New Xperia P firmware (6.2.A.1.100) released

by XB on 12th June 2013

in Firmware, Xperia go, Xperia P

Xperia P_6.2.A.1.100_AboutSony Mobile is now rolling out a new Jelly Bean firmware to Xperia P (LT22i) owners in the form of build version 6.2.A.1.100. The Android 4.1.2 update has the same 3.0.8 kernel as with the previous JB firmware (6.2.A.0.400).

Sony released the open source archive for this firmware a few days ago and said that it was for the Xperia P and Xperia go. We haven’t seen any evidence of the firmware rolling out to Xperia go handsets so far, but it can’t be far behind.

Xperia P_6.2.A.1.100

Xperia P_6.2.A.1.100_About

Thanks Dewanshu, espmw3 and Long!

  • SXperiaIon

    Still holding hope for the ION…im a fool in love.

  • Norio24

    Good news for Xperia P owners! i think Sony is doing a good job lately

  • LaceeWearsPrada

    Thanks again Sony :D Xperia Ion users are still sad (Y)

  • iDesigner

    Just bought an Xperia P, so this is some welcome news :)

  • SXperiaIon

    I hope its full of bugs and your shit crashes 47 times in a day! DONT TOY WITH ION USERS WE’RE ON EDGE!

  • r0

    I regret so much buying more expensive “flagship” Xperia S. They are treating it like shit. Guys at least you have received an update which changes something. Ours is just about changing the number from .200 to .211 with same bugs (except middle east where wifi/gps wasn’t working at all) :|

  • j_ee

    so what’s new in this update?

  • AliReza

    pls ftf

  • Xyor

    You and who ever pressed ups are crazy.

  • Elj

    It says that this is also for Xperia Go.. st27i…
    has anyone from XGo users tried this?

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    Ion ion ion ion….

  • Dawid Hudziak

    If you were lied to as many times as we ion users, then you would be acting the same way:)

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  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    also with ma acro s. number changed bugs r the same.

  • Admin

    any fucking plans to at least release the JB for ION????? I’ve always been a Sony fan and thanks for making me not look for sony in future!

  • Xyor

    I owned a at&t customized ion, which will never receive JB updates. Yet I still keep myself claim. It means nothing for you to cursing around but considered rude.

  • Daniel

    Fuck off Sony..Where is jelly bean for ION???

  • Dawid Hudziak

    we all express ourselves in our own way, I don’t judge. Speaking out is the only way to make sony listen to our complaints

  • Tech Gospel

    Camera start up seems to be slightly improved.

  • Xyor

    Then go ahead and contact with Sony. Go to official blogs, write a email, etc. I don’t think you’re innocent enough to believe that Sony will hang around the internet and search for hatred comments. This site is where Sony users and fans receive their information. As you think you deserve your update, so do XP owners.

  • Dawid Hudziak

    Yes sony does check sites like xperia blog (their PR staff that is), and they care more about what’s being said here, than by contacting directly (since here you can reach some share of the public). If you dont mind being lied to, then that’s your deal, I don’t take it kindly, and shall speak up anyway I like – if you dont like it, ignore it.

  • faisal

    Still I have not got the jelly bean update or my Xperia P In Afghanistan

  • Rob

    this is for Xperia P, now gtfo

  • Daniel

    Shut up idiot. I didn’t talked to you

  • janiel03

    updating it now..:)

  • Xperia ion

    Where’s ion’s???

  • kakooli

    Ion users shut up. We already got the xperia s users off our ass and now u guys pop up. Just shut up cuz that wont change the speed of the jb update. I hope u guys get stuck on wutever version ur currently on.

  • Rob

    Ok, so you were talking to Sony then? This is a third party site, not run by Sony.. So I’d say you’re the idiot in this scenario.

  • Daniel

    Making splash everywhere and anytime is the only way how to bring attention to the ION jelly bean update problem. And it works most of the time if you have a large enough group of desperate users..look how Sony react to the pressure from Xperia S users.

    I’m glad Xperia P got another jelly bean update, but we ION users got nothing

  • checo79

    ion ion ion coion! is a xperia p news not ion or s device

  • mad_go

    Baaam! In yo face!!

  • mad_go

    Ions thatta way!! ————————————————>

  • mad_go

    NO your not! ;D It’s not even on the website! If you are, please tell us what’s the changelog!

  • janiegaleon

    i’m still updating as of the moment.(crappy internet connection)
    here’s a screen shot..and yes it’s the new firmware 6.2.A.1.100

  • mad_go

    We Go users, really really reallllly need the friggin update because of one main reason, we have a phone with the caller app full of bugs, it’s “un-callable” ! Now that my friends, is a HUGE bug!

