Sony Xperia SP announced: 4.6-inch 720p display; aluminium frame and customisable transparent bar

by XB on 18th March 2013

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Xperia SPSony Mobile has lifted the lid on the much-rumoured Xperia SP (C5302, C5303, C5306). It is a beautiful handset precision-crafted with a co-moulded aluminium frame. Most exciting is perhaps the re-introduction of its transparent bar, last seen in the Xperia NXT series from last year.

Sony has confirmed that this “transparent element” has “customisable illuminations which you can personalise to alert you of incoming calls and text messages. And you can even set the illuminations to pulse to the beat of your favourite music.”

In terms of specs, the handset will come with a MSM8960T Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, with 1.7GHz dual-core processor and Adreno 320 graphics. The handset will have 1GB RAM, 8GB of internal storage (5.5GB for apps & media) and microSD memory card support.

It will feature a 4.6-inch display at 720 x 1280 pixel resolution. Sony has confirmed that Corning Gorilla Glass is used for the handset. Camera duties are taken care of by an 8MP Exmor RS camera sensor, capable of HDR for photos and 1080p video recording. There is also a VGA front-facing camera.

Sensor support includes an accelerometer, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and gyroscope (the handset does not include a magnetometer). Other features include NFC, PlayStation Certified, microSIM, MHL and Bluetooth 4.0.

The Xperia SP has a 2370mAh typical capacity (2300mAh minimum) embedded battery capable of 10 hours 25 mins of 3G talk time. The European/Asian LTE version of the Sony Xperia SP (C5303) will support LTE Bands 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20. The US version of the Xperia SP (C5306) supports LTE Bands I, 2, 4, 5.

The Xperia SP has dimensions of 130.6 x 67.1 x 9.98 mm and weighs 155 grams. The handset will launch with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean in three colours (Black, Red and White Silver). In terms of release date, Sony says that the Xperia SP will be available globally (including the UK) from Q2 2013.

Sony Xperia SP (C5302) HSPA+ white paper
Sony Xperia SP (C5303) LTE Europe/Asia white paper
Sony Xperia SP (C5306) LTE North America white paper

Xperia SP

Via Sony Mobile Press & Sony Developer World.

Thanks Sharique!

  • Xyor

    Here it comes!!!

  • bustedemotions96

    Xperia U of 2013!

  • mayhem

    Return of the Floating Touch, Matching Notofication lights (now they can be customized too), aluminium body. Love you Sony !!!

  • Xyor
  • Coolkid

    Floating touch…??? Where is it mentioned, dude…??? Could you point it out…??? Thanks…!!!

  • I don’t think it’s there, it’s not in Sony’s site

  • Daniel Dean

    Definitively Sony is on the right track concerning the mobile market. I think the other vendors and manufacturers must stand well cause Sony will soon BLOW them OUT !!!!
    Keep the trend Sony, we will continue supporting you !!!

  • mayhem

    Oh!! I m sorry. its just ‘Gloves mode’.

  • New Xperia L as well on the Sony Website! :) 4.3″ screen. Still praying for an Xperia P/ray update!

  • This is more like Xperia P to me

  • I don’t care much about Play but Ray, definitely

  • Any info on the price point

  • Coolkid

    That was present in Xperia Sola… Right…???
    It would’ve been awesome, if they had included floating touch as well…:)

  • Xperia L is also announced

  • Virak

    I think it’s from GSM Arena!

  • Rishi Rathod

    That red color is so damn good looking..!!

  • Now I’m confused Xperia Z or This

  • powernap

    This shd have been the Z

  • Brinkman

    Not much smaller than the ZL, but very nice phone nonetheless! Like the bar at the bottom.

  • hks

    This is an upgrade to Xperia p

  • Brinkman

    What about the Xperia T? The SP is faster than the T?

  • mayhem

    Yes Dude!! It wud be freaking awesum. Xperia Sola had the floating touch which was later touted as the gloves mode. This led me to think that SP might do the floating as well. Since its not officially stated, it might not have it then. :(

  • brilliant design as usual from sony

  • hks

    Its a mid ranger like Xperia p and has aluminum body just like p and an updated 8mp camera with exmor rs and it has dual core

  • hamboy

    Dedicated camera button and a MicroSD slot? Sold.

