Xperia Z display comparison [Roundup]

by XB on 11th February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

One of the consistent (and only) criticisms we hear of the Sony Xperia Z is that the display’s viewing angles don’t compare to some of the competition. Personally, we’ve never understood this point, it is not as if people need to share viewing on a smartphone much like one would with a television, monitor or tablet.

Well if viewing angles do matter to you, then check out the comparison pictures and videos below. They have been compiled from various sources and show the display of the Sony Xperia Z against a number of other flagships including the Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X along with other Sony Xperia phones such as the Xperia TX and Xperia S. Do you see anything below that concerns you? Or are certain media sites just trying too hard to look for negatives on the Xperia Z? Let us know your opinion below.

Xperia Z viewing angle comparison roundup

Xperia Z versus Galaxy Note 2, Nexus 4 and One X [Video]

Xperia Z versus Xperia S, Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 [CNMO]

Xperia Z versus Xperia S, Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5

Xperia Z versus Xperia S, Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5

Xperia Z versus Xperia S, Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5

Xperia Z versus Xperia S, Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5

Xperia Z versus Xperia S, Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly [mobile01]

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly

Xperia Z versus Galaxy Note 2 []

Xperia Z versus Galaxy S3

Xperia Z versus Galaxy S3

Xperia Z versus Galaxy S3

Xperia Z versus Galaxy S3

Xperia Z versus Xperia TX [Digi-Wo]

Xperia Z versus Xperia TX

Xperia Z versus Xperia TX

Xperia Z versus Xperia TX

Xperia Z versus Xperia TX

Xperia Z versus Xperia TX

Xperia Z versus Xperia TX

Xperia Z versus Xperia TX

Xperia Z versus Xperia TX

Xperia Z versus Xperia TX

Xperia Z versus iPhone 5 [CNMO]

Xperia Z versus iPhone 5

Xperia Z versus iPhone 5

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly [ePrice]

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly

Xperia Z versus HTC Butterfly

Xperia Z versus Galaxy S3 [Video]

  • Geniass

    In one of the tests you say xperia Z vs Galaxy S3, but thats the Note 2, fix that

  • adsada_arc

    sorry xperia blog, but I have to disagree I think viewing angles to matter, and its a problem that sony has had in all it’s recent smartphones, my xperia S and arc were great straight on, but as soon as you move it to the side

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Honestly, the first batch of pictures against the Butterfly, the latter one looks much more natural…

  • XperiaBlog

    Done – thanks for the spot!

  • Again, I have to stress the fact that screen quality can not be fairly measured over a video. I’ve seen the screen in action and compared it to my own and my friends devices. And it’s outright spectacular. Check it out once it’s on display at your local retailer!

  • XperiaBlog

    We’re not saying that viewing angles should be completely ignored, but look at the pictures above, the Xperia Z doesn’t look vastly inferior to any of the other current flagships. We’ve always been fond of the Xperia TFT screens which give more natural colours to our eyes compared to the over-satured AMOLED displays that are on the market. That’s not to say they couldn’t be improved, but looking head-on, we’ve never found any real issues with the displays.

  • adsada_arc

    yeah, I agree with that, and have actually said that many times before, I mean dont get me wrong I do love the xperia screens, and actually despise superamoled for making whites look blue etc. but the poor viewing angles on my XS just irritate me, but true that’s not to say that the Xperia Z doesn’t have that issue, obviously Ill need to use one to see.

    Edit: actually looking at the photos again, espically the ones at the start with brunette girl, her face on the XZ looks really white and washed out compared to the HTC and the last two with the girl with red in her hair, that just really bugs me… obviously each to their own but it looks pretty clear that sony still have this issue

  • ze_raketes

    The only reason I can find is Sony using standard LCD panel instead of IPS…

    But definitely the colors wash out a lot unfortunately! I love the Xperia Z

  • If Xperia Z was released last year I would defiantly choose it more than GS3

  • yo

    I agree.. My Xperia P is much better better straight or on the sides… but if you try to see the screen from any corners (diagonally), the display gets washed out…

  • the only problem with the Z in the first video is brightness I think…´cause the colours are still there but I think because of TFT it´s to bright…the other devices are to dark – especially the nexus 4 and the one x…and if you look from the bottom of the devices only on the xpperia Z you can see something – other devices are again to dark

  • I agree with you with the girl´s white face but I think the bit red hair on the Z looks more natural even with different viewing angles and…if the brightness is reduced the pic will probably look even better. if you look on top of the htc it is good, but even if her face looks normal from the side, her hair looks like it is just red-brown…the black part is overlayerd by other colours or something like that

  • xperiamaniac

    my xperia s doesn’t have tis issue. large group??? sum 50 odd u show??? doesn’t make any sense

  • ewan zol

    Screen resolution and ppi on Galaxy note 2 so low that make xperia z is better than SGN2, even other mid-edge phone better than SGN2, shame on big screen. But HTC Butterfly almost same same with xperia z.

