Sony confirms Android 4.3 for Xperia Z series and Xperia SP

by XB on 25th July 2013

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JB XperiaWow, Sony is quick off the mark to officially confirm a number of Xperia devices that will be getting Android 4.3. This includes the Sony Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Tablet Z and the Xperia SP.

In an interesting twist, Sony has also confirmed that they will be upgrading some handsets directly from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to Android 4.3. We don’t have any details on which handsets they will be, but it’s great news nonetheless. Watch this space.

Thanks Anna!

  • So only 2013 devices ?

  • Diogo Simões

    Let´s hope to see Xperia S! :)

  • Daddy

    Go Away Xperia S users, you wont get 4.3.

  • N1k0la

    Xperia S users wont get 4.2.2, last software 4.1.2 :) Soon must sell it and buy a new phone…

  • Diogo Simões

    Hope to see Xperia S :)

  • r0

    It was obvious that none from 2012 devices will get it :) But I also think that 2013 devices will get 4.3 around winter, and MAYBE buggy 5.0 as the last update – like 4.1 for 2012 devices. It is a rule.


    what about the update for Xperia S ??? :/

  • mnevil

    here we go again.

    even xperia t, tx, v is not certain to get the update?

  • Diogo Simões

    “We’re also looking at uplifting some of our other devices running 4.1 direct to 4.3 – we’ll share more info / deets / timings when we can, so be sure to follow @SonyMobileNews for all the latest.”

  • Mercast

    If you’re unhappy with Sony move to a different brand but it won’t make any difference. For marketing purposes they stop upgrading handsets after a year of their release.

  • r0

    it is 2012 – arc s ended in the same way. xperia z will too after the honami release.

  • Domino

    Only 6 devices? :(

  • Evita

    Before give any complaint, you guys may notice that’s list are only Snapdragon S4 Pro (with Adreno 320) chipset, which is same hardware on currently Nexus product line-up both phone and tablet.

    Let’s hope Qualcomm to provide compatible set of essential drivers for S4 Plus series soon enough, that’s matter.

  • Diogo Simões

    Xperia Blog should show all about what they said:

    “We’re also looking at uplifting some of our other devices running 4.1 direct to 4.3 – we’ll share more info / deets / timings when we can, so be sure to follow @SonyMobileNews for all the latest.

    On that note, thank you for all the feedback on our Jelly Bean 4.1 rollout for Xperia 2012 products – we’re aware the process hasn’t been as succinct or as timely as you might’ve expected. As part of Developer World’s piece, Fredrik Ekstrand, our Head of Software Product Management, elaborates on some of the reasons for this, but essentially – we’ve heard your frustrations and are constantly improving the way we do things.”

  • xhamster

    Fu ck you faggot

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  • Evita

    Only TX / T and V that’s would be a good guess for now. AFAIK, Snapdragon S3 chipset which has deployed on Xperia S and some H1 2012 models is lack of essential drivers that required on a newer version of Android.

    Anyway, as an Xperia S user, 4.3 would be a truly appreciated but I wouldn’t expect of any coming but few major bugs fix.

  • hans

    I’ll bet only Xperia V, TX and T will get 4.3. Xperia S is, in short, just not worth the effort for Sony (you know, the CPU, GPU, is inadequate, no matter how high the version number is, it still definitely will be lagging.. beside it’s a 1.5 year phone).

  • electrash

    fuck you brainless idiot

  • The question is simple. When it happen?

  • nariman kashefi

    i hope to see 4.3 on xperia s!!

  • Martin Ambre

    no it will never be
    they want us to buy their new devices by giving us bug versions of JB

  • Martin Ambre

    next year Aug

  • Martin Ambre

    this is wat sony wants us to do

  • rey

    don’t be like that, without MANY XS users, sony would not be loved like today :/

  • the_black_dragon

    most parts of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Drivers are Open for Manufacturers unlike NVidia Tegra Drivers… And i think Qualcomm will Hand out updated Drivers also for S3 Chipsets

  • Pedro Cunha

    Unfortunately it will not happen I’m pretty sure of that… we will be stuck with 4.1.2

  • Pedro Cunha

    Even if the drivers are available I doubt that Sony waste time with 2012 Xperia devices … unfortunately up because I increasingly like my Xperia S but I think it will die with 4.1.2

  • nice username?

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Maybe…Just maybe…Sony is going to suprise us with a fast update….maybe….Don´t let us down again Sony.

  • surethom

    No Xperia S update then :-( Good buy Sony.

  • Babylonbwoy

    XT will jump from 4.1 to 4.3 for sure ! Yeah baby!

  • fdgh


  • Evita

    It not about openness or closeness, those drivers (required by newer software) has incompatible problems with old hardware. Snapdragon S3 is also too aged since 2011. Qualcomm already ditched it maintenance as far as I understand.

