Sony says Xperia P and Xperia go Jelly Bean update in “very final stage”

by XB on 19th April 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia go, Xperia P

Xperia-Jelly-BeanWe thought we’d bring you a very quick Friday update on the Jelly Bean firmware rollout. Sony has just tweeted to say that work on the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update is in its very final stage for the Xperia P and Xperia go.

They’ve also mentioned the Xperia S, Xperia SL, Xperia ion and Xperia acro S in parentheses, which makes us think that perhaps these updates will come after the Xperia P and Xperia go. Sony is promising “more news next week”. Hopefully, we’ll hear some positive news at that point of JB firmware actually rolling out. We’ll bring you more news as we have it.

  • Kima

    how many final stages they have? o.O OMG…

  • Carlo

    Fed up with Sony! Really wanted to see JB on the Xperia S, now I’m looking at Apple alternatives. They may not be as easy to customized like androids, but they are reliable and apple provides timely updates.


    lol another “MORE NEXT WEEK” like in december… all we will know is the JB will come somewhere in May…

  • rus_media

    More news next week. Not the update. Late again and again…

    Go on Sony go on. Keep your habit

  • Arne

    Great we (Sony Xperia S) users will receive he jelly bean update this year! :D how fast!

  • aravinth sm

    “More next week” means, they will tell update will commence from end of 2013, only that much we can expect from sony

  • i think they will roll out the jb for xs and sl and ion and acro s in the same time but first they will update p and go . hope to get the xs’s jb next week :)

  • aravinth sm

    still we go through final final final final final final stage, hhhm before releasing the update,
    any how the update will surely be a buggy one, for that they can release now itself without checking and we users will do something like the camera bug in .54, which continued even in .75

  • Fuckthisshit

    JB 2014! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH! LOVE YOU SONY<3 I will always buy your flagships for half a fortune and get the worst support in the busniess <3 LOVE YOU SONY<33333 Sony fanboys I embrace you! <3

  • rus_media

    Again I have canceled another Xperia Z. And I will never buy a Sony mobile again for sure. Really I wanted to see the JB on my XS first. But the Japanese are really worst.

  • potato

    December 2025: Promised jellybean update to be released next week. Can’t wait.

  • idk how much longer that very end lasts :/ ,, i just hope its bug free !

  • taz

    Yesterday I sold xperia s,today I bought S3,bye Sony. Peace!

  • sfordesign

    yep, keep the next week shit going

  • unlimited

  • We will receive the Jelly Bean update ! When all other phones will receive a update to key lime pie.

  • “Buggy final stage. “

  • “buggy final stage”.

  • Sony equals a big joke

    BS Sony! Selling my Xperia S next week and gettin SGS4 or Nexus 4. Hope you lose the mobile phone business game.

  • pixlas

    So many hired spammers here. How many people would go to a forum for something they don’t like and then also put down the effort to rant about their disappointment.
    It’s so obvious that they’re paid to nag on the brand.

  • Carlo

    If they are short of R&D staff? Put an ad out to hire people. I’m sure there are many people looking for jobs. You’ll can help them and they can help you’ll

  • Lucian

    it’s funny that for Sony lower end phones like XP and GO are more important than high end and flagship phones.

  • pixlas

    Looking forward to the GO update.


    If monday I dont get Jelly BEAN i bomb SONY

  • pixler

    Lol, what planet are you from?

  • sfordesign

    if the jelly bean update is not fast and reliable enough. i will persuade every single person i know to NEVER buy a sony phone. i so regret recommending 4 of my friend to get sony phones. i hope they don’t beat me up…

  • Sounds like Xperia S users could still be weeks away from getting their JB update still. Great work Sony. :)

  • Martin Nedbal

    Well we don’t have 4.1 yet and they should already be working on 4.2…

  • Stijn

    I’m sick of this. It’s def. gonna be Nexus next time.

  • Erick Orlando

    Yes, you right

  • christere14

    It’s a bit like those bands who go on farewell tours over and over.

  • Maybe Sony was going for comedy when they put together this upgrade plan.

  • Michael Chen

    More news next week?Is it that means we should wait more news next week rather than the update itself? I wanna curse now.

  • Yep that’s exactly how I read it.

  • hans

    Getting tired of reading people complaining about phone update for their already-perfect-enough-as-daily phone.. There’s an old saying that “if it doesn’t break, don’t fix it” but apparently everybody likes a cheap ass, fast, and lazy build of Android than a perfect but later build of Android. Sigh..

