Xperia Z launches in the UK and across Europe

by XB on 28th February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Today is the day when the Sony Xperia Z has officially launched in the UK. Stock is now available across carriers such as O2, Vodafone and Three as well as Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U. Sim-free handsets are also in stock on the official Sony Mobile webstore. Amazon UK is expecting stock tomorrow.

The handset is also available across European countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia and Spain. Those in the Nordics will have to wait a bit longer. The Xperia Z is expected to launch in Finland on 5 March according to Gigantti and in Norway on 13 March according to The Sony Mobile Swedish webstore says stock is “coming soon”, but we’d expect it to launch in a similar time frame, the same applies to Denmark. Have you received your handset? Let us know in the comments below.

  • reptile64

    In Greece from 2nd March we jumped to 4th! >:(

  • cp2020

    Beast is out of cage.

  • e.d

    waiting for it here in Iran
    i wish i can hold it before Norooz :D

  • Zac

    Xperia Z is available in Dubai. on 27.02.203 the shops already started to sell the device for AED 2499 (515 EUR).

  • viki

    hey you fools release it in india ASAP

  • burnin

    Expecting mine to be delivered monday morning by Expansys on Portugal with extra Sony wireless speaker free. Its already on stock online!!!

  • roeshak

    UKf here. Just got delivery of mine. I’m at work so can’t really check it out until this evening. First impressions, it came in a very small box and the phone is much smaller than expected. I suppose we’ll know finally once and for all if the display is truly bad or it’s just fanboys of rival brands using that stick to beat it with.

  • Ghareeb

    LTE version or the 3g version

  • yeo wee kian

    i will be getting mine from starhub singapore tomorrow morning!!!! =D

  • Gwthmnr

    From I came to know that in india they are launchinh 0n 7th march in new delhi.
    But I’m not sure.

    Check out this

  • rickiking

    With free 32 gb sd card and free engraving.

  • O2 Ireland had delivered pre-orders yesterday

  • Yes received my black z this morning. Battery went from 100,to 0 in 4 hours flat

  • acehkita opens pre order of Xperia Z in Indonesia start March 1, till March 15. I don’t know the price yet.

  • Tommi

    Waiting in Finland for my Z. Some online stores even say that the handset won’t arrive until the end of march :s

  • in germany it´s been available since 21.2.13

  • in germany it´s been available since 21.2.13

  • Bashar Enjarini

    dammit, i should ask my brother to send me one from there, in Germany it cost a fortune of 620 euros !!!

  • You need to exercise the battery for a week or so, give it a few full charges and full depletions. It mentions this in the user manual. The battery life should be considerably better afterwards.

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  • PRo

    Sony centers in A’bad Says is will be launched between 8th to 15th of March……

  • Ziich

    at least you have a release date in the states there is still no word on pricing or release date :(

  • paul_cus

    Waiting patiently for the U.S. launch.

  • ron3000

    got mines today and this phone is damn sexy

  • ron3000

    got mines today and this phone is damn sexy

  • Ziich

    if it is 520 pounds that is about 790 dollars which is really high but if you take out vat which is 18% if i am not mistaken then it comes down to 426.4 pounds which is about 647.11 before tax which is about the price of an unlocked 16gb iphone 5. hopefully this is true

  • Ziich

    if it is 520 pounds that is about 790 dollars which is really high but if you take out vat which is 18% if i am not mistaken then it comes down to 426.4 pounds which is about 647.11 before tax which is about the price of an unlocked 16gb iphone 5. hopefully this is true

  • lovebmw

    is it LTE?

  • lovebmw

    if iran gets it before the US…. Iran will be in trouble

  • Stamina Mode

  • CoreHorde

    As usuall, Sweden is delayed.
    This is getting really annoying, I want it NOW!

  • penubag

    Yeah we’ll be lucky if we see it before 2014

  • roeshak

    Ok people, I haven’t played with mine yet but I walked into tesco mobile at lunch time and got some hands on timee.
    Firstly, the display. It’s not a bad display by any stretch of the imagination but if you’re looking for vivid colours then you may be disappointed.
    To be honest, I think Sony deliberately calibrated the colour that way to reduce the degree of degredation owing to the poor viewing angles. The display on the S is more vivid but the wash out more because of the poor viewing angles.
    It’s like are calibrating the displays so so we don’t notice the wash out so much when its viewed off centre.
    Apart from that, the phone’s excellent. The guy in the store said it is the first lag free android phone. Only timeqwill tell

  • e.d

    i think we’ll get it sooner than you. it will be available in a week.

  • CoreHorde

    Well buhuu. We jumped from 6th to 26th :P

  • fried_egg

    Not carried by any EE in the UK, even though other Orange brands in Europe are. That worries me about the chance of my S getting its JB upgrade as its bound to be only if Orange can be bothered, and if when my contract ends the traditional “mid-year” update model of the Z is carried.

  • Why is Sony not targeting the USA? It’s a very big market!

  • Ziich

    i guess its because it has not been very successful here with the s and the ion

  • Xperia Z will be available in the Philippines on the first week of April. According to their facebook page.

  • Herman

    €515,- is a very respectable price for such a high-end device!

    Especially when compared to competitors. I really don’t see myself buying this anytime soon because it’s simply too expensive here and I’m just a poor student at the moment.

  • Herman

    Engraving in the glass?

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  • Spoke to orange UK and they will be getting the Xperia z in the week or so

  • fried_egg

    interesting as orange uk said they would not be carrying the phone at the start of the week to a few people on google+

  • rickiking

    Yup. I still have to see the quality of engraving. I like the seamless design of Z, I dont think I would have it engraved.. Just a personal pref.

  • Herman

    Wouldn’t it perhaps make the glass less strong?

    I don’t exactly know how the glass gets its strength but I believe I saw a video lately where it was explained that most glass types got their strength from the tension in the glass. So I would presume engraving the glass might lessen the tension.

  • Madsham

    Got mine yesterday off Meteor Irl, brilliant, fone, disappointed with speaker.

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  • Sundaboy

    The rumor says about Rp. 7,500,000 or USD 773 with free shipping to all over Indonesia

  • tried it. still needs a lot of full night charges to improve

  • i charged it overnight last night. will see how it lasts today. btw the phone is awesome!

  • xperia Z now on pre order in indonesia at 590 euro :) * tax included

  • rickiking

    Probably. Thanks for the thought.

  • How can it be delayed if it doesn´t got a day to be delayed from?

  • MemeMaster

    Apperently It’s not gonna be delayed now, got answer from Sony Sweden.
    Just hoping for it to come handy to replace my shitty Nokia.

  • I tried to order from Expansys UK from the United States because the US Expansys did not have it in stock and I was told that there was a contractual conflict and that I had to order it from the US site. I canceled my order. I should be able to order items from wherever I want. Anyway I purchased from my guy in Chicago and I will have the white XZ on Wednesday. No free speaker though, ughhhhhhhh.

  • Their phones only really work on ATT network and Apple, Samsung etc… have ATT on lock so Sony will never do well with ATT. Every phone that Sony has offered on ATT is ALWAYS wayyyyyyy in the back of the store where one can barely find it while there are 10 iPhones and GS3’s in the front of the store and on posters on the windows.

  • dubaiboy

    3g for dubai. C6602.

  • available in southest asain today. :)love

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