Xperia Z to go on sale at the Berlin Sony Store on 21 February

by XB on 16th February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

The Sony Xperia Z launch will take place in Europe in just under a couple of weeks time. However, if you happen to be near the Sony Centre store in Berlin, Germany then there is a chance you can get hands-on with the phone early.

Sony Mobile Germany’s Facebook page announced that sales of the handset will exclusively start on 21 February at the flagship store. We expect this to be store specific and would be surprised if it were launched nationally on this day. A number of German carriers will be launching the phone at the end of the month including mobilcom-debitel, Vodafone, T-Mobile and O2. The handset can be bought sim-free for around the €600 mark.

  • reptile64

    And in Greece of chaos and bad economy it will cost €700! Well done Sony!

  • lovebmw

    That’s fast, I hope before they announce another Xperia brand… first time Sony fans are buying a phone without knowing there is a better phone officially coming out… I am impressed.

  • emedex

    Same in other countries (mine too) but it is not Sony’s fault !!!

  • :D I´m living in Germany

  • hey, it’s not sony fault.. i believe that iphone 5 is more expensive than xperia z ..

  • my birthday is coming this March, buy me one :>

  • Swizzie

    And in Switzerland only about 530 Euros…

  • pixlas

    Das ist ja gut! Happy happy germanz.

  • King jafi jofer, ruler zamunda

    iPhone is better

  • GTFO!

  • Cheng

    then what are you doing here? ROFL…. some people like to slap their own face >.<

  • reptile64

    yes in the us it costs 500 euros and here 730! its insane!!

  • And mine is on the same day 21 Feb. (;

  • emedex

    In Romania 499 € on preorder.

  • oecher

    I doubt, Sony will sell it for 600 Mark ;-) Should be Euros…

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  • philthekill

    It’s the 600€ mark and not 600.DMark

  • maxiobor

    I think they should release Xperia Z now as a best function FullHD display and after that after new processors come out they will release one flagship per year like for example Samsung Its better, so the updates for flagship will be fast…

  • maxiobor

    Its just a troll… Look at his nickname…

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  • According to Sony Germany, the Z will go on sale on the 22nd all over the country. So the Sony store has a one-day-advantage.

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