  • gewhrwjn

    Keep dreaming

  • gfh

    We wont get it. It’s pretty entertaining to see all the “Hope it comes to Xperia S” comments

  • bisho

    i don’t want to be stuck with jellybean, i want to skip jellybean and get jellybean! LOOOOL

  • Cristi13

    No 2012 devices? Not even xperia t or v? I hope that isn’t true. So they heard us complaining about updates, now they made a quick announcement, I hope it isn’t just for making us shut up.

  • PowerSonic

    think they mean the H2 2012 phones like T,V etc…

  • Alvin

    Xperia L don’t get it??? Goodbye Sony!!! It’s nice to know you…

  • wxYGShowxyz

    why xperia v didn’t get even 4.2?
    sony i’m so disappointed on u

    my next phone won’t be sony again

  • shouven

    Sold Xperia S, bought Nexus 4 = Best Deal ever!

  • Babylonbwoy

    plus it was released with 2.3 and now run 4.1.2 so if they weren’t retarded they should be happy that their old devices is still supported, even if it won’t get 4.2/4.3 that doen’t means they won’t fix bugs in current fw.

    I had it from april 2012 and sold it in february 2013, it was a cool device for 2012.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Wow reading all your comments (which I agree with) it seems like an Xperia S user with a brain does exist!

  • Yasir Fawad

    they told some devices will directly get 4.3 skipping 4.2. though they didn’t mention the devices but they will be V, T, TX. Chill baby

  • Bhushan Shirwalkar

    how about Xperia P??

  • bassanova

    This reveals most people suffering on their products! Past-Present-Upcoming

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    If you go to their blog, they said they’re also looking at uplifting some of our other devices running 4.1 direct to 4.3.

    So this could mean it should be available for 2012 devices.

  • Yashoda Hemal

    Ohh Come on SONY® >_<
    i hope to see 4.3 on xperia™ V,T,TX sections

  • (C):stem

    So, there we have: Xperia SP + Android 4.3, my best dream will come true.

  • Maria

    LOL !

  • Guest

    A great way to start the day!
    Thanks Sony :D

  • ultrawut

    What about Xperia L? (it’s not for me, it’s for a friend of mine who bought it)

  • Little Bear

    I think these problem (fragmentation) will not happen if Sony have their own OS … I hope that one day …Maybe start with Orbis OS and use ecosystem-based of PlayStation Network.

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  • Noname

    xperia v will get 4.3, please wait…

  • Angry

    Dafaq you implying??

  • Tsubame

    Take the Xperia SP, still on 4.1. It could be one of those to skip the 4.3

  • roeshak

    I’d be very surprised if the S is on the list. To be honest, since jb 4.1, I can’t see any real need for updates.
    Maybe when key lime pie emerges, we’ll see the next real iteration of android.
    Right now, it’s really a question of what other software additions the manufacturers make and Sony’s not doing much of that so no need to worry chaps

  • Tsubame


  • APai

    The only option for users wanting more than one point release of update is to go for google nexus. sony can produce more than 2 dozen phones and not support them! awesome!

  • APai

    if they don’t upgrade T to 4.3, middle fingers should be pointed in sony’s direction. nexus seems to be the best bet.

  • APai

    I doubt that – they just announced that the 2013 devices will get 4.3. my guess is that they will continue to support “stability” related updates for another few months and hope that the V/ T/ TX users upgrade to their latest phones (high hopes)

  • Frost

    THX Sony, Xperia S was my last SONY device!!! Next time I will buy some Nexus with 2 years update declared.

  • Monty De

    I am very satisfied with my 8 month old Xperia T, but if it won’t get 4.3 it will be my last Sony device. I will switch to Nexus devices only then.

  • Helder Rodrigues Lucas

    Xperia S was Sony’s first smartphone, if you are happy with your Xperia today you should respect and thanks to Xperia S buyers and still users. We made history and we deserve, at least, that treatment like that keep away from us! You are acting like a rich silly boy with an iPhone…

  • xpsXuser

    wanna faster update – go and get nexus.. how hard it be? complaining for a year+ old device wont do any different. xperia s already receive 2.3 / 4.0 and now 4.1os update. how many update do the xps user wants? 10x update for a device costly less then usd250?? iam already sold my old xps 5month ago and upgrading to xpv for 2month and now using xpz and will considering xperia z ultra or upcoming honami. next time dont buy smartphone with a telco contract. and everyone already educated that nexus are the pure android and faster receive update and why bother buying xps at the first place.

  • atWIdget

    Xperia T? James Bond will be angry!

  • nidou bossy

    confirm or confirm NOT, we’re in custom world , no need to wait the official and delayed roms!