  • ze_raketes

    This is because an IPS panel maintains the colors till the 178-degree but the bright tends to be reduced.

    In the Xperia Z TFT is the opposite! The bright go up and the colors wash out…

    I really really like the Z and really want one, but I have to be true and say that an IPS panel
    is much better!!!

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  • Billy De Fretes

    every smartphone have pros and cons. so for xperia Z, viewing angle some people said that worse than GN2, iPhone etc.but for me viewing angle is not big problem for me so i’m gonna buy Z when it’s available in indonesia

  • Wamps

    Have to agree with carl. Just go and see the phone yourself and be amazed.. Decide and then buy.. I will buy one next month..

  • Hannad Ahmed

    why the dislikes..? Can’t a person mention his opinion..? sigh…

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Pff their just jelly. They need something to bitch about :P

  • arena

    anyway, if the rumor about the integrated screen calibration of the xperia is true, issues about hues and contrasts can be addressed quickly by the user. adjustments may be made to suit varying preferences. nevertheless, those who complain about viewing angles are unlikely to have their issue solved.

    why does sony have to make their screen so bright in these demos?

  • crazychef

    ok i see that their are a lot of people that are unhappy. but think this:

    what screen brightness are the phones set to?

    are the pictures from side angles all taken from the same angles or not meaning ( 45 degrees each one or what?)

    is there a flash and being used in the dark? and if their is at what height is it at, is on the left or right top or bottom?

    I think xperia blog should do a review of its own and maybe that way a lot of people will close their mouths.

  • Zeke

    I have an XPERIA LT26i, 24″ IPS monitors and ‘standard’ 720p LCD notebooks.

    On my notebook, if I close the lid more than 15-20degrees I can not read the text on the screen. It’s that bad. On my IPS monitor(s) I have to be almost behind the screen before there’s a viewing angle change.

    On my XPERIA LT26i, If I play a movie in an mkv container with H264 encoding @ 720p, indoors with defused light, with no external outdoor light, I’m really hard pressed to see any issues with the picture quality at angles up to 45degrees. In this environment there may be a very slight loss of brightness, but it’s pretty small.

    If I open and view say the build.prop text on the XPERIA LT26i and again at 45degrees I can still read the text as clear as if I was face on to the device. (angle reduces text readability or course)

    If you’re outdoors… all bets are off. :-)

    Also, I believe, all XPERIA phones come with pre-installed screen protectors, (X10i and LT26i did) and this may have some small impact compared to other phones.

  • The worst I’ve seen on a Sony phone is the xp ion. Tilt it to the side a couple of degrees and the screen turns all white and washed out. However I have a xperia u myself and suprisngly it has really good viewing angles compared to many of the pricier phones.

  • Jake

    xperiablog .
    TFT is not a screen technology . Its a way to craft the circuit inside .
    An IPS can also be TFT .

  • Simão Lúcio

    totally agree

  • GB3

    No comparison against an IGZO display e.g. the Padfone2?

  • hans

    i tell you the truth, viewing angle is clearly just for showing off, nothing else. cut the crap that you need more people to watch a movie with you on the phone. In this time and age, where individuality is praised more and more, i bet you won’t share the phone with other at the public space, but inside your head, you want people to look at you and your phone and envy for you, but don’t look at it for too long please, or else i’ll turn my body around. LOL

  • jag

    Wow! This Xperia Z looks great! I’m using it right now to post here ^^

  • jag

    Well it does lag when you try to change the theme or put other widgets.. But it is snappy when everything is loaded. I dont know if it has the 4.1.2 os because the settings is locked. Can pre order now in sony stores but I will wait for our carrier for my recontract

  • xperia tx rock the colors crisp when compared to Z

  • turner

    yeah i share that thought though you know how people these days are. they want their phones to look good to other people. it’s about bragging rights, they say. having a washed out screen does make you feel having a slightly inferior phone.

    i hope sony adopts the igzo panels that sharp has just developed. they’re the same japanese companies anyway. they should be helping each other and not giving the tech to american or korean companies.

