Some Xperia Z owners complain of loose back panels, water resistance compromised

by XB on 5th August 2013

in Problems, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Xperia Z back panel_7A number of users have been complaining about the back panel glass, which has lifted slightly on one side. Some people are concerned that the phone has lost its water resistance due to the raised panel. For most users it hasn’t caused any issues, but for others it has led to the water resistant indicators on the ports turning red – even if all of the flaps had been closed.

The issue seems to happen either in hot weather or when the phone is being stressed heavily through gaming or other high intensity tasks. This causes the phone to heat up and the theory is that this leads the glue holding the back panel in place to melt. It affects the top half of the handset on the left side – where the Snapdragon chipset resides.

The problem with this type of issue is that Sony repair centres are turning people back, judging by comments on forums. Repair centres have no way of telling if water damage has been caused by a loose back panel or whether someone has inadvertently left a flap open.

People are taking the issue into their own hands by using a hair dryer to melt the glue, push the glass back in, clamp it in place and then wait for the glue to cool down. Others have applied glue externally around the edges as a temporary fix.

We’re not sure how endemic the problem is. If you own a Sony Xperia Z you should carefully check the back of the handset’s glass panel for a potential issue. Let us know in the comments below whether you have a problem or not.

A user is collecting information on this issue, so if you have a problem, please fill out this form.

Photos from one Xperia Z owner shows the left side of the back glass panel lifted

Xperia Z glass panel lifting up

Xperia Z glass panel lifting up

Xperia Z glass panel lifting up

Xperia Z glass panel lifting up

Other Xperia Z owners are reporting similar issues

One side of the Xperia Z is fine…

Xperia Z glass panel lifting up

… whilst on the other side you can clearly see the back panel has lifted.

Xperia Z glass panel lifting up

Xperia Z glass panel lifting up

Xperia Z glass panel lifting up

Using a hairdryer to melt the glue and push the panel back in place using a clamp is one method people are using to fix the problem

Xperia Z loose glass panel

Xperia Z loose glass panel

Xperia Z loose glass panel

Some are taking more drastic measures to ensure their Xperia Z remains water resistant

Glue has been applied on the outside as a temporary measure to keep the phone water resistant.

Xperia Z glass panel lifting up

Xperia Z glass panel lifting up

Xperia Z glass panel lifting up

Xperia Z glass panel lifting up

Via Sony Mobile Talk Forum and XDA-Developers.

Thanks Marco!

  • Greyfox

    The first 4 pictures posted are mine. I sent mine back to sony for repair.

  • the_black_dragon

    Nice pictures. may I ask what camera do you use?

  • lovebmw

    Ha…. Interesting, water went inside my z, I thought it was the flap… But when I saw those pictures… I did end up pressing the back in.,,…. Water got inside the camera. It dried out, but now there are tiny tiney dots in my pictures.

    I called Sony, they did not want to listen to anything except the fact wither I have a red indicator under the flap or not. And for the record that indicator became red in March, when I first got the phone, and put it under water with the flaps closed.

    I don’t play games, but the phone Boil’s when I use the GPS… Mhh……….

    Looks like I am not the only one complaining from the phone having water in it. But so far it’s operational.

    What to do?

  • Tony R

    Mine is showing this issue. Sending it back to Sony for repair. Got my Xperia Z directly from Sony as a review unit!

  • Cihan Cakmak

    bloody hell what a shame

  • Greyfox

    Nikon D300

  • So far, mine had no such issues. I’m regularly playing games on it, and it’s a hot weather here during this time, 30-37 degrees Celsius (86 – 97 degrees Fahrenheit).
    What I’m trying to say, my Z has been quite hot lots of times, and I don’t have this problem. At least not so far.

  • Keon Fraites

    I think it was with the early firmware, the phone used to eat up really quickly and in the hot climate I lived in caused it to get a lift. Later down however I noticed the phone started being cool after firmware updates.

  • giannikosmo

    No, mine is good but i have it since 24 July…

  • boosook

    Made in China… :-)

  • Makiz

    This glue killed the glamour!

  • kakooli

    Did anyone take into considerations drops or washing the phone with hot water, or possible using the hot air from the hair dryer ? These factors do count.

  • gosh darnit

    that’s silicone, not glue

  • Kiwison

    WTF! Mine got inside water last night and now the service doesn’t accept it cause there’s water everywhere in it..the indicators inside the flaps are already turned into orange or reddish something. I hold it whole night in a rice bowl and now it only turns on in safe mode cause my volume down button stuck!

  • Ryan Macctownfc Pollard

    my sony experia z got water in and won’t work and 3 refuse to exchange it so had to had to get another experia z

  • Zack

    I saw this on xda earlier and mine was also affected. Coincidentally, just yesterday I sent it in for repair and expecting to get it back today :)

  • Xperianss

    News on August 06, 2013 :


  • Edwin

    Same with mine :( but my xperia was already flooded.

  • Drastic measures? You mean overkill measures :D

  • How long ago did the water dried out in the camera. I just had that the other day, it’s just water condensation. I dried it out by putting it in a zip lock and some silica packets, wait for 3-4 hrs or so and the condensation is gone. I don’t have dots.

  • Wolf0491

    Mine is lifted with flaps being red as well now. But I just let it be haha.

  • com

    legendary Sony quality at it’s finest :) I’m dissapointed with my new Sony phone :/

  • Tony

    Thnk goodness I have not bought mine yet, still doing with Xperia Go

  • From reading XDA, seems like this only happens with the early batches of phone

  • abhinav

    same thing with me. back pannel is coming out. i guess now the real xperia picture is coming out. fruad sony. samsung was and is best.

  • Mac

    That’s another reason to nog use glass back, wouldn’t have that problem on my acro s with JB no 2G network..

  • Christian Maiwald

    That’s what i meant!^^

  • sphincteranihilator69

    Oh don’t worry, people are already losing S4 actives due to fail waterproofing

  • Sami Mrabet

    I don’t have this problem with mine :)

  • Hsu

    Sony, quality guaranteed. Meanwhile, still no word on when the fabled jelly bean bug fix for Xperia S will be released.

    Never again I will buy a Sony phone.

  • spade

    So, what it has to do with SONY? :/

  • at89

    samsung sucks, i had s1-4, it over heats + freezes under a month
    ever since i got the z, no issues.

