Sony talks 2013 Mobile strategy; Kaz steps in to “fix certain things”.

by XB on 23rd May 2013

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sony_logoSony recently held its Corporate Strategy Meeting for FY13 (12 months to March 2014), where management including CEO Kazuo Hirai discussed achievements over the last twelve months and outlined plans for the year ahead. The big themes discussed included “accelerating initiatives” to grow its electronic business, strengthening profitability in the Entertainment and Financial Services businesses and enhancing the financial foundations of the company.

Sony also talked about a on a unified “One Sony” approach encompassing all parts of its business and produce products that “inspires and fulfils curiosity, and delivers exciting experiences to customers around the world.”

Talking specifically about the mobile business, management said that it “intends to accelerate the speed with which it develops and rapidly delivers compelling products to customers that incorporate the best of Sony’s technologies.” It also talked about executing the “timely launch of new and highly competitive products that build on the success of Xperia Z.” Financial targets within the mobile business (smartphones and tablets) stand at 1.5 trillion yen and operating income margin of 4% by FY14 (year to March 2015).

There were a number of questions around the company’s mobile strategy from analysts and investors. Once again, some common themes struck through including releasing products faster and leveraging the power of One Sony.

The company also cited the success of the Xperia Z in Asia and Europe (with particularly strong sales in Germany and the UK). However, to grow market share, Hirai conceded that steady growth in the US market was needed.

Harai talked about a change in perception of Sony products, with the Xperia Z and Xperia Tablet Z being key catalysts. He said he had received positive comments from employees and dealers worldwide about finally producing “good products true to the Sony brand”. He went on to say that “for the true rebirth and reintegration of the Sony brand, we of course need to improve existing products but at the same time we need to give birth to new ways to enjoy content through the products we offer”.

Readers may be glad to hear that Sony will not be giving up on its eye for design, in fact it will remain an integral part in new products. Harai said that if a product has the SONY label on it needs to have a “thoroughly attractive design”.

Lastly, Harai is not immune to the challenges he faces in the mobile division. He said that there are “issues to overcome in Xperia”. He has spoken to the Sony Mobile management team to “fix certain things”. Harai said that “I personally asked that since it is SONY DNA and my DNA, I will personally be involved.” Strong words indeed, we look forward to some great things from the future Xperia line-up.

Sony Mobile strategy 2013

Sony Mobile strategy 2013

Sony Mobile strategy 2013

Sony Mobile strategy 2013

Sony Mobile strategy 2013

Sony Mobile strategy 2013

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  • Mac

    What about bringing updates to your customers in time..?

  • Atayga

    If you have read the text, its writen dude.

  • aligamz

    I guess that’s one of the “issues they have to overcome in Xperia”. At least I hope it is.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I’m hoping for a WhiteMagic TV since there is a big need for Clear and bright TV’s that don’t need to be contained in dark rooms

  • sfordesign

    no mention of more supports for customers, so fuck you sony, fuck you.

  • aligamz

    I really hope Sony gets it’s stuff straight. Love the brand, love the products, but damn… and communication is a mess.

  • sfordesign

    like this short? “we of course need to improve existing products but at the same time we need to give birth to new ways to enjoy content”

  • MaRK

    I sold my Xperia S 6 months ago and bought a Nexus 4. The Xperia S is STILL waiting for Jellybean.

    The NEX-5R Sony camera I bought has wifi but the only two sharing services it supports (Sony’s own Play Memories and Facebook) are BOTH broken, and Sony support are totally useless. It’s been a month and they havn’t even bothered to get back to me to confirm it’s broken and they are working on it.

    Kaz may think things have changed, but they havn’t.

    The PS3 is the only kit I bought that has consistently delivered, and easilly the best device I every bought. However the rest…. Well Meh……

  • Arokhantos

    So they finaly reconise the fact that old products like 1 year old are in broken state and need be fixed.
    I’m glad sony reconises its own problems finaly gonna do something about it, i just hope everyone with 1/2 year old product will benefit from it.
    Releasing a product in broken state then waiting 1 2 years and still have no fixes ?
    Sony thats just evil.

  • “reduce time to market , quickly launch attractive products the showcase the power of sony”

    is this a fucking strategy ? or they just feeding their own ego ?

    i hope this fucking company fall down….and they will

  • Arokhantos

    I hope not because not all their products are crap.

