Camera shootout: Xperia Z goes up against the Galaxy S4 and HTC One

by XB on 18th April 2013

in Imaging, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Camera roundup_Overview_2If you want to see how the Sony Xperia Z fares against other Android flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One in the camera department, then check out some sample pictures below. You can click on each picture to see the full resolution sample.

It is interesting to note the average size of each image in this shootout. For example, the Galaxy S4’s pictures are 5MB on average, the Xperia Z’s pictures are 2.8MB whilst the HTC One pics are 1.2MB. It goes to show how each manufacturer handles compression, although saying that we do not know what settings were used to capture each image.

You would expect the HTC One to have the lower file size given the lower megapixel sensor, but both the Xperia Z and Galaxy S4 have 13MP sensors. Sony Xperia users have long bemoaned the fact that images are over compressed. Take a look below and let us know whether you can tell the difference.

Camera shootout: Xperia Z versus HTC One and Galaxy S 4

[Please click on photo samples to enlarge]

Camera roundup_Overview_1


Xperia Z
Teddy_Xperia Z


Samsung Galaxy S4

Night shot

Xperia Z
Night_Xperia Z


Samsung Galaxy S4


Xperia Z
Market_Xperia Z


Samsung Galaxy S4


Xperia Z
Flowers_Xperia Z


Samsung Galaxy S4


Xperia Z
Bottles_Xperia Z


Samsung Galaxy S4

Via ePrice.

Thanks Marco B!

  • Keon Fraites

    Sony needs to decrease the amount of compression they do, yes the images will be bigger and may fill up the sd card faster but hey, it’s what we’d like can always copy them to a PC for storage or cloud. Maybe should integrate RAW camera imagery in future update but you know it’s just me thinking :)

  • Felipe Pimenta

    HTC One looks the worse out of the three. Both Z and S4 looks good, but Z looks better, IMO. But it’s more of me, because I like more dark styled photos.

  • Vatroslav Špani?ek

    Unfortunately, Xperia Z is the worst. Much more noise than Galaxy S4, and worse performer in night. HTC One is better than Z but worse than S4. Since both S4 and Z use same sensor, Sony should improve camera software and remove or decrease image compression. COME ON SONY, READ USERS POST because we paid for our phones and we expect support and improvements where needed.

  • Paul

    This comparison is worthless without knowing the modes and settings used I’m each device. Different settings can produce wildly differing results.

  • Alan

    S4 best

  • they are not using burse mode I take it, already known issue with the NR for z and zl camera auto mode. Z low light still kind of crappy. Both S4 and Z camera are nearly identical so they should be close.

  • S4 is the clear winner here. HTC One is also better than Xperia Z. The problem may be firmware related (I hope it is) otherwise Exmor RS sensor seems to be pretty medieval.

  • Xperia Z RULES!

  • sfordesign

    don’t fall into sony’s phone camera advertisement trap plz..

  • James Earley

    Sadly Sony seems to have clearly lost this. The S4’s are better.

  • sfordesign

    the first photo is enough to tell everything. that “poo poo color effect” from xperia z…well i am done.

  • Should? They need to improve their camera software

  • Vatroslav Špani?ek

    Of course! :D
    I still can´t believe there is no response from Sony about obviously lousy camera software. No update about work in progress or anything else. They are ignoring us by not responding to our comments, except few comments about escalating things. All they write is “we cannot speak about software updates, all infos are at our product blog”. If support staff is told to do that and talk to their customers like that, they will not be 3rd smartphone maker. I paid for my phone very much, and I am generally very pleased with it but this situation with camera and Sony´s attitude towards customers is very disrespectful.

  • Could it be that they write that is because they don’t know what’s going on? We’ll never know.

  • Vatroslav Špani?ek

    There must be something with software because S4 uses same sensor as Z. They might have problems with saving large size pics in memory but I doubt that. Sony often had issues with compression. It might be an old habit that is har to get rid of.

  • BobbyClark

    They are identical, the software and optimisation is different. I’m guessing the Xperia P’s 8mp is similar to the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3’s 8mp.

