Xperia ZR scores some very impressive battery results

by XB on 3rd August 2013

in Xperia ZR

Xperia ZR ThumbWe would consider the Sony Xperia ZR (C550X) to be every bit a flagship device when compared next to the Xperia Z (C660X) and Xperia ZL (C650X). Okay, it may have a smaller lower resolution screen compared to the afore mentioned phones (4.6-inch 720p display versus the 5-inch 1080p display of the Xperia Z and ZL), but with a pixel density of 319 PPI, it’s not as if you would realistically be able to notice the pixels.

Of course, the Xperia ZR also only has 8GB of internal storage (16GB for the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL) and a VGA front facing camera (2.2MP Exmor R for the Xperia Z and ZL). But putting these points to one side, there is another area where the Xperia ZR trumps the Z and ZL and that is battery life. Check out some of the results below from GSM Arena. It shows a handset giving some of the best results seen in any Sony Xperia phone.

Obviously the lower resolution helps here, which is why the Xperia SP (another 4.6-inch 720p handset running a Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset) scores just as highly in some tests. But given the Xperia ZR is running on flagship quad-core internals, it’s great to see it do so well in endurance tests. It’s a shame that Sony decided to limit the handsets release globally as this is yet another reason why the Xperia ZR would have been so attractive to many.

Xperia ZR Battery Results

Talk Time

Xperia ZR_Talk time

Web Browsing

Xperia ZR_Web Browsing

Video Playback

Xperia ZR_Video Playback

Via GSM Arena.

  • Bluerain

    Cool. . .Soon to have mine :D

  • Bluerain

    Cool. Soon to have mine. . . :D Just waiting for a price drop :D

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    thinks like me ;-)

  • Kazuo Sat?

    remember this would be doubled with a mugen extended battery of 4,600 mAh
    talk time = 35 hours
    web browsing = 22 hours
    Video playback = 15 hours
    Razr maxx series can suck it :P

  • Arup

    Apart from the battery due to its smaller screen size, its CPU scores are quite good as well bettering similar specced Nexus 4.

  • Bob

    Hope the water-proof feature is intact with the 4600mAH battery cum back cover.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Sadly, Xperia ZR has no Small Apps. :( </3

  • Bluerain

    Are you sure sir? I saw from a vid review there is a small apps.

  • Bunny

    Sadly, its design too ugly, definitely not buy.

  • Gitarooman

    sony really made each device unique on its own. good job.

  • wim den boer

    Xperia zr has got small apps

  • Carlos

    nope, it has small apps :) calculator the one I love from about 10 i have installed on the ZR

  • Carlos

    excuse me, that super mugen 4600 mah will keep the water resist and the NFC of the device?

  • Colby Leong

    I think of the ZR, as a cross between Z and ZL’s best qualities, on a cheaper scale

  • Synonymous

    Imagine if ZR’s stamina mode was turned on during the tests. But I’ll still pass on this one. Waiting for ZR2:
    720p – check
    300+ppi – check
    Excellent battery – check
    4.5″-4.6″ display – check
    microSD slot – check
    Hoping for:
    16/32GB, trilluminous, improved cam (cybershot), improved speaker, HD front cam, compact size, no removable flaps yet IP58, 2yrs of firmware update support.

    Am I asking too much for a high-midranger in 2014 Sony? XD

  • plekenut

    720p screen is the best for smartphone… giving HD experience but lower battery consumption

  • A Chang

    It has small apps, I am using it now.

  • Mac

    Add IR blaster and it’s the best phone ever!

  • Kazuo Sat?

    Yes it will, check out the version for the Xperia V it kept both features with its 3,600 battery

  • Babylonbwoy

    Xperia ZR is the Xperia V of 2013 : Sony fucked up it’s carriere making it not available everywhere like other handset, well at least not available in france…
    Good for second mobile (XZ for personal use, ZR for work would be a clean combo) but not flag…

  • Kazuo Sat?

    Yes it will be, in the video you will notice the waterproofing strip on the inside of the back cover.

