Xperia Z launching in India on 6 March

by XB on 01/03/2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Sony Mobile India has finally acknowledged that the Xperia Z exists, providing the first teaser details on its launch. The company’s Facebook page posted a banner proclaiming “Everything is about to change 06/03/13” earlier today. It then followed this up with a link to a microsite with a countdown timer to 6 March 2013.

At this stage, it’s unclear whether the handset will actually be available to buy in the country on that date or whether only launch information such as pricing and availability will be provided. Either way there’s not too long to wait for avid Sony Xperia fans in India.

Thanks Armaan, Rishi & Rahul!

  • Rishi Rathod

    Yes………………..! Here comes Xperia Z to India……..!! Thanks a lot Sony! :)

  • santhosh

    iam waiting

  • pavan

    Thank you soooo much xperiablog for posting dis:)) ‘m waiting….love u Sony:)))

  • Dennis

    Will the c6602 version be launched?

  • Coolkid

    OMG… Welcome the KING…!!!

  • Sanoj Prasath

    Finally Xperia Z is comes to India this is really great news to Sony fan’s in India

  • Anukul Bodile


  • maz

    what ll be the price in india??

  • venkat

    WOW!!! FInally wait is over for this awesome beast!! Xperia Z #bestofSony

  • venkat

    xperiablog deserves lot of credits for this post. Mostly by pointing out India as the major market to sony,Finally,Everything is about to change for sony in India!!

  • pramod

    thank uuuuuuuuuuu

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  • Nikhil

    so happy….

  • Ziich

    Still no word on a date for the us :-[. That’s great though I am really happy for the Indians

  • Avinash

    YEA! Saw it on their SONY MOBILE INDIA’s Facebook fan page. Waiting for the BEAST to arrive! :)

  • kedar

    Grant Welcome sony in INDIA

  • Aman

    TechDroid already posted this news weeks ago.. they also posted the pricing with additional features for Indians

    You can head over to techdroid . in for rest of the info

  • JG

    that was unfair! Philippines launch date is in April, very unfair!

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    Same with Malaysia. :)

  • SSs

    Filipino time , always late

  • vinay setty

    The sony centre executive(bangalore) told it would be around INR 39k !! hope its not more than that.

  • aks316

    Awesome.. I am waiting.. Sony Xperia Z White

  • Notável Roosh

    order it from Ebay :P for a cheap price :)

  • Xperia S user

    Like Sony Mobile facebook page and you will also get direct notifications from Sony

  • sat

    sony is coming big with this new product and katrina kaif as brand ambassdor for xperia phones make the owners of xperia proud well done sony ………..we have a single problem with you i.e expand the xperia care across the cities atleast love the xperia blog

  • Ali

    guyz check this out…. drop test again… but not rough pavement..

  • PRo

    So Katrina Kaif will be the Brand ambassador……

  • Aman Banka

    Yeah.. Katrina will Announce the Xperia Z in India

  • Aman Banka
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  • Unknowing

    Xperia Z = the Offspring of Beauty and The Beast

  • JG

    They changed the managing people in Sony here in the Philippines, but the debut/release date of these new devices are still taking too long… I’m very sad. Hope Sony can fix this.

  • Sanoj Prasath
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  • Nishanth

    Wow, wait is over .. available in flipkart for 38990. Worth the price . htc butterfly with same specs cost 45000 .. Good Job Sony ..

  • Nishanth

    And Xperia Zl is 35990 :)

  • Nishanth

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