  • BobbyClark

    I’m guessing Sony wants to keep file sizes down so you can upload it easier to social networking websites. They haven’t fixed the compression issues since the Xperia S, so don’t hope too much.

  • htc one looks like crap in dark conditions while it should look better.
    Xperia z looks pixelated and sharp.
    While htc one and samsung look smoother
    Htc one and xperia z look grainy while samsung does’t.
    In dark conditions tough xperia z wins while htc one and samsung look awfull.

    Its bassicly down to what you think looks best no clear winner tbh.
    xperia Z would be my choice because just looks more vivid and richer.

    I’m not fan off sony’s android software tough but i asume everyone found out already.

  • lovebmw

    Sensor 13.1mp + Picture size 2 mb = that’s what you get when you hire a clown for the camera software. Hahaha it’s funny

  • DrazenDodig

    HTC One colors look consistently washed out… not sure why people are saying it looks better. They also have least details.

  • DrazenDodig

    HTC One has washed out colors and low detail… look at the floors in those two pics – you dont see the details, or colors of roses, they are washed out.

  • Samuel Serafim

    S4 Wins. HTC One very good too.
    Xperia Z, again sony with not so good cameras. I always told this.

  • Julio Spinoza

    In the first picture, all the samples were taken with the Xperia Z because is the only water proof. LOL

  • afzal

    I can see xperia z handling over expose very well. Looking at the image of the bottle. i notice the s4 image result creating to much over expose causing the back image burn ( but creating the main subject more in detail )compare to xperia z where the back image lights expose still in balance.

  • yuskhanzab

    from this 3 comparison, looks like i chose HTC is the best.

  • i own an XZ and if u know about pics u can see the htc is washed out the XZis close to the s4 , the onlydifference is that the xz seems exagerated while the s4 colors looks more natural

  • japs

    sony fans (including myself), it’s time we admit sony has lost the battle of flagships with the xperia z. please avoid rationalizing and defending sony. we’ve been seeing similar results in variious websites. now, it can’t be said that they’re just being manipulated to make sony look bad.

    it’s really sad how sony, a maker of excellent cameras, is losing the camera battle for smartphone flagships. even htc one is beating it. sony should realize where they’ve gone wrong. they can’t realize it if we keep telling them nothing’s wrong and that the competition is just trying to make the xz look bad.

    sony has to release a new flagship and address all the xperia z problems we can clearly see.


    inferior display

    poor sound

    old internals (processor etc)

    poorly performing camera (users should be allowed to determine their own compression or an option for raw shots should be provided)

    skip the use of a shatter proofing layer (should be oleophobic coating to make the most of the dragontrail/gorilla glass scratch-proofing. shatter proofing is unnecessary since they are confident that the glass used won’t break when the xz is dropped at normal conditions)

    sony, please bring back the made in japan prestige. we (at least I) don’t want koreans and taiwanese or even the chinese ruling the electronics world.

  • japs

    has anybody tried taking photos using a different camera app with the xperia z?

    please, those who have the device try using a third party camera so we can properly conclude whether or not the problem lies on the software or is it simply sony’s combination of lenses and sensors. sensors are not everything in a camera after all.

    or is the glass back of the sony also affecting camera quality?

  • testor

    or the glass back may also affect image quality.

  • 565

    look at the low light performance. where’s the result sony is bragging about with the exmor rs sensor? i’m really losing it sony. i may go for samsung within the year if i don’t see anything better than the s4 from you.

  • vortex0307

    How come a top camera producer like sony lose to htc and samsung??

  • The S4 wins in my opinion, I’m damn sure there is a problem with the software, the lens on Sony phones are the best but it doesn’t excel because of the software.

