Sony China confirms Xperia Z pricing

by XB on 31st January 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Sony China revealed the official pricing for the Xperia Z (L36h) earlier today. The company took to its official microblog (Weibo) account to confirm that the handset will launch in the country for 4,999 CNY (£508, €592, $803).

Launch dates haven’t been confirmed as of yet, but a Hong Kong press conference is expected to take place on 18 February with another being held a few days later in Taipei (21 February), which should reveal all.

Thanks todaerika!

  • lovebmw

    Sony usa needs new managers.

  • testor

    funny english on their website. couldn’t they hire somebody with better skills?

  • chico88

    that’s a screenshot from google translate. lol

  • SunflowerZZZ

    That is automatically translated by a software. This message is originally released in Chinese on Sina Weibo. Sina uses a software to translate Chinese message into English automatically when English-speaking people use Sina Weibo.

  • SunflowerZZZ

    ehh, that should be Google translate…

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  • arenaflour

    well the chinese don’t mind anyway. it’s the price that matters (really steep), though maybe that’s not really that high for chinese people considering that chinese currency is perceived to be heavily undervalued to support exports.

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  • Ambroos

    Nope, Sony just doesn’t bother with the US for now since it’s an extremely hard market to break open – partially by the carriers ruining it for both OEM’s and customers with their extensive bloatware and branding requirements.

    When Sony starts doing better in Europe (and retains it’s strong position in Japan) they’ll do a big push in the US. But don’t expect that to be this year.

  • Jake

    lumia 920 at china selling for same price .
    Considering sony include a nice earpierce with this perfect smartphone , the pricing is acceptable .

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  • Williams

    The brightness of XZ before and after change…!

  • Is it true that Mobiles have comparatively high price in China ??? Wht is the general difference between China price and India ???

  • APai

    yeah! USA has got to be a crazy market. it’s all over iphone and samsung recently. I really do hope sony releases its phone at the earliest. Z has caught the fancy of a lot of techheads

  • Cheng

    Hmm last year when I bought Xperia S it was around 4200 RMB. Now we have an 5K RMB pricing. more expensive ofcourse. I think its reasonable if it comes with the DOCK here in China. Yesterday they also confirmed that their sample model is available to “touch and to try” only in their officlal Shanghai Sony Store (the first one in whole China). Glad I live in Shanghai. Going to Sony store this weekend and experience the Z in real and hopefully can take some pics! Can’t wait!~~

  • Cheng

    luckilly it’s highly marketed in China.. with all those adverts and press conferences coming up~~

  • Let us know your thoughts

  • Please post pics ASAP. And ur thoughts too. Cant wait too…..

  • Cheng

    yeah I will let you guys know my 1st experience :), even Im not really considering to buy it soon (as I still like my Xperia S using almost 1 year). as much as i like Z, I think it is a bit too early to replace S… also I want to see what’s coming next (Xperia 5, Xperia 6) but If those will not have double glass, that would be very pity.. maybe by then I will buy Z…. Anyway I’ll keep following Z tightly >.<

  • Lukman

    iphone,samsung design so bad
    sony design is perfection

  • chico88

    Do you know how to pre-order Xperia Z? I live in Nanjing but there is no Sony Store here. Is it really 9? if we pre-order?

  • Jake

    Don worry , at the end of year there will be xperia ZS with different colour .
    you still can grab that . The 1st device of the year usually refresh with newer cpu before EOP .

  • ?????????????

  • Cheng

    You might be able to pre-order via Sony Store. try look at their offcial Chinese website? otherwise I dont know. And I have never heard of 10% off for pre-ordering….. where you get that? >.<

  • Cheng

    I dont know what you want to say here, but Im only stating that the price is higher than XS, but could be worth the price if we also get the dock included. And else, the Chinese market is BIG, hence why Apple is building their offcial office in Shanghai right now. actually the Chinese market is super big for every phone maker.. and Sony also knows currently with all their digital advertising. (and hopefully also out-of-home and TVC later this year..) their products are good, they only need a marketing strategy like Samsung. Then they can surpass Apple easily~~

  • Cheng

    haha…I know what u mean…how they did with Xperia S… but I doubt a strategy like last year. They actually know to release a FLAGSHIP this year. unlike last year~~

  • Loken


  • mykim

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  • Chico88

    Argghh, I just read it’s ??. I thought it’s the phone which gets the discount =.=. Then I think 4999 is quite expensive T.T. Hope they give away some gifts.