  • Uhm wtf did sony finaly hire more people ?
    Looks like sony is just toying with xperia S users doing them last but verry soon.

  • pixlas

    Well pixler, it’s called planet reality. It’s where the truth comes from. You might not have heard of it.

  • Michael Chen

    Since they ‘ve been working on 4.1so long, I don’t think they will not make good use of it,buying more time tomake you stay with them longer.

  • pixlas

    Yeah, and apparently their phones were never good either… It all comes down to the next cookie… Brain washed.

  • Alex Ruiz

    The xperience of reading the Xperia users complaining is worst that the moment when Sony said that the Jelly Bean update won’t roll out for my Xperia Sola.

  • Yusuf

    It better be worth the wait! :-)

  • I think if you experienced some of the problems others have suffered with on ICS and Xperia S you would be complaining too. Just because you don’t understand or haven’t experienced the performance issues others have, doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.

    ICS on Xperia S is about as far away from perfect as I can imagine.

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  • zerocools

    ComplainBlog oh well it’s not like it’s hard to flash a custom JB or anything.

  • My Xperia U hasn’t got ICS and they talk about JB, also my Xperia S still hasn’t got JB…

  • rahul

    oh sony by tweeting this, you have made me your fan again please release the update soon.

  • owl

    as an engineer/programmer myself, i understand the pain of thorough testing and ironing out as many bugs as possible and would prefer it if they deliver the update a little late, rather than an early one that is buggy left right and centre. jellybean, 4.1 or 4.2, doesn’t bring that many differences over ICS after all, at least not so many that i actually care about.

    customers will never be happy. if there’s no updates, they’ll complain. if there’s updates, they complain about the speed. if the update is speedy, they complain about the stability. and before you jump the gun and say “enough. no more sony, i’m getting SGS4”, remember that all manufacturers have problems. before you know it you’ve blacklisted all major brands and you’re left with cheap Chinese manufacturers. and good luck with those.

    OK back to the topic, I personally own an Xperia Go running 4.0.4 and I hope the relatively late arrival of the update is compensated by its quality.

  • which planet u live in?? ICS for XU was released long time back in september last year..

  • Michael Chen

    What’s the point of this piece of news?It doesn’t tell something meaningful.

  • afzal

    Xperia s spec might not entirely can keep up with jb os. So it might takes times to makes it work for us as end user . Afterall ics os still in a good shape even it being update to jb the xperiance still nothing major to impress. But i hope sony will double up the effort to support their first flagship as single brands “the xperia s”

  • aravinth sm

    ” jellybean, 4.1 or 4.2, doesn’t bring that many differences over ICS after all”
    then why they take so much time to give the update

  • aravinth sm

    well said :-)

  • Babylonbwoy

    Strange that you come here if you don’t own Sony mobile, I NEVER went to apple/samsung/HTC or watever website and I don’t even know how are their update nor which devices got it or not.

  • aravinth sm

    ho the truth, that rollout will commence from end of march literally and from end of 2013 piratically.

  • owl

    testing. debugging. porting. all these take time.

    remember that compiling isn’t an easy task (see a web browser itself (~30MB) takes hours to compile. imagine compiling a whole OS based on Linux catered for demanding users like you and me.

  • Babylonbwoy

    They are crying to get google now ! I never used it on my JB XT/XZ, you’ll be disapointed there is not so much difference between the two.

  • i love my xperia S but sony update sucks!!!! #MaduroIlegitimo #CaprilesPresidente

  • neveragain

    Final stages what has it been in for the last year, they probably started this month! . If it has a single bug I will annoyed. Guys we will get the update soon, take it as a positive at least we know Sony has a 12 month update process before you consider you consider buying the A /1 /Z2 /Zs /Z arc/arco Z or what ever silly name they give to the successor of the Z

  • or pick a name

    Take a nexus 4 instead, you wdn’t regret it !!!! android 5.0 just 2-3 weeks after announcement!

  • pixler

    Sounds wondefull! Im from earth, its a pretty shitty place

  • stop buying sony phones

    xperia s has similar hw as gs2
    jb is never a problem
    at least not 4.1.2!

  • ha ha fanboys

    They want the people who can afford to, to buy the Z they arn’t so bothered about the less wealthy owners.

