Stock Jelly Bean firmware ported to Xperia U

by XB on 28th April 2013

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Xperia U JB portThe whizz kids over at xda-developers are at it again. They have managed to port the stock Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware to the Xperia U (ST25). XDA member munjeni managed to create a customised kernel for the handset, whilst lee480 has put the ROM together. It only works for Xperia U handsets with unlocked bootloaders. The ROM can be installed by recovery along with the kernel.

However, the ROM is not intended for daily use at this stage with a number of bugs including a non-working camera and LED bar, rotational problems, buggy capacitive buttons and severe battery drain. However, it’s early days yet and as Sony has not earmarked the Xperia U to receive an official Jelly Bean update, let’s hope it’s not too long before we see a stable JB port.

Xperia U JB port

Via xda-developers.

Thanks Aaron and Ben!

  • PRo

    Plzz make it for Sola, My brother is dying for it :(

  • grth

    The Wizards of xda
    Soon in a theater near you!

  • XDA developers are way better than phone manufacturers developers

  • Herman

    They will. It has the same chipset, just like the Xperia U, so it’ll be a piece of cake to those amazing developers.

    If not, my condolences.

  • Herman

    The main reason being that XDA developers aren’t tied to marketing strategies. If Sony didn’t care at all about marketing, they would’ve certainly given us Jelly Bean sooner. Xperia U users would probably want to upgrade soon because of this, in Sony’s eyes.

    I’m really glad XDA developers exist!

  • PRo

    Hope so :(

  • Kernel 3.0 instead of 3.4 hmmph

  • dreamycreamy

    The Xperia SP is priced on the UK Sony site for £349 :D

  • Ricky Rangire

    Xda developers developed water on mars…

  • pandemic

    Very nice Munjeni, good job:)
    Best regards!!!

    RC Pandemic on XDA !!!!!!

  • ZeroCools

    I can imagine porting magic touch to JB will take a while though.

  • Hans Kurniawan Ghozalli

    To each their own :) we shouldn’t compare them, they meant to coexist, Sony needs the money, so they can make a better hardware later. XDA might be better in software, but when you brick the device, they won’t cover you so yeah, they are to coexist in Android world.

  • kedar

    Sony learn from xda developers.

  • Khiem Diep

    Let’s not forget that Sony has been really supportive of the XDA developers. Going as far as directly giving them technical knowledge and phones to develop on. XDA developers are great by themselves, but they’re even better with support from companies such as Sony.

  • silverbios

    munjeni is the best of developer!

    but this rom is very bugy and not stable plz dont install if you are not developer!

    whilemean wooow plz edit build.prop


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  • Mac

    why is the phone in the picture a xperia P?



  • Markac

    It’s an Xperia U phone but the software has been ported form the Xperia P Jelly Bean update.

  • xperia98


    Stock Jelly Bean firmware ported to Xperia Neo L

    PLZ :/ :((

  • Mac

    Oh I see, Ay man nice car btw, viggen? I’m trying 2 get my hands on a red one ;-)

  • Mac

    Oh I see, Ay man nice car btw, viggen? I’m trying 2 get my hands on a red one ;-)

  • Markac

    It’s a Viggen in the photo but I own a ’99 yellow 9-3 SE HOT.

  • Sony works with xda… xda even gave them a prize, “Best OEM of 2012”

  • Mac

    Oh I see, so u got a monte carlo then :-)?
    I’ve got a ’00 silver 9-3 SE ;-)

  • Markac

    Sure is!

  • Munjeni

    Magic touch will not be ported! Sorry!

  • Pandemic

    yes exactly, from other companies you cant see that :D

  • And now it’s ported to Xperia SOLA as well. Hurray!

  • Abdullah

    xda i want to root my xperia u to JB pls give me the easiest link which is totally user frndly :) thanks in advance …

  • Jaywalker

    Xperia U is already a has been. Doesn’t worth the effort for it. I know it because I have one. Unfortunately.

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  • alex

    i ported jb to my xperia u but its has bugs on camera

  • rommel

    no have bugs ?


    SONY SHIT Fuck Close your Company No jellybean for Xperia u

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