  • mad_go

    Ermagerrrdd!! 3hrs!! We shall wait u__u

  • jangaleon

    the time is not’s been like that since i

  • mad_go

    This is weird… LOL! No new update info!!

  • LaceeWearsPrada

    FUCK YOU!! Imagine, I’m happy with my Ion on 4.0.4 b ut I want the features of the Jelly Bean :D The funniest thing is that : all the lowend devices, all the 2013 models and the fucking S, Acro S, SL too got the update.. but the Ion…(I hope it won’t be buggy, laggy like all of yours :DDDDDD I think the delay will take some effect on perfomance and quality :D ) So SHUT the fuck up!! And push your Xperia P and your JB update up to your ass if you can’t show some understanding…

  • mad_go

    That’s allot of swear words… x__x

    Your vocabulary is huge! LOLZ

  • kakooli

    And show some fucking understanding u ignorant little dumb fuck that sony doesnt read u bitching and whining about jb for ion and that it is fucking annoying to c an asshole whine and complain about jb update that i hope wont reach ion. Not happy with ics, flash a fuking custom Rom. Dont want to, well deal with the shit u currently have.

  • meiermanni

    Laggy as fuck and serious issues with rebuilding via Sony PC Companion after update.

    Sony needs to be period slapped for their software developers from pre school.

    What a shame for this big company.

  • mad_go

    Did you “Clean Update” or “Simple Update” without backing up and recovering data?

  • mad_go

    So…. Any news?!

  • Ahmed Khaled Badr El-Deen

    havent faced any bugs except for the video recording lag

  • ffffffffffffffffffff

    ion will get jb update but nobody should care next time buy xperia p or something xperia p nice phone blablablabla

  • jangaleon

    oh ok,sorry. here’s the proof

    i don’t really know what the update was about but i think it’s just a minor bug fix.

    it’s still the same as the original jelly bean update. my phone is working just fine. that’s all i can tell. cheers :)

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  • mad_go

    Oh man… I kinda wanted like a changelog or something… How’s the lag response? Faster? Slower? Same? Caller App? Fast? Same?

  • chevapravatdumrong {-_-}

    Starting mine now

  • mad_go
  • mad_go

    I’ll help you guys! See? Imma a P friend, even if I have a X GO! ;D

  • jangaleon

    It’s the same imo. It’s smooth like the initial i said it’s just a minor bug fixing update.
    Yeah, others said that it fixed the bug in the caller app.

  • mad_go

    Hurray! Lest hope for Xperia Go it’ll be the same… Or Better! MUahahah!

  • Darky

    I didn’t received the firmware update here in Romania.The release differs to one country from another?

  • mad_go


  • mad_go

    I’m from portugal on a unbranded firmware and the update is on like donkey kong!

    52% at the moment…

  • marius.a

    can i update this over .400 even i have unlocked bootloader? my pc companion saw the update. is it safe to do it with an UB?


  • Ashad Mamood

    Where it was yesterday

  • Ashad Mamood

    Sony are deliberately not releasing the Ion JB update just so they can piss the Ion users off

  • siki

    Just updated my Xperia Go! :)

  • Benji

    Lol, what kind of slow internet connection you got? Took 20 mins for me~ :o

  • Reyoch Ch

    how was it any problems any difference new version
    please reply me

  • Reyoch Ch

    my friend did u update new firmware xperia go how was it any difference..any lag what was in new firmware
    please reply me

  • addyeleven

    Can I update it on my PC Companion only ? My Handset don’t show me the update

  • SSHD

    i have the new FW for a couple of hours and i didnt notice the speed improvement , and after reading that i wake the phone with the camera button and im like Woah :D haha its so fast . Good job Sony

  • jangaleon

    Uh headset is not working when i upgraded to the new firmware, i mean it’s perfectly working before the update..i think it’s a bug.
    The headset is working on other device except my phone..ugh.
    I think it only recognize sony headset now. :-(

  • Basharca

    Xperia P owners are lucky and satisfied, I feel like they are Sony’s baby :)
    I never noticed an Xperia P owner complain about updates here!

  • alex

    There’s still no update for the Hong Kong user of Xperia p on PC Companion

  • guru

    default album is working compare to previous frimware

  • Rob

    Perhaps the target consumer for that device wasn’t twelve-year-olds as it seems to have been for Xperia S and Ion.