  • cheated by Sony

    then why do other companies can? even lg or motorola!
    it’s sony’s dirty trick by forcing people to buy xperia z, which is also outdated compared to gs4 and htc one. benchmark says it all.

  • SonyFan

    made my day :D

  • Isaac

    That’s because android, android OS have so much problems.

  • aligamz

    You got a point, porting Android for each and every device is not as straightforward as many think it is. However, JB’s been out for almost a year now, and many other manufacturers have already pushed the update to their handsets, including to older ones than the Xperia S (or P, or whichever you like). How can you explain this? It’s clear that Sony is screwing things up here.

  • SonyFan

    2 points less in benchmarks doesn’t chage anything…
    in reallife u doesn’t notice anything…
    do u wanna a Plastic Samsung or a sense with non deactivitateable BlinkFeed and no micro sd?? u ever hold an LG smartphone in your hands? ever seen how buggy the software is? not to mention the camera…
    be happy what u have…others cry because they dont have something to eat and here people cry because of updates of their phones ………

  • Ohh C’mon.
    You know guys i don’t want the Update anymore

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  • Julio Spinoza

    Outdated?? the Xperia Z is just amazing, also the Htc and the samsung, I think that the top 3 phones out there finally are in the same league, now is you choice, what do you prefer? Aluminium, plastic or “glass”? Is the final customer who choose according to their needs. Htc no sd, samsung plastic with same old design, xperia with their slow upgrades…

  • If you fix major bug and update brings more improvements its oke to release little early, while finalizing the update and bring out the final update like 2 4 weeks later.
    Least people won’t have to sit on bugs like random reboots and shutdowns if you manage to fix it and release the update thats partly done.

  • Andrew D

    There’s never gonna be a final stage for Sony updates…

    There’s always gonna be a bug where they have to “fix”…

    If they’re gonna be sending out updates for “Bug-fix”, why take so long with bringing out the updates? Fix the “Bugs” on the way.

  • Its brings a new home screen lock screen and some more features that currently missing on xperia tablet s for example, anyway the update fixes random shutdowns i wish it included the rest also.
    But the fix was very important so kindy understand now that it got rushed out in order to fix issue.

  • Just use a watercooled systems thats heavy overclocked and 24/7 stable.
    You could also compile more builds at the same time then test which one works best, and contineu from that build.

  • The xperia z is a smartphone that everyone talks about and finds cool just cous its water proof and does’t malfunction if you put it inside your beer.
    New stuff like this always atracts lot people to buy it.
    Unfortunately sony has buggiest software if they don’t fix this soon they will lose everything they gained including from xperia z.
    The software issues usualy become issue if you neglect software for years, now they have lot catching up to do.

  • One of last things i heared is sony was missing libaries for example which delayed their work because samsung was first on line.
    I think lot can be fixed also if sony fixed communication inside their company.
    I mean lets put for example some one has random shutdowns from tablet, not everyone realise its software issue.
    You can replace the hardware as many times you want it won’t fix untill software update gets pushed out that fixes it.
    Instead sony customer support needs to communicate better with their superiors that should contact the dev team, which should become aware off issues so they can fix them.
    If no one communicates no one find out software team that their issues.
    Same again with getting libaries sony just did’t communicate on time or well enough with chip makers.

    Maybe software team is’t to blame for this but maybe its just communication problem within sony, or maybe just does’t work the way they want.
    They should hire people to search through forums about issues users report people that report back with software team.

    While software team needs more power to get everything on time what they need.

  • Wonder if this all because of my petition and communication if done with one person at sony.
    Starting to get better understand whats wrong inside sony.
    Software team that don’t get libaries on time again communication issue.
    Not enough on software team probably cous they spend to much time waiting on libaries, then they are slow because their not enough people.

    Anyway petition over here.

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  • there are rumours that Sony outsource program team, so you can see how the quality and effectiveness will be.

    latecomers without bug is a myth.

  • Sony really are useless. Better to buy cheaper no-brand than waste money on high end with faulty displays and worthless camera bugs.

  • asdfghjkl

    that doesn’t mean that people don’t deserve updates in the right time.

    they pay for the phone and they deserve it.
    if gs2 can be 1 year older than xperia s and get update before xperia s then it’s really something to worry about.