  • pixlas

    Man, this is really not an issue. Try this hard to find anything to comaplin about clearly shows the level of effort put down by fanboys to trash the Xperia Z.
    Some of the use cases in the videos the Xperia Z comes out as a winner when you tilt the screen too. Yes it might get distorted colors but atleast you see what is on the screen as opposed to the Nexus and S3 which are both more or less black in some angles.

    This articel does not tell me anything really. I’m still totally up for the Z.

  • abhi

    if my phone can survive for 30mins if I accidentally drop it or leave it in water, then I wont mind watching the screen little less tilted.

    and since my phone is not fixed on the wall or on a stand, like TV, neither that heavy, I could move the phone around to show it to large group of people.

  • abhi

    I think viewing angles, on a phone at least, can be completely ignored. That effort and money could be directed to better innovation like the IR blaster on ZL or evolving S-pen on Note 2 etc. Imagine if you could control all the devices (that has a remote) at your home with a single phone.

    but one of the things with Sony is that they never include all their good feature in one phone. like they left out IR blaster to ZL.

  • In truth, TFT is not a panel technology in comparison with IPS, so we cannot compare TFT vs IPS. Sony have not confirmed any panel of Xperia series, and we should not claim it as TN or IPS or….

    More information that, the Amoled also contains a TFT layer.

  • reptile64

    OMG! Extremely disappointing contrast! Even the Nexus 4 that supposed to have a mediocre display beats it!! :(
    I’m starting considering of buying the Nexus because of that, the timely updates and the gorilla glass with anti-fingerprint (oleo-phobic) coating! I’m a huge Sony fan but I find this disappointing!

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  • mike

    Dont simply conclude anything from the review site. just visit sony retail shop and have hands on then provide ur valuable feedback..

  • reptile64

    Mike no offence dude but I had all the Xperia flagships so far and all of them had mediocre displays compared to other phones of the same budget! It’s not the first time that Sony is using cheap displays!

  • roeshak

    Thisarticle is pointless. The fact that Sony decices have the weakest viewing angles of any high end devices iss a given. Not up for debate.
    The only question is does it matter?
    In my opinion it does, Sony fanboys are like fanboys the world over, they will continue to dismiss it until Sony actually starts using ips panels like others. Then and only then, will they see any benefit to it.
    My advice to Sony is, ignore your fanboys, they”ll buy whatever you put out even if it’s poor. The folks you need to listen to are your critics because they point out your faults and not excuse them. It is only by addressing your faults will you improve.

  • Yes very important issue because he spends 99% of the time looking at his phone off centre. Also when he shows photos to his friends they all sit in a line and think they are watching tv. Lol! Stupidest comment ever!

  • All devices suffer when viewed from an off centre angle. Some screens become too dark? Some wash out. Nobody really uses their phone more than 20 degrees off centre. All are fine at that angle. Just Haters trying to bring the Z down

  • ze_raketes

    Only TN panels make colors so washed out in that viewing angles…

  • adsada_arc

    lol I know right? its ridiculous, I get people are fans of Sony, like me, but it starts becoming really, really sad when people are so subjective, and anything said bad of Sony must be wrong because they can do no wrong. I mean, its my opinion just commenting my thoughts, if you don’t agree reply saying your thoughts. Said to see so many Sony fan boys are no different then crApple ones haha

  • adsada_arc

    Not at all, please don’t comment when you clearly have no first hand knowledge of this issue, just another over the top fan boy who can’t have anything bad said against dear Sony,

    lol get a life, maybe some friends, then you might realise this issue ;)

  • All phones suffer if screens are viewed off centre. Some wash out others go dark. No screen is perfect. Until u got the Z in your hands don’t make statements. I’m using an Iphone 5 for your information. It’s screen isn’t the same when viewed off centre. Same as S3 which my wife has. What brightness was the Sony Z set in those videos and pics?

  • The viewing angles on an IPS panel are superior to those of a TN panel. However, IPS panels have slightly lower contrast ratio and considerably slower response time. When scrolling a black and white website or text file you’ll notice a slight greyish ghosting effect.

  • reptile64

    It supposed to have a calibration tool, or it was only for ZL?

