Sony’s Triluminos displays coming to future Xperia smartphones?

by XB on 26th April 2013

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Xperia TriluminosOne of the main criticisms levelled against the current Sony Xperia range surrounds its displays. The TFT LCD display of the Xperia Z has widely been criticised for poor viewing angles and contrast. Sony will very much be aware of this and want to make amends for future models. Increasing evidence suggests that the company may be looking to leverage its own Triluminos display technology for its smartphones. Sony’s Triluminos technology utilises quantum dots to enhance the RGB LED backlighting.

Sony Philippines appeared to confirm that the Triluminos display will “definitely” be heading to the Xperia range according to TechPinas. Another site, ePrice, also showed off a slide that has an Xperia smartphone under the Triluminos banner. The slide was from a Sony presentation relating to the company’s new television line-up including its 4K range. We’ll have to see if any of this comes to fruition but the thought of Triluminos-enabled Xperia’s has us very excited indeed.

Xperia Triluminos

Via ePrice and TechPinas.

Thanks Mike!

  • Arokhantos

    More new products and features! :D

  • portug3

    yes, it is what is wappening xD

  • faysal

    this makes me very happy and i think as much as sony messed up with software and old sreen tech, they want to give us the best there is as soon as sony gets back on its foot.. we have to realise all the sony from last was infact sony ericsson phone… and sony had to move to japan and make new product witch takes time and lot of man behind it, moving to a new place and make phones are not easy so i think sony just ran with what ever they have now … i think from end of this year we will see amazing sony phones that will move us as sony intended.

  • AMG38

    Fuckin idiots at Sony’s mobile area. Thy are shootn the market with phones over phones, almost like 20 middle-class smartphones and 2 flagships a year. WTF are u doin Sony ? First of all, learn how to make customers Happy with support, not with fuckin new Technologies.

    We all have seen your “awesome” new technologies.. sure..

    Yellow tint displays, low quality speakers, bad viewing angle…

    You are like a bad monster saying “MORE PHOOONES, MOOOOOOORRRREEEEE PHOOOOONEEESSS with MOOOOORRREEEEE confusing letters like
    Z, ZL, ZR, S, SL, P, T, TX.. I really like my XZ (hating my XS) but i swar this is the last time that i bought a Sony smartphone.. fuckin fools

  • Arokhantos

    2 ? you mean 15…………………….
    Or atleast they did last year.
    Depending on if they do way less might say how serious sony is, hoping least future new products run on same software and libaries so they can update all their smartphones in one go instead off having to work on 4 different firmware updates for 15+ different smartphones.

    I think if they keep this up their will be more products then actual updates they ever done for every smartphone.

  • So now the news of having better screens is bad? This hypocrisy is getting real dull around here… In my opinion hardware issues are way more important than software. If you don’t like the software you can always unlock the bootloader (Sony made that real easy for you) and install a different ROM. There are plenty of mods available out there. But if there was a problem with the hardware, well, you can do nothing about it. In this case, having a better screen in future phones is definitely a welcomed feature in my opinion.

  • AR

    enough guys whining about updates, this forum sound like little kids talk, whats gonna change that much with new updates, few features that you wont even notice. i hear people complementing sony on other forums more than this forum which is supposed to be for those who like Sony’s smart phones. be proud of sony like apple fans do!!

  • Alex Ruiz

    For sure only in a 5″ display or above. I don’t think so. When Sony produce phones with 4.3″ displays with high end specs, they will catch my attention again.

  • Z

    *sigh* in the space of this year Sony has released 4 phones and a tablet while Samsung has released 15 phones and a few tablets so shut up you hypocritical bastard and get of this site you’re actually really infuriating.

  • Julio Spinoza

    well, in my Xperia Z is not a problem the viewing angles, I dont care if the person next to me “cant” see my screen, please, I want my phone only for me. And the screen with the white balance plus bravia engine is more than amazing, I like more the colors of this screen than the AMOLED technology

  • Arokhantos

    You’re so funny.

  • Z

    thank you but you can obviously tell I am right

  • Axel

    Actually, Xperia Z needs it badly since Stamina mode is fucked up you know

  • Arokhantos

    It ain’t even about that atm, it’s about priorities Sony has atm, which is screwed up right now.
    Sony will be releasing more stuff then they can handle.