  • d


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  • Gareth Spafford

    what gets me is that jb was out before the xperia s whys it took them a hole year to release it, they should have launched the phone with jb an they have a year to squash all the bugs that jb had to offer….. ive been a huge of sony fan for 15 years buying all products laptops, tvs, car stereos Walkmans and headphones. but i will never buy a sony phone again… think samsung have more to offer and at a lower price with updates that come regular… sorry sony its time to move on for me

  • George

    Translation : We’re somewhere in the starting stage,we have bugs and we don’t know what to do because our software department is retarded and doesn’t keep promises.You keep waiting ’til forever in the mean time please buy Xperia Z.

  • ImpatientPerson

    I have one thing to say about this: It’s about time.

  • For Acro S will be early May?

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    Yeah my ion!

  • Why they are treating their old Flagship device so badly is beyond my understanding.
    If it’s solely because they want us Xperia S owners to Upgrade to Xperia Z then their marketing team should be burned to death.

  • Deads

    I think the update 4.1 update wil also be much more optimized then the ICS one.
    And it wil bring the widgets and apps that the Xperia Z has to other Xperia phones.
    Yeah its taking a while but Sony is updating more devices then most of their competitors and several of their competitors do update but those updates are to often utter crap (looking at LG).

  • dean

    After P & GO??FUCK???

  • Because unlike other company, Sony actually tried to optimize their software with the hardware. That’s why dual core Xperias runs as fast as some quad core cpus

  • Next week isn’t that far, and if the other news is true (JB update on the 22nd) then it just Monday

  • Then why the fuck are you still coming to this site? Fuck off already with this bullshit ” I will never buy a Sony mobile again for sure”
    The fact that you’re still here means that you’ll still buy Sony phones

  • They work with some of the developers on XDA

  • Rafael Hipólito

    This doesn’t means that Xperia S JB will roll out after P & Go, this means that Xperia P & Go will roll out at same time AND Xperia S, SL, acro S and ion will roll out at same time.

    Which group first? Not sure, but official Sony Mobile Blog already said that P & Go would have JB first.

  • I agree. But Sony has showed us that can take a lonnnnnng time with the OS and then deliver one with a lot of bugs. I would not care if take that long as long as delivered a perfect JB. But as we know, it wont be like that.

    Well I really hope that the Fast Capture works properly cuz even with the .55 mine still doesnt work as it should in the first try.

  • Teng How Lai

    Beyond my words… I worked in Japanese company and I really feel that Japanese standard is no more a world standard. In fact, Chinese phones could lead the development of future phones. In short, Sony SUCKS

  • rus_media

    He told that he’s also a non professional like Sony :P They are not International quality. Some kids are working for Sony. So it is too hard for them

  • Ram

    Final stage, huh??? Well…. So is my patience…

  • rus_media

    Nokia 1100 is the best perfect phone for you. Hey what are you doing here?

  • rus_media

    Cause I am still holding an Xperia S which I loved most and I want to put it in your back with some pepper. I really don’t know how much do you get to follow XS users. Take a job mate and don’t waste your daddy’s money

  • rus_media

    Nexus is not available in my country. I was trying so hard for a nexus 10. But no one brought it. When recently it has come, it is too pricey

  • rus_media

    Surely you got a message like some asshole facebook users that, for every comment for Sony, you will be rewarded $1 :P

  • rus_media

    May be some nathaan named software developers are working in Sony ;)

  • I have a job, maybe it’s you who doesn’t have a job since you can’t shut up about it

  • Yep, you don’t have a job

  • rus_media

    I can buy you several times :P That is why I am strict on my subject and I have lot of things to work. But it seems you don’t have a work and so that you are complaining about XS user. Go for a real job which make you BZ and if you don’t like people to express their thought then it is not the place for you.

  • rus_media

    I see, you have a job of cleaner. I mean cleaning comments against Sony

  • You work on the weekends? Surely that’s real job
    Also, work on the English will you? It’s pretty bad

  • rus_media


  • owl

    if you haven’t noticed, the updates come out in batches according to chipsets used. first, it’s the snapdragon S4 ones (xperia Z, ZL, V, T). then the novathor ones (U, P, Go). the final batch will be snapdragon S3 (S, SL, ion, acro S). it’s easy to explain why they come in batches (phones of the same chipset share the same codebase) but i have no idea why Sony chose this particular order. maybe they have 3 different teams working on the 3 different chipsets and the Novathor team just worked faster or faced less problems than the Snadragon S3 team.

  • dime

    can you stop with this petition … it’s worthless

  • Teng How Lai

    I am not paid by someone. I paid Sony hundreds and thousands. :) I want to let Sony knows how bad their services are, that’s all. Step aside if you can’t accept this fact.