  • Sari Fawaz

    hello guys i have jelly bean for xperia p but the build number is 6.2.A.0.400 and this 6.2.A.1.100 whats the different between them? should i download 6.2.A.1.100 ?? and can i flash the mobile with flashtool ? sorry for my english :) hope u answer me thanks

  • Guest

    hello guys can i flash this with flashtool? how to update please? i have jelly ean but the build number is 6.2.A.4.100 whats the different? please help me :)

  • DeLorean75

    Updated today via PC Companion (Sweden).

  • Adam Coomber

    Ddi you get the update? I am in the UK and still dont have it. These update process needs some work I think?

  • Adam Coomber

    Im in the UK does anyone have the update here?

  • Attila

    Try updating it with sony update service. I’m from Romania too, that was the only way how I managed to update my XP.

  • Ashar Khan

    KSA… downloading… lets see whats new?

  • Fahad Khan

    smoothly updated in Pakistan by connecting a USB cable.

  • ilias

    Just got the update…(Greece)[15/6/2013]
    I hope the call lag problem gets fixed on this update :-/ !

  • Burak Arslan

    When is it for Turkey?

  • Burak Arslan

    When is it for Turkey?

  • Burak Arslan

    when is it for Turkey?

  • tcyjohnny

    My UK unbranded p is still on 4.0.4 and is. Not showing anything via SUS, pc companion, or phone… Annoyed user here…

  • Tushar Dongre

    I guess, all the bugs r fixed in this update

  • faisal

    I still have not received jelly bean update here in Afghanistan.

  • asdfasdf

    got the update here in hong kong. only visible difference i see at the moment is the design of the dock now looks like the newer on-screen navigation xperias

  • Nishank Kulkarni

    Is pc campaign required to upgrade to 6.2.A.1.100 ??

  • Tech Gospel

    Lock screen security bug is gone too.

  • Anandsk

    Still no update for Xperia p with s no 1262-0469.6 in India,bought it on eBay .updated ics officially thru PC companion myself,it’s too frustrating that Sony officially released JB 2 months back.and me still waiting……when…….????

  • Jc Garcia

    Hi! anyone from the Philippines here? I am using Xperia P (LT22i) and I am stuck with 4.0.4 and I’m really trying to update it to 4.2 but it seems that the update is not available at the moment in my country, I already checked for an update via PCC and Update Service and it keeps on telling me that my phone has the current software. Its such a shame because even locally produced phones here are now on Jelly Bean. Can someone help me?

  • tcyjohnny

    I am in the UK and I am experiencing the same. stil on 4.0.4 and I don’t even Have 4.1 yet! I am really thinking about flashing it manaully

  • Jc Garcia

    Im really disappointed by this. The locally produced low-end phones here are now on Jelly bean and has Quad-Core processors. Come on Sony!!

  • Brian Reedy

    Everything was fine till I got to the gym this morning and plugged in my Sennheiser PX 685i Sport headphones (which had been working fine except for the remote buttons) and found that the only music that would play was out of the back speakers. I’ve read on another forum that pressing the volume + button on the headphone controler while plugging in can remedy the problem, so I’ll try that when I get home from work. Anyone else having issues?

  • Sid

    Whn ota update is coming…????

  • TheFreak

    Got update last night, But cannot find any info anywhere as to what exactly it does…anyone else know???

  • Gerald Mayorga

    i can’t update to this version i don´t know why i’m from Costa Rica but my phone it’s free, i mean not from a phone company

  • tcyjohnny

    UPDATE: Just to say PC Companion say I now have the 6.2.A.1.100 available, now backing up phone. And will update after, will see what the difference is!!!

    *Just a note, so my phone was on 6.1.1.B.1.54 and it’s going straight to 6.2.A.1.100 and skipped the 6.2.A.0.400

  • tom

    Still nothing for me in Greece…

    (SI 1261-6656)

  • Marcos

    I just installed this app and .. ‘Ouch! “… Still not include native “DualShock3 Wireless Controller”… :(

  • elena

    hey guys, after i did the update my phone won’t turn on…..can anyone help me???

  • elena

    hey guys, after i finished the update my phone doesn’t turn on…can anyone please help me???/

  • Spyros Tzortzis

    Just rolled out in Greece

  • chal

    just updated my phone, and my pictures doesn’t seem to appear, but if i click on edit, the picture is showing? even when i tak a screenshot, i can’t see it in my album :(

  • Bharat Tomar

    Just got the update…. :) ..thank u Sony

  • sdhdsh

    go to setting>app>all> on clear data..try to see if the album works

  • xristos

    Your SI?