  • unknow

    this time i have agreed. they are so stuck up with software big time. (i used sony in every generation of android.) quality picture S4 is better and camera software for both S4 and HTC one are better in cam Mode like HTC one = Zoe and S4 Drama shot, and ETC (More innovative for new product). i think sony could do better than that. i might not want to buy Sony anymore

  • I’ve got an Xperia S and I take better pictures with it than those posted here! I bought the Xperia S to actually take beautiful pictures! Seriously there are so many parameters you can change in the xperia before taking a nice shot. I bet they didn’t even change any settings in the cameras before taking the pictures! It seems like they used “Infinity focus” on the Xperia Z here, in the Teddy and the bottles picture where they should have used single or multi focus mode! The picture below was taken from my Xperia S! Now you are telling me that an Xperia Z with HDR are taking lousy pictures like those! LOL,

  • Amsakanna

    Looks like S4 has more exposure

  • Alex Ferdean

    I had an Xperia S for 10 months and I had the cybershot mod installed. The problem is not only the quality but also the speed. Yes I could take great photos with the right settings, but it’s too slow and too much compressed. I was always taking pics with -0.3 or -0.7 otherwise some kind of fog would have been on top of my photos and the dynamic range is not that great. Not to mention the slow autofocus while filming.
    So, Sony’s the cameras are maybe the best out there, but the software part is just awful and they need to do something about it.

  • PhonySony

    Besides deceiving the user by totally oversaturating and oversharpening the image, even your picture is revealing heavy noise reduction artifacts. Just look at the raindrops on the upper leaf.
    And yes, Xperia S is taking far better pictures than Xperia Z. Many comparisons have shown that before.

  • DeadCam

    > In dark conditions tough xperia z wins while htc one and samsung look awfull.

    Uhm, come again? Maybe you swapped the captions of the pictures? And for the sharpness: Look at the riffles on the leaves of the Samsung flower pic. Then _try_ to find those riffles in the Sony pic. THEN repeat the phrase “Xperia Z looks sharp”. :-)

  • Yes, I agree it’s kinda slow at times! The trick with the exposure is your point of focus actually!! If you focus right into a light source, then the picture indeed gets blurry! I normally use touch focus so that I can avoid direct lights so that I don’t lose EV!!

  • Yes I kinda noticed that after uploading the pic! Infact you do lose quality when you upload pictures in websites! When viewing the original image on an hd screen, it’s totally different :).

  • SorrySony

    I’m just waiting to get my next laugh with the Xperia L “camera phone”. Yes they are advertising it like this. As long as they don’t _dramatically_ improve the software and reduce that ridiculous compression and noise reduction, Sony’s 2013 phone cameras are a total fail.

  • SorrySony
  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    Galaxy S4 clearly seems to be taking the best pics. But the pictures taken with One seem to slightly washed out. I am disappointed with the camera of Xperia Z, but going by the pictures above, it seems to be better than HTC One at least.

  • phantom_p

    Sony got owned in their own turf. Embarrassing.

  • Well, the camera is more than just a sensor. You’ve got the lens, aperture and a lot more, that should be taken into account.

    These tests should be taken with the same camera software, a thirdparty app from the Play Store, to see how the CAMERAs compare…

  • pixlas

    How about inviting a proffessional photographer that can configure and take the best possible pictures with each phone. Using the Auto setup is hardly the best in every scene.
    I’d really like to see a shoot out like that. Preferably with people from each company shooting, to increase credability.

  • von

    Its not that Sony can’t give a great camera to its phone it just DOESN’T want to. It does not want to cannibalize its Point and Shoot Camera division! Its a Japanese brand with a very conservative approach on things .

  • hans

    If you download the file presented here (especially the one with night scene on the streets) it is clear that the Sony was locked to ISO 800, but the one from Samsung doesn’t have any meta data displayed about the ISO, so i suspect the Sony picture was taken at locked ISO but Samsung was taken with auto setting. the bottles photo has the similar setting, but with Samsung set at ISO 640 and Sony set at ISO 250 (which both seems set at auto).

    So with all these parameters given, nobody can say that Xperia Z takes dimmer photo or like so. But 1 thing i agree though, Software front is the one that Sony should focus on. But not like Gs4 which takes 5MB of pic (that is definitely out of mobile effective size i think ;) )

  • hans

    If you download the file presented here (especially the one with night scene on the streets) it is clear that the Sony was locked to ISO 800, but the one from Samsung doesn’t have any meta data displayed about the ISO, so i suspect the Sony picture was taken at locked ISO but Samsung was taken with auto setting. the bottles photo has the similar setting, but with Samsung set at ISO 640 and Sony set at ISO 250 (which both seems set at auto).

