Australian carrier Telstra pegs Xperia Z’s Android 4.2.2 update for mid-July

by XB on 20th June 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Xperia Z JBAustralian carrier Telstra has given the first hint of when we might see Sony’s Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update for the Xperia Z (C660X). Over on its handset update page (last updated on 17 June) it says that the Android 4.2.2 update was received on 14 June and is currently going through first round testing. The carrier expects to approve the update on 1 July and release it to customers on 15 July.

As Telstra is likely to be running customised firmware, there is a good chance that the generic Xperia Z update will hit handsets even earlier. We understand that firmware version 10.3.A.0.423 is the Android 4.2.2 build that will launch to customers. We’ll keep you posted on further developments.

Xperia Z Telstra JB

  • Arokhantos

    Guess will find out soon if its a huge typo or not.

  • Arokhantos

    dude looks like you are paid to come and troll here all the time lol…

  • Clarence Alvarado

    NEW Xperia Togari screenshots. Home screen looks odd. :(

  • inb4 anyone come here and complain, this is just for the Australians. They got it wrong last time too

  • Dakota

    As long as they update the Ion first, like they promised…

  • shumaranaman

    Can you seriously fuck off with yours posts about the Ion, stop trolling posts that has has nothing to do with the Ion, you attention seeking fuck.

  • Dakota


  • Tons

    Please sony, do not update us to 4.3. instead, put all your engineer to Concentrate on keylime pie..

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    *hug Dakota* Thank you friend,you cared about Xperia ion user…

  • Dakota

    You got no brains. Where does this post even mention the Ion? So why bring it up? You really are a shithead. Filled with Ion shit.

  • Dakota

    It mentions updates in general, I’m simply restating that Sony said that they’ll update the Xperia Z only after all the other phones get their updates. So by saying that the 4.2.2 update will be out for the Xperia Z, and by completely ignoring the Ion, one might assume that Sony may be skipping the Ion. A post about an Xperia Z update involves the Ion, because Sony has stated that they will be updating the Ion to 4.1.2 first, then the Z will get the 4.2.2.
    Where does it mention being an ass? My comment was legitimate, your’s was uncalled for hate, there was really no need to be so rude.

  • ssss

    Sony you idiots. Upgrade Ion.

  • wan

    right in the face dude

  • blurp

    wow, i love you mate.

  • No.

    Its probably not a typo, concidering Telstra was spot on for other updates. Well you’re not Australian you wouldnt know. I am so yeah shut up.

  • panagi?tis

    july? you sure? this is sony don’t lie to people. make it octomber to believe you :)

  • mountain

    Don’t worry, the update on Ion will be available next week

  • Jack

    When is 4.3.2 available? Sony I want 5.0! Xperia s s s bug ion bug s

  • Cristi13

    Don’t worry you will be doing the same thing in a few months whem xz will not receive shit. But of course why would you care, you’re just like sony, you don’t want people to complain and always trying to shout them up

  • James

    Key lime pie doesnt excist yet

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  • westberg

    How do you know? That’s for sure or just a imagination? Or irony of despair? ;o)

  • mat jeng jeng

    U suck ur own dick. They are abadon ion. Dont u see it asshole?

  • Rob

    Perhaps he is suggesting Sony should release it before Google does :)

  • James

    never gonna happen

  • mountain

    This is as close as I have to official. But I remember reading a post from SMHK that ion update is due for the end of June, i.e. next week.

  • westberg

    Thanx. So let’s wait…

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  • sony xperia .z is the best in the world

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