  • More news? Than there’s no update next week. Probably 2-3 more week.still waiting to upgrade my girlfriend acro s

  • APai

    sony chose the middle of a cycle as regards launching their Z, that’s why it lags in benchmarks. Sony also is not manufacturing their own chips unlike samsung & apple. it will remain that way until sony has substantial sales to merit an investment for their own chips. but sony has other troubles in its hands – businesses go in cycles, right now sony is on the wane, samsung is on the rise, so is the corresponding energy in the company to deliver goods. look at all the old companies that once dominated the scene – nokia/ microsoft/ palm/ blackberry etc. all on the wane.

    actually, sony has bucked the trend and has come out stronger. however releasing so many models is proving to be their strong AND weak point. the weak point is in service. I have seen way too many models across the board – trouble with sony phones quality issues. much more than samsung / iphone. got to see if 2013 will be different

  • What??? WTF ???

  • hans

    The Perfect one was Gingerbread eh? i see your point ;)

  • your in minority its worthless.

  • Or the new Motorola with stock android

  • More news next week?
    Hope the news is Xperia sola and U Getting Jelly Bean :D

  • aravinth sm

    you are right samsung galaxy s2 released with Gb then got ics, now its running jb, even ace2 is on jb, but Xperia s is still in ics, wtf?

  • ProWeirdo

    Guys! Don’t you understand? Stages before were “final”, this is “very final”! It’s such a difference. Be more patient.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Sony JB news should come with Trollface

  • Xperia S user

    Can you please mention the number of handsets Samsung, HTC or even LG has updated to JB?? And please compare with the no of Sony handsets upgrading to JB!!


    But Snapdragon S3 chipset doesn’t have drivers and support from Qualcomm to go beyond Jelly Bean 4.1.2, so it doesn’t matter.


    I hate Android. i think QNX is much better and BlackBerry should collaborate with other manufacturers(HTC, Sony, Dell, Intel, LG, ARM and etc.) to push forward the BB10 platform.

  • cheated by sony

    sony only updated xperia t, v, tx and j to jb.
    they left out the important xperia s and they update xperia j which doesn’t make sense.

  • cheated by sony

    they bring a lot of improvements. u can see in youtube comparing ics and jb.
    however, this doesn’t mean that sony will have to delay for no reason.
    *dirty marketing trick*

  • android os it self don’t have much issues maybe 1 or 2 bugs.
    sony has lot bugs tough with it, tough looks like they fixing these issues.

  • ubaid

    Fuck you sony, fuck your all employees including your top managements who are so lazy to released jelly bean update for xperia s, other companies are releasing 4.2.2 update but what fucking sony do??/

  • cool one dude..

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  • Aniket

    Just give us the ftf and then if you want roll out JB to the rest of the world in 2019.

  • Be aware that no news can be news, so more news can be no news.
    Does Sony know what they are saying?

  • Michael

    Sony comes with Chrome as default browser…. -_-

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  • suhail

    What the hell no news for xpera L in india

  • sam

    No news for xperia u jelly bean update…… this phone was also launched in 2012

  • Mitu

    It’s in a v. final stage. In a week it will be in vi. final stage, in a month in ix. final stage ;)

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  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Final Fantasy – JB!!

  • Sony sound sucks

    Hello Sony, did your acoustics engineer quit and went to Apple?

  • Hahaha… Same as most of you, I will never buy Sony Smartphone or tablet. I dont get it Sony.

    Why huawei with 1ghz dual core with 512mb and outdated gpu can use Jellybean on their phone? But Sony 2012 flagship phone cant even get a decent update.

    Tell me sony?

    You are good in selling and advertising but you are lacking on customer support and after sales.


    Stock huawei y300 is much smoother than my stock xperia sl. And thats make me laugh.

  • workingclasshero

    Copied From Esato

    “Well here’s the problem with updates.

    Last year the JB updates for Xperia S/SL/Acro S/Ion, P/Go, J, T/TL/V/TX were planned for Q4 and then T/TL/V/TX would skip 4.2 and jump straight to 5.0, however this plan was made by SMC Lund. Since then SMC Tokyo who have absolutely zero expertise in this process began meddling in an effort to expand their influence and try and bring software development back “home” to Japan even though they are an unproven team with no experience and SMC Lund is basically the best OEM Android developer.