  • Nard

    Wow… Those last 4 pictures. I would never do that to my XZ. I wouldn’t be able to look at it!
    I’ve heard that dropping the phone often or even just once (if hard enough) can make the panel pop out a little.

  • SonyFan

    And thats mine.

    I was swimming with it…then it went off…then i managed to recover the phone(fully functional)…the indicators where white….but water was in this phone…

    I sent it to repair…then two weeks later i got the same phone back…the proble
    problem was fixed…but the back panel is the same…

  • What does the XS JB has anything to do with this? Stop your whining and move on. Qualcomm has stopped supporting SnapD 3 SoC (no more driver = no more bug fixes) nothing Sony can do about.

  • sfordesign

    so what? most things are made in china, but it’s sony’s fault for not controling the product quality well enough.

  • ElSayed

    I did not face this yet, mine works like charm.. Very satisfied with it, but only one big problem.. The Camera compression still SUCKS.. Lot of washed out details ..

  • sfordesign

    xperia z is not much different, so far for sony quality

  • Mark Gaerlan

    Mine had a big problem. . . after waking up from a 3 hours of sleep. . . when i checked my phone the port for the charger has melted that glue and also ruined the charger. . . still waiting for status from the service center . . .

  • borba dusz

    yeah i’ve the same prob.. sony refuses to take any responsibility since my simcard slot indicator turned red.. wtf i want to keep reopening my simcard slot??

  • DominicX

    The JB updated for Xperia S is too buggy and need to be fixed in order to be a worth phone. I have reverted to ICS. Not every one can buy a new phone every year.

  • daviddang

    wow they messed up their phone with glue just to ensure water resistance? i mean god damn did they need water resistance THAT badly?

  • Ramesh N

    Oh..ohh. This is too bad. Bur Don’t you worry guys, have faith in Sony, make.believe. Sony will definitely fix this bug also with new update which is on the way.

  • E)<D

    Only three hours left!!
    Come here and vote for xperia Z. at the gray box choose the middle circle and then “??? ???” under the circle.

  • Ramesh

    Sony working on this, next update will fix this bug, lol

  • Ramesh

    Sony sure to fix this bug in his next update, lol

  • Anders

    mine is just broken, the glass break after a fall on 30cm high
    i was so happy with the Z, but now, i think it s time to go back to my old brand

  • Venkatesh

    Not to worry, sony will fix this bug also with new update. Lol.

  • sasha

    Stupid! this bcuz Sony sucks dont fuck with china

  • SecondSon272

    You couldn’t have picked a worse article to place that comment in..

  • Junaied Alam

    I have the same problem, what can i do for a permanent solution?

  • Junaied Alam

    Have they fixed it??

  • E)<D

    because i couldnt wait for the next article as i was running out of time.
    i know this phone have some problems but also i know that people still love Sony and its products, specially xperia Z.

  • Dev. India

    Same problem with my xperia zr.

  • Gabriel

    I’ve got the same problem with my Xperia Z. Got worried about the indicators turning red and loosing the resistance. But my indicators are still white and I left the phone at service center. Hopefully they’ll fix it as a warranty issue.

  • p

    Guys help.

    I have a uk bought unlocked xperia z. So when I have an updated pc companion, why does it still not update my phone to jelly bean 4.2?

    Are Sony going to avoid it all together and just update it to 4.3?

    Those who have unlocked xperia z, have you been updated already?

  • Makiz

    Already updated 2 times to 4.2.2! Try visiting the xda forum, there you’ll find tons of info. ;-)

  • Michael Scharfe

    That’s my XZ and don’t worry, I’ve removed the silicone glue now and it looks 95% like before. I guess I have to live with the fact that my WATERPROOF phone may not be WATERPROOF anymore and keep it away from water. I don’t want to send it in now, as I need my phone and it would take forever for them to fix it. Waiting for an offical statement from Sony. BTW, my phone was made 2013 week 11 if that matters.

  • Michael Scharfe

    if you bought your phone for that exact purpose and the extra safety, then yes. Otherwise, I could have just stayed with my Galaxy S2 or bought an Xperia ZL

  • Michael Scharfe

    That’s my XZ and don’t worry, I’ve removed the silicone glue now and it looks 95% like before. I guess I have to live with the fact that my WATERPROOF phone may not be WATERPROOF anymore and keep it away from water. I don’t want to send it in now, as I need my phone and it would take forever for them to fix it. Waiting for an offical statement from Sony. BTW, my phone was made 2013 week 11 if that matters.

  • Makiz

    You can always buy a new backplate and change it yourself! It’s easy and with new adhesive! ;-)

  • Michael Scharfe

    could you give me more details like a link and pricing?


    Instructions on how to root Xperia Z FW (10.3.1.A.0.244)

  • jangaleon

    the zr doesn’t have a glass back.

  • spade

    LOL! XD

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    There is a huge topic on about this failure

  • ngvuanh
  • Umar Khan

    mine is from 3 mobile and i am an intense game player
    1. Asphalt 7
    2. NOVA 3
    etc etc and it gets very hot often but thank God i haven’t encountered this problem yet. I have made lots of underwater videos etc so far im so happy and proud Sony XZ owner

  • Cristi13

    Well actually my friend, a dev on xda explained that the resources are here for Sony and they could built even a 4.3 ROM, they just don’t want to (but hey why we should expect updates for more than a year from a company that is not Samsung right). Even the devs (that actually built a 4.3 ROM for xps, you should check it out) said that it would be more easier with 4.3 rather than 4.2. So there you have it , your beloved company full of false excuses.

  • Cristi13

    No actually the problem is that the warranty for s4 active doesn’t cover water damage.

  • Cristi13

    I’m waiting for the guys with “this is not a problem, stop hating on Sony heree!!!!!”

  • com

    same for “waterproof” Xperias… at least Samsung allows you to repleace battery

  • siber storm

    I have never been persuaded by these gimmicky water resistant claims. Go swimming with your phone! Dunk it in an aquarium! Take pictures of coral reefs! The Galaxy S4 Active is also experiencing similar issues. It’s common sense that a mass market phone assembled with disparate parts and openings and seams is gonna have quality control issues when it comes to how well it can submerge under water. It’s hard enough for a custom made and highly tested device to achieve it with a 99% success rate. Something built at a sweatshop in China is gonna have risks when dunked in water. Sony and all these other companies should stop showing off these misleading commercials. I guess its a great marketing ploy if you have no ethics and can turn people away for water damaging their phone because you put a bunch of astericks and small print that say you really shouldn’t be swimming with your phone even though their marketing department tells otherwise.