  • acEy182

    a bit sad fact is that this phone is not waterproof…

  • hks

    The best midranger phone

  • Coch, france

    No IP56 IP57 ? no water proof ??

  • all the phones can´t be water proof lol :P

  • acEy182

    if this phone will be IP56 or IP57, it would be perfect for me…

  • I want the live wallpaper of Xperia SP on my Z!!!

  • kust0r

    Onestly, such a nice phone. But is 1gb of ram enough for further android updates?

  • Sony

    2370mAh batteries for 4.6″ HD display is superb ^^ well done

  • Another crappy display

  • I wish by TX had this battery. I like this.

  • Coch, france

    yes me too!!!!!

  • TheOldFriend

    What happened to sony? their products look nice but nothing innovative.

  • jag

    Oh my god!!! LIVE WALLPAPER!!! I Want it in my Z!!!!


    Wish they could work on reducing the Beezel, make it more thin and it Xperia-SP will look awesome :)

  • mirajkaraniket

    Yes it is!

  • mirajkaraniket

    Yeah it want it too! Its awesome!

  • mirajkaraniket


  • cp2020

    Sony is The King of style.

  • Dime

    maybe later with some update … (or it’s the hardware technology i don’t know…) like sola to get gloves mode with the update

  • Dime

    maybe later with some update … (or it’s the hardware technology i don’t know…) like sola to get gloves mode with the update

  • Trafalgar

    Just about the size of the Xperia S, the aluminum body of the Xperia P, and the cool customizable transparent strip of the Xperia U – It’s the entire NXT series rolled into one!

  • Ryan

    To me, its Xperia UP.

  • wtf

    now thats how u design mobile phone :) as always Sony did a great job!

  • I don’t know why Sony always make the “mid-range” phones much more attractive than the flagship, IMHO Xperia P > Xperia S, Xperia V > Xperia T and now Xperia SP > Xperia Z in terms of design. I think I’m gonna buy Xperia SP xD

  • Ameer Zul

    I Think I Know Why Its Called ‘SP’
    S= Xperia S design and illumination bar + Xpeia U extra colours notification :3
    P= Xperia P alminium Body

    So This Phone is the combination of 3 Last year xperia’s and it good a new life wallpaper also. WOW :O

  • owl

    Is it just me or does this phone look like a smaller (and less serious) twin sister of the ZL?

  • Cheng

    Wow, to me SP = S+P+U

    Using S’s top specs and size (or better), P’s aluminium and U’s
    coloured notification!! damn nice Sony! was hopng for this, too bad its
    nothing compared to monster Z. but good to see mid and low range market

  • I thought US LTE bands (at least for AT&T) required both 4 and 17. Why did they only include 4 for the US?

    Not a bad looking phone at all. Gives me pause to think about this over the Z.

  • Tim

    This is exactly what I was waiting for, a phone that wouldn’t be huge but had great specs. Would’ve liked to see a 12-13MP on the back, but this will definitely do.

  • Ryan

    I like the design, battery is superb but I wish it is removable, internal storage should have been 16GB, why the L have the HDR video but the SP don’t? I’m gonna buy this phone if the price is cheaper than the T/TX or else I’m gonna wait for the next higher-mid range smartphone from Sony. Sony this year is yours.

  • @bu

    No HDMI Port I guess
    But perfect replacement for my Xperia P

  • Anonymous

    who can help me?What is the magapixels of the front camera, sim of the phone and the battery is it removable?

  • jan

    i’m actually waiting for this phone. the size is just right and thank god they really included the transparent bar, i really love it that’s why i can’t let go of my xperia p..this will definitely be my next phone. good job sony. :)

  • jan

    exactly.. :)

  • Carlo

    Transparent bar lighting similar to that of SE Z520 . . .