  • mahdi

    What ?!!!!
    SP is the same as TX and T ! The difference is 1.7 dual core vs. 1.5 dual core !!!
    Sony TX and T is still one of your best flagship , it is so disappointing if you do not release 4.3 for TX and T !
    Tell us soon , you will bring the update for these brother too .

  • Jaouad

    Just read. The only Phone I can think that will definitely get an upgrade from 4.1 directly to 4.3 as stated in the article is xperia T series. And with a lot of luck the Xperia S will get the upgrade too but you shouldn’t count on that one.

  • Jaouad

    I don’t think the Xperia P chipset supports 4.2 and above. However it is possible for the xPeria S

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Please read the statement at the official Sony Blog, thanks.

  • mahdi

    Hope your thought comes true !

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Xperiablog, you should put this up to avoid 2012 Xperia owners becoming upset.

    We’re also looking at uplifting some of our other devices running 4.1
    direct to 4.3 – we’ll share more info / deets / timings when we can, so
    be sure to follow @SonyMobileNews for all the latest.

    This statement is at the blog that the link you have provided.

  • Mohammad Amin.h

    please Release it for T Sony plz

  • Amir

    Where Is Xperia V?!

  • lolsomany

    please Release it for L Sony plz

  • LuigiGuevara

    But is the same with all brands

  • Mint

    What about T TX & V? They’re not even one year old and Sony’s dropping support already?!? We didn’t even get 4.2???! Shit.

  • Cristi13

    I hope so my friend, I hope so…

  • Andrew Tan

    Xperia S is way too old phone, stop dreaming on getting 4.3, is time change new phone.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Please read the statement at the official Sony Blog, thanks.

  • Amazed

    Seriously, how old are you ? …

  • Mint

    Here we go again……….They said nothing about updating SP to 4.2.2 so that’s the device they’re probably talking about. They didn’t even mention T, V, TX so stop acting like they’re getting an update for sure.

  • CMDZ7

    where is my android update for Sony CMD Z7?? iam also wanted a royal treatment just like the rest xps user. :)

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    I suggest you read from the official blog again.

    Sony mention that SP will get the 4.3 update. And SP is a 2013 device. The 4.1 devices is probably the T, V, TX and maybe even the C, L and M/M Dual.

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  • M.Salman

    yeah ur right, im also ditching Xperia S and going for Nexus 4

  • Mint

    SP is running 4.1.2 retard! It won’t get 4.2.2, it’ll go straight to 4.3, that’s it.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    They did say “other device” so it’s not only the SP.
    also lel retard

  • XS user

    I’m pretty sure there will be a number of people around here who will leave SONY with Xperia brand if they won’t get 4.3 on his XS

  • XS user

    From your idea, XS won’t receive the update because XS uses Snap Dragon S3 as same as HTC One S which can’t make a way to 4.2

  • Mint

    You’re reading too much into it. It’s just SP. The end.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim


  • Guest

    If only they can workaround/improve wifi reception with the update on the SP…

  • Beeraj Jhummun

    Sure we’ll get the upragde… in 2014

  • Billy de Fretes

    so you think samsung, htc, lg didn’t do the same thing ?

  • Timur Daulbaev

    not everyone has the money to change the phone every 3 months.

  • Babylonbwoy

    They can’t copy/paste everything it would be plagiarism (not sure it’s the right word in english), it’s up to us to click the source link and go there to find more infos.

  • anindya

    please upgrade xperia p.from 4.1 to it is problematic at 4.1 jb.

  • Whatever

    You wanna add a bunch of additional bugs ?

  • Whatever

    Sony’s update = New bugs
    Keep calm .. and look for another smartphone.

  • Mohammad Amin.h

    please Upgrade XPERIA T to v4.3
    we don’n want 4.2!!

  • Pedro Cunha

    I have to say that apart of 1080i video bug, my Xperia S running stock .200 4.1.2 JB it as been a great exprience so far! The phonne gain a new life and for what i do with it is more than enough! Call, sms, web surf, facebook, youtube, wi-fi, data over 3G works fast and smooth, dont see why upgrade to Z at this point!

  • Tushar Dongre

    I wish to see jelly bean 4.3 on my xperia p,also there’s not much difference in the price tag between xs n xp.hope both phone gets it

  • Rafael

    I’m a Xperia S owner, I was expecting this from Sony, and I agree, since they fix bugs on Xperia S before leave it.

    Also, where is Xperia T, TX, V, L, C, V, M?

    Too many models huh Sony?

  • looney

    please release it on xperia v tnx @philippines

  • abdo

    We shouldn’t say that. even if it’s not in their plans. we should ask for the update as much as we can. nothing to lose anyway

  • backi


  • Saravana Kumar

    what about xperia L?? it’s in the same series as z,zr,sp..