    So with all these parameters given, nobody can say that Xperia Z takes dimmer photo or like so. But 1 thing i agree though, Software front is the one that Sony should focus on. But not like Gs4 which takes 5MB of pic (that is definitely out of mobile effective size i think ;) )

  • I think the worst is HTC. Xperia and S4 are the same. Not counting a night scene because there are large differences in exposure.

  • ahs

    Depends on the settings really, I have been able to take some horrible and some beautiful pictures with my Z, don’t read to much into some random samples :)

  • rus_media

    And they can’t make it better. They are too bad for a giant company in software. They were the same with previous mobiles. How cannot they find out and solve this for a long time? Because they don’t understand the software

  • rus_media

    I had a cybershot camera too. It has the same compression problem like the mobile

  • ahd

    Because It is not that hard to notice the Z picture are taken with the worst possible settings ? , it does not get that yellow unless you change the white balance to “clouds”

  • I know, that’s why their dslr is better than others right? Camcorder? RX100 is shit ya?… /s
    It’s not that they didn’t solve it, they like it like that. That’s how their point and shoot are.

  • I am really Disappointed with my Xperia S camera.
    I was hopping the Z might get better camera but it seems S4 got a lot better camera :/
    Can’t Sony do something about the JPEG Compression?

  • Actually, they haven’t fixed the compression issue since forever.

  • I’m the typical fanboy who takes the good with the bad with Sony. But how they managed to make their images DARKER with MORE NOISE as compared to S4 that’s using the same sensor is beyond me lol. Sony, how can you manage that and claim it’s the best of Sony in a smartphone? Maybe it is their best after all eh?

  • Depth

    The best thing about iPhone camera that it prevents idiot from messing up the settings :p

  • Depth

    Tip: Lowering the ISO (400 or even 200) and turning HDR on even indoors leads to better exposure and much lower noise on the Z :)

  • SonyOS 0.3 beta

    > But not like Gs4 which takes 5MB of pic (that is definitely out of mobile effective size i think)

    Why?? What’s the point in taking 13 MP images, when compression eats up all the details and the result looks crappier than any 5 MP image?
    How is 5 MB file size large when you have SD cards with 16, 32 and 64 GB storage at hand?! You can _still_ downscale a file to crap size for posting crap on Facebook.

  • whatname

    if that’s their best, we shouldn’t be wondering why they are failing now.

  • hans

    Well as i wrote, “i think” is the key here. And plus if you say you could downscale first, imagine how much of a time needed to compress it yourself first rather than posting it straight away. 5MB is too much for general mobile usage, especially on the country where the bandwidth is so few (like mine), never mind when the connection drops in the middle. the max i could tolerate for such a picture is around 3MB or less. Bigger than that, it’s not space efficient. If you want the top notch image and eating your storage fast for your collection, better buy that SLR or the Sony NEX. Now that’s the right reason to have a bigger file size :)

    I don’t say that Sony’s approach is better, i just wish that Sony use another compression method than the currently used. Compression is still needed, but not with the current method.

  • dimos

    galaxy s4 for the win !!!

  • dimos

    wat did i just read?

  • surethom

    The wine bottles look way better on the Samsung. Sony is ONCE again over compressing there photos.

  • SonyOS 0.3 beta

    Makes no sense. If you only want to take a picture for “mobile usage” (?), you can still take it at a lower resolution. 13 MP is pretty pointless on any mobile display anyway, so why even bother with those resolutions for “mobile” usage?
    Take 3 or 5 MP pictures if you want to post them around, 13 MP pictures if you want to copy them to your local PC for non-mobile purposes. But please use practical compression ratios on ANY resolution. 13 MP is pointless when compression washes out all the details and all your great megapixels just drown in compression artifacts.

  • Ynos

    The bottles? The real pity is the vegetation behind the bottles. Looks a bit like modern art though…

  • surethom

    Sony needs better managment, there camera phones are the SAME as there compact cameras when you zoom into the phones they look like they were painted with a brush. Way Way over compressed.

