Sony Mobile planning Firefox OS Xperia device?

by XB on 25th February 2013

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Sony Mobile may be planning to release a new Xperia handset running on the newly announced Firefox OS according to Mobile Mag. So says Bob Ishida, Deputy CEO and Executive Vice President of Sony Mobile, speaking about a multi-year deal between the company and Telefonica to support Sony Xperia products.

“Our engineers are now working with Firefox OS Mobile and HTML5, evolving technologies which show great potential. In addition, we continue to work with our operator partners, including Telefónica, on a development project with an ambition to bring a product to market in 2014,” Ishida said.

Marieta del Rivero, General Manager of Telefónica’s Global Devices Strategy responded: “As well as the great opportunity we have in 2013, our further collaboration around a possible device on the Firefox OS mobile platform will create the opportunity to reach new segments of the market, allowing us to provide an even wider choice of premium Sony device offerings for our customers.”

The Firefox OS open-source mobile platform is being heavily backed by some oeprators as a way to reduce the dominance in the smartphone segment between Apple and Google. As well as Telefónica, Firefox has received support from 18 carriers in total including big hitters such as China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, KDDI and T-Mobile. The Firefox devices would be for more low-end hardware targeting emerging markets.

It will be interesting to see how this develops, but we’re not expecting the first devices to appear until 2014, so we’ll keep you posted if something tangible emerges. What are your thoughts on this – would you like to see a Sony Xperia device running Firefox OS? Or do you feel that the company should focus on its efforts in the Android space? We’d love to hear your comments below.

Via Telefonica [via Mobile Mag.

  • Aokde Gharra

    no don’t! if you’re going to adopt another os, pick ubuntu. it has the potential over firefox os. don’t get me wrong, open source OSes are awesome, but ubuntu and android should be superior.

  • Sony firstly give 4.2 jellybeam update to our xperia s

  • should not Sony, I seem don’t like that OS. btw it could be WP8 and user changable with Android. that’s best! love u Sony. :)

  • Will become a bad move. Google is still strong both on the OS (Android) and the browser than Firefox. Ubuntu will be a much more interesting choice for Sony’s low-middle end market.

  • why not ubuntu mobile OS? i use ubuntu since 5.x until now and i think ubuntu will be great smartphone OS even better than android… but for now Sony should concentrate in their device to update all 2012 ICS into 4.2

  • pavan

    No!! Sony plz Go wid ubuntu.:)

  • I’d welcome that. Sony said they would drop low-end smartphone line. Firefox OS is primarily intended for entry-level devices. So we may see low-end Xperias with Firefox OS instead of Android!? Would be interesting I think.

    For the Ubuntu OS, some have mentioned: I don’t like Linux and particularly Ubuntu on the desktop and I will for sure not like it on a smartphone. So, “No Ubuntu OS, thanks” for me.

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    you really think they give a shit about devices they sold last year??? you must be living in a dream world were big corporations actually care about their customers.

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    WP8 or die!

  • ubuntu will be awesome

  • Err no

  • 3zeez

    So I guess no Vita OS for phones ?

  • I dont think so. Because Sony got only Android devices. No device with windows phone OS, or symbian OS, yet. Sony make only Android, what is good from business side, but bad from

  • Sony plz Xperia play on Vita OS!

  • costumers, or users side. U can choose only Android. U have no choice.

  • arena

    at least they’re opening themselves better to new systems now. they’ve learned from being a later adopter of android.

  • i think Sony won’t adopt another OS in near future as many times sony spokesman told that they just want to focus android OS because it has wider dominance and they don’t wanna consider other OS in near future but when thay see another emerging OS so may be they also launch a phone with that operating system but right now only android has the enough potential globally.

  • sony will rollout JB for XS from march as per its schedule so don’t create buzz.

