my Xperia rolling out to users in Sweden

by XB on 15th February 2013

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We are receiving independent reports that Sony Mobile’s new ‘my Xperia‘ service is now rolling out to users in Sweden. my Xperia is a remote security service that helps to locate and protect your Sony Xperia smartphone if it gets misplaced or stolen. We have received reports that it is rolling out to the Xperia V and Xperia S, but we expect it is hitting other handsets too. Version 0.0.A.0.37 of the app is rolling out and is 2.9 MB in size.

The service was initially in a closed beta in the Nordics but the people now receiving the app have not signed up to the beta. The notification message says “You are invited to try our new service”, suggesting that Sony Mobile is now phasing the rollout, with a global release planned for Q2. Have you received the my Xperia app? Let us know in the comments below.

myXperia notification on an Xperia V [Firmware: 9.0.1.D.0.10]

my Xperia rolling out to users in Sweden

myXperia notification on an Xperia S [Firmware: 6.1.A.2.45]

my Xperia rolling out to users in Sweden

Thanks Datagubben and shnam!

  • Nothing here in Turkey… :(

  • Mojtaba — T

    not available in Iran

  • Haven’t rolled out in the neighboring country Norway for Xperia V…

  • Received my Update 3 days ago :D

    My phone is a Xperia Acro S

  • not in germany

  • Nothing in Portugal

  • Mike

    I have received it too, I think yesterday – Xperia S from Denmark

  • FolkCleric

    I received it yesterday in Lithuania. :)
    Sony Xperia S

  • not reached india yet

  • TorsteinVH

    I’ve had it for around a week. Acro S in Norway.

  • I received like a week ago, I’m from México but have NCB firmware, the bad thing is that i have kaspersky mobile and it desactivate it, in the device administrator, you cannot have both :(, for the moment kaspersky offer more options so I will leave kaspersky :D

  • not reached philippines…

  • Ami

    Im from Czech Republic and i have update too (SXS).

  • Rammstone

    Got it yesterday (norway) :)

  • when indonesia xperia user get it?

  • jag

    it’s for Nordic countries only. ^^

  • Jerry Berglund

    Love this update… :-) Its great and it really really works…

  • Fre@k^

    Got it Friday (15th) for my V in Denmark along with an android update. App seems fine but I despise the new layout that is being forced on me! Please let me get the old back :/

  • Egardet

    Received it on Friday. Sweden.
    Good: finally some service of this kind.
    Bad: inaccurate to locate if mobile has no GPS on, no option to activate old lost mobiles via IMEI nr.
    Conclusion: Sony you’r on good path.

  • Mariano

    I dont know if anyone cares, but in xda forums a dude posted new images of jelly beam firmware (sony xperia S)

  • belum tau bro :)

  • Rahul

    does anyone know when is it coming to UK

  • raj

    which country do live in ?

  • i care! :D tks :D a lot

  • Jensen

    Got it today in Denmark
    Xperia S

  • stefan

    Xperia S today. Works very good.

  • Mtakaki

    Me too, my Xperia S received the My Xperia. BR

  • Darklauber

    You can get the “MyXperia” App here:

    Works perfect on my german Xperia S :)

  • I received ,im from Mx. Sony Xperia S

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  • carl son

    After the upgrade to 4.12, the sound effect from the walkman apps is worsen or is my heaphones not working properly??

  • MJ Tejero

    Not yet, even the JB update hasn’t arrived yet, my handset is xperia V here in Philippines :(

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