  • Z

    are you sure ;)

  • eres

    you are not sony’s problem because apparently, you will buy anything with the sony name on it. however, there are those who are not convinced with sony’s hardware. sony needs those people for the sales. they need more money and they need to sell more. sony needs to improve. the Q1 sales figures have come out and sony is nowhere to be seen, next to samsung are nokia and a bunch of korean and chinese manufacturers. if sony does not improve, it will never attract more customers.

  • Arokhantos

    Sony has to show they can fix their problems and be on time for a change, I look forward to their 40 megapixel phone, but if they don’t fix problems in their software team, their gonna be a big problem.

  • Z

    exactly and their software as great as it can be would you rather have a shitty update early or a excellent update a bit late if people had the patience to wait and stopped bitching about it and stopped clogging up Sony with complaints it could be here earlier, well lucky for the people who can get 4.1 unlike my old Arc S stuck on an alright version of ICS

  • Z

    STAMINA mode works just not how you think and now how it appears

  • Arokhantos

    They don’t bring much at all compared to other brands, but they could make a big jump, something other brands not realise.
    I got 4.1 already btw it’s stripped tough of all new jelly bean features, that’s why I’m kinda mad right now.

  • Z

    Not exactly you still have Google Now, Project Butter, the 4.1 SONY UI its all about the unnoticeable things they put in like STAMINA mode which actually works when done right and the WALKMAN app is very good compared to other music apps like the stock Samsung app comparing my 4.1 on my Xperia Z to my friends S3 mine is actually superior in many different ways so just be fortunate they have taken the time put these little things in that work.

  • Arokhantos

    Don’t have stamina mode, project butter makes animations smooth and fonts awesome, I have pixelated fonts and stuttery animations.
    I have a xperia tablet s since December and I feel cheated.

  • Arokhantos

    It worked better before, now it’s bugged.

  • Julio Spinoza

    As all the companies in the world Sony needs to sell, and i think they have made a great improvement with the Xperia Z, 5 millions sold in 50 days is more than Sony imagined, take note that the Xperia Z in America (usa and latin america) is not released yet, They need to improve their official updates thats a fact, but I prefer to wait just a little more to have an exclusive release for each phone than having the same UI for all the sony stock (like samsung), just my opinion of course

  • TechGuyChris

    Hey whats the link to Sonys Q4 sales? Their fiscal year starts in April. i feel like i’ve missed this cause I cant find them anywhere. They’re usually out by now but I cant find it… Help me out.

  • TechGuyChris

    lol u really deserve some props for this man! Haha this was extremely funny lmao

  • TechGuyChris

    The reason your seeing so much hate around the Xperia blog is because we all supported Sony last year and bought the Xperia S and Xperia ion and have been treated like trash. The comments here didtn look like this last year. It was a really supportive environment. It shows you how much we actually trusted them and gave them a chance.

  • Steven

    the viewing angle thing is really stupid. It happens only in those review sites written by iPhone fans… seriously, why should I care if the person next to me can’t see my screen?

    With big screen… they do need to do more work on UI and UX with the phone, not just plain Android UIs

  • hamandcheese

    Actually usa doesnt care about sony. Carriers aren’t picking up their z and zl. They are offering them off contract, so that means very poor sales. If a carrier doesn’t want to get your phone, that means you’re going to fail on the US

  • Disagree, ever since the X1 this forum has been very critical of Sony. It has been well deserved because we expect the best from them and they have not delivered that in ALL areas at once. There always seems to be that one thing that is missing in the phones. I will say that things are consistently getting better. I still believe Sony just isn’t listening to the right people.

  • eres

    if they are introducing this display without the benefit of lower power consumption, it’s useless. they’d be better off using older and tested IPS technology.

  • eres >> use the “Q1 smartphone sales report” key phrase and you’ll find more than enough information you can handle.

  • eres

    it’s hard to deny the problem when every site and forum you find says the viewing angles are really inferior on the xz. this is not supposed to be a problem but we all know many people prefer better viewing angles considering how devices that possess such attribute sell better than the xperia line.

    we just have to admit that inferior viewing angles really affect sales because it does not suit what many are looking for.

    i just don’t understand why sony prefers to use their old TFT screens when even unscrupulous chinese manufacturers are already using displays better than sony’s.

    i’ve read reviews on the triluminos tvs from sony and there are those that mention how viewing angles are not that great even on those TVs. i don’t see any possibility that triluminos tech can help deal with problems on viewing angles.