  • Vatroslav Špani?ek

    This is not as rare problem as you wrote. Many people in Croatia are having such catastrophic issues especially now in summer. Repair centers are refusing to fix with explanation, I quote: “Water damage is not covered by warranty. We do not investigate what caused water damage, only if water damage has occured.” Such practice is ridiculous for water resistant phone. To be worse, affected user had all flaps tightly closed because all indicators were white.
    This is very bad for Sony reputation!

  • Cristi13
  • Andrew Tan

    The person taking more drastic measures to ensure their Xperia Z remains water resistant (last few picture) is OMG! silly!

  • The reason that Samsung has been upgrading because they built their own SoC and i don’t know if you can read it or not, it’s “ported” it’s lots of things are not working and missing. I wonder when will it gets out of alpha 0 stage….
    Also, OpenGL 3.0 is not supported on Adreno 220

  • boosook

    Didn’t mean to offend anyone, it’s just the consequence of seeking the maximum profit by lowering manufacturing costs as much as possible. The country is not important, now it’s China but it could be anywhere. Even japanese workers would make mistakes if they had to work 11 hours per day for a low salary.

  • Z

    Fucking crazy Indian guy..trice repeat same post also voting up his post!!

  • Babylonbwoy

    Hope that Sony handle this in warranty, otherwise they’ll loose customer. That’s why I said I won’t use the Volume mod or sensor mod to take pics under water. The only water that my Z will see is the rain or some tap water.

  • Cristi13

    First good for Samsung, but is not an excuse for Sony (especially for choosing an older soc). About the ROM, is actually working very well (I’m using it right now) and yes some things don’t work but I’ve been surprised that even for an alpha it works this well.

  • HTC might have it worst then, released in 2012. S4 SoC was avaliable on H1 of 2012, S3 was out since Q3 2010. XS presumably was developed halfway of 2011.
    Lets see if it ever gets out of alpha stage.

  • Benn

    XZ is suck! looking at these pics

  • aiba

    i have a xperia it ok thst the water gets inside the back but stil lthe phone works..i don’t know if this is same with other owners..pls do help me..

  • Jerry Berglund

    Dont think anyone would say that. Even we who likes Sony devices thinks this a huge problem. So dont think that would be possible at all. Sony has to fix it.

  • roby

    IT DOES NOT LEAVES a Smartphone in the sun! you have to think sometimes! especially during a heat wave.

  • minur

    I do not know all of the front panel and the rear panel usually have it wrong. open the left side of the front panel, so my device is a new device in the same time, service de?i?ti.ama disproportionate stands looking at the front of the camera.

  • Michael Scharfe

    yeah, that was me. But I removed the silicone glue now and it looks 95% like before. I guess I have to live with the fact that my waterproof phone, which I bought for this very reason, might not be waterproof anymore and I have to keep it away from water!

  • Alex Klitbøl Karlsson

    I had this problem… It drowned!
    I didn’t believe it was a real problem, as I thought Sony would have been idiots to have let this happen, so well… My phone was really yucky and I gave it a spin under the tap and BOOM, phone dead… Got sent in and was judged that it was not my fault = 2 weeks later I got it replaced.
    Bonus info: I HAD ONLY HAD THE PHONE FOR 1½ WEEK! (release) -.-

  • Kim Salinas

    I think when the phone is put on the pocket of skinny jeans and tend to bend the adhesive that holds the panel to the frame is loosen. Maybe they didnt test it for bending capacity.

  • Michael Scharfe

    no, I think it’s probably that some “smart” engineer wanted to save 0.10$ each unit with cheaper glue and now they have to fix hundreds of units under warranty and the costs and damages are a lot higher than they ever saved by using the cheap glue.

  • Mukta

    I have same problem and I bought from Dubai :(

  • Michael Scharfe

    Everyone who has the problem, should look at the bottom of their phone (were the barcode is) and write here the production week of his/her XZ. Mine says “13W11” which means it was made in week 11 of 2013. Maybe the issue only affects certain production weeks?

  • afzal

    mine a bit lift up.. 12w13

  • aks316

    it cant be 2012.. mine is 13w08 and it is also somewhat like this but at the bottom.

  • Mohammed Zeeshan

    Seriously man, swhit happens… i’m happy withmy ZR fab phone

  • jip

    Hi, I got kind of thie same. Just not as dramatic as the picture.
    Mine says : 13w06 (i had it 1 day before official release)

  • Arokhantos

    Why the fuck would anyone glue their back panel just return it for warranty as obviously has failed, can’t imagine sony not fixing this.

  • boosook

    so it sucks because it breaks if you drop it?

  • boosook

    You nailed it: the problem is that Sony released its flagships on January/February using a SoC that was already one year old. Because they’re slow, or because it was cheaper… who knows. This happened with the Arc, with the S and yes, even with the Z. So, when Qualcomm will drop support for the Z chipset, the other competitors (who launched their 2013 flagship with the latest chip, the snapdragon 600) will have one more year of support and so will get at least one major release more.

  • afzal

    Sorry my mistake 13w13 :-)

  • Sandeep S

    hiii aiba..its fine…little water droplets gets in lightly in all the flaps and also in the back cover in my xperia Zr ..and thats normal…so far i had no issues but now my charging side flap is kinda loose and comes out abit….spoke to the service center..they told me they will replace it wid the new one!!1 :D

  • Sandeep S

    does Xperia Zr have any kind of water indicator which turns from white to red?? because i checked all the flaps and i coundnt find any.. :)

  • Michael Scharfe

    Please, everyone who has an Xperia Z, no matter what color and if it has a lifted corner or not, please help to fill out this form so that we can gather some data about the issue:

  • gunboat_d

    it’s not a “smart engineer”, but a smart purchasing agent. engineers are supposed to design regardless of cost. then the accountants come in and tell them where to save pennies.

  • Cristi13

    Exactly, why we should suffer because sony was lazy to put a newer chip, it would have been easier for them (development) and for us (updates).

  • Michael Scharfe

    out of curiosity, does your XR also suffer from this issue? Or maybe you’ve heard of others with an XR who have problems? It would be interesting if this just affects Xperia Z’s or also XZR’s?