    So Tokyo basically told Lund to prioritise the 4.2.1 update for Xperia Z/ZL over all the others and that they would handle the updates for 2012 Xperia phones except Xperia T/TL which was running on Krait like Z/ZL. So Lund delayed their T/TL 4.1.2 roll out by two months and got to work on the Z 4.2.1 update (now 4.2.2). They finished both projects on time, with T/TL/V getting JB in January and TX in March. The Z/ZL 4.2.2 update is finished and just sitting there doing f**k all right now. The problem is that Tokyo took over development of Xperia S/SL/Acro S/Ion and P/Go. They f**ked up. So Lund have had to step in and fix all of the problems, but head office says all phones must be on 4.1 before they start the 4.2 roll out, basically they are covering their own arses and forcing Lund not to release 4.2.2 earlier than Tokyo could get 4.1.2 out for their devices.

    The worst part is that SMC Lund had a plan to get early 2012 devices updated by November and then EOL their support to lessen the 2013 load. With Tokyo’s f**k ups now devices from over a year ago are having to be supported as an extra for Lund as well as development of software for upcoming devices (phablet is a big one taken over by Lund as it requires highly custom software for accurate pen input and multi-window apps etc…). This will lead to delays for 5.0 at Sony because Lund don’t have the manpower and Tokyo don’t have the competence. I know this for a fact because the 5.0 PDK has been delivered already but no devices have been moved over to the 5.0 stream even though Z/ZL were supposed to shift by now and T/TL/V/TX by the end of the month.

    Basically the problems are internal company politics and Tokyo thinking they are better than Lund when it is clear that this is not true. It may be one day, but for now and the foreseeable future Lund is going to be the number one developer within Sony and Tokyo need to let them take the software lead and stop meddling. The best think Kaz and Suzuki did for Xperia was keep Lund open as the centre for software development, now they need to back Lund internally.”

    Funny how Sony (in this case, tokyo base) is alway f*cking up because of their pride and arrogance. Really need to change their attitude, they are no longer top of the game… :S

    Thumbs up so everyone cn see!

  • That means they need to hire new people on their team.

    Xda developers already ported 4.2 and 4.1 to most of sony phones (take note that they are also working on other models and brands)

    Given the fact that at first there are bugs and issues, but when times goes by they are making it perfect enough.

    Xda developers updating their rom frequently than Sony.

    Sony is a big Company and they can afford to get the best people out there.

    How I wish the JB for xperia 2012 models are very smooth.

    Btw thats only a wish in my dreams…

  • You mean it takes 1 year?

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    So, Lund in a game now ? They’re preparing udates?

  • Man.. These people paid for it…

    Some of us bought it with hard earned money.

    Sony should give the worth for it.

    Even huawei with 1ghz dual core and 512mb ram and outdates gpu runs a very smooth jb.

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  • workingclasshero

    I think so. They need to clean SMC TOKYO mess

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  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Great, thx for your post

  • owl

    Well, why not you try it and find it out yourself? ;-)

  • and what about the ST-Ericsson split ending NovaThor support fact?? will NovaThor get beyond 4.1??

  • EowynCarter

    True, being dev myself, i understand a lot of that. But letting phones with bugs, and not fixing these…

  • EowynCarter

    Trouble is, my sola in broken, some stuff with Bluetooth don’t work…

  • dime

    finally to hear some necessary comment …

  • sonynoob

    legend says that in 2025 december the xperia z will get 4.2.2 update

  • Nabil

    What XDA developers make is often not finished at all and has lots of bugs, plus it’s basically stock android they’re porting to those phones. Sony is porting their own JB rom to their devices, with new features.

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  • Teng How Lai
  • rus_media

    Now I want to use slap machine on them who were talking on Sony’s side. I was damn sure that the delay was for taking over the software section by Sony Tokyo. I worked for Japan a long days ago. They are really poor in English. And also they are very very poor in understanding software. Some people were sweating to get what we were working on. And they are very good in electronics, but bad in software part twice. Poor Japanese, they wanted to get back the crown. Now they will get some strong kick on their back…

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    lol S3

  • rus_media

    They only prefer Japanese now. And this is why they will go down and down in software part. They couldn’t even manage to make a good camera soft where they were using a very good hardware for a camera. Lame

  • rus_media

    Its your fault that you can’t make it. People are giving you their money. So shut up and do your work

  • rus_media


  • rus_media

    Then, very very final :P

  • rus_media

    The news is, “We are working again. Our hard disks has been flashed by an internee software engineer.”