  • Hans Kurniawan Ghozalli

    Truth to be told though, Xperia V has much better screen with wide angle viewing (seen it myself on local phone store, compared side by side with TX and Z, the V wins) so Sony does have the capabilities to use it, just not.

  • Babylonbwoy

    It take only one site to criticize viewing angle blah blah and the rest of them are just followers who just repeat what they have read, journalism work like that in 2013…

  • Babylonbwoy

    And what about the display ?

  • “A BIT LATE”… sure…

  • Simão Lúcio

    At last some good news!
    I want to buy a sony flagship so much.
    I love the design.
    I love the UI.
    But I won’t buy anything until sony take this issue seriously.
    So I hope this time, we will have a screen with great contrast and great color reproduction.

  • Its funny for the first time, now its getting annoying.
    Hear this out though, NXT is technically SE not Sony, from Z onward will be Sony, things might be different

  • the only fucking idiot here is you for not able to know which phone is which, its not hard to remember. Try remember all of Samsung phones in the US with ALL of the carrier variants and Moto RAZRS/DROIDS. At least Sony phones that are carrier lock have the same name as the international version

  • Nope, mine works

  • It’s nowhere to be seen because they haven’t release it yet

  • 15? Sony Ericsson phones? Yes. 15 Sony phones? No

  • Aokde Gharra

    Last quarters results are not out yet, the announcement is on may 9th…and it’s Q4 not Q1, sony’s fiscal year starts April

  • Many of us don’t like AMOLED tech and so we enjoy Sony’s display, but just compare your phones display to HTC ones or one X SLCD2 and SLCD3 display respt. and you’ll realize the colors and how old display tech sony is using. Also you might say that viewing angles are not useful since you are the one seeing the screen straight ahead.. but trust me when it comes to practically using the phone in day to day life it does matter.. eg one day i’m sitting on my desk working on my laptop and my phone xperia s and my frnds phone htc one x was kept next to the laptop, i got some notification, since i was working i didn’t wanted to pick up the phone, i just wanted to see what came and at that moment i felt that viewing angle needs to be little better, though i was able to see the notification but screen was washed out and when i saw htc one x i was able to see everything on display crisp and clear.
    The point i want to make is, i don’t want 180 degree viewing angle on my phone but to what is there on sony phones now a days, it needs to be a little better.

  • namaewa

    triluminos displays don’t mean anything better for sony if they don’t improve power consumption. the xz has poor battery and even the xzl consumes more power despite having a marginally larger battery.

    why can’t sony try using igzo displays from sharp? these are more power efficient. they may not be better than the super amoled in the latest samsung flagship when it comes to power consumption but they are definitely better than the current displays sony is using.

    also, at least one triluminos TV from sony was reviewed and found to have less than desirable viewing angles. that’s already a tv. what more when used on a puny smartphone display. sony’s infamous record of poor viewing angles will surely be highlighted.

  • discozy

    only blind fans will continue praising what does not deserve praising. i really expect so much from sony considering how they are known to be experts in the camera and TV fields. their performance as of late is an utter disappointment.

  • eres

    not really. i’m old enough and i know the internet well enough to know which ones are just copying content from another. my job makes me go over websites and blogs all of the time so it’s not easy to mislead me with plagiarized or paraphrased content.

  • I think they don’t even know how a phone suppose to work. Can’t even manage to get a call when others software is performing automatic update. Thank to you sony. I bought your product and it only gave me a lots of bad mood.

  • RD

    Viewing angles may not be a big issue. But when I look at Xperia screens and then some guy with mid range HTC walks past me… it really pisses me off. You should see the color contrast of those phones. Xperia is great when nobody is around and you are viewing your stuff on Sony Media Apps (apparently Bravia Engine is software tweak). Dunno why it is such a hard thing to admit that Xperia displays suck in color contrast!

  • It will probably arrive in one of the inevitable 25 different models they will release this year.

  • And they might not. The ball is in Sony’s court, though, and I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, even if the current situation does not look that promising.

  • stupid carriers. taking samcrap.. not sony xperias

  • serht

    Sounds cool!