  • wawan

    xperia TX realy great,,wow,,nice TX

  • adsada_arc

    I have tried the iPhone 4s, and as much as I hate to say it (hate apple) there is very little loss of colour when viewed off centre. As I assumed you haven’t actually used a sony device, go into a phone shop and try one out, you’ll soon seen the issue that I (and others here) have mentioned. My xperia arc suffered from the issue so badly, that when playing games where you instinctively move, even a slight degree out and colours became washed out.

    There’s nothing wrong with being a fanboy, but at least be a objective fan boy. I am happy to admit I love Sony products, and want them as a company to do well in the phone market, but I can also see areas where they need to improve. There is no point blindly assuming everything the company does is great, how would products ever evolve and compete in the market without constructive criticisms. At the end of the day that is whats best for the consumer!

  • adsada_arc

    right, because anything bad said against Sony must automatically mean they’re a trolling hater. Go the feck up would you? What’s wrong with having a mature discussion, roeshak is so right, what’s the point in just ignoring any issues, its better for the consumer to raise their views to Sony so that they can improve as a company and work on the issues that people want solved.

  • I also use a Sony Xperia Acro HD and Xperia T. Both screens are good and yes there is a slight wash out of colours when viewed at an angle but hardly to the extent where it might affect use. Obviously you didn’t get my sarcasm about fanboy!

  • arena

    would just like to leave an out of topic post.

    i think sony should re-introduce the sony smartwatch in the coming MWC. samsung is coming up with a similar device. they might claim to have introduced it first. dunno, just prefer sony this much that i don’t want other companies staking false claims.

  • james

    TX is better than all !!!

  • afzal

    Why dont xperia blog do compretion between xperia z vs xperia v. Cause both offer be2, on touch and optic contrass display.

  • fiztastic

    yeah, it needs a viewing angle so i can sit next to you and see what you are doing, hopefully I can catch you using your credit card information…magic of having a viewing angle!!!!

  • AHM

    Proud owner of Xperia TX :D

  • zzlslm

    should I get the BLACK or WHITE Xperia Z ? help!

  • Halia

    Xperia Z screen looks amazing, can’t wait to get my hand in it
    also, Xperia Z comes with WhiteMagic technology, so it is supposed to be brighter than the other screens’ setting all of them on max brightness isn’t precise

  • Fact 1: your hand will hold the device likely about 20-30 centimeters away from your eyes every time when you and friends look at the phone at the same time. No viewing angel problem.

    Fact 2: Friends are likely to stick their heads right next to yours in most cases (when viewing images or reading a paragraph, FB comments). And if you guys were watching a movie (music clip in my case) I would even put the phone like 40 centimeters away (I don’t use hand to hold my phone anymore). No viewing angel problem.

    Fact 3: I don’t want my mother, or my sister, or anyone else who sometime sit next to me and read whatever I chit chat flirting with a girl. In case I want to, I do Fact 1.

    Fact 4: you won’t be showing off your phone to others the whole day so the chance they see your phone off angel is not much.

    Fact 5: the chance you view your own device off angel by yourself, once a month, or none.

    Fact 6: IT DOES LOOK WASHED OUT, I admit. According to the 5 above facts, how many time should you be able to see it washed out?

    Fact 7: people have too much time, don’t know what to do so they exaggerate the problem, have other people to debate and kill time. Viewing angles is never a problem to me, none of my friends or anyone ever complained to me that my screen was black, washed out bla bla bla. Most of the complaints I heard were from Iphone/SS fanboys on those forums I’ve been through.

    peace out.

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  • roeshak

    But the criticism is of its viewing angles. Nobody has ever said their displays were poor.
    To say you’ve never had any issues looking at it head on is immaterial. I too haven’t had any problems. The problems begin at the slightest tilt or off center viewing

  • all? really? your comment just doesn’t make sense. you said all xperia flagships but in the same time you saying sony using cheap displays???? so who’s the fool right now? why did you brought all xperia flagship when you realize that it using cheap display?if someone had all flagship phone from single mobile company most of the reason is because good quality. if the flagship phone cannot fulfill expectation of the buyers (poor quality, cheap display) there’s no reason to buy another flagship phone from the same brand so i think you’re really love sony or you just some rich dude loves to buy something and then blame everything in the end.

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  • hatersgonnahate

    Truths is HTC uses BETTER PANEL.

    If sony has noBravia htc wins all the way.

    Sony is good ONLY when direct , if eaven slighty tilt, u lose color,

    HTC uses IPS, so it does not need bravia as it is alreadygood.

    Sont still stupid TFT colorless bad viewing angles sheet!