    Good Buy Sony Im looking forward to the new Motorola Phones.

  • surethom

    Agree, iphone uses the same sensor from Sony but there photos are 100% better quality even when zoomed in.

  • reDalerT

    that last shot of bottles are misleading… that overall darkened effect is usually caused by initially focusing on the bright area (between the bottles)… if you focused on the darker parts (bottles) you get a clearer brighter picture… u can test it for yourself.. all phone cameras are like that by default

  • Fake!

  • dudz

    For me, xperia z photos are disappointing . Htc one does a good job for a first generation of a new approach with sensors. Galaxy s4 cant cover a good histogram interval, but probably hdr mode is off. As people says, i largely prefer xperia s photos.
    People blame the auto settings, but for me, smartphone users want a simple way to take photos, not everybody has the knowledge, time or patience to just take photos. So auto settings has to be smart and FAST enough to do the job and evaluating AI performance is as much important as lens and sensor quality. Any bad combination ruins completely a photo, as seen on this photo comparison , neither of them had a stellar result.
    Hope sony fix this with the new cybershot series of smartphones, coming this year!

  • hans

    But person in general always use the predefined resolution given by the manufacturer. So any additional steps will not be taken by them.

    And i know that even though the compression factor can be hacked (personal experience modding the app) the poat processing almost always ruin the image. So thats why i said that 3mb file is adequate, bigger file doesnt always mean better image. So sony needs to revamp the poat processing rather than simply use 5mb for image.

  • SonyOS 0.3 beta

    Ah, now I see your point. Yes, reducing compression while sticking to this insane level of noise reduction wouldn’t really improve the situation.
    Bottom line: Xperia camera phones 2013 just suck. Let’s hope for Captain Hindsight to take a trip to the Sony headquarters…

  • I’ll have to say a few things. we may want to be careful about the credibility of the review. I had went to read the source as a native Chinese reader and these are the points to note:

    – First the “review” was simply a post on a Taiwan discussion board, as it’s a discussion board, there is nothing to prove the credentials and reliability of the writer.

    – Further more recently Samsung is recently under investigation for hiring people (in Taiwan) to bash HTC online…
    no reason not so suspect that they’ll do the same to other competitors.

    – The writer has manipulated the info cleverly, by misleading the readers to make judgements on the photos without providing additional information on the settings used to take the photos, i.e Auto modes, HDR, exposure etc.

    – No way to verify that the photos are indeed taken on the respective phones as claimed, and it doesn’t help that the writer’s credentials are dubious.

    My own take:
    – It seems like none of the xperia Z photos had used HDR nor proper night mode in these series of photos as after cross referencing reviews from numberous established websites, these photos are a far cry from what the established websites had consistently reviewed)

    – However personally i do think sony does need to work on their camera software, i always found the photos too “noisy” after zooming in.

  • Carlo

    Sony should pack up! Usless. Their cameras work well with the OEM software, but once there is an update everything goes haywire . . .

  • aligamz

    Hey…what about that ASUS phone in the first photo?

  • abbas

    visit this link.dont judge by such nonesense from xperiablog(anti sony blog). as u can see xperia z and iphone 5 are 2nd with about same score much better than s3,lumia920 and bad one htc one. also its matter of software that s4 done better in some parts,while they have same sensor and because z do better in fastbrust mode than normal mode(thats odd) ,and hope,it will solve via future update as sony promise.–iPhone-5-Nokia-Lumia-920-and-Galaxy-S-III_id3285/page/7 xperiablog ,why u write such antisony article?

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  • InspectorGadget80

    how bout just release the damn XPERIA Z or ZL in the states i could care less bout camera specs

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  • BobbyClark

    Everyone should just give up hope then lol.

  • Khalistan

    India free khalistan.

