Xperia ZL launching in Russia in early March for 27,490 Rubles

by XB on 26th February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Sony Mobile Russia has confirmed that the Xperia ZL will hit stores in Russia in early March. Both black and white colours will be on offer at a recommended price point of 27,490 Russian Rubles (£593, €687, $898). This means that as far as we are aware, Russia will be one of the first regions to get hold of the Xperia ZL, the non water-resistant sibling to the Xperia Z.

  • :P

  • Get it out world wide asap!

  • lander

    urgh! The anticipation is killing me. Come on Asia release!

  • lander

    well I meant S.E Asia =D

  • Peter Griffin

    Are you fuckinh nutz? who da fuck gives a buffalo shit on a nickel about some 4th world country launch?????

  • Spaun_Studio

    Lolka :)

  • the biggest country with the greatest soviet history, man

  • price is unacceptable
    25k for Z and 19990 for ZL would be ok

    ??????? ?????? ??????
    ?????????? ????? ?? ???????? ? ?????? ????? ??2

  • Peter Griffin

    your history book is off by 60 years (considering you’re reading a soviet version, so far from reality it’s not even funny), man

  • boosook

    The price is insane!

  • Russian rubles LOL!
    this site killing me =)

  • ZL was never meant for world wide market.

  • for us, russians, “soviet book” is much better than today’s “4th world country” role, believe me.
    but the most of us are proud of our great history
    I hope, SU will be back and we will buy better devices for soviet roubles, not russian.))

  • FlowXT

    Not waterproof – don’t care.

  • AsadMulla

    I thought Rubles were a made up currency for Compare the meerkat.

  • Igor

    For comparsion:
    Xperia Z – 29 990 rubles (with dockstation, charger EP-880, headphones MH-EX300AP) (£646, €751, $981)
    Xperia ZL – 27 490 rubles.

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  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    ?????? ?? 21? Z ? Germany

  • Most people do actually care about this phone.

  • don_kanel

    Why is that funny?

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  • ??????, ??????? ???????? xiaomi ?? 12?

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