    WHY o WHy sony still use tft,WHY no IPS???????????????

    although Xperia Z is beatifull….just da screen type is bad. thats all.

  • KaushaL PurohiT

    Gud One…

  • reptile64

    I just adore Sony and will never buy another phone but I can’t stand this trolling from the competitors! We live in 2013 all the displays should be great!! That’s what I’m saying!

  • samsung apple sony

    comparing with xperia s, xperia z improved the view angle of the screen, but it still worse than the other flagships.

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  • roeshak

    I think you must be willfully blind because I see the washing out everyday, every minute in fact on my S. It doesn’t stop me using the display but it sure is irritating.

  • roeshak

    I totally understand your frustration. It’s such an irritating aspect of Sony devices especially when you know there is such a simple solution available.
    Sony just try to maximise their profit magins by using such old tech which must be very cheap to source. Understandable to an extent but sorry not to the point of tft. 1st generation ips panels should be a minimum for high and even mid range devices.
    Other manufacturers only ever use tft in their budget offerings but Sony seem to think they can get away with it on a £500+ device.
    The good news is sony look more willing to respond to criticism than SE ever were so hopefully this will the last time they takeqq the piss

  • whoisthisreally

    The Xperia Z screen bears the viewing angle characteristics of an MVA device. On the other hand, the Butterfly and the iPhone show minimal gamma shift typical of IPS. Screens of this size are all polysilicon TFT if this helps to clarify.

    I would tolerate the viewing angle deficit if the display had above average accuracy – which is my reason for interest in the device as Sony touts the display as the key promotional point. However, based on the first Z vs Butterfly eprice shot of the big bang video, the Z is far too cold relative to my calibrated monitor. The Butterfly display looks fairly good: in fact, it looks globally superior. The photos of course are subject to numerous potential errors such as poor handling of the LCD backlight spectral power.

    So I’ll wait for a review of this phone with a colorimetric analysis. The Note 2’s screen has good (to the extent that white point dE 7 is good) characteristics in the new AMOLED controller’s movie mode according to the cnet test. I actually purchased it based on this result, but I managed to get a refund before it shipped after I looked into the shameful exynos exploit that hit the news. Now all Samsung devices are off the cards in terms of my purchase, at least for the next few years.

  • Michael

    Sony Xperia Z display isn’t that bright! especially on the “whites” the “whites” on HTC One x & iPhone 5 are brighter than the “whites” on Xperia Z.

  • the Xperia S you said?, because I’m using Arc S

  • jojo duarte

    you r correct ze_raketes .here is the link that XZ is not TN panel. it was an IPS

  • testor

    FACT: People like showing their phones off especially if they paid premium price for it. Washed out colors are not good for showing off. AMOLED and wide viewing angles are for showoffs (not a fact, just an observation).

  • did you read Fact 1? if you hold the device far enough, the angel is not big at all. Want to know another fact? Not everyone is interested in what you are doing or watching on the phone ( different tastes – K-pop clip, cartoon, short movie, or your pictures travelling somewhere). They might rather look at the device instead, this is where the phone design takes place.

  • testor

    hey i’m for sony so don’t be that passionately argumentative. i’m just pointing out that most buyers prefer having devices that still look good from the sides. proof to that is the success of the galaxy amoleds and the goal of most other phone manufacturers to improve viewing angles.

    i’m really baffled why sony couldn’t fix that viewing angle issue when almost every review website nitpick on that. is it that difficult to use something that properly competes with other displays?

    the goal is to attract more sony buyers. if you can’t offer something that compares or exceeds what others are offering, you cannot expect to win those buyers.

    i really want sony to succeed so they have to realize that it’s not just about being pragmatic. you also have to consider what consumers prefer. many consumers (not including me) prefer wider viewing angles so why can’t sony give them just that? sony wants more buyers so they should try winning those who are getting mesmerized by the amoled and IPS offerings.

  • arg nononono, my reply has nothing to do with Sony, dont worry. I’m just telling my ordinary behavior with phone and others. I want to share some facts, from my own observation ;)

  • Here is a video I took in Sony Center today, trying to show the Xperia Z’s screen in real life . Hope I could help

  • jack

    I have Xperia Ion and I have no problem with the viewing angle because I always looked at the phone directly to the screen and NOT from different angle. IF there is a phone that 100x better on viewing angle people still look at the phone directly.