  • Giggle

    try to go search wikipedia sony’s company and compare it with samsung company. Samsung employee has 369k while sony has 162k employee. That why samsung can make even better since they have a lot of workers rather then sony who had less about 200k man power a far behind from samsung. dont compare with HTC bcoz HTC only focusing on 1 field that is telecommunication while samsung and sony is conglomerate company and they making a lot of electronic things suchs as laptop,tv and smartphone :D

  • roeshak

    From what I can see the Zs pictures have the most detail. The difference to me seems in exposure. They probably just used normal camera on all phones but the Sony is the only that allows you to adjust the exposure.
    For me, the Sony’s pictures are the best, just a bit under exposed. Increasing the exposure value just a tad bit would have done it. The htcs by far and away the worst, over exposed, washed out, lacking detail. The s4 gets the exposure right but the quality isn’t better or more detailed than the Zs.
    The guys moaning must have a very peculiar way of judging pictures indeed.
    They could also be out to make mischief or they could very well be disgruntled S users. If it’s the latter, I kind of understand. Most of them must really hate Sony right now considering the pitiful way the S was treated. If I had remained with the S as my main phone, I’d probably be just as pissed off.

  • Roeshak

    now that I’ve looked at these images on my computer, the s4 actually looks a bit over exposed. It only took the better shot in the night shot. The Z beats it in every other picture. The teddy, market, the wine and the flower shot all look better on the Z.
    I first saw them on my phone and the small scale hid certain things.
    Now I feel the Z won this battle happily. The HTC’s pictures are just awful. Seriously over exposed and terribly washed out. The 4mp resolution shows it weakness and that’s really going to hurt that phone badly. For weeks we’ve been hearing from tech sites so excited by it’s aluminium body, processing specs together with that underlying reluctance to loose a beloved manufacturer.
    They have consistently overlooked the phone’s flaws and over played it’s strenghts.
    The phone is getting into the hands of a wider audience now and those flaws are slowly being exposed. Next in line, the laughable idea that it has the best display on the market.
    Some great work done here by the Z.

  • Well, I just got my Xperia ZL so I havent been able to test it out much yet, but from these samples I think that Z did the worst. I personally don’t do much night or low light shooting from these pictures, it is obviously the HTC One stands out in those settings but Galaxy S4 performs better in all-round quality. I was mainly concerned about focus and zoomed into text. The wine settings was obvious that the S4 did the best; One and Z were hard to differentiate

  • Titoine

    I agree with that

  • I disagree about the photos quality of Z. Take a closer look at the market photos between Z and S4. Zoom to the top left corns where signboard furthest away. Here’re the zoomed in snap shots of SZ and S4:


    Also you can zoomed into the yellow sign boards on top. The words of the sign boards are much sharper for SGS4.

  • Mr. Khan

    Fix it dude, don’t complaint dude..

  • roeshak

    If you focus onto a light source, increase the exposure value. That sorts things out. That’s why you have the option. A lot of these issues points to poor photography on the part of the picture taker and not the camera itself

  • roeshak

    The blurring is down to noise. The s4 camera has a higher exposure value and so let’s in more light and so less noise and blurring when you zoom in. These indoor shots should have been taken with an exposure value of between 0.3 and 0.7. The default exposure of the normal camera of the Z has obviously been set by Sony at a lower level than that set by Samsung on the S4. The image quality is better on the Z on almost all the pics. Increasing the exposure value would have reduced significantly the noise when cropped.
    I’m guessing most people commenting here are Xperia S users who have no idea of the Zs camera capabilities.
    I’ll tell you now, the softwareon the S’s camera was a big let down but that’s not the case with the Z.
    I’ve done a lot of tests against the S, iPhone 4S/5 and the Z beats them easily.
    I know S users are upset but a lot of the comments I’m reading here point to people who have no idea what they’re talking about. Many are even saying the htcs is better which is just stupidity.
    Hopefully the in update for the S is imminent and finallyyou guys can finally just chill with the hate.
    It’s got to the point of insanity now. We’ll Sony brought it on itself. They didn’t expect the S to sell as well as it did and planned to ditch it. Trouble is, they should have alerted their plans once the sales figures came in which they didn’t and for that, they deserve the blame

  • no one can deny that colors in samsung camera is best
    but in case of night shot i feel samsung give nice colors but a false impression about night it’s like another time from day
    and if we look in details in pictures of roses the words beside roses is best apperaing in sony xperia z
    and at all i like in z : beer .. market…roses i feel it’s realistic
    samsung: night … bottles best colors but false impression
    so i see sony xperia z best in 3pics from 5
    so i like it most
    that’s all if these shots taken with the same mode
    i can’t believe the night shot from xperia z is at sup mode or at night mode … i take better shots in night with me
    only thing i hate in z camera is the zoom
    but i like the phone at all :D

  • I couldn’t agree more, cuz i’ve tried some AWESOME shots like the one u have with my Xperia S, sharp like RAZOR, and clear like CRYSTAL!