  • APai

    nokia has become unrealistic with their pricing. sadly, their ceo seems to be dragging nokia to microsoft hell.

  • APai

    I highly doubt that. india used to have high import tax and duty tariff, although it has been slashed down these days. there still is a 5-10% duty and tax. apple’s pricing in india is insane. asus too priced their nexus 7 close to $350 while it should have been around 200-250max. sony’s pricing in india is also crazy – they do not let the dealers reduce the price or offer discounts. the only cheap place to buy sony in india is on ebay, that too it’s imported/ grey market phones with dealer warranty.

  • ?? ?
  • Phillip

    I think mobile phone price in China is relatively cheaper than other some coutries, although in city of Hongkong, it is even cheaper. I am a Chinese living in new zealand, so envy them for the matter that Sony actually quite emphasis china market. later flagship like V and t/tx always annonced in China first. Just look at the Sony China website, they now have more than a dozens of models out there while in new zealand here, we only have three models on the Sony website which are S, P and U.

  • Cheng

    Hi Guys, I just came back from experiencing the real Xperia Z at Sony
    Store Shanghai, the 1st retail version in whole China: (u might need to login..)
    my first thoughts: a few people already surrounded the real Xperia Z
    (black), I had to wait for 2 people to finish looking until it was my
    turn to hold the phone. The black Xperia Z is big, but the size is good,
    bit bigger than my current Xperia S, but 5inch is really acceptable.

    the design, I like the design a lot, especially the purple back colour
    (even it’s only a fake one, but the shiny back is almost the same as the
    real one) The UI is clean and nice, it seems more fluid than my XS,
    hence I have too many stuff on my XS (100+ games and 20+ tools), but
    dual core for sure is not as fast as the Z’s quad core. The power button
    is a bit smaller than I thought, so its not that sticking out as you
    might feel on press pictures. Its good, and very handy to press.
    unlock screen is cool, I like the new themes really a lot. Even thought
    I love using Sony alpha clock on my XS, the new themes on the Z might
    even surpass the whole feel experience. Overall design is great and it
    feels very light as well!

    On to the camera, I feel it captures
    photos quite fast. I do have to get used to the on-screen buttons but
    thats no problem. It is also more responsive than our good old Xperia S.
    I quickly recorded a video and it seems very fluid, Thanks to HDR

    Then I was alllowed to to their water test. well it was
    just puttng the phone upside down into their glass bowl filled with
    water. (the below part had that anti-theft thing attached which is NOT
    water resistant ofcourse..) For people wondering for fnger prints, yes u
    wil have more finger prints than XS with that glass back, BUT you can
    clean it easy with a tissue or a cleaning cloth. whereelse my XS can’t
    after using almost one year. This is one of the reasons I love the glass
    back more, more durable for long-term usage. Sure we can replace our
    XS’s back if we pay some money at the service store, but the plastic
    will get small scratches and hot-area-spots when we held the phone for 1
    to 3 hours in the hand (I play games on it everyday)

    they confirmed me that we will get the DOCK inlcuded after its release
    (Mid Feb here in China, which is during the Chinese New Year). priced at
    4999RMB. It will also come with a wired headset Xperiablog mentioned
    before (M something, I forgot). (and you get 1000 discount if you buy
    another wireless headset -.-“) In overall I like the phone. I was
    worried that purple might be too girlish, but now I have seen the thing,
    nope. only the back is purple and its not very light, instead a shiny
    sexy purple~~ If I get this phone later this year, I will for sure go
    for the purple one. And oh btw, there was no sign of ZL lol..guess its
    not as promoted as Z here in Shanghai. Ok thats all for now. sorry for
    so much text ^^” cheers!

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