  • aravinth sm

    And finally we customers has to suffer for the fight among them, how pathetic?

  • Xperia RPG


  • leakey


  • Yay, Xperia Ion update soon, excited about this.

  • Yep, i work for japanese company and yet their software really buggy as hell. Very poor UI design. That’s why my compant starting to change all software developed by our company HQ based on tokyo. Well it seems that sony tokyo is the problem.

  • ok, stop say manufactures releas update already even older than ……… galaxy note now also not yet get official JB, it’s may 2013 as I kno. I love my xperia the most!

  • yes some

  • hell yes, LG suck!

  • get out here is better, who call u come here? :/ no fan like u is better


    it has 512 mb of ram.

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  • and those bugs usualy fixed by brands like samsung or asus etc.
    Its the reason why people usualy don’t buy nexus device.
    Because nexus devices don’t get fixes for those bugs at all.

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  • george

    finally a person who really knows what he is talking about!!

  • agesrzhtj

    On friday the comming week Sony sais “Yeaaah about that… There is no updates..” lol

  • aligamz

    Still, that doesn’t explain the delay. If they have three teams, one for each chipset, they could’ve worked at the same time and release the updates on more or less the same date, don’t you think?

  • sweetu

    Sorry for Off topic Discussion…………But the Xperia lineup Camera’s having 13MP Exmor sensor failed in even with Comparison to 8MP other Smartphone manufacturers, Most Tech People Say Samsung & Htc are Using Sony’s Camera sensors in their Smartphone for Cameras and their Cameras are Best in 8MP, Although we Xperia Users Having 13MP HDR,Exmor we don’t even Get the Quality of 8MP,its A really worse condition So the Big Question is here that WHY Sony Sucks in their own Camera sensor Department when They Put it into Xperia lineup?????
    Also there is not such A difference in HDR or without HDR thing?????????

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    Same here.

  • So you hate Android, huh?
    Well, it’s a good thing you’re in a site about Sony Android then.

  • kkop

    Stop promoting your stupid petition.

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  • Thanks for sharing.

  • paul4id

    Sony doesn’t have the cash to manufacture their own baseband chips. They could have had their own custom chip designer with ST-Ericsson, but weren’t forward-thinking enough about this and now ST-Ericsson no longer exists.

  • paul4id

    This is exactly why I stopped being a fanboy after Ericsson departed. I have also worked for a spell in Japan, and this sort of thing was very predictable. Japanese should stick entirely to hardware, and leave the software end entirely to Europeans. This combination was a strength for Sony Ericsson, but now are weaker with more of a monoculture.

  • TrixzD

    Another Go lover :) I personally aint fussed by how long this update has taken as I reckon they are trying to make it as stable as possible especially since the Go and P aren’t the fastest phones in their line up.I am just happy that they have made an effort to include these phones and cant wait to see how they handle JB. As for whether or not they get 4.2 (I don’t think they will personally) I am not really bothered as I have a Nexus 7 which has had JB 4.2 since it was practically announced so for me 4.1 should be decent enough on my Go.

  • TrixzD

    We finally hear some news and people are still complaining. What do you want: A). Buggy firmware that was rushed due to consumer demand or B). Firmware that works and does its job.

    Because we all know that if you chose A then you will be back here on the same day complaining about how Sony messed up your firmware because they rushed it.

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  • rus_media

    No. We want totally bugs free on 2014. Yayyyyyy

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well, Sony have desided that the compression shall be harder than the other. I mean iPhone 8MP pictures is almost 5MB. Sony’s is 2MB almost the half. So it has to do with compression. If Sony allowed the camera to take pictures with lower compression, they would probably be really good.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well according to a clip on youtube, it really seems like its something that would help Xperia S a lot. It was really fluent interface.

  • aravinth sm

    Any how the update will be a buggy one (from experience of using sony mobile), give it quick we will fix it somehow.

  • aravinth sm

    if its so difficult for the OEMs to port an update to the mobile, then how come the developers at XDA or some other forum can port the firmware to the mobiles even without the source code and any support from Oems, though the custom ROM is buggy (coz they don’t have source code and the chip depedent software) they can make it work for day to day use, by the time the official firmware is released.