  • “I hope this fucking company fall down”… you really have no idea how big Sony is and how much much of a shareholder they are/have. Lets just know this though, Sony is a company (possibly the only) that Apple can’t touch with their patent troll

  • They remember it when they’re SE but when Sony took over, memory loss i guess. It look SE for a while to realize the same thing for X10, they did really well in their next phones (arc, neo, etc) about the updates but then backstage drama kicks in when Sony are in the process of taking over

  • Arokhantos

    Lets not forget the big succes sony is about to make on playstation 4, as xbox one clearly already lost due adam orth BS and their awfull introduction with everything about TV features that can be found on almost any smart tv, and every 3dtv.
    I hope ps4 launch price will be no more then 500€ but probably still buy it even if its 600€

  • “you really have no idea how big Sony”

    no shit ! you really scared me !

    i’ll tell ya something ..

    when something “B.I.G” fall down , it makes a looooot of noise !

  • TV TV TV Television TV TV Sports Sports Halo Halo new Call of Duty Call of Duty Dog… pretty much the Xbox conference
    I remember reading somewhere that it’s going to be really affordable. Not going to be like what the PS3 was.

  • But here’s the thing, they won’t

  • hag

    Fuck you.
    Stop talking shit about Sony. I am a satisfied customer who have lived with Sony products for many years and will still be there, if you are not satisfied change notice.
    Sony covers my needs in entertainment, ranging from Mobile, Tablet, TV, Home Theater Systems, more and more. With beautiful design, which no other company has.

  • ray

    Well yeah, if you are the CEO.

  • RealFan

    Dear Sony
    Many people (including me) still waiting for the Xperia Play 2, please make it!

  • Splat

    I bet you must make a loud splat when you fall down (from a plane) :)

  • hans

    You mean we will be exposed to a soap tray phone all of the time of our life??


  • Arokhantos

    Sony has made few mistakes tough they kindy are saying they wanna correct them, or least thats what i understand from article.
    Hopefully its what sony gonna do, with proper release of products in a useable state instead of broken like have seen in past.

  • As long as they stop the “15 phones [2 flagships] a month” order of business they’ve been running for the past 2 years…

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    well good thing about talking marketing strategies but they seriously need to update the old flagships asap, cause they are taking forever to update Xperia S,
    They even updated Xperia P in no time.why can’t they update XPS in time.

  • TechGuyChris

    Lol I get more updates for my Sony Bravia HX750 than I do for my Xperia device. I’ve received three firmware updates for my TV in the past 2 months. Its cool how it just lets me know when i’m watching tv that a firmware is available and that I need to install it. Seems that their TV division has it down since that is a 2012 model. maybe sony mobile should contact them!

  • Sony, love.AAll thr best! :)

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  • please

    Less phones, more support.

  • DeLorean75

    Couldn’t agree more. Faster updates and bug fixes.

  • Carl

    Someone should have presented him with an Xperia S and Galaxy II and told him to try both and see which one performed better.

  • Rob

    I’d be annoyed if I got 3 updates in 2 months time. Seems like unless those updates fixed some critical problems that could have been baked into one update.

  • Rob

    Holy crap, they’ve released 360 phones in the past 2 years?

  • Rob

    Really? I seem to recall there weren’t that many buying Xperia Play in the first place..

  • Rob

    You know how words start to lose their meaning when said too much? Yeah..

  • ClioCreslind

    The Xperia Play was a brilliant, market-changing idea, that has fallen into pathetic, incapable hands.

    Sony & Sony Ericsson made SO many bloody silly mistakes with it that the Original Xperia Play fall waaaay short of what it SHOULD have been.

  • Rob

    I agree completely, but that still does not change the fact that it didn’t sell for shit, and thus a XP2 becomes really hard to motivate.

  • if they want a good strategy just follow that: less devices, better support and faster updates. this is the success

  • FUCK YOU!!!

  • RocKStar

    I agree. BUT hope the new Xperia Play will replace Android with Vita OS and come with awesome specs, for example 1) full hd 5 inch OLED display, 460 ppi and Bravia Engin 3 2) Rear Touchpad 4) 20 megapixel camera sensor working with Sony’s BIONZ imaging processor 5) Great audio chip.

  • shenrong

    nothing for the consumer support….

  • i’m gamer

    why sony like to product so many phone with the same design ? why ?


