3DMark Android benchmark now available to download

by XB on 2nd April 2013

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3DMark Android Xperia3DMark has long been used to benchmark PC/laptop hardware. However, a while back they announced a new version that would be available on Android, iOS and Windows RT devices. Well the good news is that the 3DMark Android Edition has now been released and you can download it from the Play Store right now for free.

Whilst this news isn’t explicitly Xperia related, we know how many enjoy using various benchmarks such as AnTuTu, NenaMark2, Quadrant and others to see how your phone compares against others. Others like to use benchmarks to see if a new custom ROM provides tangible performance benefits. We imagine that 3DMark will become another staple benchmarking tool for Android users for many years to come.

We have just run the 3DMark tests on an Xperia Z for reference and you can see our scores below (‘Ice Storm’ on top and ‘Ice Storm Extreme’ below).

2013-04-02 15.18.07

2013-04-02 15.24.44

Thanks Zeke!

  • nice

  • BIG.little

    Please Sony, give us the JellyBean update for our beloved Xperia S

  • ARES

    Look SONY, what date is it? You told us that you’ll release the update for Xperia S at the end of march.Today is April 2 and JB update is nowhere to be seen. Oh well Xperia S will be my First and Last mobile phone from SONY. To those who are going to tell me that this isn’t the thread for Xperia S, stfu please.
    damn im tired of waiting for nothing

  • vittu

    Better Buggles update long time
    buggy rushed update aa itl cause more hate


    Wheres the guy who is the fan of the guy who keeps asking for XS’s Jellybean?

  • wasn´t it sometimes in april?

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Look. And you shall see.

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  • reptile64

    LoL!!!! Here he is!!

  • joseph nero

    can u plz post scores for Xperia T?thanks

  • Kevin

    Gratz u just gain NOTHING since like you said this isnt thread of XS and your doubt didn’t get solved

  • SonyFan

    do you want a buggy jb? no? then wait a little bit…it will be published in two weeks…make.belive Sony

  • Maxman

    Thank you so much. I think without your comment nobody here would have remebered that there`s still no JB Update available on Xperia S. Also I think posting this here is much more helpful than… umm I don`t know, posting it on a blog that`s actually run by Sony or writing them a mail or something.
    Guys, stop this already…

  • boosook

    Hi, I’m Kazuo Hirai, I read your request and I realized that we really have to release JB for the Xperia S soon!

  • drea

    Unbelievable size, wtf 285 mb

  • ARES

    Make.believe ? Bullshit

  • SonyFan

    sorry in a few days….

  • Babylonbwoy

    wow 283Mo !

  • Babylonbwoy

    You beat me ! I was about to release it but I saw your message, thanks for saving me upload time !

  • cp2020

    My rooted XZ scores 10363 on normal Storm and 6106 on extreme. Its quite above the average scores that Futuremark states

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  • i<3cake

    I can’t get past Graphics Test 1 on my Xperia TX :(

  • neither me… maybe due to rooted ROM…

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