  • My Xperia S with its 12mpx will disable the capabilities of S4’s camera!

  • Xperia Z rules!

    however, Xperia S’s camera is better than those trios!

  • Nick

    That is very disappointing processing by the Z. I would easily take the lower resolution shots from the One over Sony’s flagship.
    When looking over the Z’s shots, I find they’ve been processed to the point where some areas are looking as though they’ve had a sort of oil painting-like filter applied – very blotchy/cartoony.

    I would love to see an option to shoot raw on mobiles, allowing us to process them as we see fit – or at least choose processing levels like sharpening, noise removal, contrast, etc.

  • AlexBurnout

    One Sucks.

  • Glasses4You

    Your eyes are broken.

  • saeed74

    galaxy 1st
    Xperia 2nd
    one 3rd

  • my xperia S does a better shots than ur Z, one, and S4

  • ? ?

    Can u do the review urself instead of “learning” from Taiwan website?

  • Abdullah B

    I have the HTC One. Before that I was using my mum’s Xperia Z. I have to say that my HTC One’s camera is really good and the pictures never come washed out. The Z, however, lacks detail. It just has a really shocking camera. Maybe an update will sort it out. If they update and sort it out, I’ll swap my One for the Xperia Z. I really wanted a Sony this year, but unfortunately it didn’t tick all the boxes

  • Neil Jacquest

    Is that really your picture? I have the z and it still has plastic on back as I’m waiting for gel case and so have taken no pictures so far. I got some amazing pictures on my Sony Ericsson Satio (crap phone!) my xperia arc s was massively disappointing really, really!Satio was great but I still found myself comparing pictures to a 5mp SE handset with cyberhot features that produced amazing images. I hope my xperia z lives up to it when I get the plastic off. I just think it takes pictures too quick to ever focus properly, adjust light etc, hopefully I’m wrong. Also is that picture taken in macro mode? That always produces amazing detail, I’ve been able to count pollen grains on flower heads with my SE satio which was made to take pictures but awful on my xperia arc s. Camera quality went downhill with the move to smart features. Are you photo expert or just a bit of an enthusiast?

  • no one can deny that colors in samsung camera is best
    but in case of night shot i feel samsung give nice colors but a false impression about night it’s like another time from day
    and if we look in details in pictures of roses the words beside roses is best apperaing in sony xperia z
    and in bottles look at the background in s4 and z u will find s4 have a low details background and sony have every detail
    and at all i like in z : beer .. market…roses i feel it’s realistic
    samsung: night … bottles best colors but false impression
    so i see sony xperia z best in 3pics from 5
    so i like it most
    that’s all if these shots taken with the same mode
    i can’t believe the night shot from xperia z is at sup mode or at night mode … i take better shots in night with me
    only thing i hate in z camera is the zoom
    but i like the phone at all :D

