Sony ships 9.6m Xperia units during calendar Q2 2013, up 30% over last year

by XB on 1st August 2013

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Sony-01-580-75Sony has reported its quarterly results for the three months to 30 June 2013. The good news is that strong sales of smartphones has helped the company to record a $35m net profit, compared to a loss in the same period last year. The number of Xperia units sold during the quarter was 9.6 million, the highest ever smartphone shipments for Sony during a single quarter and a 30% increase over the same period last year. This has no doubt been helped by the success of the Xperia Z and, in Japan, the Xperia A.

The Mobile Products & Communications (MP&C) segment saw sales increase by 36% to $3.9 billion driven by the higher units of Xperia smartphones sold as well as higher average selling prices, reflecting Sony’s recent push for more premium mobile products. MP&C includes the PC category too, so if this was stripped out, the mobile growth would have likely been higher. Overall a good set of numbers and let’s see if Sony can break through that 10 million Xperia shipment number next quarter.

Q3 Xperia units

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Thanks ki-hyun kim!

  • karamelakimo

    sony doing it’s best this year
    go on sony
    we believe in u :D

  • Rishi Rathod

    Go Sony Go……!! :)

  • H. Daniel Cruz

    Well. I have to say I’m really happy with my Xperia ZL !!! :D

  • Lincheekang

    Even my dad picks up the Sony. He didn’t know about anything in the smartphone but he knows Samsung is at the top due to high advertising budget. I told him to buy Sony instead but he refused to listen. Anyhow, I went to the store with him and I ask him to choose between the S4 mini and Xperia SP. This is what he told me. Who the hell wants to spent so much money on a cheap piece of plastic? Pure win, dad!

  • lovebmw

    Love the CEO

  • Tech Gospel

    So happy with my Tablet Z! Can’t wait for the

  • v??ngg

    i love you, sony, go on

  • Carljn

    Well deserved. Sony is on a roll!

  • Alessandro Romano

    Proudly owner of Xperio Neo and switched to Xperia Z. I have anything i need, thank you Sony

  • m sacha

    xperia z, xperia tablet z and next week, xperia z ultra. you got me sony. also, i was actually at a sony store today looking at the new vaio pro, still deciding on that one…

  • ayush

    Honami makes it 15m

  • Björn Wittmann

    In the PDF of the earning result ( ) on page 17 it is said that y-o-y growth of mobile communication is about +66.8% from 1.7B USD to 2.8B USD. Average selling price is around 300 USD per device, up y-o-y +28%

  • yuskhayru

    Honami will rule the smartphone’s world. Keep calm and stay with sony.

  • Kaloyskie

    I agree with you. Even my friend with iPhone 5 wants to borrow my phone to watch movies. I have acro s and she did said graphics is way better. Most of my friends brag about their phone and how awesome it is. Once they borrow my phone they’re always amazed about the pic/sound/vid quality.

  • Abdullah Robben

    me too :)

  • Cyrus Vincent Lopez Tronco

    Continue on creating great Phones… Love my Xperia V…

  • jonmar

    This is my first time to comment here on XB. And I must say I am a proud Sony fan, owner of a vaio, a bravia tv, switched from xperia s to xperia z and can’t be happier. All the best Sony!

  • Danny

    lol same here, I have acro s too and when I show my friends HD movies/HD youtube clips, they say its like orgasm for their eyes :D

  • Richard

    Im so happy with my xperia SP. Good job Sony.

  • Colby Leong

    Yet I still feel like the only where I live (on Oahu), with the only Xperia Z on the entire island, maybe the entire state. And I’m proud of it

  • eregs

    argument invalid. Xperia SP is also plastic.

  • Csoka Laszlo

    Well done, Sony !

  • Krisfromf

    Always believed in Sony. The big old but damn brilliant giant. Sony just has to stay calm now and shouldnt push too many phones now. Better take 6 months more and publish ONE killer to the market. Sayonara!

  • jonmar

    Correction, sp is made of aluminum plus high grade plastic, go check the quality between xperia sp and galaxy s4 mini yourself in stores, there are ways of manufacturing phones using polycarbonate just like how htc, nokia, and sony do it, but samsung chose to build their devices in a cheap kind of way, its like no thought has been done in designing them

  • James Earley

    I’ve been looking at the Vaio Pro recently, it’s so beautifully designed. Sadly I’ve only just bought a new Vaio.

  • James Earley

    Great news and looking much better for Sony overall as well. There’s definitely been a big jump in the quality of Sony’s products recently.

  • Bill Lockhart

    You have to bear in mind that the statement “cheap piece of plastic” was made by his dad who does not know much about phones. The statement was made based on how his dad perceived the two phones. And as for the dad, the Samsung device looked cheaper and plasticky as compared to the Xperia SP, though also made of plastic, looked [again, I reiterate as per the dad] more premium.

