have one word for you, pentile

  • .75 FW still hasn’t rolled out for U/GO/SOLA

    Don’t know when this will. And if Sony finally gets ICS right at least with this release.

  • APai

    if sony knew that sola was not going to get JB – they should have done either of the two:
    1) if RAM was the deciding factor – they should have plonked a 768mb instead of 512, so that JB could be delivered to sola.
    2) if they knew 512 wasn’t enough for JB, they should not have released as a fancy mid range phone.

    samsung released an identical sola like mid range phone S advance, they gave 768mb ram on it and it’s getting JB, unlike sola.

  • APai

    sony’s JB is not yet ready ! can you please cite ANY phone being available with JB ?

  • APai

    the T is okay. that’s what bugs me, i expected an early JB release. when i picked sola after an E7 i felt, I made a mistake going in for a 3.5inch screen, so 4.5 it was. I was a bit underwhelmed – now i think i should have waited for a few more months at least to hear that the Z would be around for me to take a decision . Would have certainly waited until Z was around.

    anyway, coming back to the T, you know this whole software updates and stuff, it kind of feels like i have a jaded handset, instead of the euphoric Z. sure, they have a winner at hand with Z, but sony’s mis management with their updates has blemished sony in my eyes

  • MVS

    I think this update is also a regional update as the previous update published on ptcrb since it has not been confirmed yet whether the update will be released or not.

  • ciccio35
  • APai

    oh, sadly, that news is a mistake, which they have not yet corrected. sadly, no JB for t as yet. just a fortnight to go. maybe my mood will change once I see JB

  • ciccio35

    oh, ok. I read it on multiple websites, I thought they really released it…

  • midnight

    am i the only one with the flash on the xperia P going haywire? everytime i uses the flash, 3/4 of the pic is dark. Hope they fix this in the new update

  • chris

    Yup I know! I didn’t finished writing I meant last week I got an update but didn’t change my build number. Since that update batery life has improved and it feels a little faster.

  • Sam

    Totally agree with you Andrew. The XS has become a piece of crap. The RAM management is bull crap The launcher closes frequently, video recording freezes. On receiving a call the screen remains blank. I wish they directly deliver the 4.2 update and then the 5.0 so that I can happily dump my XS into the trash bin.

  • zimam zamri

    there’s news on sony c530x…I think it will have above 4.0″ screen…maybe that’s what u r hoping to see…but for me, I don’t give a damn bout the latest specs or latest android version bcoz I see it as juz a tool for messaging n calls…all other things are just an added bonus

  • Andrew D

    I’m still running it with. .45.
    It’s a shame.

  • Par Mangubat

    my phone s still on 6.1.1.B.1.10…y cnt i update to the latest d way, im from the philippines…

  • APai

    I don’t blame you, so many like me got fooled too on the day the buzz.

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  • Vaskar

    Pardon my lack of technical jargon here but I’m not sure how you got the 6.1.1.B.1.89 version. According to Sony’s website the latest available software: 6.1.1.B.1.54. Can anybody clarify and help me know what my Xperia P is running on. When I go to Settings> About phone > Build Number what i have is 6.1.1.B.1.54 (which according to sony is the latest update) .. ??

  • anon_gurl

    how come i havent received the update until now? im from the philippines… has the update fixed the camera bug? or it comes with free new bugs??

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  • How can one obtain this update?

    My Xperia P has 6.1.1.B.1.54 and no new versions has been offered to it.

  • Well i had HTC Desire HD before Xperia P and i wish Xperia would’ve had more sturdier case, mine fell and is scratched badly. Also factory-installed protective film got scratched and i had to remove it. Xperia P should never be sold without protective casing and additional screen protection. These 2 things are the first 2 accessories i suggest to every Xperia owner. Get em asap or you’ll be sorry if you drop your phone. Saying “you should not drop phone” is easy, unfortunately accidents tend to happen like it or not.

  • namit

    is this update available for xperia go, the website still shows the latest software for this 6.1.1.B.1.10 which was rolled out in sep last year… has sony not upgraded tha firmwre for go, as i see there are upgraded firmware for p and sola…. just want to clearify… my phone lags a lot after this upgrade and i need a upgrade soon…. plz share ur views

  • Lord

    Xperia U ? When will update be released, last one was in September 2012.

  • Lawi

    regarding with the half black images… i found out that when you activate the night scene mode using the 8mp camera it works properly… and doesn’t not show the half black images.. :) i hope this temporary solution could help you guys big… ;)

  • ahmed amin

    No ICS for Sola in egypt !!! help us sony >>
    the last version is 2.3.7 6.0.B.3.184

  • SF

    Does anyone own an Xperia U on Orange UK? Have you had the update to ICS yet? It does not appear on PCC or over WiFi. So I’m stuck on GB. And can not root the phone until I update to ICS due to the locked bootloader. If anyone has the U on Orange could you tell me if you have the ICS update yet? Thanks.

  • whoHo

    aww, when JB arrived?

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  • Abhay

    My Xperia U has build number (6.1.1.B.1.10)

    Can anyone help me out how I can update it to latest firmware (6.1.1.B.1.89)

    Plzzz help me guyzzz
    Thanks a lottt

  • Speedy

    si pana la urma ai telefon sola? ce android ai pe el?

  • am xperia j cu jelly bean oficial.Pentru xperia sola nu va aparea jelly bean din pacate insa ICS a aparut de minim 6 luni,dar am auzit ca ar avea ceva buguri.Probabil o sa apara JB neoficial pe xda.Oricum mult succes

  • Paul Marc Tambis

    I have a Sony xperia sola and my OS is ICS 4.0.4 and build number is 6.1.1.B.1.10 I want to root my sola in 6.1.1.b.1.54 , is that okay? still get screenshot? and no issues if i get the 6.1.1.b.1.54 in my sola? Please reply thanks! Godbless.

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