  • Raymond

    my phone also get and also warm when i first bought it especially when im playing games ,and also when im browsing maps via 3g….but it has been fixed after updating it to 4.2.2…..and last 3 days i got an update and its not getting warm at all….everything now runs so smooth….love it…

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  • Raymond

    i live here in the UAE,and i received to new update within two weeks ,including the latest build number which fixed some issue i had after updating it to everything Sony promise has come in reality…

  • Babylonbwoy

    After thinking a bit, I really hope that Sony will stop the race to the thinnest mobile, there’s no more space between components for “cooling”, plus the glass is a good thermal propagator if I’m not wrong. All these leads to heat issues. Wonder when they will integrate a micro fan in our more and more capable devices ?!

    Back when I was using CM10.1 on my XZ I had to do an usb cooling system with a fan because of the heat when using recovery I even stopped using CM because of heat (they merged Sony thermal system in the build without effect) :

  • lolsomany

    i love that glass look like an art, when mobile company want create this kind of glass design

  • Babylonbwoy

    Post it on xda too, will post a link on a french forum where I know some members had this isuue.

  • Michael Scharfe

    I already did and linked there to the form. I’ve also written to xperiablog so that they could maybe include a link to the form in this article so that it receives more attention!

  • Mac

    I also want to know that N why not make a list with these two and add xperia v and Acro s.

  • lovebmw

    it’s better for them to recall the phone and fix, before this gets big and no one buys the honami

  • Sandeep S

    no mate.. my device is perfectly fine though few hours back i noticed my zr’s charger flap has become little loose :( ..even though i press it inside ..the flap automatically comes out a bit..i spoke to the concerned tech in sony center and they said if the indicators are not red then they will replace mine with a new device…

  • tochi

    Have the same lift up
    Just slightly cuz I have this sexy case on
    All I did now is apply more pressure when it heats up after the updates it cools up
    But wouldn’t risk it still hehehehe
    Am in Nigeria Sony Mobile NG is silent at this time
    Waiting to hear an official statement
    Ps: why use glue damn thats some horrible job

  • Makiz

    It cannot crack like that only by dropping it on the floor! Something heavy stepped on it!

  • Mac

    U don’t use charging dock?

  • aks316

    my phone is fine as if now.

  • Sandeep S

    No mate…..itz not yet launched here in india….

  • Mohammed Khired

    yep , my XS is waterproof more than this , thank god i didn’t buy it XD

  • rom93


    Je publie une explication concernant les Xperia Z. Je vous explique le
    problème, les Xperia Z sont des téléphones qui chauffent beaucoup de base et
    qui dans certains cas, arrivent à « détruire » certains composant qui
    entraîne la fissuration de la dalle tactile (ce qui est arrivé sous mes yeux).

    plusieurs recherches sur internet, je me suis rendu compte que je n’étais pas
    le seul dans cette situation (voici le lien du forum qui regroupe une partie
    des cas :
    De plus, sur un site internet Anglais une pétition a été ouverte concernant ce
    problème (Le lien du forum Anglais :

    Mais dans un autre pays (Pays-Bas il me semble …), Sony a déclaré qu’une série
    de téléphone dont le numéro de série se trouve entre 13W08 et 13W14 serait
    défectueuse pour quelques téléphones.

    Un internaute qui a envoyé son téléphone en réparation chez Cordons Electronics
    (sous-traitant de Sony, car ils sous-traitent tout le SAV), le devis qui lui a
    été renvoyé à une liste de composants qui ont été changés qui me paraît quand
    même un peu longue, surtout que Sony déclare que tout ceci n’est qu’un simple
    brie (donc un basique changement d’écran !).

    Je vous joints la liste des pièces changés :

    – Pièce cosmétique
    (coque avant)

    – Pièce cosmétique

    – Pièce électro-mécanique (flex)

    – Pièce électro-mécanique (divers)

    – Haut-parleur/Ecouteur

    – Batterie ( Pourquoi la batterie si ce n’est qu’un brie ?)

    Ayant lancé une requête auprès de Sony pour la prise en garantie du téléphone, au
    bout de trois semaines d’attente, j’ai enfin une réponse de leur part qui n’est
    autre que « Sony reconnaît que certains composants sont défectueux et
    surchauffe, mais aucune garantie couvre ce problème », ce qui explique le
    nombre de pièces changées lors des réparations, mais pourquoi aucunes prise en
    charge alors qu’ils reconnaissent que nous, clients, ni sommes pour rien.

    Mais plus invraisemblable encore, Sony m’a proposé, à moi
    comme à plusieurs personnes, de couvrir les frais de réparations en passant par
    son assurance civile !

    Je trouve cela inqualifiable venant de ce grand groupe…

    Si je fais cette démarche, c’est pour que tous le monde
    sache à quoi s’en tenir en achetant ce téléphone, et que Sony reconnaisse son
    erreur publiquement.

    I’m sorry to wrote this article in French. Even so, I hope you’ll understand me!

  • crazychef83

    well in regards to this subject I just called sonymobile xperia care. They told me to send in to their us facilities in texas becasue i live in the united states. it would take them 7-14 business days. But since my phone is from another country that it might take longer. they said that they would asses the damage and see if it is covered under warranty and if not that they would send me a bill.

  • Krasimir Argirov

    Yep, mine also didn’t turn so hot after 4.2.2 update but the glass is already lifted at the back… Even though water resistant is not been compromised.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Have checked my friends’ Xperia Z as he is using it for 3 months now. So far, none of the problems exist. Could be only with earlier batch.

  • Paul

    Still, if Sony repair centers are sending people back home without an fix, as in “This happened before you got the chance to update the firmware? Too bad.”…. is simply unacceptable and shows their consumer friendliness.

  • Damodara das

    The Xperia Z won.

  • Jean-Claude

    Basically if you update to 4.2.2 your phone wont get as hot as before so this issue will be very much less likely to happen

  • Maxman

    I have a german Device from 13W09.
    Also having this issue but I did`nt notice it before i checked it after reading this. Man…
    A couple of days ago i held it under water and i saw some bubbles coming out from the upper rear, so I wasn`t mistaken…
    Everythings still working fine though.
    Great… Now that I know it isn`t water resistant anymore I feel like i have a broken Device….

  • Maxman

    Mine still gets very hot after playing some 3D game or even scrolling through the album app.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Interesting, but I guess that the fact that it happened to a reviewer of USA Today (with a fresh out of the box device) has a lot to do with their decision with the amount of bad moves they did recently!
    Hope Sony will do something for their customer.

  • Cristi13

    Shit happens.