  • Neil Jacquest

    I know very little about photography but after reading this article I was rather annoyed about my recent purchase of the xperia z (I’m on it now must say this swipe finger to type thing is amazing lol!) still had plastic on back so couldn’t test photos as its frosted plastic (am waiting for gel case to arrive and didn’t want to scratch it! If anyone owns this phone and is as non technical as me you might not know about this swipe text my sister shown me! I didn’t know before try it works perfect the quickest way of typing ever!!!!) right the camera, as soon as I read this article I had to take the plastic right off and take some test photos. Assuming auto shoot would be the best as I know nothing and it having the same i+auto logo as my dad’s£500 Sony camera thought this must be the best setting! Took some crap photos! Use normal shoot mode, no scene! Always haveHDR on! Flash auto, off, or red eye, really depends on what your shooting! The big difference comes from choosing the correct white balance for the light you have available! The other thing is the exposure value which if you just mess around for the light you’re in you will see the huge difference! And I haven’t tried it yet but the ISO settings will make a big difference I’m sure I have it on auto at the min! You can see I know nothing about photography this is for beginners like me! Take auto off!!! Mess around with the settings and you will take amazing photos!!! As I said I know nothing but the settings to concentrate on playing around with are flash, white balance, exposure value, ISO, keep auto off and don’t use the pre-set scenes. You will soon pick it up just by looking at the photos you have taken! Start by setting up the phone in a set position and don’t move it! Take multiple photos whilst changing the settings! I used my PS3 and blu-ray collection with some multi coloured neon plastic lighters lined up in front of them and after some trial and error got some amazingly detailed and vibrantly colored photos that were very close to the real natural colors I could see for real rather than the over saturated digital looking colors you get in many photos. Play around and it is brilliant, has a ridiculous amount of settings and you need to use them!!

  • Neil Jacquest

    Have said I’m non technical but I will work out how then upload the photos I am talking about. This swipe text!!! Encyclopedia chemistry lecturer formaldehyde fermentation alliteration it’s getting every word I swipe correct every time lol!!!!

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  • DDroid45

    I believe none of them samples

  • so this’s htc one 4mp camera….





  • Jo

    I shell my XZ for a S4 !

  • Mughees

    assuming the cameras on each of the phones set on auto mode AND same distance from the subjects (lighting conditions surely look the same):

    S4 clearly is a winner here in comparison to Experia Z and HTC One’s 4 Mega Pixel camera…

    The point is not whether you can take better pictures than this or not using whatever phone you have; its the results from each camera in the same conditions.

  • a

    Having owned the Xperia Z. I felt that the phone tended to merge noise – in bid to make the photos less noisy of course- into a blur making the images look smoother from afar but less sharp. Just my two cents. Not sure if anyone is facing the same thing. On a side note, the Mobile Bravia Engine is awesome and so is the ClearAudio >.< two things which I really liked!

  • David

    Xperia Z photo is a serious joke. Xperia S take much better photo and it is much cheaper too.

  • Charles Choo

    all of this photo using auto mode,bitch

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  • Neil Jacquest

    S4 clear winner. Exmor s sensor medieval? But the s4 is built using the Exmor s sensor!

  • Neil Jacquest

    Anything different to say this time?

  • noway

    I agree with ?? ?ocker, this review is terrible. I also have the previous xperia model called Xperia Acro S which is only 12 mp camera and it takes amazing pictures way better than the Galaxy S4 , Xperia Z and HTC all put together .

    And yet the xperia Z looks like total crap here, so does that mean my Acro S is much better than the next model up which is Xperia Z? How can 12 megapixel be better than 13 megapixel? There is something very wrong with this review.
    My Sony Xperia acro S takes pictures a 100 times better than the pictures here taken with the Xperia Z. So either Sony is retarded for releasing a new mode which is infact worse than the previous model or the person who uploaded these is completely bogus.

  • Sasmusng S4 use Sony camera!!! Search google!!!

  • ayush

    Yo yo honey yo yo sony

  • AstroBoy

    You brought that in your blog to prove Xperia Z’s camera is the best? Well, unfortunattly you failed. Look, for example, in the first picture of the Tedy bare. The collors in the xperia Z camera is pale and yellow. They are not real at all.

  • drtaymoor

    First S4
    Second HTC
    last Xperia Z

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  • Samny Xalaxy S4

    not to be rude to my Xperia Z but i honestly think night shot is better in Galaxy S4 and the pcture of chinese grocery store is also done best by Galaxy S4, However with the alcohol bottle photo Xperia Z is done the best.

  • Rafa

    The quality of Sony is its excellent camera, I’m impressed by his nocturnal birth almost no shots, Samsung has a crap of camera and light at night is only the most enlightened objects. Samsung has paid for publishers and false and give much publicity shots, Samsung is crap and I can not imagine the crap Galaxy s6

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