Telstra points to mid-May release for Xperia P’s Jelly Bean update

by XB on 18th April 2013

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Xperia P pressWhilst we have been hearing some details on when we might expect to see the Jelly Bean update for the Xperia S (LT26i), we haven’t heard much on timelines for the rest of the Xperia family. Well, Australian carrier, Telstra, has an estimated release date of 14 May 2013 for the Xperia P (LT22i) update.

Interestingly, the carrier says that the initial submission was delayed until the 12 April. The expected approval date is 30 April, with the planned customer release on 14 May. If these timelines are still correct, then we’d probably see the generic update appear before this. Hopefully, we will see the Xperia Go JB update arrive at a similar time.

Xperia P JB Telstra

Via Telstra.

Thanks @billbond4!

  • fikrimml

    This is one of the reason why i hate SONY….this will be the last time i buy phone from them…htc ,motorola and samsung are far more better than SONY…. !!

  • tush

    What the fuck..???
    now its may…2 months late…

  • kamesvara

    They give hope, on the due date they ruin the hope…cruel, wicked, never will I buy another sony phone.

  • jeevan

    sony poop chute!

  • XperiaFan_

    I don’t mind waiting if it’s a well worked on, and bug fixed version. :)

  • The Android OEMs are all pretty bad to be fair. I would say Sony is the worst of them all in my experience given their treatment of customers buying the high-end flagship devices. But if Android updates are important to you save yourself the heartbreak and buy a Nexus phone.

  • Oh Sony, I try to defend you, but…

  • does wifidirect will work this time…or it will remain as showpiece

  • DrazenDodig

    I guess S2 and Note customers are not high end.

  • Ibiki

    I hope it will get 3.4 kernel,and it willl be much quicker,beacouse all other things(2013 look) i got from the mods ;p

  • Xperia P and S owners life just got meaning and hope now! lol

  • Andrew D

    Honest, I think when I’m getting a new phone I’ll try something else.
    Maybe an Oppo Find5
    I ain’t sticking to a brand no more

  • its so delayed #hopeless

  • It is coming with 3.0.8 kernel only. Primary reason is due to the discontinuation of NovaThor SoCs. Secondly the leaked version also had 3.0.8 kernel. Hard luck.

  • Are you kidding me now?-_- When they released they were. In 2011 there was no JB.

  • Mitu

    Submission delayed until 12 April. That means that the carriers may have already got the update.

    So it’s at least most likely that there will be no more delays meaning updated in June. xD

    Anyway – in my opinion the worst thing that Sony has done to Xperia P is the NovaThor processor – I expect that everyone is having issues with this CPU, including Sony. That’s the reason of delaying P’s update, and that’s the reason of leaving 512 MB RAMmed NXTs with ICS.

    However – their update is slow anyway. I like Sony’s changes to Anrdoid more than Samsung’s and HTC’s, but hey. In my opinion they should have skipped Android 4.1 and – in a month or two – deliver a newer 4.2. Updating Anrdroid every two versions wolud be a reasonable approach in my opinion.

  • cp2020

    Are they fuck…

  • aravinth sm

    Even after delaying the update for a month, surely the update will be buggy, and we still need to wait for another bug fixing update, sony your are great in after sale support :-(

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  • For the Australian carrier, Telstra

  • Do you happen to be using Telstra in Australia?

  • wifi direct works even in ics..

  • how? I tried yesterday to transfer a song to my phone. I enabled Wifi direct, and from a Samsung, I enabled it there too, connected to my Xperia P (notice that with my Xperia I don’t have a menu to connect to other wifi direct enabled devices, i can just turn it on or off), then proceeded to the file manager, choose share via wifi, no devices found… also, NFC… never worked.

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  • Markac

    The generic firmware should be out before Telstra’s version.

  • chevapravatdumrong {-_-}

    Same here. WiFi direct is only a decoration on my phone

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  • iceboy

    when is the JB update for xperia acro s?it was supposed to be launched on mid april !!!!

  • 1 download and install app called “fast file transfer” from market…
    2 turn in wifi direct on ur device and wifi on receiving device..
    3 select a file in any file manager u wish to transfer..
    4 under share option, u will see option called “fast file transfer”..
    5 select it..
    6 wait for while..
    7 then u will see one ip address generated below barcode on the screen…
    8 open that address in browser of receiving device..
    download will start automatically.. cheers :)

  • see my above comment.. :)

  • Amimanot

    This app does not use WiFi direct unfortunately, it uses WiFi hotspot in your phone. that’s why the app requires you to enter the ip address into the browser of the recipient phone and the fact that you can send file to a lumia even though Windows Phone does not have wifi direct (correct me if im wrong)

  • oops.. yes.. this app uses wifi tethering n not wifi…but still the job gets done.. 20x faster than bluetooth.. can transfer 1GB file in just 5-7 mins.. u can save that ip address as a bookmark to prevent from entering it again n again.. n u can send multiple files as with password protection.. what I wanted to say was if u have alternate ways then y u need such features..? some motorola handsets and one s/x from htc are not supported for this app but our Xperia p is..:)

  • Dhinu

    Need jb fa sola…plz

  • lol xD

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