‘Xperia Privilege’ app offering £20/€25 SEN voucher for Xperia Z owners

by XB on 3rd May 2013

in Applications, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Xperia Privelege_ThumbA new application called ‘Xperia Privilege‘ is currently being pushed to Sony Xperia Z (C660X) owners. The app is currently in a beta phase and offers promotions such as discounts on apps as well as competition prizes. Currently Sony is offering Xperia Z owners a £20/€25 voucher to spend on any part of the Sony Entertainment Network (Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited, PlayNow memories and the PlayStation Store).

The app is available to download for all Android devices, however trying it on an Xperia S just brings up a blank screen. Looks like the app is only active for Xperia Z owners at the moment. We would expect promotional content available to all Sony Xperia owners in due course.

Xperia Privelege_2

Xperia Privelege_1

Thanks @AmbroosV, Cyleo, @GarDeady, Rene and Resus!

  • Raymond

    Got mine today, and spent it on gta San Andreas and Music Unlimited fantastic well done Sony.

  • i couldn’t install it due to error 403 or sth like this
    on C6602

  • got nothin’ even though my XZ Update Center New apps informed me of the new app to install

  • MurczakM

    Change country i’am from Poland and i needed change to UK to see this promotion list…

  • Zulugula Mobutu Seseseko

    Xperia S – my first and last “Flagship” from sony.

  • So I got £20 and a photo editing app. Great stuff Sony.

  • paul_cus

    Does it apply to the ZL?

  • Xyor

    It’s not available for US……What a shame

  • memo

    Well done sony..,got £20, I rented a movie for tonight…. Keep the good stuff sony….

  • When going to reedem my code it says “no longer valid” :(
    Do I need to have a UK address for my account?

  • Thanks, worked.

  • raheemdot

    How do you get the free £20?

  • James

    In New Zealand we just get the photo app on the list

  • Gon

    This app is not available in Thailand!!! ;((


    How about ZL? ZL should be in the same league as Z

  • Liamay

    Can someone share apk?

  • Laurent Mouillart

    Got 25€ for Music Unlimited, very nice Sony.

  • It gave me £22

  • James Earley

    Download xperia privilege. Bottom of app should be the promotion for SEN. Tap on bottom image and follow instructions on screen. Make sure you have an SEN account first.

  • You can factory reset your phone then get another one, if you use a different email address.

    Or you can use any phone and edit the Build.prop…

  • dacha

    Interestingly google play says it is not compatible with my xperia z?!
    Few updates for XZ: update 434 become available 2 days ago (serbian market, phone bought in Hungary); speaker-water problem persisted on my XZ for over a month (it was only washed once, very carefully, however my wife’s XZ was in bathtub over and over and it never had any problems), and problem was solved when I desperately sank my XZ in small amount of water with music playing for 20secs, then wiped it off and sucked any residual water out of speaker. During that process strange cracking sound came from speaker. After that sound was back. Hope this will help someone.

  • Can you explain the steps you took to changes the address and use the code. Mine says the same thing and I want to purchase something. Did you change your address to a UK address on your SEN Account?

  • Loren Ipsum

    Yeah, I wanna know too. How to change address?

  • Madsham

    Nice one Sony got my €25 earlier, now what to spend it on….

  • Actually, I’ve created a new account with another email, set the address to UK (they don’t even ask you for post code, etc) and then redeem the code; it doesn’t matter to wich email you send the code :)

  • osin17

    Cool from Sony.

  • now, only £6 are left.

  • I’m from Romania and i don’t see my country on the list. If i wanna see a offers promotions i have to change the country, but still not be able to buy anything.

  • Vasilis K.

    Not available for Greece… :(

  • Babylonbwoy

    Sometimes ad blocker can block it maybe. I see that it workd for you changing the country, I say that for others.

  • TrixzD

    Awesome :)

  • TrixzD

    Awesome If I had an Xperia Z and got the £20.00 I would of used it on PlayStation store. Wish it was for all 2012-2013 Xperia owners that would be even better :)

  • Next is mid range?

  • 4.2 FUCK SONY

    WHERE THE FUCKKK IS 4.2 ANDROID FOR XPERIA Z ????????????????????????? FUCK YOUUU SONY!!!!

  • dreamycreamy

    Does it work on the SP?

  • Bro

    Please elaborate. What lines do I need to edit, and with what values?

  • Hi guys, I’m having a hard time trying to download the games from Playstation Mobile. At first, they do start downloading (and they are charged from my account), but during the installation process it gives the error ‘ “app” could not download’. Do you know what it could be?

  • It’s great when you have 3 Xperias Z in the house, and a bunch of friends owning one, willing to give me codes :D

  • Drago

    Got £22 from my voucher when I entered it.

  • Emin Abbasov

    Not available in Azerbaijan (((

  • you mad?

  • You can find this information on a few UK deals websites. I’m not going to give it out, and I don’t endorse doing this since its essentially stealing…

  • berty

    Sony stopped the free £20 say that too many people had applied for it. What tight gits if were spend around £300 a year (on contract) for a phone the least they can do is give us back £20 thats like 2p is to us.

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  • Rob

    How do I buy music from PlayNow with this?

  • Liam Currey

    can u spend it on your ps3 once u get code

  • Pál Vadászi

    Could you be a bit more specific? I live in Hungary, downloaded the app, but no promotions for my country, and if I change to United Kingdom, I only see the application promotion (“frame grabber” and “pick pic camera”) but no SEN money promotion…

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