  • Michael Scharfe

    Dude, the last time I had French was seven years ago and even back then I wasn’t good so I could only understand like 10% of your post. It also seems that you’ve used quite complicated words. For some reason, Google translate didn’t work so I’m going to translate it tomorrow via pc in order to know what you said.

    What I understood was, that Sony admitted that certain devices from week 8-14 are affected, there’s a petition and some other forums discuss it also.

    But Sony won’t say in public. But they change it under warranty?!

    Most of what you wrote I couldn’t understand :-(

  • Michael Scharfe

    Yeah, but if you had 4.1.2 for a while because you bought your phone earlier and there was nothing newer available, you’re gonna have a bad time. The damage was already done.

  • Michael Scharfe

    I feel the same! What’s the point of buying a waterproof device which isn’t waterproof anymore and you have to keep it away from water like an ordinary phone. I could have bought an HTC one instead or something but I specifically bought the XZ because of the design, waterproofness and because I like and trust Sony!

  • Umar Khan

    I dont have any problems , mine is 13w11, I play 3d games for hours like 4-5 nonstop, constant, while my phone is connected to the charger.

  • Mac

    Oh it seems like it’s not out anywhere yet. And that is just plain laziness man, it should be included in the box! Or at least dropped the same day as the phone. My acro s came with it included and xZ did also I belive. But yeah xperia v didn’t. Just sad.. No updates and no accessories in time. If I wasn’t that much of a Sony fan, I would buy something else.

  • Musadiqkhan

    Did you know that drinking wrong kind of water can actually make us sick & cause premature ageing. Many of us are not aware that our cells need more than just cleaned or filtered water. However, sad to say that almost all the available treated water in the market is proton-saturated; (+ORP) and hence, it bad for our cells. Healthy drinking water must be electron-rich (- ORP) so it is a powerful free radical scavenger. You must check out VWA’s Water Ionizers, which is rated internationally by 3 major independent research organisation in USA. Please visit

  • Raymond

    try to send it to the Sony service center, but I’m not sure if its cover on the warranty…its not looking good it the back cover is bit lifted and dust might go inside the device….

  • Jean-Claude

    I’m buying the phone tomorrow… How lucky I am

  • malih

    that sucks, if only Sony support are as fast as Apple’s support

  • Michael Scharfe

    Did you know that posting stupid ads in the comments section of a website makes me sick & causes you to look like sponsered from that company?

  • Michael Scharfe

    Translated to English via Google Translate:

    I publish an explanation of the Xperia Z. I tell you

    problem, the Z Xperia phones are basic and very hot

    in some cases, come to “destroy” some component

    causes cracking of the touchscreen (which came under my eyes).


    more research on the internet, I realized that I was not

    the only one in this situation (here is the link of the forum which brings together some

    cases: ….

    In addition, a website English petition was opened on this

    problem (The English forum link: ….

    But in another country (the Netherlands it seems …), Sony said that a series

    phone whose serial number is between 13W08 and 13W14 would

    defective for some phones.

    A user who has sent his phone in for repair in Electronics Cables

    (Subcontractor to Sony because they outsource all SAV), the quote to him

    was referred to a list of components that have been changed that I think when

    a little long, especially since Sony says that all this is merely a

    brie (so screen a basic change!).

    I’d joined the list of changed parts:

    – Cosmetic Room

    (Front hull)

    – Cosmetic Room


    – Electro-mechanical part (flex)

    – Part electromechanical (various)

    – Haut-parleur/Ecouteur

    – Battery (Why the battery if it is only a brie?)

    Having launched a petition to Sony for taking phone warranty, the

    After three weeks of waiting, I finally have a response from them that is not

    other than “Sony recognizes that some components are faulty and

    overheating, but no warranty covers this problem, “which explains the

    number of changed parts during repair, but why no take

    load, and recognize that we, customers, or our fault.

    But even more incredible, Sony was offered to me

    like many people, to cover the costs of repairs through

    its liability insurance!

    I find it unjustifiable from this great group …

    If I make this approach is for everyone

    to know what to expect when buying this phone, Sony and recognize its

    error publicly.

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  • Le’ nu

    Man, I want sony make their own SoC.

  • Maxx

    Yes, Sony admitted that there is a problem, but they won’t do anything to replace broken phone because it’s not under warranty… They encourage people to use their civil insurance (that mean, lie to the insurance that someone else break the phone) in order to pay the repairs… Which is obviously not legal at all…
    In his post, he wrote all the pieces replaced by cordon electronic (a compagny who takes care of Sony’s phones in France when you need to repair them) and as you can see, many pieces are changed and it’s odd because Sony doesn’t recognize the problem and tells that it’s just a broken glass (so not under warranty..) but gives indications on what to replace…
    It’s certainly a problem due to overheating and in Netherlands (he thinks), Sony admitted that the problem affects some phones between 13W08 and 13W14 (damn, I have a 13W8…)

    I’m posting on the french forum and until now, nobody managed to get his phone repaired by Sony… Some of the users had their phones repaired thanks to their phone operator but never by Sony.
    It seems like Sony won’t recognize the problem…

    Sorry for my english :/

  • Le’ nu

    Spot on!

  • Le’ nu

    Hope next year Sony will use liquid-cooled or heat pipe with their smartphones and tablets.

  • Sandeep S

    same here ….anyways i will be going to the service center this weekend and hopefully would get my mob replaced but i gotta wait for 7 working days :(If i get my mob replaced then i must buy a compactible dock for zr at any cost or my Zr wont be waterproof any more..

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  • Fadi Obaya

    that’s why xperia phones sucks! Xperia arc/arc s front cover crack, Xperia S back cover poor quality, Xperia T, Poor quality material, And now Xoeria Z this issue! Come’ on sony!

  • Pingback: Sony Xperia Z Suffers Build Issue, Back Panel Glass Imbalance()

  • Musadiqkhan

    Sorry :(

  • Phony

    Why do we still trust Sony?

    Off the top of my head, the Xperia S had the yellow tinted display, the Xperia Mini had the overheating screen, the entire 2011 line of Xperias was crippled by the worst ICS update in recorded history, and now this supposedly waterproof phone has some engineering defect that makes it non-waterproof.

    There are probably a ton more problems that I haven’t heard of.

  • Maxman

    When I think about it, since the X10 I bought every Sony Flagship (Arc-S-Z) and I had to send them ALL for repair at least once.