  • annihilatorx

    From phonesarena:
    “[Butterfly reaches] an almost perfect color gamut representation and true white,
    whereas the Xperia Z boasts wider sRGB gamut than the standard,
    oversaturating the colors a bit, and displaying a “colder” 7500K white
    in comparison with the 6500K of the HTC Butterfly.”

  • That Xperia on bottom video is Japanese version with black (not grey as europan version) android display buttons and that version has absolutely different angles than europan version (I have mine here). The black colours are going to shadow in angles, while Blacks on that Japan Xperia in the video are still black in angles. Very strange and disappointing

  • Japanese Xperia Z is L36h and europan C660x

  • I think it is pretty obvious that the viewing angles of the Xperia Z are far from good… colors looks washed out in those pictures

  • hong

    You dont get it!
    The reason why they used TFT is that, It has more life span than other LCD technology.
    Now you know!

  • micheal

    Dude I compared Xperia S and Xperia Z display… ThE videos were much better on the Xperia S… The Sony staff also agreed… colours were washed out on the Xperia Z display… The Xperia S display is much much bette… Ok I agree that the screen size is larger on the Xperia Z but other than that the Xperia S display is much much better… Visit a Sony outlet and compare yourself…

  • Michiel Doerdjan

    No way the next sony xperia phone will use an sharp igzo screen and snapdragon 800

  • Simon

    Yeah, the screen on the Xperia Z is totally the worst part of that phone, and it’s really poor. I hope Sony embraces OLED, like they did with Vita.

  • Simon

    Gamma shift is typical to MVA, not IPS. IPS glow is typical to IPS. And poor blacks.

  • emompong

    I agree,, i compared my customized Xperia Acro S with Bravia 2 to the Z… and i can say ill stick to my acro s this time… same waterproof and the camera customization ive done is better than the Z or equivalent.

    cant imagine how disappointing the washed out colors …, ive set the same wallpaper to z and to my acro s and the home screen colors is a way better on my acro s… no offese., just sharing my experience.

  • Neil Jacquest

    I have the z and people are talking rubbish, the viewing angles are of the best I’ve seen. Compared to my friends S4 where I can’t see his screen at all (total blackout) when sitting next to him on the smoking bench at work (lol) whereas my z he can read word for word what I am texting to people! Apart from the fact I think the poor viewing angle is a load of rubbish started by another phone manufacturer or a fan and owners of a handset from another manufacturer the z is if the best screen outright I have seen for every aspect apart from the ones that don’t matter! Best resolution hands down, amazing natural colour reproduction, perfectly saturated colours. If you know anything about imagery and cinematics this is what you look for in quality. Yes the S4 is brighter and more vivid… With oversaturated unnatural colours! Just go in a phone shop and compare for yourself, if you know anything about quality it’s Z, Z, Z all the way!

  • Neil Jacquest

    You need to understand cinematics before you can fully appreciate this screen. Your xperia s May of stood out more for the artificial aspects that make people say “ooh shiny” but this screen is the closest to what film makers and directors expect to be visualized when they are designing their movie/production from scratch! Also make sure you have auto screen brightness adjust turned off! It unnecessarily dims the screen! Don’t have your screen too bright and maybe get educated on how a director intended their productions to look. It’s about natural colour reproduction and image smoothness! Trust me when you get onto this way you will no longer care about burn your retinas out over the top vividness! Quality isn’t about wow it’s so bright jumping out the screen that I can’t see.

  • Joses Lemmuela

    I love my P.

  • Pišta Lugar

    The case design and specs are great. Just for the case design, I’d buy the Z, but the main part of the modern smartphone todays is the display, and for some, most idiotic reason, Sony decides to build-in the worst display technology available. That is the reason I will not buy it. I will not invest in TN technology (or whatever crap they put in there) because it is utter crap.
    I don’t understand why would someone post above images and videos and think it will go in favour of Xperia Z, when it shows that viewing angles are terrible. The colors start to change slightly with smallest angle change, and then degrade exponentially. The screen itself is very bright. Seems to bright even, at least for the cameras. But that doesn’t fix the viewing angles. It just glows. The viewing angle in general is not problematic because you don’t see the content at all from extreme angles but that the colors change with slightest angles changes. This is the problem. To make the long story short; Xperia Z display SUCKS big time, and will as long as they use inferior display technology.

  • MomenWafa

    Screen can not be measured over a video; i have Xperia Z and my brother has a Galaxy S4 and i have compared it and the viewing angles on my Xperia Z sucks; its looks really bad dont know why sony cannot fix it. Otherwise i love my phone and the rest is wonderful

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