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by XB on 6th April 2013

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Xperia SP Manual ThumbnailThe Xperia SP is due to launch at the end of this month, but that hasn’t stopped Sony from releasing the user guide. The manual is for the C5302 (HSPA+), C5303 (European LTE) and C5306 (North American LTE) versions of the Xperia SP and clocks in at 130 pages. You can download the English manual below, user guides for other languages are not currently live.

We were hoping for some detailed information on setting notifications for the transparent bar, but this info is strangely absent from the manual. What we did notice though is that Sony has included a special hard reset button on the back of the handset. This is a first for Sony Xperia smartphones as far as we are aware.

Xperia SP Manual

Xperia SP Manual

  • Mr. Automatic

    1. Remove the back cover.
    2. Press and hold down the OFF button using the tip of a pen or a similar object. The device turns off automatically.

    Interesting definition of “automatically”. :-)

  • brownfox09

    any news on the rumored sony xperia line up with the 20mp camera or the dedicated walkman phone?

  • sinhue

    manuals in Spanish came one week after the submission of the phone, and the xperia L has about two to three weeks came out, and I think in English and also were but this was only on the overview pages of sony is Spanish, English, German, etc.

  • kurtdean

    Yea it will have glass+carbon fibre boy, 3000mah battery, Mobile S-Master amp, IR blaster and snapdragon 800 chipset :) thumbs up so everyone can see

  • kurtdean

    Forgot to add that the camera is better or on par with nokia pureview 808

  • Ben

    The ZL has a reset button. My arc has it too, I think. It’s a dark brown rubber button which I never bothered to press..

  • agile

    what the fuck where is xperia p jelly bean

  • Xperia Insider

    It’s attached to the SP manual. Download the zip file, it contains the manual pdf and a file named xperia_p_jelly_bean.iso. Burn that to a mini cd (normal cds won’t fit into your Xperia P) and insert it into your phone. Press Play on tape and wait for the update to finish.
    Enjoy Jelly Bean, it improves camera quality of the Xperia P and doubles the available RAM!

  • silasje1

    ahaha nice

  • sepi

    Sony, plz make android 4.2 update for devices, Xperia t, tx & others

  • And the laggy s jelly bean…

  • Spontex

    Page 7 : there isn’t any little notification LED (Xperia S, P and U have one)!! Is it a fall?

  • Tush

    We xperia p owners r yet to have jelly bean 4.1 and u r asking for 4.2…u will definitely get it but only after sony delivers jb(4.1) completely to all its promised handset ownerz

  • Tush

    Under construction :p

  • krimin’

    What about jellybean on Xperia S?

  • the jellybean ppl are hillarious,they always seem lost

  • MK

    The bottom light bar is going to work as a notification LED

  • bharathtejareddy

    How to know whether the battery is fully charged or not in Xperia z

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  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    I doubt it shows missed messages from Gtalk, Facebook, and others. There are only few options for notification bar, such as Missed Call, Missed SMS, Alarm, Incoming Call and Incoming SMS.

  • Xperia_SP

    Which Apps I have to add to STAMINA-Mode when I want to get LED Notifications for

    – missed calls,

    – missed sms,

    – missed e-mails,

    – missed facebook messages,

    – missed calendar alarms?

    Thanks a lot for your support.

  • xperia s

    i followed the intruction on how to hard reset but its not working. can anybody help me how to force shutdown xperia s?

  • Tibor Lukonits

    Hi, do anybody know where shoud I find a service manual for Xperia SP? I want to replace the broken touch panel.

  • bowtieguyuk2000

    Just got the Experia SP – hate it, hate it, hate it. All I want is an Operating Manual sent to my home address in Hard Copy (that’s Paper to you and me, Sony – have you never heard of paper???). And no, I don’t download – Anything, and especially Not useless Apps….. in fact I still have a week to go and OI shall probably take it back and change for something less frightening. You just don’t get it do you, Sony?

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