    I think now I`m really going to stop buying Sony Smartphones.
    But I don`t really like the other brands either…

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  • Babylonbwoy

    The problem is that your comment has lots of upvote so the original post is at the top of comments now!

    You couldn’t have picked a worse comment to reply to ! ;) Just joking!

  • Babylonbwoy

    Just change your customisation number in buildprops and the update will pop up.

    That said UK generic last firmware is 10.3.A.0.423

    United Kingdom Generic UK 1270-7689 10.3.A.0.423 R3B (last OTA is 10.1.A.1.434 R14A)

    Check this thread if you want to know how to change buildprop customisation number

  • arex

    Didn’t notice this until I read the article. Got the problem. I’m thinking no more reading in the bath tub now. I’m hoping Sony acknowledges this so I can send it in.

  • Cagdas

    I had the problem and today before reading this my phone took water and not working hope SONY will take care of this

  • Sandeep S

    Luckily xperia ZR doesn’t have glass back and it has removable back cover…

  • Raymond

    these severe damage wont happen unless someone did it intentionally ,or something heavy stepped on it ,or dropped it in a higher ground…see how it looks like ,the back cover,the edge , and the side plate? or maybe this is just a black propaganda …

  • Raymond

    why?does your skull wont break if you got bump in the car?fall from the 5 floor ?
    even metal got dent if you drop it…

  • Raymond

    chill out bro….don’t be harsh to others…

  • Raymond

    send it to the service center ,Sony wont let any customer lose their trust on these product, especially smartphone….

  • Umer Hamid Enam

    Wats yr firmware number.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Stop playing with the resistances idiots. then it will wear and tear. damn

  • InspectorGadget80

    Same here got my Xperia Go YELLOW, since April of this year. But still waiting for the HONAMI launch date so i can buy it unlocked.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Seems like phone made between the first production week and week 15 2013 that have this problem the most. Havent seen Xperia Z have this issue after week 15. It do decrease though allready with start week 11.

  • Michael Scharfe

    I don’t think so! According to this survey, there are phones with production week 15-16 and 17 who have the lift.

    Please fill out this form, it deals with the problem and spread the word. The more people will fill it out, the better it is:

    Although, after week 18 there haven’t been phones in the results with the problem. At least so far.

  • Michael Scharfe

    I’ve never done this and discovered it after reading about it on xda.

  • Jerry Berglund

    In sweden its the most people has this problems on phones manufactured between week 7 and 14. What i know non phone is made after week 14 has this issue.

  • AudioInjectedSoul

    I got this problem. My question is if this is fixed with the Ultra, or if I will have the same issue there. That’s a dealbreaker to me.

  • Rob

    If it’s heat build-up that is causing it, like many have speculated, it should be less of a problem on a bigger device. Bigger surface area to dissipate the heat. On the other hand, considering how madly thin the Ultra seems to be I can’t imagine theres any room between the chipset and the exterior of the device.

    Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it is.

  • AudioInjectedSoul

    I got a crack in the screen so the top of it doesn’t work though. Has been incredible annoying the last month, so don’t know how long I can wait until I have to get a new phone.

  • Keon Fraites

    Sent my phone for repair, called Sony Repair Center this morning and this is what they said. The device is Work in Progress. They are trying to get the part from the UK being the international verion and if they are not able to get the part from the UK, they will contact me and ask if I would like a new International version or US version under warranty. pretty much was pleased with the quality of service I’m getting. It’s taking a while but the process is pleasing to know that they are working on, and arn’t telling me that they won’t fix the issue that was put forward.

  • Mehmet


    I wanted to use my phone in the pool last night. I checked all the valves are closed before use. Mean duration of 2 or 3 minutes in the pool. If the depth of 25 or 30 cm. Advertising sales in Turkey were the Bosphorus. Sony twitter account to share photos taken at the pool. See the appendix.

    I used the phone properly. However, the phone does not turn on today. There are front and rear camera mist. Notification light is red.Turkey very disinterested services.I have a Sony TV, laptop, phone and game console have. But the phone is a complete disappointment. Waiting for the assistance of a real sony authorities on the subject.

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  • Umer Hamid Enam

    Mine is of week 10 , a lil borderline lift is that okay..

  • santos

    THIS IS STUPID!!! Why on earth should the consumer be the one to suffer – BY DOING THE “FIX”??!! SONY SHOULD ANSWER FOR THIS!!! If I bought an expensive phone like this Xperia Z, and the back panel lifts up, and water resistance has been compromised, SONY BETTER CHANGE THE UNIT – OBVIOUSLY A LEMON OR DEFECTIVE UNIT!!!

  • Enis

    I got custom rom with unlocked bootloader. Will it effect on this issue? Can sony remove my waranty?

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  • epalape

    Hmmm… I bought mine 2nd week of March it’s 13W7 (in Dubai). I’ve been using it in pools the whole summer(in the Philippines), also in baths and when walking in the rain/typhoon(there’s one right now). Also playing Real Racing 3, Temple Run: Oz, Minion Rush, etc. with wifi or data turned on while in pool or baths. I’ve also been streaming Youtube vids while in the shower.. (xD yeah, singing along to music videos). The weather here is always very hot and humid(if that matters).

    Still no issues.

    PS dumping the hot phone in cold water gives it a cool moist-y appearance.. I don’t do it much though.. >_>

  • Edwin
  • xingdong


  • sammyboi

    WTF.. then keep it away from the water… dumbass. How often would you be going near water to use it most of the time? Just because it has that capability and suddenly you trying to find all kind of uses to have it near water. Stop acting like apple fan bois.

  • Cesare Rizzo

    I have this problem… and I have also had some water damage as the indicator in the headjack area has turned pink! But my phone is working perfectly… after i reinstalled the firmware. I only noticed this as my phone was stuck in safe mode for a couple of days!

    I am unsure what the cause was, but i had noticed that the phone got very hot whilst playing games and this all happened whilst i was holiday and my phone was exposed to tempratures of 45c (max).

  • crazychef83

    ok I just got my phone back from the laredo texas repair facility here in the united states. I was expecting to get my old phone back with production 13W11 but to my surprise I got a brand new phone from sony at no extra charge and in a brand new box with new charger and everything. Thank you sony I continue to belive in you. I will keep buying your products as long as I can afford them.

