New promo videos show how Sony’s gadgets interact

by XB on 7th April 2013

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Xperia Z MirroringSony has released a number of promotional videos to highlight how its technology can interact with each other. The videos includes one-touch listening between smartphones and NFC-enabled speakers, screen mirroring between phone and Bravia TV, controlling a Sony ? NEX-5R camera with the Xperia Z and the TV SideView programme guide on the Xperia Tablet Z. It goes to show that Sony is doing a great job of creating an ecosystem that will only be enhanced as time goes on. Check out the videos below.

Thanks brilliantdeve!

  • psiclone

    NOw its all about Z ,Z ,Z and Z ……did they forget about all the other Xperia ??

  • Oh look the screen hihihihi the monkey hihihihi… hug!!! hihihihihii……..
    ……Why girls are *** ?

  • Don’t worry the XZ will be dead in 6 months ;)

  • rus_media

    After their advertising agency gets the new phone, obviously Xperia Z will go to sleep. Or have to… ;)

  • i don’t think sooooo
    by begining of 2014 all xperia phone will be important to sony not only xperia z
    amazing adver :D

  • wwoooowww

  • exsonylover

    Die sont die!!

  • afzal

    It also happen to sammy, htc, LG n nokia. :-)

  • jjghj

    Do you have to have a specific Bravia TV to have screen mirroring? I have one from Xmas 2011, and you have to have a dongle for wifi if that helps?

  • how about not like this? @@@ :/ stfu!

  • Yeah, die Sont, die! Long live Sony :)

  • jag

    you can buy a nfc dongle/ adapter online so you can pair your xperia to any LED TVs/ Smart TVs.

  • hans

    Have Just Seen The Xperia Z Yesterday. It’s sure is one hell of a device. but the disappointing thing is, Sony use that shatter proof layer on top of scratch resistant screen, which the layer gets scratchy quite easily. shouldn’t be that way. oleophobic gorilla glass will br definitely better than with shatter proof layer applied.

  • Exactly!

  • Carlo

    Bragging about silly technology. How about putting your skills to use, and keeping the existing
    customers happy? Sony is useless, they are using the methods of the 80’s and 90’s, promoting so called technology, and forgetting the products that got them there . . .

  • JG

    Amazing! I saw the XZ yesterday and it broke my heart to leave the store not buying the device because it was out of my budget…. huhuhu… I want one!!!!

  • anonymous

    Stupid comment :)

  • what is the model of tv ? does anyone know ?

  • i dont needit since i got a XZ but since i know they’re commin .
    here is a spoiler for all who post this question evrywhere : stupid sony where is jellybean for X10 /p/j/s etc

  • Rahul Joshi

    If I am not wrong, one of the video shows IR connection between Xperia Z and the camera. But Xperia Z doesnt have IR support.

  • i dont think so. forgeting a device after 6 months is bad policy. updates are so slow. look at xperia s. still no jelly bean. Samsung update to 4.1.2 since september and they recently update Galaxy S 2 which is older than xs. they know of the fast updates and good support of phones. Sony on the other hand is more like HTC. too many phones too fast and bad support and updates.

  • dereknobuyuki

    First, the Nex 5R has WiFi and uses DLNA. The camera and phone can talk to each other that way.

    Second, there seems to be a lot of confusing about what device can and cannot do with infrared. A lot of this seems to stem from whether iR communication is 2-way and its range. Devices like the Xperia Tablet Z do not support iR communication (which caused some confusion on xperiablog) but can still send iR signals — It just can’t receive them.

    My carrier’s version of the Xperia Z smartphone supports both sending iR signals at range to receivers such as a TV and 2-way iR communication (for example, to exchange contact information with a feature phone). The Xperia Tablet Z in my market supports the first 1-way communication but not the second 2-way communication.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Check the highest-end bravia devices in your local market

    but for me the one-touch mirroring and the throwing video’s TV looks like the Bravia HX950 which I know supports NFC pairing, etc. all for a ridiculously expensive price. But it makes sense that you’d use their highest-end premium devices to shoot promotional materials.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Any ideas, art-direction-wise, why every video looks so washed out? Almost as if they shot the promotional materials on a smartphone or something =P

    But, it’s about time that other markets in the world start using mobile device NFC for something other than payment systems. In Japan, however, I’d almost guess that McDonald’s coupons are one of the biggest uses of NFC. (~__~)

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  • Thanks

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  • jjghj

    Oh thankyou :)
    Sony FTW

  • raj

    wait and see, just like they are abandoning xperia s they will do the same thing for xperia z with android 5

  • raj

    i disagree with one point from what you said, sammy haven’t abandon gs2 it is been updated android 4.1 and going to get 4.2 and so it sony,htc, lg…..

  • raj

    you arre right sony is so behind in term of keeping customer happy, im still waiting for jellybean for xperia s should have gone for gs2

  • lolsomany

    agreed, when new xperia z successor coming in quarter 3 of this year

  • lolsomany

    my friends gs2 already use jellybean, xperia arc s already in graveyard

  • lolsomany

    x10 can’t because they already outdated hardware device but xperia arc s should get jb

  • Apple

    I swear if I get a dollar for every bitch that bitch about the XS here, I’d be able to buy 1000 iPhones :)

  • Apple

    So please keep yp the bitching here about your XS so I can fulfill my dream of a bathtub filled with iPhones <3

  • ty but since i got XZ i dontcare about other updates my x10 is just an extraphone

  • dereknobuyuki
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