O2 Ireland Xperia Z pre-orders now live [Update]

by XB on 12th February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Sony Xperia fans in Ireland will be glad to hear that pre-orders are now live at O2. The phone is available on contract (with upfront costs starting at €189) and prepay from €579. O2 Ireland says the handset will launch on 28 February and it is also running the Sony MDR-1 headphone promotion as seen in the UK. Further details can be found here. The handset will also launch on 1 March with Three Ireland, although pre-orders with them are yet to start.

Update: Meteor Ireland will also be stocking the handset, you can register your interest here. The same applies to Vodafone Ireland. [Thanks @billbond4!]

Thanks @GarDeady!

  • WTF is up with Sony and the USA? When are we going to get some news on this? I know, blah blah… sony doesn’t have good market here, but with this phone they should break their preconceived notions. I currently own an iphone and would more than willing switch to other carrier for Sony.

  • lovebmw

    There is a rumor about a c6606 coming out, you can see it on the support page for the certified PlayStation devices…. if my guess is right, it will be just like ZL 6506, which is coming to the US with LTE support. .


  • unfortunately, main market for Sony Mobile and adverts has been Japan and Asia and it fades out as it moves to west, When it gets to the US then we don’t even notice their existence anymore. Later the CEO comes to an interview and says that they didn’t take apple serious back few years ago without committing that their marketing is terrible for their new jewels. This was the part we see or under the cover of their work, they may face many legal issue in the US which they prefer not to deal with.

  • I really want to stick with Three as they are the only network in Ireland that offer true Unlimited Data. So I’m going to hang on for another while. I don’t have the cash to drop now on a SIM free/unlocked handset, so I’ve to wait until Three have it available. I don’t mind locking in to a 2 year contract with this phone as it’s a beast of a phone and should certainly do me 2 years before the need for an upgrade. Really hope it’s up for pre-order soon. I just want peace of mind that my Xperia Z is ordered!! Cannot wait.

  • I have a question…white devices are often getting a yellow tone is this a problem of the Z or ZL as well?

  • Aokde Gharra

    no offence manuel, but the main reason why sony is not strong in the usa is because you american people are dumb as hell, again no offence, i’m not saying all of you are.

    almost in every country in the world android has more market share than ios, but not in the us. you can’t expect people who are in love with ios and not seeing the real innovation in android, to see the premium in the sony brand.

    so yeah, there you have it. when us citizens start to think, they can get high quality products from sony.

  • I take no offende whatsoever… I get it. People in US are dumb as fu*k. I’m from Honduras, moved to US 3 years ago and have always been a Sony fan, since my first boombox when I was 8yro. I resorted to buying an iphone because it’s the mainstream “good” phone here, but before, I owned Sony walkman phones, years ago. Now that I’ve seen the XpZ, I was awed. I will get this phone no matter what and hopefully they’ll release the Xp tablet Z worldwide because I Sold my Sony tablet s recently.

  • They are listed as ”Coming Soon” on the Sony Smartphone US site. Every phone that I have seen listed on here has been released in the US although many not by a specific carrier but sim free/unlocked.



  • lovebmw

    The white is cover with glass, I don’t think you will have a problem

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  • Philip

    Does anyone know if I buy the phone from Ireland pay as you go,will it work in london?

  • Three Ireland have it on preorder now :-)


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