  • Steviola

    I took my bricked phone back to the store and was told the water damage indicators are showing!! The phone is 3 weeks old as has NEVER been wet!!!!! very disappointed with this sony product right now

  • Ako Si Ray Mund

    Leave up the entire glass plate, apply a new blob of silicone glue like those used to seal fish tanks, then paste back the back plate. After 24hrs, the silicon glue cures and your fon is watertight, more rugged than new. Confirm waterproof, maybe to 5m deep.

  • Ako Si Ray Mund

    After reading about Sony not holding responsibility to water entry even though all flaps were tightly closed, their waterproofing leaves me wondering if I shld buy the Z Ultra. If a manufacturer claims its phone is IP57 or IP 58 then they shld look into the water logging issue. Otherwise don’t sell waterproof phones.
    waterproof phones are meant to be dunked.. if the phone gets wet easily, that means the Sony phones are no better than any other phone in the market!

  • Jeff

    I the xperia Z does this can you imagine what the Quad core Honami / Z1 will do.
    Am gonna wait and watch before getting anywhere close to a Sony!

  • Jeff

    These are just covers that go over the back plate not replacements for the existing plate.

  • Manan

    i hate sony since d day i get to know that water damage isn’t comes under warranty specially when sony is highlighting in their advertisement that their phones are water proof and asking for 80% of the total cost of phone to replace the phone by the service center because acc. to them Sony Xperia Z cannot be opened or repaired while discussing wid outside market it can be open or repair but i want sony to replace there useless cell phone

  • Fernando López Fernández

    Never had that problem, but after sending the phone to the SAT (and waiting for 3 weeks) they left it lose.

  • sameerr allii

    Thanks for your great information, the contents are quiet interesting.I will be waiting for your next car deal uk

  • Sas Quatch

    Hi! Do you also have tips on fixing the loose cover of Xperia V’s charger port?


  • Thorstein Klingenberg

    Norwegian 13W08, no problems!

  • Asterix

    Most users wouldn’t even investigate into this issue/become aware until it’s too late. How many users do you think really read forums unless they’ve already experienced the issue. I for one, only became aware after my phone has died from water damage, from a slightly lifted back. Unless carefully inspected, many won’t realize it’s even lifted.

  • Amit

    ZR sucks, Bad phone…Happily bought it just before going to GOA. Went for a swim in the pool tried underwater photography(1 Feet deep), everything was good till then, A little while later tried playing some music where I realised the loudspeaker volume went down by 90% and completely distorted.If you check the loudspeaker at the backside bottom of the phone has a slot which allows water to drip in. When i opened the flap, there were a few drops of water there. Couldn’t do much then, so kept the phone aside to dry up. Next day the speakers were back to normal. Went to the service centre, they too check for the indicator for water which luckily was still white. I tried to explain them the issue but in vain. They argued over the indicator which if at all would have turned red, company warranty gets void. Spoke to the Tech support guys over toll free No, they spoke to the call centre guys and atleast convinced them to get the phone checked for any such issues reported. They will get back soon. Will keep posting as I get a reply.

  • Amit

    Till date haven’t got a reply from the service centre, tired of waiting I called the SC guys and they told me to take the phone back and use, once they get a reply they will call up and ask for the handset if at all they find a solution. So after paying 30K, I’m using an defective phone which just because I don’t have a proof is not considered to be defective.

  • Anar

    Same for the sony’s Turkish side : “your phone is out of warranty since it was damaged by water” is the message of repair center!

  • Ivaylo Velikov

    Mine xperia z is in 1 month and have lifting off back panel. 13w14 is production date. I ask for advice in Sony center, and there is. The answer! With regards to your inquiry, we would like to inform you that replacing the back cover is out of warranty repait…That’s it. Spare parts and prices welcome to ask for:)

  • matticitt

    Yep, it happened for me also. But since I don’t live in a hot area or game much it has only lift a little bit.

  • John Genx Corless

    Same here, play games, use it for Sat-nav and no problems at all :-)

  • Cliff Harald

    Keeping a close eye on my ZR. I use it for gaming and it gets -hot- on the top side where the glass is. It’s not yet come loose, and hoping it won’t. Not sure if this is an issue on the ZR tho, or just on the Z.

  • danel

    so they say sony xperia go is waterproof so today i went in the pool with my phone everything was closed, but now i cant use my volume button nd my camera is fogged up what must i do??? plz do reply quick

  • Rami Sleiman

    Hi I bought recently z ultra but when it get wet it doesn’t work correctly, and doesn’t respond to my command, or if I press on an icon it doesn’t respond, so what is the problem please

  • naveen

    hi i took xperia z 3 mnths back phone is getting too heat when i keep it for charge.

  • Philip

    I am having similar problems in Germany. I have sent the phone to the Sony repair center but the person on the German Sony Mobile telephone hotline told me that water damage is not at all covered by warranty and that the do not investigate what caused the water damage”.

    He actually went on to tell me that you shouldn’t bring any phone near water and you shouldn’t take the Sony ads – which claim the phone to be waterproof – literally. I could hardly believe that.

    If they do not replace this phone this will definitely be the last of many Sony (Ericsson) phones which I owned.

  • Adil

    You know what?
    Because of this shit
    My xperia z is dead (water damage),

    As I dipped my mobile in a glass of water , suddenly bubbles started coming and when I picked up the mobile the screen was off…

    And now they say its not our problem… fuck n repairing charges = a good second hand xperia Z.

    What do I do its wazte of money I have fucking lost my money.

  • Howaki

    My Xperia Z died in under 3 months because of this. I always noticed my panel being loose but never realized it was a huge problem. The killing blow was an accidental water spill when a bottle tipped over my phone, the flaps were completely sealed tight. Yet, my phone was dead, refused to open. I check out the flaps and there was a red indicator. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. I had very false expectations thinking this was going to last me 2 years…

  • Chin

    I have this issue too,so I sent back to Sony service centre and they changed all new for me except the motherboard,but after few weeks,the back panel glass again…

  • Cristian

    Yo tengo el mismo problema con ni Sony Xperia Z. Ahora sin resistencia al agua

  • Ryan

    On a very rainy day, my phone was in my pocket while i was cycling. The next day, my phone wouldn’t turn on and i opened the flaps. One indicator is red, while the other 2 are a little pink. Obviously there is something wrong.

  • Tariq Pasta

    I also gt 4.2.2 but ma fne stil warms up wen am playin game it still heats up n gets hot and I cannot tell whether the back panel is lifted or not

  • Angelina Jullie

    There is good collection of the articles with informative stuff.