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  • ikn


  • TrixzD

    Yeah well wait like the rest of us who want the update too. At least the news gives us a slight insight which is better than jack all.Or you can have your rushed buggy firmware and then come back here telling us how your Xperia phone is not working properly. Dont forget that Sony have released a few firmwares that were buggy in the last few months maybe just maybe this time they are trying to perfect stuff before they rush it.

  • TERK

    I hope XDA developer will port JB to ny xperia sola & xperia u. ^^

  • Okazuma

    I don’t know now but on the Xperia S you have to download it .

  • Okazuma

    Really thx for this post.
    finally we have an explanation….a real explenation ;)

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  • John Doe

    They haven’t rushed it. They haven’t released it on time. And now they’re late in update.

    In your words Samsung, LG, HTC have “rushed” update and lost customers.

    If the update was released in last year, than I would say it’s rushed. January-February is on time. Now in April, IT’S FUCKING LATE!!!!

    Your logic won’t work here, I am sorry.

  • I think something needs to be clarified.

    As someone said, late roll out = less bugs. It is under the presumption of enough manpower, good institution within the company (e.g. no stupid Japanese authority) and suitable workload. However, we never know how the black box works.

    We only know that,

    1. Sony Android 4.1 update is not only the Android system, but also the addition of Sony’s new feature, say the Stamina mode and camera’s function.

    2. There will never be “bug-free” firmware, but it depends on how serious the problem is. If there is not enough manpower, or there is enough time allowed for testing, there will be less bugs and eventually will be only small problems.

    3. The OS will be the best ONLY when customers report the cases and engineers respond to those quickly by rolling out another firmware. Thus, good system needs cooperation between engineers and customers.

    4. If Sony thinks about rolling out firmwares without bugs, they should go back to school to study the basis of program again.

    If the institution of the company is okay, I will trust them for the late rolling out. However, due to the rumours inside the company (e.g. Japan and Lund/Sweden) and insincere communication from the company, I don’t think Sony is doing a good job in terms of the 4.1 upgrade, unless I see the new firmware is really really stable.

  • Teng How Lai


  • Jerry Berglund

    Nothing yet! SIlence, silence. Just silence from Sony. Where is this update?

  • cartman

    f*k u sony! xperia s is a bullsh*t.

  • rus_media

    Sony(Japan) only can communicate with Japanese. They really don’t have enough ability to communicate with the rest of the world. Believe me they are really weak in software.

  • Still no updates for Xperia Go. Phone still laggy.

  • The company only puts emphasize on their own technologies, but the software ruins them, and that’s what I realized after a year of use. Thus, I believe in you!

    Users who can speak Japanese can translate people’s deep analysis from English, and to put it on the local forum, in order to let the Japan know.

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  • leakey

    means that 4.1 is the last update for Xperia S…..A ”great“ news!!!i think i should get another phone instead of Sony

  • PARK

    Guys just relax…sony is taking so long to release JB to Xperia S because it is providing all the goodies of xperia z into Xperia S unlike other xperia devices Such as XP & XJ…so it will take some extra time and effort to port all the goodies to xperia S….You can see the differences between JB preview of Xperia S and that of Xperia P on youtube

  • ha!

    hope this will solve the very laggy Go on ICS. otherwise, if the phone got worse with this latest software, FU!

  • adqw

    But why that isn’t the case for other manufacturers? They also provide new features to their phones!

  • dewuer
  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok, the roll out for P, Go and E-dual is starting now according to sony. Xperia S, Acro S and iOn has to wait till end of may. I am freaking furious!!! I thought I bought a premium-phone. But I obviously did not!!!

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  • sam

    Is sony trying too check our patience!!!! Go tooo hell sony and take your jb update wd u…….

  • Monty Alexander

    Sony Xperia Sola Key Features
    5 MP Primary Camera
    3.7-inch TFT Touchscreen
    1 GHz Dual Core Processor
    Android v2.3 OS
    FM Radio
    Wi-Fi Enabled
    Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB

  • fop

    got it!!!!

  • baalbaki

    fuck sony for its lies at us >>>>the owners of xperia p >>>>where is the jb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sonyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for syria !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jelly bean for neo l ..?

  • amrihussein

    If android (let’s say google) was not that stupid to close part of their source, There wouldn’t be much of a bug problem as there are many open community who would always be there to help and take care of those problems. But… well they are stupid!

  • Derry Gunz Murengezi

    i have a question if sony will uplade the sony xperia Go,E Dual to have a new android version KIT KAT,4,4??? some one answer me please

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