  • kurtdean

    Sony will give android 5.0 for xperia s according to esato rumors

  • boosook

    The real force of Android is the ecosystem. People that do not use Android or use only the basic functions cannot understand how the functions of your phone are deeply integrated with your Google account. You may not like it, you may value your privacy more than services, but if you use Google services everything is integrated: you use only your Google account to log in mail, google+, maps, locals, chrome, search, contacts, calendar, drive and so on. Everything is integrated: Google Now knows what you search, where you are, where you go and shows you relevant information. Your searches are always relevant because google knows what you’re most likely intersted in. Your photos are automatically backed up on your G+ account and ready to be shared. Your apps are automatically reinstalled if you change phone or buy another phone. Your calendar and contacts are synced. Your files are loaded to google drive and autoatically available everywhere to be downloaded on your devices or used as gmail attachments without even having to upload them again. Your ebooks are available on every device. You can add your printer as a Google Cloud printer and you can print from every PC, phone or tablet via cloud. And I could go on… all this with a single account that integrates more and more services every month, and these services talk with each other. This is where Android shines and it’s very difficult to offer a service like this, because it took many years for Google to build it.

  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    if you are in a hurry flash cm10.1 on it :P
    else wait bro wait. It’ll come and yes I read that it will be upadted till 5.0 so yeah 4.2 will come :)

  • Kaostheory

    They are open os’s running on arm processors. There is no reason they can’t write the software and let the owners choose and even switch os’s.

  • Ubuntu needs more powerful hardware than Android. How is that suiteable for low-end?

  • Aokde Gharra

    the thing is not about racing to adopt OSes, its to know which OS to adopt. when google first released android, sony (ericsson) should have seen the future that google will rule, google basically rules every market they go into. nokia first adopted wp8 and they are not doing very well.

    firefox’s browser isn’t doing well against chrome (just to give you an idea what’s it like to be VS google’s products, though firefox is a rival to chrome, which IE is not in this case).

    ubuntu on the other hand is the most known linux distribution after android (before android it was the first most known) and it was for a reason, because its very well capable of doing tasks. so yeah, ubuntu for mobile will not die easily, opposed to firefox, wp8, tizen, and other emerging OSes…(at least that’s how i predict it)

  • ProWeirdo


  • kyaa

    if can, try a some system to support the ios and other one,.the firefox not like chorme stable now,i also bad hope to android, the game kids, dint same like ios, 1 fighter game ()like street fighter king of fighter() also no

  • Ashua

    Nope windows phone 8 is lame and weak it can’t even support HD displays and lack of interesting apps so thats a negative no way and glad Sony will never make a winows phone!

  • Xlash Andraid
  • not really!

  • Damn !
    Take VitaOS (and my money too) :v

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  • Kelvin

    It was clearly shown that firefox os on sony mobile devices in the last part latest sony developer youtube video started at 01:02

  • Not to mention, FFOS looks too close to Android to really be a viable other-option. It will just dilute resources and give us half-baked updates again.

  • if you compare to the desktop version, ubuntu still running smoothly in low end PC. that’s why ubuntu will be perfect choice to low end device

  • Pick Ubuntu

  • arena

    hmm. i agree. it wouldn’t hurt trying a little of many as long as they don’t lose focus on that one path that can most probably give them success.

    withal, i hope they do something about their devices’ battery life and display technology first. their batts are awfully weak and their displays don’t look good against the competition. not that i care about viewing angles. i just want them to look at par with the best on the market to attract more buyers.

  • John

    Well, I am more interested in seeing Sony try the Jolla Sailfish.

  • Lotus

    WoW!!it’s official!!!!!!

  • Sony please focus on Android.

  • uidesigner_sony

    Hello, Sony you have to focus on Android devices, since not even each model from 2012 year got the 4.1 firmware(not obligatory to talk about 2011 Xperias) and you have to go ahead to create your own design in opposite to Samsung’s devices(I mean no 2D shapes). Concentration also gives you an opportunity to bring us updates quicklier. Hope you will make the right decision.

  • Bugatti Veyron

    Hell yeah! Why only Android? I support you Sony! Firefox OS is pretty good, it’s native and smoother/faster than android and I’m sure that Firefox OS has a bright future. But by the way VitaOS is absolutely great. It is also a great choice.

  • Amit18

    my dream device: xperia with sailfish.. meego would be even better!

  • Paul

    Hahahaha.. that was a good one.

  • Paul

    Sure, they’ll rollout 4.1.x, but you’re living in the same dream world as Hamad if you think the Xperia S will get any update except bug fix releases.

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  • i think you didn’t see the sony’s schedule bro.

  • ProWeirdo

    90% NOT. Read about the next Motorola/Google phone that leaks. This phone will be probably the ONLY 5.0 Android phone.

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  • Paul

    *chuckles* Can you repeat that?

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