Pink dual-SIM Xperia SP heading to China Telecom

by XB on 29th March 2013

in Xperia SP

Pink Xperia SP_2Sony Mobile officially launched the Xperia L and Xperia SP handsets for the Chinese market earlier today. China Unicom will carry the Xperia SP (M35h), whilst China Telecom gets the Xperia SP (M35c) and Xperia L (S36h).

Interestingly, China Telecom’s Xperia SP will be available in pink, which hasn’t been announced for the west. We get black, red and white silver, but there’s no doubt that the pink would be an attractive option for the ladies. The M35c version of the Xperia SP supports CDMA and will also come with (micro) dual-SIM support. See some pictures of the pink Xperia SP below.

Pink Xperia SP_1

Pink Xperia SP_2

Pink Xperia SP_3

Pink Xperia SP_4

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  • This pink that they used with Xperia SL is just ugly :(

  • Madsham

    Aye I must agree with my learned poster it does appear to be an ugly colour, you’d think sony with all their colorfull ads of splashing paint and bouncing balls would have picked a nicer pink.

  • AA

    This looks like salmon pink, not pink pink (if you know what I mean)

  • Could be huge sellers in China!

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  • It doesn’t work on aluminium

  • rickiking

    I want a blue Xperia. Sony hasn’t released a blue phone except in Japan.

  • MpDay

    I have an Xperia P, and the back cover is all aluminium (unibody), which is very nice. However, the SP has a plastic back cover, right? Makes it feel cheaper I guess.

  • Xperia S owner

    that bar light is too dim like the xperia p.. whats the point of putting it if they would not give us the option to set the intensity of the light.. also, add an always on option to save us from downloading the illumination bar app that drains battery…

    xperia s got better looking back.. also, the back of sp with the inscribed xperia. that may come off in time which is another deal breaker for me.. they shouldve went for glass back..

    another annoying thing is they would use gorilla glass and then put a anti shatter protector on top of it that is very sticky and attracts dust.. whats the point? you couldve just used a cheap glass if youre going to cover it up anyway.. if the sheet was anti scratch and smooth on fingertips for scrolling then i would not mind.. but thats not the case..

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  • MpDay

    It does on the Xperia P, which is full aluminium. I have a red one, it’s just awesome, and nobody dares to buy one…

  • Clearly that this is pink and not red. My friend own a red Xperia P and it’s awesome,he put a black cap on the bottom

  • Because they worry that someday, you’ll accidently break the glass and will be stabbed by glass chips

  • Dean

    I got a purple Xperia Z and would buy that salmon pink one as my 2nd phone I’m a straight guy who is comfortable in my sexuality lol

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  • Saurab Ghosh

    Where Xperia gold edition
    a true premium phone

  • zaid

    xperia ssl jelly bean update coming on 242013
    1st april ;)

  • lell13

    Xperiablog plz check this:

    That is the last rumor about the Cybershot-Xperia Smartphone :)

  • LancerEX

    purple is my favorite color and I’m straight! m/ :D

  • CW Chow

    According to the white paper, the display of SP does not come with the shatterproof sheet… which is great!!!

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