  • E(d

    Everybody come here and vote for xperia Z
    choose the middle circle and then vote. Please everybody

  • TechStuff

    You have chosen very carefully which phones to put in this test against the ZR. I’ve been reviewing battery performance on these phones and I know that the E dual runs on ICS and the E on JB. On JB, the Xperia E scores exactly 9 hours on video playback and beats all of the phones that you have chosen to put here. Take a look:

    I suspect that you chose particular phones and particular stats to make the ZR stand out. This makes me distrust some of the information that you provide here now. If you could respond to this it would be very helpful.

  • TechStuff

    Xperia J not mention from 2012, 7 hours web browsing, 8 hours video playing.

    I encourage everyone to review these figures critically because the best performing batteries of 2012 were not listed here, only the worst such as the Xperia P. This is poor work.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Why is the hell GSMArena reviewed it that it has no Small Apps?

    Or is it me that when ZR was upgraded to 4.2.2, they have them now?

  • Vitali

    what about xperia S ..? i dont see xperia S in this list :( that’s a proof that sony forgot about their xperia S and they dont care…

  • xter

    from where in Europe can I import it for resonable price?

  • APai

    having seen a ZR in hand – it looks pretty cool. for someone looking for a good device – but is pocketable – ZR is a good choice. of course, if the price drops by about 50-75 dollars – it would be fantastic value for money.

  • DeLorean75

    I had them on my ZR with 4.1.2 too.

  • Bluerain

    It has a small app. I saw it on another review, not by GSMarena but a review before gsmarena got a review. :D

  • nidou bossy

    Xperia Z is way better than ZR always the prices are not so far from each other , so i prefer the Z since it’s higher in specs

  • kvnc

    I wanted to buy a ZR but they gave up sell to Turkey.

  • Killian Khoo

    When , the only spec for Xperia Z better than ZR is the resolution of screen only practically.
    For me, 4.55inch 720p is more than enough ..
    Their spec identical to each other , and ZR in my country is cheaper ~

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Should have been the best phone If they don’t hesitate to give it a full package of Z.

  • spade

    This review by GSMArena not SONY

  • David

    Try ordering from a Swedish retailer that ships abroad but you might want to wait a while more as the price erosion is very steep for consumer electronics goods in the first few months. Find a retailer here:

  • hash

    how it possible that the 2370mA battery gets a endurance ratting of 61 hours having a quadcore and 2 gb ram… and the same battery on xperia sp gets 51 hours with a dual core processor and a 1 gb ram.. with almost all the other features alike… ?? how?

  • Guest

    You need click the Expand button on gsmarena’s site to see a bigger listing.

  • PsFreedom

    Front facing Camera 1.3-2.2 MP – not Check T^T


  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Its Only because Sony had left some software optimization….. My Z’s update had removed poor Camera algorithms, Sound Bugs, Heat problems, lags and (surprisingly) the Screen Viewing angles and Color Saturations…. Nw it’s a perfect phone. Hope GSMARENA does updated review of Z as it did to S4 and One. But they are baised :(

  • Evita

    If they (GSMArena) dare to retest Xperia Z with latest firmware, conclusion will not be the same!

  • Turki Saadi

    Honami mon ami

  • Javito

    I’m willing to buy this phone, i would use it to upgrade from my xperia t without having to give up the screen size that I like (5″ is too big for me)

  • Mohammed Zeeshan

    i already have :)

  • nidou bossy

    Your ugly opinion only applies on yourself and no one asked you to buy.

  • sanket

    Bluetooth problem-Bluetooth visiblity is on but still other device are unable to catch my device xperia ZR.also my device are unable to find other device. After factory restore still geting same problem. This phone is of rupess 30000. Sham on sony

  • Ruslan K

    already mine too :)

  • sanket

    Bluetooth problem-device Bluetooth visiblity is ON but still other device are unable to find my Xperia ZR.also my device are unable to find other device. After “factory reset” problem is not solve. I purchase this phone just 1 month before of rupess 30000. Sham on sony.

    On date 24-Sept-2013, I got notification to update ZR. I update it to android 4.2.2 but still problem is there. Now I m very much frustrated. After this I will not invest Rs. 1 in Sony.

  • Mohd Khalid Mohd Noh

    I wanted so much in getting an xperia. I think I’ll opt for the ZR. I was aiming for Z ultra or Z1 but ultra is too big for me and the Z1 camera is not to my expectation. Maybe I should wait for Z1 mini.

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