Xperia Z disassembly video

by XB on 15th April 2013

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Xperia ZThe Sony Xperia Z is a beautifully constructed phone with its glass back and glass fibre polyamide frame. The handset is a sealed unit with embedded battery. It’s certainly not an easy handset to take apart, but if you’re up for the challenge then check out the video below.

You’ll need to do some preparation beforehand and make sure you have the right tools including a scraping tool, Philips screwdriver and Pincet tool. The back cover is removed by heating it, once it is off you can get access to the other parts by taking out four screws. The battery occupies a large part of the rear and can be removed next. The video then shows how you can take out the cameras, mainboard, antenna and loudspeaker. Check out the full video below.

Thanks Domino!

  • Andrew D

    Throw it off a tall building… I’m sure it’ll do the same job. LOL

    Why would anyone wanna go and disassemble this phone?

  • cp2020

    Water can’t touch my XZ but 10 seconds with hair dryer opens it like a tin of beans…

  • Carlo

    Want to take apart the Xperia Z? Smash it on a wall, or drive over it.

    What’s the reason for the delay of software update for Xperia S?

  • This will surely help me fix my xperia z in the future, because sony won’t fix their own hardware.
    Not to mention sony always late with everything :(

  • Their more products then people on their software team.
    Aka their software team size is between 1 and 15 people way to small.
    Anyway petition against the slow updates and fixes.

    Also i’m not xperia s owner i’m xperia tablet s owner their more people with similar issues but different sony hardware :)
    This petition is for all sony android devices.

  • To proof a point.
    This from skype with sony community manager when i was helping him out try re produce issues on tablet s
    [15-3-2013 02:30:39] Peter Tat: the problem is that there are less engineers

    [15-3-2013 02:30:42] Peter Tat: but more products

  • Madsham

    Nice, now where did I put that last screw……

  • Julio Spinoza

    Not really, in the video he says that takes longer than just a few seconds, really takes like 4 or 5 minutes heating the cover

  • Datoman

    Will the back cover go back on and be water tight?

  • i already sign this petition since i owned xperia z and i don’t want my beautiful device didn’t get update since android 5.0 will be released this year

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  • ???

    WTF?????SONY Xperia S 4.1.2????????????? where????????
    LG L5 L7 is 4.1 s2 is 4.1 note 4.1 WTF?

  • Bayhas Kana

    What happens to water resistance when you take it apart?

  • APai

    go sony! produce another dozen more phones for this quarter!

  • suraj

    at list tell me when release xperia s JB update

  • suraj

    at list tell me when release xperia s JB update we can’t wait any more. Xperia s is High range smart Device. Still lot of bug are there ICS. at list tell me how many day we will wait more….

  • Giuliano

    What the fuck has this article to do with the Xperia S.
    Don’t you understand you’re completely off topic, and don’t you understand you’re disturbing and annoying the other readers who look for appropriate comments?
    No, probably you just don’t understand.

  • Don’t think I will be trying that!

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  • EowynCarter

    Sony don’t update phones. Keep dreaming…
    They clearly stated that sola won’t have bug fix. So version update ? Probability of Xperia Z being updated to Key Lime is close to zero..

  • EowynCarter

    Forever ! The update is a lie.

  • then i’ll go buy new xperia phones :)

  • Dean

    Sick of the Xperia s update trolls always taking over unrelated threads piss off the only thing that you need to update is your shitty old Xperia S which is shit anyway and has a horrible screen get a new phone idiots lol

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  • Hamza Salau

    It is nice that the z’s battery is so easy to replace

  • Hamza Salau

    If you want the jelly bean update for The xperia s smash it on a wall or drive over it?

  • I’m not from sony i have no idea, but considering sony is always late probably late aka not anytime soon.

  • yep they must learn the hard way.

  • Deathtotrolls

    Just leave the faggots to orgasm over their gayy petition and shit, they’ll switch to Samsuck eventually anyways since Sony doesn’t read this blog, nor will they give a fuck about a few whining faggots

  • 9 pros versus 2 cons: Carlo’s comment wins

  • Giuliano

    We Italians should know better than others that democracy sucks.

  • Giuliano

    Anyhow, we’ve now got 8 (net) vs 8..

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  • I like how you assume that as if it already happened…

  • EowynCarter

    Well, as far as the sola is concerned, that’s facts.
    And my guesses about the Sola where quite right…

  • I don’t work for sony but if i did the issues would be first priority :)

  • superfly

    If you have an xperia z why would you need an xperia s sound like you making this up and don’t own either

  • superfly

    You talking shit why would a multi billion dollar company only have 1 person working on software you really are a moron.

  • moronic flamer

  • t do all of this u have to know what ur doing sothis post is probably for devs and tweakers ,phone repair shops. not for u who still dont get it

  • ppl likeu need toreplaceurbrain not the battery. unlessu beingfunny

  • Dani

    Sony has a great service, allways if something is broken, they will pick it up from my house and fix it in 2 weeks, i had with ps2, it scratched my dvd, i got an othe ps2 and the game, and another game for the inconveniance

  • their screwing up to much with their android devices right now, but they fixing stuff now finaly and fixing everything sooner or later.
    Problem atm is software issues cannot be fixed by replacing a unit or sending over rma, software engineers have to work on update which sony is neglecting way to much.

  • Anon

    Say the ‘faggots’ that will be moaning the same next year about their Xperia Z and Android 5.0

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  • Tajhric fox

    how do u replace an Xperia Z frame without having to destroy the glass?

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