  • hans

    It’s about price/material quality, not material quality alone. Plus with that alumnium frame, it is more premium than a faux metal.

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  • faysal

    you should look in to vaio duo 13 too… but yh the pro 13 is a engineering perfection. only if i had money for that since my vaio is bit old now. need a new one.

  • anadarco7

    I was the third person to owe the XS when it was released.Have to say that i played with it very hardly but still the phone with-stands.Still proud to be as XS owner.

  • Soj Varghese

    I am always with you sony

  • AsadMulla

    Good to here. Sony will see phones are a major player in the company and will now definitely put more effort into phones and we will benefit.

  • DStyle

    All thanks to Kazuo Hirai. Well done.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Kaz is the Boss ;)

  • A Chai Yuth

    :) and there are many kinds of plastics too XD.

  • afzal

    Even an old xperia s using nano coating. But sumsung kept using glossy finishing spoil the entirely design. For how long? Until now… Lol… At least xperia sp does used metal frame chasis compare to samsung flagship with glossy lipsgloss…

  • Rizky Maulana

    really ??? how about 25m ???

  • P9

    happy with my lww. :/ (2011) looking forward for its successor ^^

  • Babylonbwoy

    Wouah! Sony is taking over!

  • Billy de Fretes

    Proud to be xperia z user… My girlfriend also using acro s. Before xperia z and acro s, both of us are sony ericsson user :) even change to iphone and blackberry we know someday we will back to sony again.. and the day has come :)

  • VJ

    Xperia SP is really good

  • Raymond

    you got it wrong buddy, sayonara means goodbye in Japanese…better say Banzai …which means long live…

  • Killian Khoo

    I think he want to say sayonara to other phone company ~
    because of lose of sales xD

  • rey

    sony . with high quality material and cool UI, sony wiil win the game against other brand. Going to buy Xperia Tablet Z next month. very excited :D :D

  • Jerry Berglund

    Hmm… is that so good really? Dont this mean that they actually lost market shares? I mean the last time they were the third biggest smartphonevendor. But according to this they actually not among the big 5. they should be close to the sixth biggest. Or am I missing something?

  • roeshak

    Still no where near Samsung but far better than HTC which brings a smile to my face.
    Sony needs to start penetrating the north American market to rival Apple and Samsung.
    Still, very happy they’re doing much much better than HTC who are still posting losses despite the second coming of Jesus a.k.a. HTC One lol

  • Babylonbwoy

    At the same time reports says HTC is registering its biggest lost in a decade

  • Zachary Richard

    Had xperia ion, then 4 days ago bought HTC desire 600, looking t the phone I realised how fool I was buying HTC, the next day went to the dealer and replaced it with sp and I’m really happy that I have xSP, proud to be owner of Xperia SP

  • jag

    right on sony!!


    I guess this is for Q1 i guess

  • ryq24

    Sony still have a long way to go but so far they seems to be on the right track. Sony should do something about their screen which I think is the biggest disappointment of their mobile phones. And they should also be wary of Chinese brand phonemakers like Lenovo, zte and hwawei.

  • Killian Khoo

    Even it is so, Sony is on the right track to take back the market share ~

  • Don’t be conservative. 100m

  • eregs

    subjective cheapness (based on feel) does not make a good argument. do you really know how much samsung’s plastic cost? you’re just trying to rationalize a faulty argument.

    if you include the “aluminum frame” as something that makes the xperia sp not plastic, that’d be too self serving. with that kind of argument, we can say almost all phones are made of glass because of the significant amount of glass every smartphone uses in its build.

    just admit it, the statement the person above mentioned does not hold water.

    xperia sp did not win because samsung was plastic.

    rather, xperia sp won because it had a more premium look and feel.

    i’m a sony fan, mind you. just playing around. let’s not be irrational with our arguments. i only liked samsung during the galaxy s2 era.

  • Andrew Tan

    Sony already settle the screen panel issue in current latest Xperia Z Ultra.

    No more viewing angle issue. It is by far the best screen I ever seen. Either on pair or even better than HTC One.

  • Nagreb


  • Folk Hellfang

    Well, make that 9,600,001! I’m all in!

  • kakooli

    All thanks to this guy, Kazuo Hirai

  • Bill Lockhart

    First of all, did you mean to reply to my comment, or jonmar’s?
    Because I never made any claims as to which phone is better.
    If anything, all I did was to try to explain how the statement “cheap piece of plastic” came to light.
    It was the father who, as the son pointed out, does not know much about smartphones.