  • Pok Wern Wei

    I couldn’t get the PC companion to update my Xperia P, every time i try to plug in my phone while pushing the volume down button when required nothing happens and windows tells me that my device is not recognized and has malfunctioned… anyone have solutions for this?

  • sri

    Thanks for the update Sony <3 . Some minor bugs fixed :)

  • jude

    I’m from davao and had been using xp ics for 5months and jb 6.A.100 for 3 months. I udpated via SUS. Had no problem. I already received the 6.A.400 latest jb 3wks ago but i won’t update yet coz some peoplea re complaining about the call lag problem and said that the battery back up is worse than the previous jb.

  • john

    Who else(except me) is waiting for the update….?

  • Rohit

    Someone please tell me how to update it..i tried 10000 times…still can’t go furthur after the last option *Holding the volume-down key nd connect to PC* tried tht many times…bt nothing happens….is there any particular option that i need to enable first .. ?? HELP HELP !!

  • john

    disable firewall,disable antivirus and update the java from the control panel of your pc.try again. the SAME time you connect the cable to the phone,AND press the volume-down key

  • Nobody

    Turn off the phone first, hold the volume down key while you connect the cable(keep holding the v.down) and wait until the led turns purple(if I’m not wrong). That, or I don’t know.

  • Rohit

    Cant update !!! the last step is nt working for me !! even disabled firewall n anti-virus

  • john

    did you ask to your local service?maybe they will help you.

  • john

    did you try with PCC and SUS?

  • Jose Leeroy O. Padernilla

    The update was smoother than Before, on my Xperia P, but the camera laucher that i concerned, to much error and loggie, I hope this will be fix on the next update,

  • carlo

    my phone doesnt load because my pc accidentally hangs when im updating it. please help..

  • irya

    Thanks you sony .
    Please update kernel for xperia p.

  • Rayp

    I have just downloaded and to be honest the text has changed in my opinion terrible. When i used to get a text it was a easy to see and read white out of blue with a black background, it now a black out of a fuzzy blue with a white background its awful. If you have poor eyesight like me beware you may do better not to do the download.

  • tom

    Via PCC or SUS you updated or via flashtool?
    Your SI code?(i am still waiting the update…)

  • Daya

    After updating the Xperia P, gallery not opening…

  • Mujtaba Muneeb

    I made an update via PC Companion, goes fine for some hours but suddenly my got switched off and is not going to on after many tries. please help

  • kukoo

    bt i couldnt uppdate it through usb cable

  • Cha

    How’s your update now? Just saw your post and im having the same problem! It’s killing me to have my phone updated already! Please share your progress. Thanks!

  • Adrian from Cheshire

    I am trying to update my Xperia P from 6.1.1.B.1.54 to 6.2.A.1.100 using Sony bridge for mac. I runs through an initialising process during which the phone switches off, then it asks for the pone to be disconnected and switched off (strange it’s already off ), then asks to hold volume button in whilst reconnecting the USB lead. Then when I try to continue I get an error message ” devise cannot be found try again”. I have tried to follow the instructions several times with phone off and on but no progress. Can anyone help.?

  • Harish

    I heard that the new update is drinking up a lot of battery. True?

  • Pisho

    I didn’t get that update till now!!! Even when searching for it on pc!!!
    What shall I do?!

  • fk jb

    6.2.A.1.100 is shit…. More, more bug…

  • Anonymous

    got my Xperia Go update today
    in Sweden

  • Kabeer

    This update fucked my spoiled my phone, call lag very much disturbing. and fix from sony yet.

  • Mandar

    back n then do the factory reset and then do the update …. it works

  • Hoor Un Nahar

    i was trying to update my phone but suddenly it stopped coz my internet was not available, since then my phone is not turning on… someone please help me!!

  • Mahwish Ilyas

    Trust me since the last update my phone has gone crazy. The errors in the album, keyboard and youtube are extremely annoying. When is the new update coming up? And please somebody tell me how to increase the speed in this piece of technology. -_-

  • AAK

    hi, I’ve updated my device but unfortunately I couldn’t see my photos throw album it is just disappeared, the screen became blank, although i can select any from the blank then share with App’s >>>!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sho

    (Xperia P) I returned to ICS again after the JB update. JB update has many bugs. I think we will get 1 or 2 Updates I hope that all of the bugs will be fixed. So i suggest that dont update to JB now, wait for it!

  • Sho

    Too Many Bugs :P

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