  • Gorga Naibaho

    The world doesn’t revolve exclusively around your Apple devices.

  • hamboy


  • DoucheyTuesday


  • release 1 flagship a year for fuck sake… am tired of getting xperia S to find out T is just 4 months away…than i get Xperia T and Z arrives 4 months after that… WE NEED ONE FLAGSHIP A YEAR GOD DAMN IT!… Xperia S owners still didnt get JB lol…
    i do have high hopes for sony… being a FAN of everything Sony…but really if u want to release alot of phones a year than make 2 flagships a Sony note type phablet and a flagship smart phone… or a Flagship sony camera phone…
    Sony honami seems promising.. i hope it delivers..and please get rid of the TFT displays already… i dont have a problem with those but GEEKS want Viewing angles as they r retards and like too at their phones side ways..

  • Joe Merol


  • TechGuyChris

    Well I’m more annoyed with The bugs in The TV at times than I am receiving a firmware update. I’ve never heard of a TV that lags when browsing a menu or that takes 30 seconds to Switch inputs or enable its smart TV features and functions when u first turn it on cause its still “booting”. The firmware update I just got fixed the lag issue. And the previous update reduced t boot up time to 7 seconds.

  • ryq24

    Improving the screen of xperia phones could be a good start. The Xperia Z have good looking screen but place it side by side with S4 or HTC One or even LG Optimus and the difference is quite clear that Sony need to improve their display.

  • DoucheyTuesday

    More “make.believe” sadly…get real, Sony

  • do u think every body is a fucking sheep like u ?

    imma an owner of XS ,the one i paid lot of money for it !

  • Gorga Naibaho

    And now you’re using animalistic insults eh? The XZ is the first Sony device I own in years and never been happier. The S is a device made during a bad time for Sony. Hoping a company will fall just because you were dissatisfied is immature. How about some constructive criticism, friend? I’d also throw in a bacon related insult, since you called me a fuck ingredients sheep, but I’ll refrain from that.

  • ReiX

    One more strategy, improve update speed

  • H2O

    I couldn’t agree more. Why sony will never understand it and still make the same stupid mistake, WHY?

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  • NaCl

    During Xperia S era. Once Xperia S came out, Krait based processor was released. Then Sony got no choice, but to make Krait based phones to keep them competitive. After several months, APQ8064 (Quad core Krait) is becoming more mainstream. Sony had to follow up as well.

    In fact, even dual core Krait is more than enough. The problem is customers. Given you have 2 phones, dual core and quad core, I’m sure you will choose quad core! That’s the common problem from laymen. They think the more the cores, then faster the device is. Tech-savvy might know the truth, but they made up of only small portion of market.

    How about Samsung? They make their own processor and absolutely got no problem with the chipset. Oh well, with plenty of gimmicks too. “Octa” core at 90 degree celcius S4 when stressed.

  • adam

    fix the update policy asshole …

  • hocestquisumus

    TIghten up your (mobile) portfolio, guys. There really is no need for as many smartphones as the alphabet has letters, all at once. Same goes for the A/V products. What are there right now, 25 receivers with differences only visible with a microscope?

    Sony makes really great products, which is why I keep buying them despite numerous disappointments. But the whole company could have a good long look at their photo division. Now that’s how you do it, at least in the higher price ranges. Fewer models, clear differences, clear target audiences. Bam.

  • Vitali

    Sony, Make Waterproof Xperia Play 2! It will be the best phone ever lolz :D

  • Vitali

    yeah.. but after that they should do a giant battery that will add 5 centimeters minimum to phone’s thickness make the battery strong for this xperia Play 2…. -_-

  • Vitali

    yeah.. but after that they should do a giant battery that will add 5 centimeters minimum to phone’s thickness make the battery strong for this xperia Play 2…. -_-

  • RoRoXZ

    You’re very right. Sony’s main problem
    Is that they release their phones before the competition does. Giving the competition opportunity to upgrade their devices as needed and make Sony’s seem outdated on which Sony has to reply by launching a device.

  • A.I.
  • Ciryk

    Sony you should’t be arranging dates you can’t make to launch Jelly Bean or any ether software update at that date. If my boss asks when I’ll have my website ready at the end of the week I’ll make sure that its ready! Cancelling promises would make me loose my job!

  • Daniel

    Where is jelly bean for ION???

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