Xperia ZL has highest screen size to phone size ratio… ever!

by XB on 14th February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Sony Mobile says that the upcoming Xperia ZL has the highest screen size to phone size ratio ever seen in a smartphone. The Xperia ZL’s display ratio of 75.84% compares with most other smartphones that sit between 60% and 68%. The screen area is calculated based on display size and aspect ratio, whilst the device area is calculated as height multiplied by width.

The small print suggests that the analysis is based on 884 smartphones, so we don’t know whether Sony really did calculate this on every phone ever, but regardless it is pretty impressive nonetheless. Let’s hope we see more Sony Xperia smartphones where the display takes such prominence of the overall footprint. The result has been verified by Strategy Analytics here.

  • Seems pretty legit.
    I mean, look at a size comparison of Xperia Z and V.
    Z has larger screen, but the phone itself isn’t much bigger.
    Now, if we compare Xperia Z to Galaxy S 3….
    Z has 5″ screen, measurements in mm is as following: 139 x 71 x 7,9 mm.
    S3 has 4,8″ screen, measurements of: 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm.
    Huge difference in my opinion. Way more wasted space on S3!

  • roger

    love the zl just cause of it’s smaller footprint than the z and tht it has a IR blaster which is an awesome feature to have!… and i really hope it comes to the middle east =)

  • AsadMulla

    All phones should have IR built in. Old Phones use to have it. My Sony tablet has it and the remote app is excellent. Sometimes you go to a restaurant and the tv is on some lame channel and I always think “I wish I had my tablet, I could change the channel”

  • jmcomms

    Following the release of the Razr i, I was hoping that we’d see more handsets with edge-to-edge displays and the ZL certainly seems to qualify.

    I expect we’ll see more at MWC in a week or so – and certainly the supposed ‘X’ phone from Motorola will surely give the ZL a run for its money in the screen to phone size ratio department.

  • Vita

    I fuckin love ZL size but hate The back of the ZL, it is rubbery. I want ZL but love Z’s design.

  • lovebmw

    i wish this phone never exisited and that there was only a Z to focus on

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I’m hoping this will come into the design of the next flagship + water resistance

  • and anyway z is water-resistant…. :)

  • Dimitris

    That’s not very accurate from Sony as very few other phones have soft buttons like the ZL or the Z.

    Therefore the “net” (or usable) screen size is actually a lot smaller.

  • This will be my next Phone!

  • If I were you. I will turn the TV off :P especially when it is in on a football match and people are watching it. XD

  • X phone won’t be at MWC!

  • They disappear when not in use like when watching videos etc! So it’s accurate!

  • Send an email to Sony asking them to release it in your territory. If enough people demand it then they will comply!

  • WTF

    So, is the Z or ZL the flagship phone? Sony PR and marketing is confusing cuz some European countries are getting Z and or both Z and ZL but Canada only gets the ZL…WTF. Get with the program Sony, just release one flagship to the world. I for one would switch from my Iphone to the Z but since we in canada are only getting the ZL, I guess i’ll wait for the Samsung GS4 and see. All that hype on the Z and it’s a dud, well, at lease in Canada it is.

  • HardyHarHar

    Lol if you do that people would shoot you with laser blasters

  • Maybe Canada only have ice, so water resistance is not need ^_^ j/k.
    Yeah, Sony confused us a lot with their strategy@@.

    I both like Z and ZL, and did not decide.

  • ^^ lol

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  • jmcomms

    No it won’t, hence why I separated it in the sentence above. I expect we will be seeing that after Google I/O in May.

  • Alex


    screenarea= h2/(R+1/R)

    being h display size, and R screen aspect ratio

    most off chart values are wrong.

    Some correct values
    zl 75,6%
    one+ 64,8%
    s720 61,8%
    nexus 4 69,2%

  • Alex

    sry nexus4 must be optimus g on my previous post

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