    Looks like Sony, is going back to the older phones for inspirations. Wonder if they will pull off anything with the shell of the SE Z750

  • Chelios

    I’m getting tired of people screaming “it’s not innovative!”. Explain, what does a phone need to do these days to be innovative? Do explain, mister professor. Enlighten us.

  • jan

    a combination of the nxt series would be more like it.
    screen res of the S
    aluminum body of the P
    colored notification bar of the U

    this will be my next phone. i really like the design language of the nxt series, that’s why i can’t let go of my xperia excited! :)

  • jan

    ’nuff said..

  • jan

    a smartphone that can do the dishes!!that’s innovative.. ’nuff said :D

  • hansip87

    Definitely the most balanced design from sony yet. 720p with adreno 320, plus 2370mah for the screen. Should be zippy and battery friendly. Too bad no hdr option.

  • Soon enough it will be available

  • Yeah, it’s not like it can make a phone call. Now that would be innovative, lol

  • amsaKANNA C

    are you sure about the Floating Touch?

  • bkh

    nexus 7 is only 1 gb and google will no doubt be supporting that. So yes, 1gb is enough.

  • penubag

    We’ll see this in the US in about.. maybe 2015.

    STILL no release date mentioned for the Z/ZL in US. :(

  • Basharca

    Great comment! I also want to point out that I am very impressed with the battery life. A 2370mAh battery for a 720p smaller screen phone will be far better than the 1080p screen phones with larger screens. Sony is on the right track, I’m sure a lot of fans are very happy with the new improvements specially the ones that kept believing in Sony even at the times where they weren’t doing that well.

    The Xperia Z replaced the S, and the Xperia SP will be replacing the P while the L seems to replace the U/J. Seems everything is getting bigger, I still find the size of my Xperia P to fits me best, although I must admit the new phones are very tempting!

  • Babylonbwoy

    Hope next semester Flagship will get the transparent illumination bar like this one, just above the aliminium frame is excellent ! Hope they won’t continu the glass on both side, I prefer the ZL back than the XZ’s…

  • sonypro

    No, I dont think so; 1 GB is pretty weak. But sony is trying to differentiate this from the Z so they left off full HD, good front camera, 1GB of RAM and waterproofing. 1GB is sufficient for 2012 and perhaps part of 2013 but 2 GB is needed if you want to take full advantage of all the advances that are happening in the app arena. RAM is more important than processor speed at this point. Just look at Samsung and galaxy S3. the int’l version has a more powerful quad-core processor but only 1GB RAM and for the (later) US version they put a weaker dual-core processor but 2 GB RAM. I would say wait for SPX in the fall which will have 2GB RAM and potentially Adreno 330.

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  • So do I! nice one! too bad it was’nt on the Z already?!

  • lol

    A smartphone that doubles as a light saber :D :D

  • DeLorean75

    This mobile makes sense. The design, battery, screen size, pixel density fits perfectly with the price. I only missed the water proof feature, but I could definitely live without it. €400 sounds fair to me.

  • sony pls put all the every features you put on other xperias like floating touch etc on the flagship! i love this phone but i wish somehow it would look like the xperia P but bigger with s camera ang u notification light

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    ClearAudio+ missing from the list

  • If they had made it a waterproof phone, Or atleast a splashproof one. :) = Perfect.

  • ?????????

    ?????! Xperia S ???? ???????? ????! ??????????? SP ???? ?????! :)

  • rickiking

    Very beautiful! I like the white.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    360 ???? ?? computeriniverse, ??? ???????????

  • juliana

    It will be great if it has a WhiteMagic display

  • I have the feeling that the next year’s flagship will have all this features + waterproof. :)
    A waterproof phone with that beautiful illumination bar.

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  • Death Angel

    got it . fell in love with it .glove mode is awesome and no need to say about the illumination bar…

  • Awesome phone, bought last week and everything is perfect about it – perhaps except the protruding power button and below par camera. Best part is the battery life. If I am not playing any games, I need to charge it only once in two days :-)

  • Abhishek Sharma

    bought xperia SP 6 months back. but not satisfied with its aluminium frame. its of cheap quality. cracks appear on it and black surface is appearing underneath :( looking so cheap

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