Xperia SP goes on sale; Russia gets first dibs

by XB on 22nd April 2013

in Xperia SP

Xperia SP barRussians always seem to get the latest Sony Xperia products first and the same can be said for the Xperia SP (C530X). The handset is now in stock at the Russian Sony Store for 17,990 Rubles (£373, €437, $569). Both black and white variants are in stock. We expect the handset to be released in the UK and other parts of Europe next week.

The Xperia SP is armed with a 1.7GHz dual-core processor and Adreno 320 graphics (MSM8960T), 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, 4.6-inch 720p display, 8MP Exmor RS camera sensor, 2300mAh battery and supports NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and MHL.

Xperia SP Russia

  • aj


  • Spaun_Studio

    Cool )))

  • my xperia T shutdown by it self please can someone help me???

  • Yusuf

    $569? Lolll in our local reseller, the Xperia Z is just $586. A difference of $17.

  • Yusuf

    Nobody cares.

  • hamboy


  • This phone could have been perfect if they made the front cam at least 1 mp. And I don’t know why Sony always do this, why is the hdr mode on video available on low end L and not on SP?

  • Lol.

  • Seen a xperia z for 505€ here already

  • Andrew D

    I’m gonna SAY it!

    Where is our update on the Xperia S?????

  • Everyone having this, its sony’s buggy android software causing this.
    Petition against slow fixes and updates.

  • No one knowns…………… :|
    petition against slow updates and fixes.

  • probably because they wanna earn quick buck.

  • Seikased .

    Hm…. VERY good phone. Sony is going in right direction.

  • vcfirstben

    In Hong Kong,Xperia SP sell $3,398 HKD

  • TimmY

    I have my T since october last year and had no problems and now with the last update everything is perfect, especially the battery life.

  • It’s a mid range, that’s why it can’t be perfect. But the HDR thing is pretty stupid though

  • Charlie Farnsworth


  • Michael Chen


  • Fly

    I have tested a prototype SP, and you know what? it had 2500 mah, not 2300mah. I can use it in a day with most toggle always be on (wifi + 3G + GPS + brightness 60%). It’s really a good phone comming with a huge capacity battery and high performance as well.

  • Ben
  • xperia z is already 505€ here hopefully dropping to 400€

  • first time i see some one else link petition, i must be dreaming :P

  • Well least has HDR feature for pictures, or maybe they just add it later.
    I’m mainly woried if this smartphone gets android 5.0 least.

  • Batery only little bit better then xpera Z :(
    Guess i’m going for xperia Z

  • Okazuma

    It’s a “refresh” of the Xperia S.

    A little bit overpriced.

  • Teng How Lai

    I am a die hard Sony fans but I can’t help to say this, after seeing how Sony behaved for last two years, by now, folks, you should know that you shouldn’t buy this phone for good reason… no matter how attractive it is.

  • heared its only slightly more better batery then xperia Z, i wonder how it would compare to xperia s tough, i think i buy xperia z instead.

  • Okazuma

    If I were you I would buy another brand.
    The “update’s story” will be repeated again with Xperia Z and the 2013/2014 models.

  • i’m the guy that started petition, and i’m also communicating on bugs found even for other devices i don’t own.
    i’m kindy watching sony how they fix stuff or not.
    Anyway nothing 100% sure yet, and even if did buy xperia z and sony screw up further its 100% likely i won’t ever buy sony android device ever again.

  • ya……so good 4 sony

  • grizzlyspid

    a bit better, but battery life is a lot better. SP has lower resolution than z, lower ppi density, and smaller screen, so battery life will be far better than xperia z.

  • good for you :)

  • xnay

    After seeing photo comparisons of the “Z” and GS4, I have to say – with pity – that I don’t expect anything from Sony in camera department anymore. This whole “Exmor RS” thing seems to be a gimmick or they just can’t implement their own sensor properly in their own device. And others are implementing Sony sensors in their devices with much more success. This is pity because Sony makes really interesting devices.

  • i heared its not much better at all, also xperia Z stamina mode is broken at the momment, which very likely going to be fixed soon.

  • you are an idiot

  • you are so stupid

  • you are so stupid

  • frank you are an idiot

  • great phone

  • SK

    You should try the Sony HDR for low lighting! Im having a ball with the cam. U need to play around with the settings for the best quality shots though…

  • Thank you ;)

  • Maybe you should take a chill pill :)

  • Is that just your opinion or sony’s opinion ? :)

  • take a chill pill lol

  • The faster the update, the more bugs it will have

  • Thats odd we get slow updates and far more bugs at the momment……

  • The only update so far that got bugs in it is the ICS update. T/TX/V/Z JB updates got no bugs whatsoever

  • Thats odd i got JB update on my xperia tablet s lots missing stuff like jelly bean lock screen and homescreen.
    Not to mention old bugs more common also, with low resolution font being used that looks like crap.
    The only positive thing is that its slightly smoother, random shutdowns / reboots fixed. batery life improved.

  • The “missing” stuff is meant to be like that. Its like how P JB update won’t be getting Small Apps. 2011 Xperias ICS update doesn’t have the same features as 2012 Xperias even though they are capable of running it. That’s how they get you to buy their new products.
    Samsung did the same thing with some of their updates. GSIII is the only exception What is this old bug? I don’t have X Tablet S

  • android is free software, i don’t care, i wan’t my missing features.
    They promised jelly bean right away at launch, this is just false advertising…..

  • I know it’s a mid range. I mean does it hurt to make it at least an mp. And think about the last part of my post. I know it’s for the lower range to gain buyers but what about those who want to buy the more expensive mid range expecting to get all the features of the lower and more.

  • vortex0307

    You are die hard hater!

  • vortex0307

    Go have some weed and please respect her opinion!

  • Yeah do that, it’ll be a favor to us all so the sign petition can stop
    Anyway, you can always root it and just flash it, someone will port it on XDA

  • That’s what I said, “HDR thing is pretty stupid”

  • xperia tablet s is locked out they won’t give it root and unlocked bootloader.
    And no i’m not gonna jump of a bridge just because you want to.

  • Teng How Lai

    I am just a fan that can see the world clearly, dude… too bad you can’t

  • DrazenDodig

    if only slightly better means 30% less, with smaller screen, then yes, “only”… otherwise, it is 30% bigger battery and should have 50% better battery life than Z :-)

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  • Will Xperia Z having same bad support as Xperia Go? Sony – Make.Believe!

  • more stupid is that They advertise L as a camera phone just because they put hdr mode on L and not on SP.

  • basri

    stop trolling this site..leave your comment to sonymobileblog and get your money from samsung!!

  • xxs

    not really, eu prices will be lower

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  • TDezi

    My friend will be going to HK soon and I really want this phone. Where/which store did you see this?

  • maybe you are also stupid??

  • Vera Cruz

    Maybe you should just die in the $0ny coffin you live in all day. Loser!

  • Oh look, dumb idiot tries to troll again, lamebox loser

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