  • Faisal Armand

    I wish SONY will bring honami camera app to xperia z in the next 4.3 update.

  • Evita

    How you can get hardware essential drivers (required by newer version software) ready when chip manufacturer (ST-Ericsson) is already closed.

    It totally not possible.

  • Evita

    Pedro Cunha XS 4.1.2 overall is good experience for me as well, few stutter and lags but after carefully considered it aged hardware, I think it acceptable.

    btw, did any phone manufacturers pushed Android 4.1 on this aged processor (Snapdragon S3)… Only HTC (One S) and Sony (All S3 Phones) that’s I see

  • Narendra

    how about recently released Xperia L ?!

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    My Xperia Acro S is ready to receive JB 4.3 ;-)

  • Cihat Bekdemir

    Xperia L ?

  • Mr. Singh

    finger crossed for xperia sp :)

  • Mr. Singh


  • Instead of fighting here, why don’t all of us fire Sony itself at Twitter by asking questions to @SonyMobileNews ?

  • fried_egg

    4.1.2 is doing fine on my S. wasnt too shocked not to see it in the list of phones aimed to be getting 4.3 the phone wil be 18months old by then anyway, and its time for me to be upgrading to the honami…. sony seem to have a trend now, release with old, upgrade to current and then 1 more upgrade for its flagship over its life.

  • hash

    sold xperia s and bought Sp.. best decision ever!!

  • Elia

    what about xperia v? we are waiting for update

  • Aria

    i hope to see 4.3 on Xperia™ T,TX,V

  • Hadi


  • karamelakimo

    i wish they add a shortcut for walkman application in the new lock screen as wiz android 4.1.2 it was better
    after that it’s all better in 4.2.2 :D

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  • bustedemotions96

    Time to buy SP… Good bye Xperia U! :)

  • Pissed off user

    I think its a good move from Sony. Because lot of ppl (UK unbranded users) are pissed of (4 updates behind) and they deserve it really… Sony could save the situation. Thumbs up.

  • mic

    Xperia L has been launched just few months back and it 4.3 update should be released with no second thought.

    Its my 4th Sony phone and i would certainly Switch to Samsung if Sony is just selling products without offering updates and upgrades.

  • Martin Ambre

    i am one of them
    I plan to buy google nexus

    started to hate SONY

  • dev

    will xperia l would get 4.3 update????????????????????

  • dev

    xperia l has recently been launched even if they do not update to 4.3 but should update to anroid 5.0 (lime pie)

  • deeguydownhere

    Way to old am sure…

  • franklin

    most chances

  • franklin

    except camera

  • franklin

    damn true.launching xperia s with android 2.3,updating to ics after 6 months.and then updating to android 4.1 buggy update after 12 months.then no response

  • franklin

    i am also waiting for the bug fixes,hope they give android 4.3 instead of the old android 4.1 again

  • franklin

    hahahahaha true,be happy atleast xperia p got a good update.check a xperia s with jb update

  • franklin

    then fix those bugs or give the 4.3 update :p and btw xperia s 2012 flagship

  • franklin

    including me.and getting a sony phone again !!! i will have to work more 15 years

  • hamid

    Plz don’t forget xperia tx :(

  • idk

    even android 5.0 is the lighttest and ram-friendly, sony will never upgrade their Xperia sola and Xperia U, it’ll be stuck forever on 4.0. they want us buy their newest phones

  • Carlos Aurelio Velasquez

    I hope Xperia s get the update….to fix al the bugs of the 4.1 e-e

  • Portugal_user

    Sony Sony
    You forget always Xperia S
    I want to know if you change all Xperia S with Xperia Z since you have forgetten all Xperia S users….
    Shame on it….

  • Portugal_user

    Where is 3D camera?
    Writting on the web it sucks i can’t go Back correct if somthing goes wrong never get to the end of the line….
    Stamina?! Where?!
    Buttons don’t work all the time, speakers already malfunction And so on And so on

    Shame shame shame

    Bq, litle one does it better…
    Why have i bought Xperia And not iPhone?! If was today …!!!! It was different

  • xas

    Don’t forget Acro s Sony

  • Sander Puus

    not too many though, u should go check samsung phone lineup… dayumn i shall say about that line

  • mehdi

    i hope to see 4.3 on xperia T!!

  • Bhushan Shirwalkar

    rofl..first see specs of Xperia P then say anything about its wont receive 4.2 not because it is not capable to run it but because the chipset manufacturer is dead..

  • Patrick

    can’t wait for that 4.3 for my xperia sp :)

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  • Andrew

    Xperia S :D :D

  • ashok

    when can i get android 4.4 fa xperia sp?/

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