  • Bill Lockhart

    Is the father’s statement incorrect? As you said yourself, we cannot evaluate a phone’s quality solely on how the phone feels nor how it looks.So to a degree, yes, I disagree with the father. Obviously, he neglected some of the other important aspects of the phones for him to make a rational conclusion.
    However, at the end of the day, it’s the father that will use the phone. He felt that the Samsung device felt and looked cheaper compared to the Sony device. He deemed it unnecessary to spend his hard-earned money on a cheap looking gadget. So, he went for the Sony Xperia SP, which acording to his noobish point of view, felt more superior.

  • Guest

    Second of all, nobody is arguing with anybody. If you care to re-read the son’s post, he was merely giving us his “Sony is better” story. It was you who came in and called his statement an invalid argument.

    Now, who’s being irrational? Me?

  • Bill Lockhart

    My browser is messed up, I think.
    That was my comment above.

    So to continue,
    Now, who’s being irrational?

  • Bill Lockhart

    Is the father’s statement incorrect? As you said yourself, we cannot evaluate a phone’s quality solely on how the phone feels nor how it looks. So to a degree, yes, I disagree with the father. Obviously, he neglected some of the other important aspects of the phones for him to make a rational conclusion.
    However, at the end of the day, it’s the father that will use the phone. He felt that the Samsung device felt and looked cheaper compared to the Sony device. He deemed it unnecessary to spend his hard-earned money on a cheap looking gadget. So, he went for the Sony Xperia SP, which according to his ‘noobish’ point of view,felt more superior..

  • jonmar

    The fact they were able to sell at higher price point during the quarter is very good indeed. I cannot say the same thing for other OEMs though. Aside from total shipment, average selling price should also be considered because the higher the device a company sells the more premium the revenue that company generates.

  • Anukul

    haha awesome, and also there is a big hint of metal in aluminum sides

  • the_black_dragon

    haha 2 hours ago i talked to a friend and he said “never sony, they can’t build good mobile phones” (He is Galaxy S2 User) “just Samsung or an iPhone but this iTunes crap is keeping me away”
    i showed him my Z and a fey of ist Features and the Performance and Screen
    then he asked (contract Ends on December): “What other phones does sony bring to the market? Z Looks nice, Honami Sounds nice”
    i just loled :D

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  • sfordesign

    vaio? beautiful design but extremely horrible quality in recent years

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  • Lincheekang

    You are completely right, Bill. My dad’s opinion is off a glance thing. He does not know anything about spec but it still pleases him that the SP is about two generations better than mine.
    Anyway, I have to disagree on aluminium frame being insignificant. It is what makes it looks and feels premium. Besides, my dad never looked at the back but his hand can feel the back and sides of both phones. So when he hold one phone immediately after another, it is immediately obvious.
    The feel of pure plastic is undeniable and when the S4 mini is RM 200 more expensive….hence my dad’s comment above. Let’s not forget that he had previously insisted on a Samsung as my Xperia S does not stand out…

  • Umar Khan

    Sony actually spends money on creating the outlook of its mobiles, not only just giving power under the hood, which are in my opinion Excellent, I have XZ and let me tell you its shines bright like a diamond, all the other manufacturers dont have any quality build, samsung with its crappy plastic design, I agree iphone has a beautiful outlook but then again its an iphone so way to go Sony… I believe in you. Just one thing Sony please try to get better batteries inside your flagship phones

  • jonmar

    Sony’s fiscal year 2012 ended last March 31, 2013. This financial report is for Sony’s 1st quarter of fiscal year 2013 covering April, May, and June 2013.

  • Ethan McLads

    I’m am really glad that… Sony is back. For GOOD, with its lineup of premium quality phones. Still happy with the Xperia Z. I can’t wait for the i1 honami. You go Sony!

  • Xperianss

    News on August 02, 2013 : goo .gl/neuoNs


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  • Wick

    Sony with the upcoming honami will have even higher profits and hopefully it will have higher sales than last year! Go Sony !

  • rey

    dissapointed about the graphics card “intel HD Graphics 4400”, it would be better if it use nvdia series that have 2gb of VGA.. :(

  • DrazenDodig

    Samsung plastic is worst kind, it feels bad and it is paper think… so i doubt it cost more than better feeling plastic…. but hey, thats why Samsung made $8 billion in profits last q.

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  • Kaloyskie

    True. If a friend ask me what should they buy. I always tell them to look for unique feature(s) a phone can offer. I told them I’m a bit reckless so I bought the acro s (back then) – durable and water resistant. Plus the bravia eng, etc. Most phones can be better than my phone. But most of it has no unique feature. And that’s what make a phone a level higher than theirs. Right now, I am waiting for 2014 before buying one.

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  • Evita

    All hail Kaz sans

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  • amdrhex™


  • APai

    stupid nokia & microsoft fans claim that android is a loss leader. but seems like a LOT of companies are making money with android.

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