Mobile retail staff wowed by handling the Xperia Z for the first time

by XB on 5th February 2013

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People who work in mobile phone shops have seen it all, they get to play with pretty much every smartphone released and therefore, by definition, are a hard to please crowd. Yet check out the video below, which shows @Domothy from @XperiaTips gauging some UK retail staff’s first reactions on seeing and handling the Xperia Z.

A number of superlatives are thrown around including “sexy”, “beauty”, “iPhone killer”, “absolutely fantastic” as well as plenty of oohs and ahhs as they handle the phone. If mobile phone retail staff get this excited, imagine what the public will think. Looks like Sony has a bona-fide hit on their hands with the Xperia Z. Check out the video below.

  • amsaKANNA C

    Killer. Would like to see a smaller screen version as well. around 4 inch.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Sony has always made good mobile phones in my opinion….but the updates (?°?°??? ???

  • Carlo Lim

    Heyp XPERIA BLOG. I don’t know if it’s new or not. I just want to share this new update for my Acro S

  • xperiax10.awesome

    SONY please just deliver Xperia Z in time across the globe !!

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Yeah im dying over here….

  • Amazing phone! Sony get it released world wide ASAP!

  • Every single reviewer has said the screen looks amazing. On video it seems washed out but you can never judge a screen from a video. I live in Lund and I’ve managed to get glimpses of it on the bus from Sony’s offices to the station. Can’t wait to get a hands-on when it goes on display at retailers.
    My opinion is that no single phone is an iPhone killer. The real iPhone killer is android. And it’s a slow death.

  • I’m dead…

  • My thoughts on it? I don’t have thoughts on it, look at it, it speaks for itself :)

  • 4 inch 720 p screen ? :)

  • DJRon

    Way too expensive, past udates for Xperia 2011 were shocking and still waiting the “latest” update, no dock included in the UK, I’ll be looking elswhere for my new phone

  • Purusharth Dwivedi are you posting then huh..???

  • LMFAO @ It’s Big hahahahah Big things poppin yooo Sony ALL THE WAAY

  • Harsha

    Start selling in India dammit. Tale my money now!

  • boosook

    Yes. Get an iPhone, we’ll see if the price is lower and if there’s a dock included… or get a Galaxy S3, maybe they provide the dock… ;)

  • dumbshitnoob

    thats still ics dumbass! that firmware got released a long time ago.

  • toche

    wow……………….the design kills me…. cant wait

  • lander

    Yea man! Hurry Up already! I’m sick of having to clear internal memory space in my Arc…

  • Ashua

    Isn’t February the earliest they are releasing it from the 28 so not much waiting now!

  • azmadu

    What would be interesting to find out from these lucky people is how it actually compares to the current king of the crop, SGSIII. This video is in 1080p and he’s not too impressed, just yet:!

    Even so, I’m still getting one :-)

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  • xperiance

    get the ball rolling SONY.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    I lolled so hard.

  • This should not be surprising for Sony devices as they build a beautiful product. The unfortunate issue is releasing the product globally. This should be done within a week of announcement, not 8-12 weeks later in select markets

  • ……That’s what she said

  • Good for you! Did Samsung update all of their 20+ 2011 range eh???? How expensive is the iPhone 5??? The S3? Too many idiots on here

  • True! Sony must up their game on releasing world wide asap! Look at HTC and M7 as an example

  • SEforeva

    Sony. FTW. Sony,you’re a rockstar. Bring it on. My Xperia S is all set to make way for the monstrous Xperia Z!!!

  • arcwindz

    It’s the viewing angle, I think everyone needs to know that xperia devices have higher max brightness compared to something like S3

    here’s the video

    If the reviewer decides to go 100% than it’ll probably be washed out when seen from different angles

  • OMFG! just lolled like there’s no tomorrow… :D

  • kurt hinds

    Why can’t it come to Canada :-)

  • Feanor

    Timely updates are great but I concluded that it’s rather a sign of being carried away by consumerism to apply such importance to them over overall user experience. I have an Xperia Tablet S running ICS and my buddy has a Nexus 7 running 4.2 Jelly Bean and we both agree that the enhancements on the Tablet S (floating small apps and remote control) add more usage value than things like Project Butter and Google Now. And it turns out that for both of us Jelly Bean improvements don’t pay off for the lack of native Flash support. I am actually seriously considering of not updating my Tablet S to Jelly Bean. I just think that many techies get carried away by the hunt for the latest in terms of software. I think Jelly Bean is great, but having it is not such a defining purchasing criteria for a smartphone or tablet.

  • lovebmw

    no announcement for the U.S. yet!
    1- is it coming to the U.S.?
    2- Is it LTE or not?

  • Coolkid

    Gave thumb-up to every comment above….:D

  • DJRon

    I bought my phone in January last year and updated to ICS in April. This left my phone barely usable, 10 months later I’m still waiting for the second update, released not long after the first, to fix the bugs. in my opinion I’d be an “idiot” if I stayed loyal to Sony after having only 4 months use from my brand new phone.

  • rickiking

    Release it NOOOOOOW!

  • M Usman

    Hahaha that just made my evening! This blog has turned into a little family and a bunch of jokers. I read the comments here just to laugh :)

  • M Usman

    Actually king of the crop is the note 2. I hope it can compete with that

  • Avinash

    i dont think it will make it to US carriers. Sim free version maybe.

  • azzido

    WHERE IS JELLY BEAN FOR XPERIA S ?????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SONY HOW DARE YOU!!! :( :( :(

  • Quark Gluon

    sounds good!

  • Carlo Lim

    Did I say it’s jellybean? Idiot! I said “I just want to share my new firmware update” not a software update

  • truthhurts

    it is LTE enabled ….

  • lovebmw

    What’s your proof?

  • jag


  • Lewis Chiverton

    Their are two versions the HSPA & LTE, check out for more details.

  • Then we should say thanks for sharing?

  • Yeah, not bad at all :) But i would prefer 1080p :)

  • Quark Gluon

    4″ FHD? Thats 550ppi!

  • Higher is better :) So, why not ? :)

  • Quark Gluon

    I dunno. I’d rather have IPS-LCD with dynamic backlight.

  • more a Little madhouse than a Family :D *like*

  • Luis

    It doesnt matter how beautiful it is, im dissapointed with my xperia tx after two months of use. I wont buy any xperia in any time soon. I mean they are the most beautiful devices out there in regards of software and hardware design, thats their selling point, but once i started using it that magic evaporated with my phones performance.

  • Purusharth Dwivedi


  • lovebmw

    The bands posted for LTE don’t match at&t LTE…. so far no LTE for the US

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