Xperia Tablet Z (SO-03E) gets firmware update to improve touch panel

by XB on 15th May 2013

in Firmware, Sony Tablet

Screenshot_2013-05-16-01-43-20The Sony Xperia Tablet Z (SO-03E) for NTT DoCoMo in Japan has received a new firmware version (build number 10.1.E.0.265). Only one item is listed in the changelog from DoCoMo and that is the operation of the touch panel has been improved. We’re not sure what that means exactly, but the update size is around 840MB. The international version of the Xperia Tablet Z is due to launch within the next fortnight.


Thanks xperiax10.awesome!

  • Adrian Alejandre

    So where’s the AT&T version?

  • von

    The tablet Z feels so irrelevant already. It doesn’t even have multi window etc. -_- Yes it looks good but its screen isn’t even the best.

  • dereknobuyuki

    The WiFi non-docomo version also had an updated

  • Khiem Diep

    What do you mean by multi window? You talking about multi tasking? If so, it does. Look up small apps.

  • its the best screen out there what do you think

  • I think he meant Samsung multi window

  • dereknobuyuki

    I’ve been using it for over a month so far and I am quite happy with it.

    My Xperia GX smartphone is doing horribly after the last carrier update, but the Xperia Tablet Z is great.

    I’m not sure what’s so irrelevant about it. The lack of Snapdragon 400 or 600 or 800?

    The screen is fine. It’s not a 2.0dppx screen but it doesn’t need to be. 1.5dppx is the most appropriate for this size of device.

    It’s definitely the best waterproof tablet considering that I live in the market where waterproof android devices are the ubiquitous NORM.

    I’m sure something better will come along this summer but so far there’s nothing better available in Japan at that device size group.

    There are things that are not good but you haven’t covered any of them.

    – GPS is mediocre. It’s on par with other tablets but that’s not really good enough for ingress.
    – Some apps restart or reload when the device is plugged into the cradle (including Chrome Browser)
    – It’s not available in all markets

    But, It’s waterproof/dustproof and the WiFi model is even lighter than the specs say – 476g rather than the 495 LTE version

    It’s not going to make coffee for you or walk your dog but it’s a nice device.

  • Arokhantos

    xperia tablet s had random shutdowns for 7 month’s still not fixed.
    Xperia tablet z has touch panel issues gets fixed right away.
    Glad i got a full refund on my xperia tablet s my nexus 7 runs smooth atleast and lag free.

  • Sony is improving! This easily the best Tablet on the market

  • Herman

    It doesn’t come as a surprise that this SONY tablet doesn’t have SAMSUNG’s software.
    Some people really like to complain about anything.

    In my opinion small apps is even more useful than multi window. You’re not tied to two apps, you can have as many small apps on the screen as you want. And, as far as I know, there are more useful Small Apps than Multi Window apps.

  • 3zeez

    most people “including me” don’t use multi windows even on PC … to me its just a show off .
    true Sony doesn’t have the best software around, but its stable, smooth, RAM friendly!

  • Guest

    Funny to see Whatsapp icon. Didn’t know you could install that on a tablet.

  • lolzer

    i think he meant the small apps cannot be opened simultaneously.

    If you open the notes small app, you have to close it if you want to open another. I do prefer opening few small apps window, it’ll be easy to multitask. Im not a fanboy of any products, but i prefer samsung’s multi window, since its easier to multitask as you can open few ‘small apps’ simultaneously

  • Herman

    Does Samsung’s Multi Window allow you to have any (supported) app run as a pop-up app?
    I know the browser can, but I haven’t seen any other Multi Window apps run in pop-up mode.

  • Lolzer

    Im not talking about the ‘pop out’, im talking about few small apps running simultaneously, similar to Samsung’s multi window. As far as i know, both xperia Z and tablet Z still cant do it.

    If you opened a small app and want to open another one, you MUST close the first small app…which makes it hard to multitask.

    Of course, i’d prefer having multi window + small apps that CAN RUN SIMULTANEOUSLY….hope sony will make it

  • Lolzer

    I think you are not a heavy multitasker, so you didnt know d difference having small apps/multi window opened simultaneously is huge. Im a heavy multitasker, and this is my view. Multi window + small apps that can run simultaneously would be great if it came default (without the need to root)

  • Herman

    Wait, you’re telling me I’m not a heavy multitasker?
    I really don’t see how you could make that conclusion based on what I said.
    The fact that I don’t know all about multi window is because I don’t own a Samsung device.

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