  • Ashua

    Couldn’t agree more, right on man.! :)

  • Ashua

    So what about samsung they release twice the amount of phones sony does, so stop complaining and this is possibly for the 2h and mid range phones coming out later this year!

  • Ashua

    Finally someone gets it, samsung releases more phones than any other manufacturer does!

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  • Nabil

    Oh please stop it, you know you want good viewing angles but you just don’t want to admit it. People aren’t going to look at your phone even with good viewing angles. But if you want to show a movie or a picture to some friends, you got a big problem. IMO having good viewing angles, deep blacks, high contrast and high resolution are crucial for a screen to be called a beautiful screen. I have an Xperia Z (TFT) and the latest iPod Touch (IPS), and trust me, when they are on the table and let’s say I want to see if I got any notifications, I always prefer to check it on the iPod because the Z’s screen looks so cheap whenever you look at it from another angle.

    Sony is making the right thing here, and everyone here is using ‘privacy’ as an argument because they won’t admit that bad viewing angles are actually a really bad thing and to stay ‘true Sony fans’. Seriously, take a look at yourself.

    Sorry if I offended some fanboys.

  • Aman

    I truly don’t get why their is all this criticism for Sony. Sony manufactures phones which are truly good in all aspects. Samsung manufactures phone which have loads of features which are never to be used. They use really cheap and harmful plastic to manufacture their phones and for all those people who say we don’t need toughness in phones or we don’t need water resistant phones, you guys are bunch of fanboys. Let’s take an example of iPhone now. They release their new software and nothing changes for the user, I mean seriously dude for once atleast change the interface for the sake of people who are bored. Agreed they have great software which is way less buggy and does not hogs RAM but apart from it they use shitty hardware and take a glance at iPhone 5 and you will know its shit. They have maintained exclusivity by releasing a phone at so high a cost and dumb people fall prey to their tactics. I personally used iPhone for a week and I knew it is for all dumb people who don’t know ass about technology. Now comes Nokia, Great camera on Lumia 920. Truly one of the best camera. Apart from it, its bad. Truly bad. I dont have a file manager in Windows, I can’t delete a file completely from the system and so on.. There are just too many flaws in the OS and truly speaking if I want a good camera I will buy a DSLR at the same price as Lumia. Oh and I dont even want to start talking about HTC. Great phones, great hardware and No after sales support. End of the story,

  • Steven

    Very true. I agree with your opinion. I don’t want someone beside me seeing me texting message or seeing my password or something like that. If all persons around me can see what i see then there is no privacy. I bought my phone that cost me alot of money is for me and not for everyone. I don’t like to show off either with the other. So no problem with me with Sony TFT LCD. I’m bought my phone because i need it not because i want everyone to see it XD

  • Colin

    My mobile is my mobile so if anyone next to me can’t aee the screen that’s tough as long as I can the screen is excellent clear bright and video vibrant love this mobile brilliant

  • Jaywalker

    I don’t care much about the angle, if I want to see something I put it straignt to my view, it’s not a tv, hello! I care more about the display in the sunlight when I can’t see anything at a maximum brightness. Can’t see the texts, can’t see when I shot a video, when I take a picture with my Xperia U…Almost useless, I have to guess what I have in view. And much of this because of the mirror tent display (glass) which reflects anything. I see what’s behind me when I want to take a picture. Don’t they test these phones before sell them?

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    what the hell…everyone is nagging about xperia z screen where iam sure only a few would actually have used it…others just stick to what some stupid reviewers are sayiNG……HERE IS A COMPARISON BETWEEN XPERIA Z AND HTC ONE SCREEN>>>

  • Arokhantos

    Just pretend i’m the guy being thrown out of window.
    That way its always funny :)

  • Arokhantos

    Hope they make same mistake as sony, but make everyone hate them and switch over otherbrand, while sony decides to take us serious and fix problems and do something to speed up updates and bug fixes.
    But if does’t happen its good example eitherway like look sony they can do it why can’t you ?

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  • Zombie

    At least I’m sure that the Triluminos Displays will be better than sucker amoled and Fake ratina display.