  • Ujiva Nelson

    I definitely respect and am grateful for your point on every single object.

  • petrofsko

    Here’s a blatant indication of false advertising I’ve had my. sony Z ultra for couple months.The usb cover is torn inside lucky I noticed or my device could have been ruined if I dunked it.

  • petrofsko

    the usb cover on the Sony z ultra only last 2months max if you charge the device this way,here in this video the salesman states the flaps are guaranteed to last the lifetime of device. yet he contradicts himself stating I always keep the flaps closed &use the magnetic charger.A lot of people who by Sony devices won’t get a magnetic charger &will have the standard charger (usb)micro in box.Why shouldn’t they charge this way….. Hmmm

  • Anar

    Why shouldn’ t they start the production of their phones in that quality they declared to be? After a year of the use none of cover lids is on their place and the back lid is away so i had to apply some glue for it…just said never again for sony !

  • lagana

    just got a brand new replacment phone and the corner is already starting to peal back
    what do i do?!?

  • Aaron Tan Kah Sam

    hi im afraid that this happens to my xperia z too,so i have a question,can i ask the service center to change a new glass panel for me?last few months after i get the z for 2 weeks,i accidently drop the phone in the water with the flaps open,so water enters the phone.then,i switch on the phone and it doesnt work anymore….i send it back and is under warranty!so i waited for a month and they send it back!!when i receive it,they replace everything except the back glass panel because i remmeber i have a scratch on it….the frame’s water indicator use to be red,but is white when i received it….the screen is new and everything is new!!i got it back with 4.3 updated already!!before that it was 4.2.2……this means that they use the old glass panel because it doesnt have any damage to it!!does it means theres a chance to replace the back glass panel at the factory?

  • Nix Peria

    Z1 has no such issues even if thrown or used under swimming pool.. While my Z has damaged display due to little tap water

  • vanessa

    PLEASE HELP. my xperia v got wet with pool water. the camera lens is fogged and the screen isnt working properly. i turned it on but it keeps saying ‘safe mode’. it keeps on restarting after a few minutes and the damp sticker is kind of discolored. do i have to send to sony and get it repaired? or is there anything else i could to that wont cost me huge amount of fortune? will it be back to normal? thanks.

  • Greg Corban

    I just discover the same issue today. my first trouble was a disfonction of the power button that permits to lock the screen but not anymore to unlock it. any solution, help ? ( )

  • purpletwist

    If u encounter such just press the turn on button together wif the volume key that is after u have dried of the fon wif a dryer…it might work coz mine worked

  • Karly Macdonald

    Hi, I have had my xperia Z1 for 2 months – and a few days ago my screen went negative (bleached out white looking). I took the phone into my local TELUS store, by opening up one of the ports the technician thinks it is water damage due to the red indicator. I did not have my phone in water…(even though it is “waterproof”) the only thing I think may have caused it is that it was left in the sun a few days ago. My phone has been sent away to be looked at further…Has anyone had this problem or had their phone replaced?

  • David K

    I’m late here… But I just got my Sony Xperia Z.. I bought it used, and the back panel does have a bulge and slight loose…. I just found out that this is an easy repair, and you can get the adhesive on ebay for as little as 5 bucks. You can buy (5 adhesive) for just under 6 bucks!!!!! All you have to do is remove the back cover (google it), should be fairly simple with the toolkit.. Once you remove it just simply align the adhesive on the back and put your cover back on.. Boomed…. your phone is back to waterproof… Also, it’s kinda fun repairing your phone… At the end of the day, you feel pretty good. You can make your phone look just brand new like the first time you bought it.. Just buy the brand new parts on ebay (Really cheap).. Google how to remove the front and back panel and you’re pretty much a master…. I still like Sony xperia z eventhough Sony doesn’t really take fault with their mistake.. Luckily it’s an easy fix.. (Anybody can do it)…

  • Paola

    El celular se calienta muy rápido, es raro nunca me había pasado esto, temo a que pueda quemarse o algo así

  • Drini

    i have the Xperia Z and i just used the metod mentionet and it worken and its waterproof i swear i put it unter tap water and working fine even in a bucket and swimingpool and still no problems i have to say thank you very much to this guy

  • Mihail Greceanu

    I had the same problem, i heated the back, removed the factory glue completly and used a high quality doublesided tape wich resists up to 75 degrees (Celsius) and my phone gets it s maximum heat up to 60-65 degrees. the tape can also resist to water and outside conditions

  • Tsais

    This doesn’t just affect the Sony Z. In fact, my brother’s Z held out longer than my Z2, which came apart after 6 months for no apparent reason, just sitting in its magnetic cradle.

    My Samsung S5 (same chipset) can record a 3 hour drive in 1080p getting only mildly warm.
    My Sony Z2 would shut down the camera after 20 minutes (also 1080p) “to prevent overheating” An issue Sony claims is only related to 4k recording. A lie.

    So how come the retarded thing can’t dissipate its heat in a glass and metal casing?
    Ahh, because its not a metal case at all! Its a plastic case with slivers of metal stuck to the outside. Metal case is 100% marketing bs.

    The rear of the case didn’t pop off after camera use, cause I didn’t bother to record video much after that. it came off after using the phone as a wifi hotspot in its magnetic cradle for a few days. It had never gotten more than slightly warm to the touch, unlike the enormous heat produced by the camera and attendant video processing.

    At any rate, the phone also had annoying software problems from day one, like forgetting APN’s and other basic settings on reboot.

    I will not fall for another Sony phone anytime soon.

  • Tsais

    Z2 does have the problem.

    Enormous heat softening the glue.
    Poorly placed NFC chip exerting outward pressure on the back plate.

    It popped on me just sitting in its original Sony charging cradle.

    BTW, the problem discussed here was never related to the phone being thrown, placed in water or subjected to any form of abuse.

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  • Nabil Nasir

    i loved this phone soo much when i bought it. i used it for over a year and then the screen and back started coming off. i bought the adhesive sticker and had it installed but days later it started coming off again. i applied some glue to the frame and it held up for some time and then started coming off again. the phone fell from my hand one time and due to the screen being raised up it cracked immediately it fell to the ground. now im left with a phone with ugly traces of glue and a smashed screen. i have read it many user reviews that this was a common issue with the z series. my sister has the z3 and the screen has started coming off at the corner, due to this issue i wont buy an xperia smartphone again.

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