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  • Arokhantos
  • US =/= the rest of the world

  • Santhosh Kumar


    ANDROID 5.0
    LED display 2560*2048 1080P
    Adreno 330 graphics processor with 30fps 4K playback capability
    3GB RAM
    BATTERY 3000mAh

  • lolsomany

    next year ur asking sony again to release

    ANDROID 6.0
    12 CORE
    ADRENO 430
    4GB RAM
    BATERY 4000mAh

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  • Wtf… You want to pay +1.000 euros for a phone?

  • SIN

    9MP– 3.5-4MB…….THIS RATIO……….

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  • Still a year or so away from Xperia devices if current experience holds.

  • u read my mind dude..

    keep tellin’ them sony fans : one x screen is god like compare to our xperia s !!

  • Arokhantos

    As long 5.0 comes to xperia z tablet z xperia tablet s i’m happy, xperia s well that might be unrealistic considering the rumours are that its probably for quadcores only.

    Ofcourse if their proof that it might run slow on for example xperia tablet s and slow it down then i don’t mind if they decide that, but thats only if the nexus 7 for example which has same hardware not get it either.

  • ? ?

    whats “triluminos” means?

  • 3 gigs of ram only…

    come on man…rise your demands to a higher ground

  • Me like me like

  • aks

    1000% agree with you

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    100% agree, The user interface is one of the most important parts and Xperia Devices need a UI overhaul, Gesture Based UI is way much better.

  • Depth

    Again, Sony have NOT released their Q4 Numbers (Q1 2013) yet.

  • Depth

    Again, Sony have NOT released their Q4 Numbers (Q1 2013) yet….

  • Chris13

    I wonder, when (if) sony releases a phone with better contrast and good viewing angles, will you all be here complaining that you want privacy? Or one with an amoled display, you will be complaining about colors?

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  • Anukul

    camera is also needed to be worked on

  • Cristi13

    I woder, when(if) sony releases a phone with better contrast and good viewing angles, will you all be here complaining that you want privacy? Or one with an amoled display, you will be complaining about colors?

  • HTC One User too

    Please people stop your whining and belly aching. The Xperia Z’s screen is mighty fine by me, it may be enhanced by Bravia Engine 2 but it does exactly what I want the phone to do and above all, it feels damn good in my hand, robust, solid and premium. I truly enjoy watching movies on my XZ, the colours are so vivid and natural looking and I do not have a problem with viewing angles, oh , it also has pretty decent sunlight visibility!

  • Julio Spinoza

    I dont think sony will release a phone with AMOLED technology ever, they use their own panels, like LG, HTC or even Iphone (i think all LCD panels with different technologies). I am not trying to justify the viewing angles or the colors… the Xperia Z is just amazing in all aspects and using the right colors, the problem is the stock software, I mixed the white balance (xperia zl stock) with bravia engine 2 and believe me when I say, the display has a great improvement

  • Cristi13

    I understand what you’re saying. I just don’t understand why sony calibrated their displays like this (some people got better ones), I just hope they don’t do the same mistakes over again. Now about the viewing angles

  • Cristi13

    (sorry for double reply) What I wanted to say is that on xperias the you can see what is on the screen at an angle but there is a bad color shift (white turns yellow, red turns pink etc) it doesn’t give you privacy.

  • Julio Spinoza

    Sorry, I was looking the difference between S4 and Z about colors and angle display and that is what I found

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  • Fadly Hermawan

    Well, Triluminous Display combined with Mobile Bravia Engine will give better result.

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  • angpet d’angpet

    those who are against sony here are all pitiful people who can’t afford to buy sony xperia. so they just contend themselves in criticising it. those who could afford, and have ones, are just smiling with all these stupid comments of pitiful and sorrowful poor people. apple antiquated phones are for the 99 percent americans who are poor. samsung are fakes. htc are dull. blackberry is for the rich, famous, and intelligent, and sony xperia z is their android phone. PERIOD

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  • hsong

    Agree with you,Iphone’s UI is just boring and Samsung is making a phone from cheap plastic everyday and all those functions in Samsung are useless.

  • RoRoXZ

    Yes, Sony is behind mostly with their phone hardware. Yet, Sony users mostly have a great experience, their phones have innovative and stunning designs and at least they are not afraid to try new things unlike Apple who’s been using the same UI since forever and Samsung who played it on safe and didn’t change S4’s design. They added mostly gimmicks and sell it as something brand new. Some features are nice though but most will only be used once or rarely.

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